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6 companies to import olive oil to US guaranteed quality

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import olive oil to us

Let me explain to you some things about the import olive oil to US one of the important things for the importer in the United States of olive oil products.

The quality of olive oil and the quality of packaging because it is important for the American consumer of products in general and for the olive oil product in particular.

 And among the searches that I have found Most of the United States’ imports of olive oil come from Turkey, Italy and Spain at high prices compared to the prices of the countries producing in the Middle East such as Egypt, Palestine, Sudan and other countries producing olive oil, so read this report from the importing house platform to know more details.


Importing olive oil into US

Therefore, a search was made for the most important companies importing olive oil products in the United States, and we found that the most important 100 companies were collected in a file that is updated periodically to present it to the exporters of olive oil products, whether from our beloved country Egypt or from one of the other Arab countries.

The list of olive oil importers USA includes the following:

Product description / Imported products and packing system (olive oil)

The name of the import company

The address of the import company

Source Name

Source address

The amount of olive oil or its derivatives or products related to the olive oil wholesalers USA

The name of the shipping company to which it was shipped.

The date of the shipment’s arrival

Port of download

Port Access

The container number in which the oil was shipped.

Conner type

The load shipped

Type of packaging (this information is 50% available)

Filling Measuring Unit (ton / package / drum / carton / bottle)


Information about the shipping line of olive oil wholesale USA in detail.

Of course, managers and company owners know the value of this information, as it is, of course, used for direct knowledge of the following matters

Knowledge of the importing company and the volume of its transactions. This gives an indication of how to guide your marketing team.

 Knowing the companies supplying olive oil gives you the advantage of knowing the competitor to buy bulk olive oil and study its prices, packaging, and how to market products for imitation and ways to succeed.

Knowing the supplier of your olive oil product gives you the advantage of comparing it with your products.

Knowing how many times olive oil was imported relative to the importer gives an indication of the import volume.

Opening new markets to Arab exporters.

Turkey is one of the best producing countries for olive oil due to its geographical nature, so we provide you with the best companies that you can import olive oil to us:

Adel Al-Tamimi Food Company.

Al Sabbagh Trading Company.


Al-Khattab Company for Olive Oil.

Awafi Food Trade Company.

Sana Company for Food Industry.

Importing olive oil into US
Importing olive oil into US

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Top olive oil companies in US

Experts warned in 2012 that the eurozone economies – which are struggling to find their way – are now facing another blow as production of olive oil, which was the preserve of them, began moving to the United States of America.

The Daily Telegraph newspaper said that Spain, Italy and Greece, which together dominate global production of the main Mediterranean commodity, are now threatened by stiff competition from their rivals in the New World.

According to agricultural analysts at Rabobank, a Netherlands-based financial services firm, the growing market for olive oil made in USA is poised to be a “battlefield” between historic European producers and their new rivals in California, Chile and Australia.

The newspaper pointed out that if European producers lost the battle, this would be another blow to their faltering economies, which are the focusing of investor concerns against the backdrop of the eurozone debt crisis.

Currently, large Spanish and Italian companies supply the United States with most of the cheap bulk olive oil they produce, with imports estimated at more than 99% of the retail market estimated at more than one billion dollars.

Italy enjoys 51% of the market share, while Spain – the largest producer of olive oil in the world – has 23%.

Yet Rabobank analysts say that US producers, by emphasizing high-quality production processes and exploiting the strong consumer appeal of a local brand, are expected to capture 5% of the overall US olive oil market within five years.

The report warns that European exporters of best bulk olive oil are vulnerable to attack, especially since the oil from Spain deserves a lower price and is considered of lower quality. So the producers of the Old World must increase their bet.

Vito Martelli, co-author of the analytical report, said that responding effectively to the challenge of olive oil producers in the new world will require a greater focUS on quality and production efficiency by European olive oil companies.

The newspaper pointed out that olive oil is already causing problems for southern eurozone countries. Last May, the producers suffered as its price plummeted to a low level within ten years as a result of oversupply caused by a bumper crop of olives in Spain.

There was also a decline in the consumption of olive oil in Italy and Greece, as consumers turned due to austerity to cheaper alternatives.

And these are the best companies of olive oil in the USA:-


It’s a service provider, was established in 2011, and it works in the food, import and export sectors. It also operates in the food sectors – import / export of olive oil, event organization and exporter of wine. It is based in New York, USA.


It is a wholesaler and operates in the oil industry. It is based in Leesburg Va, USA.


It’s an agent / representative, operates in the honey sector. It also operates in sectors and exports olive oil. It is based in Baltimore, USA.


Olive oil suppliers in USA

American goods are often high in price, but mastery of manufacture, high quality and geniUS in packaging are all sufficient reasons to make them in demand in varioUS parts of the world, and if you have an American-made product, you will know well what I mean. Therefore, the idea of ​​importing from America and selling high-quality, well-made goods at a high price to the target customers of those goods, may result in a lot of profits.

 If you are interested in this profitable type of work, it is good for you to follow up with US on this post, where we where to buy bulk olive oil that can be imported, the best import methods from America, and how to market and sell products in a manner that guarantees the highest profits.

The following company is one of the best companies in the American olive oil market

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It  is the manufacturer / producer, operating in the pure vegetable oils sector. It also operates in the coconut oil and coconut flour sectors. It is based in Eugene, USA.

The import process is the same and its steps do not differ according to the country from which the import is to be made.

1- Determining the required: – The local market is studied to determine the required products with the necessary quality and quantity that are in line with the volume of demand, as well as the appropriate prices.

2- Traders and suppliers: –

We communicate with merchants and suppliers via the Internet or visit them personally in the event of their presence in the United States to conclude a deal to buy the desired goods in the desired quantity at the best price. Of course, in the event of reliance on the offices, all you have to do is provide them with your requests and they will work to provide them for you.

3- Shipping of goods: –

After agreeing on the price of the price and completing the purchase process, the supplier prepares the quantity and delivers it to the shipping company to be transported by sea via cargo ships, which is the most widespread method or by air via cargo planes, which is the most expensive method.

4- Customs: – After the arrival of the shipment, it goes to the sea or air port agreed to send the shipment to it to present the documents related to the shipment and pay the customs dues and taxes to be cleared from customs.

5- Transportation and storage: – After completing the customs procedures, you can transfer the goods to their storage location, and of course it is taken into account that this place is compatible with the quality of the imported goods, so that they are not exposed to any damage.

6- Sale and distribution: – You can sell the goods in the appropriate way, if the quantities are large or medium, then distributing them to retailers will be the best solution, and if the quantity is small, you can sell them to the final customers targeted for those goods in a variety of ways, the most important of which is electronic advertising.

Top olive oil companies in US
Top olive oil companies in US

Top olive oil brands in USA

California olive branch is the best brand in the USA, so you can buy it for it’s benefits.

Time magazine highlighted the rise in the cost of some of the Americans’ favorite commodities during 2014, while others decreased. The inflation rate had an effective effect on the prices of goods and services, but on the other hand, the rise in the commodities mentioned below was not linked to inflation.

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The price of olive oil

Olive oil: olive production slowed down in Spain and Portugal due to several factors, including the cold weather during the spring and the outbreak of fruit fly disease, followed by hot and humid weather in the summer, and the result was a 27% decline in global olive production, and the prices of high-quality European olives increased, This contributed to the increase in olive oil prices by 121% in Italy.

Tips before starting to implement the idea of the import project of American olive oil brands from America:-

Check the customs listing for your country / region and do not buy goods which require high customs duties.

Try to find customers who have purchased merchandise before purchasing it to ensure speedy selling.

Try to collect more trucks and send them in bundles to reduce transportation costs.

Try to buy items with a large price difference to ensure your profit.

The importing – house platform wishes you a good luck with import olive oil to us.

Source: Importing House

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