best things to import from turkey

17 of the best things to import from turkey

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best things to import from turkey

Turkey is a large industrial country, you can import goods from it and sell it in your country, we guarantee big rewards from this business, and the best things to import from turkey are available in this report.


things to import from turkey

Turkey is one of the largest exporting countries of Turkish home-made goods, which has increased in demand due to its quality and good prices, and this is what made it a good competitor in the global export market, and many Arab youth prefer the experience of importing Turkish goods because they have achieved great success and many profits recently. And to facilitate this experience, we offer you an article on the most important   products to import from turkey

– Cars constitute 13.9% of Turkey’s total exports.

– Machinery, including computers, represents 8.7% of the total Turkish exports.

– Precious stones and metals.

turkish products wholesale like Clothes, accessories and handicrafts.

– Electrical appliances and equipment.

– Iron and steel.

– Unfinished clothing and accessories.

– Plastic and plastic materials.

– Iron and steel materials.

– Fruits and nuts.

Precious stones and precious metals are among the original product made in turkey and fastest growing commodities among these previous commodities. During previous years, the rate of increase in exports of precious stones and precious metals reached about 110%.

Plastics come in second place, then cars in third place, and then machines, including electrical appliances. As for the most popular Turkish goods, which is best selling product in turkey and are preferred by importers because they achieve large and fast profits:

– Turkish clothes, especially women’s clothes.

– Turkish abayas are distinguished by their high quality and precision of manufacture.

– Home appliances, they find great demand from Arab families, for their wonderful designs, which are different from home-made tools, as well as household electrical appliances.

– Turkish furnishings are among the Turkish goods that are in great demand in recent times for their distinguished taste and good materials.

– Shoes are now a lucrative business because of their quality.

Goods are distributed to stores, stores and exhibitions, or by making advertisements in newspapers and newspapers or advertisements on social media and pages dedicated to electronic marketing of products imported from Turkey.

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 products to import from turkey
products to import from turkey

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how to order things from turkey

you should Knowing the customs laws in your country before importing from Turkey or from any country, it is necessary to identify the customs standards in your country, So as not to be surprised when trying to introduce some Turkish goods with high customs tariffs, it becomes a burden on the cost of the product and increases its price that reaches the consumer.


– How to write data on the Turkish product:

The data written on the imported product to your country is of great importance that may not be taken into consideration, but in fact, neglecting to write the country of origin may cause the product to be seized by customs and fine you large amounts greater than the price of the product itself. – Ensure that the products do not need permits from the Ministry of Health so that the product is not refused entry from the customs in your country.


– Availability of complete product sheets:

Such as: product certification, packaging lists, purchase invoices, technical data.

– Determine the mechanisms of the sales that you import from turkey and distribution process from the beginning:

– Knowing where products are sold and making sure that the product is easy to distribute and sell, as well as determining the method of payment and collection to know and determine the element of risk, Meaning, will the payment be immediate or in installments, so that you can determine your final profits.


– Capital:

The capital for a turkey imports project is determined based on the method of collecting the sums after selling the goods, and this is because the import process is a continuous cycle that needs capital turnover, In order for the turnover of capital to be sound, it is necessary to know the percentage of merchants who will pay the sums in installments.

Provided that a certain percentage does not exceed about 20% of the merchants, So as not to reduce your original capital and also to be able to save amounts of your profits to buy and import subsequent orders so that your project will continue to succeed.

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turkey import tax 2020

A new additional customs tax has been imposed on more than 400 products in Turkey. The 20 percent implementation will be implemented by September 30th. Among the turkey exports and imports products on which an additional customs duty is imposed are ovens, blankets, and precious jewelry. The Turkish President’s decision on the import regime has been published in the Official Gazette.

shipping company from turkey

Al-Manara Company is among the best shipping companies from Turkey to Saudi Arabia, where they offer you the best prices and the most distinguished services, only with them you get a full guarantee for all your shipments and istanbul wholesale online products, they are the only shipping company in Turkey that offers a full guarantee for the content of your shipments at the same price as normal shipping, but at special prices More.

Finally, you should know what the people in your country are use more and harry to import it from Turkey.

Things to buy in Turkey    

Turkey is classified as one of the recent industrial countries in the world, where the state cares a wide range of businesses, so factories are distributed over large areas in Istanbul. I can offer you the best Turkish products that you can import from there:

  1. There is a great demand for Turkish clothes in the buying process, as the prices of importing clothes from Turkey are sensible and of high quality, especially women’s clothes and women’s underwear, in addition to Turkish abayas. They are the only fruitful import project due to embroidery; precision and art, there are many sites to turkish products online from Turkey characterized as modanisa and just.
  2. Some tools and devices for the home, for example: You will find Turkish tin dishes that are required in the commercial market and that families and brides buy because of their wonderful colors, designs and quality compared to home dishes. People travel to Turkey to purchase it.
  3. Imported Turkish furnishings, which are one of the most required products from Turkey in the commercial market, such as bed sets, embroidered upholstery, and the most important Turkish tablecloths, which have become one of the most well-known products made in Turkey because of their delightful embroidery, gilded crafts and embroidered in a skillful manner and the quality of fabrics and colors used, so it is a must say Turkish tablecloth and you know the reaction of others, compared to Indian tablecloths.
  4. Importing Turkish food products from Turkey, such as: Turkish nuts, spices and natural honey. Turkish honey has recently become widespread with dried fruits, vegetables and fruits.
  5. Turkish soap is one of the most beloved and favorite commodities when importing from Turkey, because it contains certain types of soap for the skin that are only available in Turkey because of their amazing benefits for the skin.
  6. Turkish scarves with great taste, which are preferred by many, as well as some high-quality socks imported from Turkey.

Wholesale market in Turkey

Istanbul has more than 200 wonderful markets all over the city. The markets in Istanbul offer you with a wide range of best things to import from Turkey at cheap prices, such as: vegetables, fruits, clothes, goods made of leather, goods made of copper, textiles, crafts and crafts such as:

  1. Lalali Market Istanbul:

Lalali Market is one of the famed markets in Istanbul, and it has gained its great importance from its location within the historical places of the city, and this area has gained great importance to everyone to buy Turkish products easily, whether residents or tourists, and the Arab presence has great favor in it, and the Lalali Market is one of the most famous cheap wholesale markets, as this market includes many different products stores there, and the market also contains many companies exporting ready-made products to abroad, and in general the Lalali Market includes many of these products, between ready-made clothes, textiles, children’s clothes and wedding clothes, and it also contains an abundance of women’s clothing, as well as bags, shoes, and leather clothing.

  1. Fatih Market:

The Fatih Market is one of the largest popular markets that are held in the European city of Istanbul, where the market starts at the entrance to the Fatih Mosque, and extends to almost 7 main streets, and traders come to it on Wednesday of every week, and they sell all the products that a person needs in his daily life. It includes: vegetables, fruits, food commodities, health products, clothes, accessories, toys, and other Turkish beauty products and items.

  1. Marter Wholesale Market in Istanbul:

Marter Market is one of Istanbul’s most well-known clothing markets. Especially the Turkish veiled clothes, children’s clothes, and men’s clothes. In fact, it contains all that the tourist and the customer wants in terms of shopping needs, as it includes huge numbers of stores, shops and commercial centers of various tastes produced by the clothing industry machines in Turkey, so the Istanbul wholesale market is one of the most Wholesale clothing markets are favored by Arabs as they frequent it for wholesale shopping, because it provides ease of trade operations, as it includes many customs clearance and shipping companies.

Wholesale suppliers in Turkey
Wholesale suppliers in Turkey

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Wholesale suppliers in Turkey

By searching on Google, you will find all suppliers, factories, and companies that ship goods in addition to the opinions of some of their traders. You can also communicate with some importers who buy best things to import from Turkey afford you with advice and instructions, and if your financial plan allows travel, you can do so. You can search from there for info and prices of travel to Turkey, and this is a feature that enables you to travel whenever you want. Among the best import ways:

  1. The first way, traveling to this country is the best and ideal option where you can visit a large number of companies, suppliers and markets and thus you have the capacity to closely examine wholesale goods and thus you can also make a comparison between the goods and different Turkish goods for sale in terms of price and designs, and in the end you can select the most suitable products for your target market from the source of supply that gives you the highest price.
  2. The second way is to importing from Turkey via the Internet, which is a common thing through supplies and merchants, which are the most expensive, but care must be taken to buy from a high-rated company through trades, for example there are major commercial sites and wholesale stores in Turkey Which includes a number of Turkish companies expert in selling unlike Turkish wholesale clothing types online such as Turkish Export and Trade Key which has a large number of exporters from different parts of the world, including Turkey.
  3. The last method relies on appointing import traders from Turkey to bargain the products it needs with the required specifications, so that that company imports them. They are free of customs and thus achieve relief, but in return you will pay money for those services.

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