imported olive oil from Italy

10 companies for best imported olive oil from Italy

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imported olive oil from Italy

The imported olive oil from Italy is a type of fat that is extracted from the fruits of olives and it is one of the popular crops in the Mediterranean region. And is characterized by being rich in monounsaturated fatty acids useful for hair, skin and body, and we offer the best types of olive oil in the market to ensure that you get all the benefits of this oil according to your needs, each type has a special use. Just follow the following article from the importing house platform to discover the difference for yourself.

Import olive oil from Italy

The tree or shrub that produces the olives used in olive oil is native to the Mediterranean, Asia and Africa, and it did not exist in Italy, and we believe that the Greeks were the ones who brought the olive trees to Italy around 1000 BC and from here the olive flower began in Italy. One of the most interesting olive tree facts is that the tree can live for 2000 years, and it is a very resilient tree because it encounters difficult climates, especially hot ones, very well. Where to buy Italian olive oil wholesale today?

  1. Grande olive oil

Grande is an Italian olive oil for sale and a premium quality extra virgin olive oil. You can use it on all your food safely, and it has great taste.

  1. Probios

Probios is an Italian brand that brings you the most luxurious and expensive types of olive oil. A first squeeze and cold extract. Some types of Probios olive oil bulk wholesale are flavored with different flavors such as lemon, hot pepper, ginger and garlic. As for the extra virgin olive oil from Probios, it retains all its natural properties.

  1. Colavita

The “Colavita” brand is one of the rare international brands in the field of bulk Italian olive oil and it is available in nearly (70) countries in the world: the United States of America, Canada, Australia and South America, as a 100% leading Italian brand. The “Italian Choice” was the result of the strong demand and the altruism of the “Colavita” brands to promote the Italian product, thanks to a careful selection of the best olives harvested immediately after ripening, exclusively in Italy (certified 100% by Chermite). N. 9902).

wholesale price of olive oil in spain
wholesale price of olive oil in spain

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Olive oil suppliers in Italy

Italy exports more olive oil to the United States of America than anywhere else in the world, so, if you love Italian produce and Italian food, why not come to Italy and try it at the source.

  1. Casale Falchini

Casale Falchini is Located just one kilometer from San Gimignano in the province of Siena, it covers about 40 hectares planted with vineyards for the production of virgin wine and it is one of the best Italian extra virgin olive oil brands, while the old farm in which the area is named in the past was the monastery of the monks, which thanks to its strategic position on the hill can be enjoyed The wealth of the land that still surrounds it.


For three generations, MONINI, which carefully selects its products from the best producing regions in Italy and the Mediterranean basin, has been bottling and marketing excellent, high quality popular Italian olive oils. Even today, the founder’s nephew tastes daily what might turn out to be MONINI extra virgin olive oil.

  1. Fiorentini Firenze

Fiorentini Firenze is one of the famous wholesale Italian olive oil suppliers and the largest companies that market extra virgin olive oil from various origins and sources, and is among the largest major storage depots for extra virgin olive oil in Italy, with a capacity of approximately 8 million liters. They have analysis laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and tools. Fiorentini Firenze has won many important international quality certificates.

  1. PA.VI.RO

PA.VI.RO Agri-Company aspires to provide every consumer with healthy certified Italian olive oil truthful products, duly manufactured, and follow a well-regulated supply chain project. And all this to move forward in creating a more beautiful future values and respects nature, and primarily improves production technologies, using the latest tools.


Traditional Italian products, “Côte Amalfitaine et Cetara”, “Italian food”: anchovy sauce, tuna fillet, provolone Monaco PRL, Limoncello, Limoncello cream, Meloncello cream, vegetable jam, Italian extra-virgin olive oil Protected Original Label, fine Italian wine Graniano pasta protected original designation, vegetables in oil, tomato San Marzano original protected designation, eggplant fillet with bastum oil, lemon Sorrenti jam, orange Sorrenti jam, Lemoncello Sorrenti pope cakes.

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Olive oil wholesale Italy

Extra virgin olive oil is the “highest” quality of olive oil that we can buy. There are restrictive requirements for the production of extra virgin olive oil, which is distinguished from regular olive oil. The oil is extracted within 24 hours from the olives selected at a lower temperature (27 degrees Celsius), then the organic olive oil from Italy is extracted by cold pressing with machines and then filled immediately, because any oils produced after the first squeezing of the machine lose their quality, so they are less in vitamin (E), less in antioxidants and have more acidity.


The company PANTALEO, is the manufacturer / producer of the famous Italian olive oil , founded in 1890, and operates in the olive oil sector. It also operates in the sectors of crushing machines for olive oil and olive oil presses. It is based in Fasano, Italy.


The company AZIENDA ALIMENTARE ABBRACCIAVENTO DI MASSIMO ABBRACCIAVENTO is a manufacturer / producer, founded in 1976, and it operates in the olive oil sector. It also operates in the sectors of crushing machines for olive oil and preserved oil presses. It’s based in Alberobello, Italy.

How to import olive oil into Canada
How to import olive oil into Canada

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Olive oil market Italy

There is extra virgin olive oil, which is the most pure and best quality, then comes the extra virgin olive oil that is produced from extra virgin olive oil, which is extracted using a similar method, and then there is pure olive oil, which is a mixture of refined and virgin olive oil, it is of lower quality and not It has the same amount of antioxidants as the previous brands.

What is the olive oil price in Italy in 2020?

The price of olive oil rose after years of declining production in Spain, Italy and Greece, due to bad weather conditions in these countries. This reduced global production by 14 percent in 2017. But prices decreased in 2012, when the price of one ton of Spanish virgin olive oil reached $ 2,000, which is half the price it reached last year. Prices then decreased again, but remained at around $ 3,200 in March, according to European Commission statistics.

“Olive oil has seen increased demand not because of its health benefits, but because of the decline in supply,” said Vito Martelli, an analyst at the Dutch Rabo Bank who specializes in food and agricultural financing. He explained that the bad weather affected the most productive countries three times in five years, which caused a decline in production, as Italy recorded in 2014 its weakest product in 25 years.

It seems that olive oil has been a victim of its success, as it is historically widely consumed in the countries of the Mediterranean basin and the Middle East, and these countries used to account for 60 percent of olive oil consumers in the world. The price of olive oil in Italy decreased by 39% in the first five months of 2020, so have fun! That is why production rebounded in Italy, which was able to double its production to 360 thousand tons, and in Portugal production also increased to 135 thousand tons, and Algeria to 90 thousand tons.

Take care:-

There is a misconception that the best types of olive oil are from Italy, but Spanish, Greek, Australian and Tunisian olive oils are also of good quality and in fact, Spain is the largest producer of olive oil in the world and the largest source of it, but this has nothing to do with the quality but the quantity produced.

Cheating in olive oil is nothing new, as it dates back to Roman days, and the number of adulterated packages cannot be counted, but there are olive oil stretch marks that may be enough to know the quality of the oil.

How to buy olive oil from Italy

  • To find out the quality of the oil, pay attention to the presence of an additional “pure oil” or virgin mark on the bottle. Do not purchase the oil if it is written on the package “light”, “virgin” or “pure” “or if the package contains the phrase” olive oil “only.
  • Look for the date of picking the olives on the package, only the good ones write on the date of their packaging, if there is a lot of information such as the source and type of olives and the name of the product on the package, then there is a possibility that the oil is of high quality.
  • Pay attention to the percentage of acidity in the oil, as good olive oil producers care about this, the ratio should be 0.2% or less and if the percentage is high or not present, then this means that the quality is not good.
  • It should be green in color, tend to be golden, and be clear, this is a sign of oil extracted from a variety of olives, stretched once without mixing it with the kernel.
  • The presence of the expiration date does not mean that the quality is good, because the oil may have been in the packages for a long time, because the date is not a proof of quality.
  • When you see EVOO and the place of manufacture in Australia, buy the oil without hesitation because Australia adheres to the highest stringent standards to ensure the quality of the oil and to follow the most complex testing methods in the laboratories, these countries do not manufacture oil from an old crop.

In conclusion, the imported olive oil from Italy is one of the oils that no one disputes in its being healthy, it is a precious treasure full of benefits for the body and the advantage in olive oil is that it is an oil that you use for more than one purpose such as skin care, hair and health as well.

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