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 imported olive oil from Greece

Today Greek olive oil is regarded as the best in the world as imported olive oil from Greece carries very low acidity and peroxides which make them of premium quality, and can be recognized mainly from the fruitiness, the bitterness and the pungency in the taste. Through importing house platform we will mention olive oil producers in Greece.

Olive oil producers in Greece

We offer you the most popular olive oil in Greece producers that are produced at reasonable prices and high quality as follows:

  1. Elea olive oil:

They are producers, manufacturers and export distributors of fine Greek quality olive oil products in Loutraki, Greece. They offer you excellent 100% natural, cold extracted organic and non-organic extra virgin olive oil brands. Greek organic extra virgin olive oil for sale a collection of Sparta and Corinth.

Their olive oil brand products are multi awarded, registered with the US FDA and include PDO (for geographical region of cultivation), Kosher Parve, Non-GMO Project Verified and USDA NOP certificates.  In Addition, they sell other extra virgin olive oil brands and types of oils like Pure, Refined and Pomace. All their products are 100% Greek origin and 100% Non-GMO, and they guarantee their products for their quality and authenticity.

Imported olive oil brands in India
Imported olive oil brands in India

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Where to buy best olive oil in Greece?

At eleaoliveoil they have the best olive oil wholesale export price in Greece, and save by buying from the producer in fact avoiding the middleman. With them you will get excellent products quality and design, free CIF worldwide shipping delivery, accurate logistic and Transporation and competitive prices.

  1. Noos Trade:

Noos Trade, is a dynamic Greek foundation, specialized in producing and exporting premium Olive Oil. They have been trading around the globe since 1997 and have been appreciated by their customers for their reliability. Their production principle focuses on quality Biosphere and Biotopos premium olive oils, this is why all of their products bear their passion for excellence to your table.

  1. Greeklandopt:

It’s a company specialized in the Greek olive oil wholesale supply of premium goods based in Greece. Their products range includes extra virgin olive oil, coffee, cosmetics for body, hair and face as well as drinks, they supply their products directly from manufacturers offering you the best prices, working with reliable and trusted manufacturers to ensure that they provide you with high-quality products.

They carry out strict quality controls to guarantee the quality of their products from production to product packaging and export abroad, as all their products are certified and ready with all documentation for export. They have gained trust of many customers in various countries including Greece, Italy, France, Germany and Britain, which also they supply their products to high-end restaurants and numerous shops.

importing olive oil UK
importing olive oil UK
  1. Nature Blessed Extra Virgin Olive Oil:

Nature Blessed One of Greek olive oil suppliers that trades and exports olive oil. They aim for consistently high-quality products. their passion for olive oil and their deep knowledge of olive oil production techniques, along with their cooperation with exceptional olive farmers who share their values, enable them to offer you the valuable nectar they produce from the fruits of the fertile Greek soil.

The unique flavor of their olive oil with its fruity and spicy taste is a result of many different olive varieties. They choose for producers from Macedonia, Northern Greece, who cultivate various olive varieties in their groves. During harvest the fruit are mixed together, through which they offer them a particularly flavored olive oil which differs from all the rest. Their products offer you only the best, always with respect for human beings and the environment, also they are motivated by their mission to spread the word about good health and disease prevention through the consumption of their blessed treasure: Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

  1. Aulis olive oil:

Aulis is a famous Greek olive oil company located in Euboea, Greece, and its main activity is the production of extra virgin olive oil with Manufacturing capacity of 120 tons per year. Aulis is a well-known of Greek Olive Oil bottle company by the Ministry of Agriculture under the code EL 40 710 meets all the requirements of HACCP, ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 22000: 2005.

  1. Oliveoilviro:

They have been producing with great care this fine product for three generations. Every year, in the middle of November, their olive oil crop is gathered with loving care. The olives are picked by beating the tree branches with sticks, the olives fall on nets and then stored in sacks.

They are transferred to the mill for ‘cold extraction’ without any delay, which is the method of centrifugation of the olive paste at a very low temperature 25°C. For this reason, they achieve a high-quality extra virgin olive oil of low acidity and high biological and nutritional value. Besides, in their limited-edition product, the acidity of the oil does not exceed 0.3 %. During the total process (cultivation, harvest, manufacture, product standardization) till the disposal of their olive oil to the final result of consumer, inviolable rule for them is to follow all the international standards of safety and food quality.

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Olive oil factories in Greece

  1. Olisi Mediterranean:

Olisi Mediterranean Products is an Export and Trading company in Greece, which has built up a large network of suppliers who can offer you the highest quality products. If you choose for Olisi Mediterranean Products for imported olive oil from Greece you are sure to have full service, high quality and competitive prices, you can also talk with experts in their product range in their website.

  1. Eliris Greece:

Eliris extraordinary organic extra-virgin olive oil available direct from Efthimiadi Estate and guaranteed to be exclusively from the latest harvest. This ensures their fresh and best olive oil in Greece. They supply the gourmet food retail, food service, wellness and gift markets worldwide. They would be delighted to hear from both distributors and clients wishing to buy direct. Also, they focus on offering a dedicated service based on your specific requirements.

As a valued client of Eliris, you will enjoy exclusive access to their limited supply of Eliris olive oil. It is important to them that they build and maintain a long term, mutually relationship with all their clients. On your initial inquiry, they will ask for details about your business, so they can understand more about what you need and therefore how best they can serve you. Eliris is available in 3 formats: 100ml and 250ml premium dark glass bottles.

  1. Wikifarmer Market:

A Turkey and Greek olive oil market which has been established as the Wikipedia of Farming worldwide, Wikifarmer is becoming a platform where people can search for anything related to Agricultural Production (agricultural products such as olive oils, products availability, prices) and safely purchase online anything they want.

Wikifarmer is a worldwide collaboration of Greek olive oil shop with the mission of empowering and educating farmers across the world. they believe that all producers in the world should be able to showcase their production, name a price for their products and compete fairly in the local and global marketplace.

  1. Fitiafoods:

Fitia Foods main business is food products such as olive oil, honey, coffee and other health Products. They offer Extra Virgin Olive Oil is 100% Natural, offering their olive oil products under terms of Guaranteed in Time, and Wholesale Prices.  They offer Fixed-Price Contract for a period up to 6 months; they own and supply only 100% Natural and Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil, also they can supply EVOO in large quantities.

  1. Olea Erus:

They are traditional olive growers with long term roots in olive growing over many generations and working on the development of a Nature and Culture Inclusive Olive Growing Model. Their actions are based on Creation of high quality and authentic Greek olive goods which are tightly connected with long term tradition, the Balance between Olive Growing Activities and Natural Environment, connectivity between tradition, science and technology in order to offer high quality olive goods, exchanging views, and best practices among all Olive Growing Industry Actors without exclusions.

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Import olive oil from Greece

Greece and Italy are both well-known for having some of the best extra virgin olive oil in the world, their products are trustful and unique, especially the way they taste, the one that is best ultimately depends on your personal tastes because the flavor of Greek olive oil brands is distinctly different from Italian. Greece recorded up to 60% of its land to produce their favorite culinary oil and olive oil. With over 2,800 olive oil mills countrywide, they can feel the passion that Greece has for olive oil, the region known most famous for producing record amounts is the Peloponnese region.

Olive oil price in Greece

To buy and imported olive oil from Greece in Wholesale price of olive oil in Greece the average price of one kilo of lampante oil in Italy is €2.58. In Greece, extra virgin olive oil is selling for €3.09 per kilo in Chania, down 13.5 percent from last year when the price topped at €3.57. Greek olive oil bulk /organic olive oil for $2.00 – $6.00 / Kilogram

The expensive olive oil in the world is called (Lambda) and is produced by speiron company in Greece. Prices depend on offer and demand, as it expected a slight price increase due to the overall decrease in production in worldwide. and it expected a slight drop in prices due to a big harvest in Spain and Italy even if the Greek harvest is disappointing, as it may well be.

Including the unpredictability of the weather and the olive fly as well as different prices for Protected Designation of Origin and Protected Geographical Indication, and organic EVOOs, it is not surprising that Greek olive oil producers from different regions offer varying price estimates for their region’s EVOOs in the coming harvest year. Predicting prices ranging from 2.76 to almost 4.00 euros per kilogram, it refers to prices paid to olive oil producers inside Greece, when it comes to be imported Greek olive oil it is very different from the final price of bottled EVOO either in Greece or abroad.

In conclusion, we’ve talked about top Greek producers of olive oil which easy for you to be import olive oil.

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