wholesale price of olive oil in spain

10 companies sell in wholesale price of olive oil in Spain

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wholesale price of olive oil in spain

The wholesale price of olive oil in Spain is a known thing, and the Spanish olive oil is considered a historical tradition in Spain, which dates back to the era when the Phoenicians were present. It is believed that the Phoenicians were the ones who spread olive cultivation across the Greek islands beginning.

 All the way to the Spanish shores, nearly 3,000 years ago. Olive oil has come a long way since it was used as a medicinal remedy by the Romans, read this report from the importing house platform to reach the best brands.


Olive oil Spain price

The current global health crisis did not affect the prices of olive oil in Spain, as it kept it stable.

The price of extra virgin olive oil in the Spanish market reached an average of 2,152.54 euros / per ton, a slight decrease compared to 2,181.85 euros / ton for the previous week, and extra virgin olive oil was sold at an average price of 1,719.26 / ton, with a slight decrease as well. Compared to the previous week, where it was at 1.738.26 / ton.

Is olive oil cheap in Spain ?

Of course, it is cheap, especially nowadays, because of the Corona virus.

Olive oil production decreased in the 2019-2020 season in Spain by 25%, and reached 1.36 million tons. Production of bulk olive oil Spain rates will be studied and discussed at the “World Olive Oil Exhibition”, which held in Madrid on 18 and 19 March 2020, which hosts the most important companies of best olive oil Spanish and important companies  in the world dedicated to olive oil, According to the Spanish newspaper Bolsamania.

The newspaper pointed out that the production of the Mediterranean countries in olive oil, Egypt produces 25,000 tons, while Tunisia doubled its production in this season from last year, and the Tunisian Ministry of Agriculture expected during the current month that the production of this season would reach record levels to record about 350 thousand tons, To exceed the previous record level recorded in 2015 of about 340 thousand tons, so the olive oil market price in Spain is one of the best in the world.

Tunisian olive oil won several international prizes and won first places in several international competitions, including the best healthy olive oil award, which are prizes that make it one of the best oils in the world, and a subject of interest from all countries of the world.

The newspaper added that Greece will also grow olive oil production in the current season by 50% to reach 295 thousand tons, in addition to the recovery of production in Italy, which has managed to double its production to 360 thousand tons, and in Portugal production will also increase to 135 thousand tons, And Algeria to 90 thousand tons.

The newspaper explained that the increase in production in these countries will compensate for the decrease in Spanish production around the world, in addition to the declines in Turkey, where production reached 180 thousand, Morocco 160 thousand, and Syria reached 80 thousand.

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Olive oil Spain price
Olive oil Spain price

Wholesale olive oil Spain

Even nowadays, olive oil is considered essential in preparing the most important dishes, or through its presence in scientific laboratories that tell us the reasons for its many important properties.

Olive oil production, from Extramadura to Catalonia, continuing its line through Andalusian fields, Murcia, Castilla de la Mancha, Valencia and Aragon, registering different types of olive oil, an olive field that decorates the scenery in every region, where olives adapt to the environmental conditions of sand, the climate and the needs of farmers.

 The consumption of olive oil is an essential part of the Mediterranean diet in general and the Spanish in particular, with the exception that Spain is the first country in the world in the production and sale of olive oil.


What are the best olive oil factories in Spain


This cooperative was established in 1969 and it includes 1800 partners who harvest their olives to turn it into oil and then sell it. Its average annual production volume is between 6 and 7 million kilos of oils. In our basement we extract three types of oils: extra virgin olive oil, extra virgin olive oil, and Margoul olive oil, and in all cases we squeeze the oils on the cold, and of course the wholesale price of olive oil in spain varies from company to another.

Mateo, S.A

Mateo, S.A was born more than 20 years ago from the idea of a team of professionals who wanted to occupy a privileged position in the oil industry,Processing and export of edible oils. MANOLETE – TEOLI – DULCE OLIVA – LA PISTA – AMAFLOR, after that I think you got the answer of the question where to buy olive oil in spain


The company ACEITES HERALDO SL, is the manufacturer / producer, founded in 2011, and operates in the olive oil sector. It also operates in the sectors of quality and competitive prices, olive oil, edible oils and fats, and olive oil export. It is based in Majadahonda-Madrid, Spain.


The company, FINCA LA GRAMANOSA, is the manufacturer / producer, founded in 1995, and operates in the olive oil sector. It also works in the olive oil sectors, the export of olive oil, the extraction of olive oil and canned olive oil. It is based in Avinyonet Del Penedès, Spain.


The company ACEITES REINO VISIGODO, is the distributor and operates in the olive oil sector. It also operates in sectors and exports olive oil. It is based in Toledo, Spain.

Olive oil Spain companies

Extra virgin olive oil possesses beneficial properties for health, and therefore the growth of sales of olive oil has contributed to generating growth in production and cultivation of olive trees, as the prices of this oil continue to increase compared to other types of oils.

 This type of olive oil is important for the cardiovascular system, promotes bone growth and calcium absorption, is excellent for preventing skin aging, and protects against cancer and diabetes, and the following companies are producing this oil:


The enterprise, DELICATESSENSPAIN, is one of the olive oil exporters in Spain and it is the distributor and operates in the ready-to-eat foods sector, also operating in the wine sectors, Spain Pork Export / Jambon Foods – Import / Export and Export of Olive Oil. It is based in Madrid, Spain.


The enterprise, NASDEK TRADING SL, is a service provider, operating in the olive oil sector. It also operates in the olive oil export sectors, olive oil, virgin olive oil and black olives. It is based in Granada, Spain.


Corporation ACEITES ORO BAILEN GALGON 99 S.L.U., is manufacturer / producer, and is one of the best olive oil Spain manufacturers operates in the olive oil sector. It also operates in the sectors of extra virgin olive oil, extra virgin olive oil, export of olive oil and pure olive oil. It is based in Villanueva De La Reina, Spain.


The company, ACEITES EL DORADO, is the manufacturer / producer, and is one of the top olive oil producers in Spain working in the olive oil sector. It also operates in the olive oil export sectors, olive oil, extra virgin organic olive oil and organic olive oils. It is based in Lucena, Spain.

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The enterprise ALLGOURMET, is the manufacturer / producer, operating in the olive oil sector. It also operates in sectors and exports olive oil. It is based in Girona, Spain.


Olive oil Spanish brands

There are many types of olive oil, and this is what we will show in detail:

The first type (extra virgin olive oil) is one of the finest and most expensive types of olive oil, and it is produced from the first olive oil press, and the acidity percentage in it is less than 1%, as the lower the acidity percentage.

 The better the production of olive oil export Spain as it contains Fatty acids and vitamin E, which is characterized by its strong flavor and good taste, and is considered one of the best types of olive oil that is used in food preparation. However, it is taken for this type of olive oil that it does not tolerate high temperature and should not be fried. When exposed to a high temperature, it loses its health benefits and nutritional value.

The second type (virgin olive oil) is the second type of olive oil and is extracted in the same way as extra virgin olive oil, but with a difference in the pH, it increases from the first type by 2%, which affects the taste and aroma, and therefore the price is lower than the first type.

The third type (regular olive oil), which is less good than the previous two types, as it is refined from olives and exposed to a high temperature, which affects the smell, taste and health benefits and there are some companies that add a percentage of virgin olive oil to make it palatable, and it is one of the types that can be used in High folding temperature.

The fourth type (Pomace Olive Oil) is one of the worst types of olive oil and therefore has a much lower calorie than the other types. It reaches half the price of the other types.

It is produced from the remaining olives of the previous varieties, and chemicals are added to it that lose its health benefits

The fifth type (olive oil graduate), which is extracted from olive oil after boiling for half an hour and exposing it to the sun for 6 days, and the acidity ratio in it is from 3.3 to 5%.

The sixth type (olive oil rash) is olive oil that is extracted from the olives that fall before their season by pounding with a stone and is placed on a saucepan and boiling with stirring until the oil comes out of it.

Wholesale olive oil Spain
Wholesale olive oil Spain

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What is the best olive oil in Spain

 The purpose of olive oil must be determined. If it is used to prepare the salad and is added to food, it is recommended to take extra virgin olive oil like the famous brand Olivia.

 Or virgin olive oil and a package is taken and allocated to prepare the salad, but if you use olive oil for cooking, the third or fourth type can be used of olive oil. It is recommended to take the olive oil in a dark bottle, as it protects the oil from oxidation and spoilage.

It is not recommended to use olive oil according to the color, as the color varies according to the olive used, whether it is dark green or golden yellow, so the color is not considered an indication of the quality of olive oil.

To this, we have written all the details of wholesale price of olive oil in Spain and other countries.


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