Olive oil export Syria

Olive oil export Syria … The best 4 olive oil companies in Syria.

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Olive oil export Syria

Do yo need to know what is the extra virgin olive oil from Syria ? And What is olive oil price in Syria ? What is Olive oil export Syria? Over importing house that you can know all the details that you need.


Syria export olive oil

Syria can export 32% of the surplus of the current olive oil season.

The director of the olive office at the Ministry of Agriculture, Engineer Muhammad Habo, stated that the coming season of the olive harvest will be promising, especially with the production reaching 875 tons, resulting in more than 150 thousand tons of excellent quality oil, the largest quantities of which are concentrated in the governorates of Lattakia, Tartous, Aleppo and Hama.

He pointed out that Syria is one of the countries with self-sufficiency in securing high-quality oil for the local market, and that it currently has the ability to export more than 32% of the surplus production quantity as an additional value to the national economy, indicating that the olive crop is the third largest agricultural crop in Syria Olive oil export Syria olive oil from Syria.

He pointed out that the time matrix included in the strategic plan for the development and cultivation of the olive crop included the measures that would be taken to overcome all obstacles that prevent this product from reaching high economic growth rates and developing them, as a first step to record one million tons in the next season.

He emphasized that Syrian olive oil is one of the most important and best varieties that are produced in the world olive oil producers in Syria, as it is a virgin oil with excellent economic qualities, whether in terms of the smell that resembles the smell of incense or the taste, color and specific density, all of which are physical characteristics and characteristics that made Syrian oil one of the best types of oils.

Pointing out that there are precise ministerial procedures regarding olive presses that will be applied to match the Syrian quality standards in terms of preserving this product with its purity and distinction for the local and regional markets, indicating that the area planted with olives in Syria amounts to about 700 thousand hectares, including 100 million trees, most of which are fruit trees.  Each tree averages more than fifty kilograms of olives. As for the amount of olives needed to squeeze 16 liters of oil, it ranges from 65 to 100 kilograms of olives.

Syria export olive oil
Syria export olive oil

Olive oil companies in Syria

Are you looking for olive oil companies in Syria ? Do you need to know the best of them ? Just follow and you can know what do you need.

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1_ Zarzour foods

The company started in 2003 in cooperation with the major olive oil producing companies in Syria to package our products, where the finest types of Syrian olive oil are selected Olive oil export Syria, which are collected from the finest types in then governorates. The company fills in the items specified by the International Olive Council:

Extra virgin olive oil: Syrian virgin olive oil virgin olive oil whose free acidity does not exceed a maximum of 0.8.

Virgin olive oil (first): olive oil with a free acidity of 0.8-2 as a maximum.

(second) virgin olive oil: olive oil with a free acidity of 2.01-3 maximum.

Our olive oil products are available in glass and PET bottles.

The company uses an Italian purification system based on the latest technologies used in the world to purify olive oil, as it uses the DELLA TAFFOLA device as it is the only company in Syria Syrian olive oil  that uses this type of device and it is the most advanced device in the field of olive oil purification and filtering where the oil is filtered by  Sand extracted from seashells, a natural process of filtering olive oil that does not change anything from its physical properties and gives it a shiny appearance.

The AVA packing device is one of the most popular devices known among international packing agencies as it performs a joint Syrian olive oil private joint stock company and integrated operation with the filter device in a fully automatic way.  When using this technology, it is ensured that the oil is not exposed to air at all stages of its filling.  The presence of all these technologies in our laboratory makes the production capacity of the plant exceed 250 tons in 24 hours.


2_  Zeno Food Industries

Zeno Food Industries is one of the leading Syrian companies in the production and export of olives and olive oil, which was established in 1992

We are proud to follow high international standards and distinguished quality in addition to accuracy in every stage of production (good harvesting and cold pressing of olives using the latest methods while preserving the special flavor of these olives is Syrian olive oil good), our prices are competitive, fast shipping, long-term treatment

Syrian olive oil is distinguished by its luxurious quality, flavor, distinctive aroma, in addition to its striking greenish-yellow color.

3_  East. Mediterranean Olive Oil Co. LTD.

The idea of ​​establishing the Eastern Mediterranean Olive Oil Company (EMOC) goes back to the nineties, when the interest was most intense in olive oil at the local and international levels, and the olive groves, which reached / 500 / thousand hectares, included more than / 70 / million trees, and an annual production of / 165  / Thousand tons of oil olive oil production in Syria.

The total production capacity of the company is more than 23000 thousand tons of olive and vegetable oils, The production capacity of the pressing and oil extraction section reaches 110 tons of olives within 24 working hours, resulting in about 25 tons of olive oil, and the filtration and filling section consists of a device for filtering the oil and removing it from impurities and moisture.

4_ Mahmoud Al Qubaiti Sons Company

It was established since 1950 by its founder, Mr. Mahmoud Al-Qobaiti, and it is considered the first pioneering company in purifying, packing and exporting olive oil from Syria to abroad and it is still continuing despite the change of its trade name to Mahmoud Al-Qobaiti Sons Company under the management of its founder, who is considered the reference and the first expert in selecting the quality of exported oil.

The company adopts a steady approach in preserving the originality in its products and developing to the best using the latest modern technology tools.

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Extra virgin olive oil from Syria

What is pure or extra virgin olive oil?

The resulting pure olive oil is produced at 38 ° C, without adding chemicals.

Less valuable, which makes it more expensive than the oil extracted from pressing.

Benefits of oils for health :

1_A source for building ships for the armed forces.

   Source of oil-soluble vitamins such as: E, A, D and K.

2_ Vitamins are needed for oils that dissolve in fats, not in    blood.

3_The fallen fats in them provide the body with fatty acids, which the body cannot produce on its own.

4_ Increase the speed of the skin in the skin.

5_And there is no doubt about essential oils.

What are the benefits of Syrian virgin olive oil?

Olive oil and its qualities make it one of the best drop oils Syrian olive oil quality, are its various benefits:

1- Rich in healthy fats

Most oils contain fats of all types (monounsaturated, except that pure olive oil has the largest amount of monounsaturated fat at 82%) contains 10% unsaturated fat, fats:

They are more stable than other types of unsaturated fats.

Cause cholesterol build-up.

She is my favorite in food.

2- Fight and promote heart health

Mono fats reduce the level of “bad cholesterol” (LDL) that causes cholesterol to build up in the arteries, lower blood pressure and prevent heart block.

3- Rich in vitamin

Olive oil consists of vitamin E, which some believe has similar properties to linoleic acid, and linolenic acid is found in the omega-3s in fish.That the olive oil contained some acids.

4- Anti-aging

The benefits of olive oil naturally for anti-aging.

Syrian virgin olive oil virgin
Syrian virgin olive oil virgin

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Olive oil price in Syria

Olive oil prices are recording an unprecedented increase in the Latakia governorate, bringing the price of a 20-liter plate to 95,000 Syrian pounds, at a time when it did not exceed 3500 pounds before the war years.

Olive farmers emphasized that the high price of oil, like other materials, is due to the high exchange rate that affected the production requirements and even the labor force, and the merchants’ monopolization of the material, and its export to neighboring countries and from there to Gulf and European countries, are all factors that led to an increase in the domestic price of the plate from  30 thousand until it exceeded 90 thousand within one year.

Head of the Fruitful Trees Department in the Lattakia Agriculture Directorate, Qais Ghazal, confirmed that Syrian olive oil is exported to about 45 countries in the world, including the Gulf countries and Europe, including advanced countries producing oil, but they import it from Syria in order to refine Syrian olive oil brands and mix it with their local oil.

And he considered that the high price of oil this year is due to several reasons, including export and monopoly in addition to the fact that this season is low in production because it is a “year of bargaining”, explaining that olive trees bear a year and are compensated in the following year, i.e. their production is less than the previous year.

Ghazal added: The production this year is 45 thousand tons of olives (25% of which is for oil production), which is equivalent to a quarter of the last season’s production, which reached 166 thousand tons, indicating that the year of resumption is known for its low production in addition to the high temperature and drought that hit the lands during the month of May.

Thus, We explained to you what are the best olive oil companies in Syria and what is extra virgin olive oil. We have explained what is olive oil price in Syria. I hope to find it useful for you.

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