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3 Famous big bag manufacturer Turkey to import from

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in big bag manufacturer Turkey ; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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big bag manufacturer Turkey

Do you look for best big bag manufacturer Turkey ? There is no doubt that the word Made in Turkey gives a great value to any product, as Turkey manufactures the best and finest products, and of course, bags share in that. The importing- housing  platform offers you the best bag manufacturers in Turkey.

Big bag Turkey manufacturers

The best big bag companies are:

Cesur Turkey

Just 40 years prior, most products were all the while being stuffed in little jute and cotton packs. Their set of experiences goes even back to 1930’s, to a little source.

Cesur used to gather jute sacks and provided them in the homegrown market. Upon the dispatch of the engineered big bag in Turkey in the business, they set up their first coordinated office to produce 50 kg. sacks.

It was in the mid 1980’s that they extended their creation line to incorporate FIBCs; Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers. They began sending out in 1983 and infiltrated world business sectors because of the quality and assurance of their vision, starting soul and will to succeed.

They have gotten not just one of the biggest and best family possessed organizations in Turkey yet additionally in Europe, by remaining one stride in front of progress all through their excursion of 85 years. They are a worldwide player who never falters in their goal to stretch out their accomplishments in Turkey to worldwide business sectors.

They presently work in 6 nations and market their items in locales across Europe, the Middle East, Asia and America. Having produced critical worth and expertise in Turkey, they have encountered astounding development in their center business. Their organization’s standing, image picture and solid joint endeavors encouraged expand their tasks into the worldwide market.

Today they are Turkey’s driving mechanical combination and market pioneer in their separate area and are pleased to be recorded among the main 1000 exporters of bulk big bag in Turkey.

Their main goal is to guarantee overall clients’ contenment and certainty through inventive and beneficial bundling arrangements with top notch items and snappy help made in their best in class creation offices which organize wellbeing, productivity and natural kind disposition in all activities.

Their vision is to put resources into HR and cutting edge innovation and keep their remaining as a respectable, solid, genuine and dependable foundation who gives best quality merchandise and ventures to overall clients through its center way of thinking, high volume creation, fortitude and dynamism and imaginative, inventive and serious methodology.

Their manufacturing plant in  best big bags 2020, situated in Istanbul-Turkey, has been working without trading off quality as per worldwide guidelines. To accomplish this, quality control methodology and assessments are deliberately applied at each phase of creation.

All hardware in all areas and all creation measures are regulated and overseen by means of their focal ERP programming because of M2M a M2ERP innovation which permits correspondence between the apparatus.

Human autonomous information stream got in the framework by means of M2M and M2ERP innovation, permits us a quicker, impeccable and top notch creation.

With its exportation to in popular bag brands and excess of 120 nations more than 5 mainlands, Cesur Packaging is a main large sack exporter in Turkey and Europe who never stop to develop since its foundation.

To give a superior and quicker support of their clients, notwithstanding their 30 or more wholesalers around the world, they have extended their worldwide deals network with nearby workplaces in UK, France, Germany, Benelux, Scandinavia and USA.

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Turkish bag market


Kare Packaging Industry has been one of the pioneer fibc makers in Turkey.

Kare Packaging Industry was set up in 2008 by three accomplices who have insight of years in large sack creation and enormous pack area. In a brief timeframe, Kare got one of the most solid and regarded large sack producers in Turkey and in unfamiliar business sectors.

Big bag manufacturers have 145 tons/month limit with respect to large pack creation. Their organization and creation is situated in Gaziantep Organized Industrial Zone.

Kare Big Bag is providing enormous packs to numerous manufacturing plants in homegrown market and trading them to numerous nations, particularly European nations.

Their organization strategy is to accomplish the most noteworthy consumer loyalty and nonstop quality on item and administration. The entirety of the clients who help out us have a conscious offer in the development of their organization and their quality. They thank to all their colleagues and clients for their participation and regarded criticism.

Big bag shop products:

  • Huge Bag

Huge Bag is their primary item. They fabricate various sorts a lot of huge sack between SWL 250 to SWL 2000kg.

  • PP Bag

Polypropylene woven sacks in various measurements and weight for pressing 25kg and 50kg items are accessible.

  • PP valve sack

PP valve sacks or square base sacks for mechanized bundling lines are accessible in various size and weight.

  • Compartment sack

They make asbest compartment packs, asbest plate sacks, holder liners for 20ft and 40ft compartments.

  • Sling sack

Kare Packaging produces cloverleaf sling sack and sling sack with skirt.

  • PP texture

big bag producer Turkey have pp texture, webbing, sewing yarn for huge sack creation and for little packs.

Enormous Bag is one of the most handy, cost and space sparing mass bundling material. They are glad for assembling top notch enormous sacks and bundling materials. Standard huge sack, U board large pack, ventilated enormous sack, foodgrade huge sack, antistatic huge sack, UN confirmed huge sack, dustproof huge sack, waterproof huge pack, astounded huge pack, cross corner huge sack, one circle huge sack, two circles huge sack are a portion of the sorts that they fabricate.

Prices big bag in Turkey

You can find out about the prices of large bags by contacting the manufacturers.

bulk big bag
bulk big bag

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To make certain about the protected working burden big bag fashion and security factor ( SF ) of the large sack, if you don’t mind check the wellbeing mark which is sewn on the huge pack.

 Underneath subtleties can be found on the mark; – The producer subtleties of the large pack – Dimensions of the enormous sack, volume – SWL, safe working burden, the conveying limit, cyclic tests, drop tests – SF, wellbeing factor, 5.1 single outing, 6.1 multi trip – Test house subtleties, test numbers, test date of the huge pack – Production date of the huge pack – Storage states of the huge pack, insurance open air – Manipulation conditions, good and bad lifting strategies for the huge pack – Recycling class for climate.

 Wholesale bags in Turkey: It is suggested that the large pack end client should initially check the security mark on the huge sack to have a reasonable thought regarding the huge sack prior to beginning the charging item in it.

Clients are likewise prescribed to take care about any conceivable sharp edges on the large sack to forestall any skin injury. Despite the fact that the huge packs are delivered with pp material which has UV insurance, the end clients are prescribed to shield the large sacks from downpour and daylight away outside.

 Good and bad stockpiling and control techniques are likewise appeared on the large sack wellbeing name. It is suggested that during the charging and releasing tasks and control cycle of the enormous pack, the clients must be cautious and keep in a protected separation in the event of any break and drop of the huge sack.

 The large sack which has release spout should be checked for the base spout obsession prior to charging the huge pack.

Huge Bag is one of the most pragmatic and cost sparing mass bundling material. They are pleased with assembling top notch enormous sacks, bundling materials and offering their quality support of their colleagues.

QUALITY POLICY in Turkey wholesale market:

Promoting their quality and brand name KARE BIGBAG in unfamiliar business sectors and backing the advancement of Turkish brand names

Increasing the nature of their merchandise and administration by following and considering the mechanical and sectoral advancements

Putting the consumer loyalty in the principal target, they put forth a valiant effort to convey the best quality merchandise on guaranteed time

Producing the huge sack items which conform to Turkish Food Codex and global quality guidelines.

Turkish bag shop online

Eska big bag Turkey

 One of the major FIBC exporter organizations in Turkey. With their administrative center in Istanbul, they have a broad overall organization of customers and specialists who depend on us with most extreme certainty for FIBCs, PP texture, PE Liner, Container liner and geotextiles.

At ARKPACK, their accentuation on high caliber with profoundly serious costs is obvious in each part of their business. Truth be told, their providers are painstakingly chosen simply after they meet their rigid quality, creation and time plans.

Key components boosting their development are:

  • Their profoundly productive and strong staff to import bags from Turkey.
  • High-end programming and frameworks
  • Extensive overall organization of observing customers
  • Extremely persuaded specialists
  • Strong provider base over the globe

As a feature of their organization extension, they are keen on starting business associations with makers who offer quality items at serious rates and with a standing of meeting tight conveyance plans.

Little PP Sacks base:

single collapsed single sewn, single collapsed twofold sewn, twofold collapsed single sewn, twofold collapsed twofold sewn

product to import from Turkey:

polyethylene internal pack:

free embedded, sewn with base crease, sewn with top crease, bound at top.

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up to four tones

1 and 2 circle Fibc Bigbags

One and two circle FIBC’s are not so much confounded but rather more practical in correlation with the four circle FIBC’s.

They are created from cylindrical body textures to get a higher breaking quality inside the texture.

The top lifting focuses are wrapped with sleeves which can be made in various shadings for simplicity of item ID.

Hued sleeves additionally make the lifting focuses exceptionally noticeable for truck administrators empowering simple treatment of the sacks by either a snare or a fork.

The most generally utilized plan is typically uncoated with an open top and a PE liner embedded, albeit, covered plans are likewise accessible with rambled tops.

Base plans shift enormously relying upon the application; these incorporate square, star or a solitary crease.

Release spouts can likewise be applied, however this is explicitly for the square base plan as it were.


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