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Top  11 cement factories in turkey for best quality

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cement factories in turkey

Are you looking for best cement factories in turkey to deal with? Turkey is one of the largest industrialized countries in the world, which made the demand for Turkish products increasing in the recent period and one of these products that are very popular is cement and this is due to the great progress that Turkey has made in the field of cement manufacturing while maintaining the high quality of the product and now we will show you all Regarding the import of marble from Turkey, through the following lines …

cement manufacturer in turkey

Cement is one of the most important building materials, and it is a soft material packed in shapes characterized by softness, and possesses some properties of good adhesion and cohesion with some components when mixed with water, and is also characterized by its resistance to various natural environmental influences, and there is a difference between cement and concrete, as cement An integral part of concrete, it is the material that binds components of concrete together to make them suitable for construction uses.

Cement consists of two basic materials (clay and lime), which are placed together with each other in certain proportions, then crushed well by crushing machines, and after grinding them they pass through furnaces whose temperatures reach 1430 degrees Celsius, and then the factory reaches a substance named ( Clinker), and by adding some other materials and putting them again in crushing machines, they produce cement at that time, where it is packaged and sold in the markets to be used in the fields of construction and architecture. cement industry in turkey is an industrial product that cannot be dispensed with in all countries of the world, especially in large developed countries. .

(Turkey) is ranked fifth in the world in cement production in turkey, and the volume of Turkish production reaches sixty-four million tons, which made it jump five places from last year, where it was ranked tenth, so Turkey leads Europe in the production of cement, so Turkish cement production companies exceeded Its European counterparts in terms of production, sales and profits, according to the Union of Turkey Cement Manufacturers (TCMA). The increase in production also led to an increase in the volume of exports to more than one billion euros, and to more than 90 countries, ”including West African countries, which became a large market for these exports in the wake of the global financial crisis.

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cement production in turkey
cement production in turkey

Here are the largest and most successful cement and marble companies in Turkey

  1. Marplex ceramic, marble and building materials trading company
  2. Sahindlar Marble Company for the manufacture and export of cement and marble in Turkey
  3. Ahmed Surrn Company for the manufacture of marble in Turkey, a company that offers one of the best types of Turkish marble and building materials
  4. Namar Company for the manufacture and export of Turkish cement
  5. Tech Ermermer company for the manufacture of Turkish cement varieties
  6. Hayuruk Company for the manufacture of marble products and building materials in Turkey
  7. Al-Haddad Building Stones Company
  8. Akdo Company for the manufacture of marble and cement in Turkey

It is noteworthy that the cement production sector and white cement manufacturers in turkey in Turkey, which extends for a century, has achieved a growth rate of 15 per cent, to achieve a production capacity of 50 million tons in 2010, which makes the objectives of this industry in the future, is to achieve a growth rate between 6 and 8 per cent. According to the investments made in housing and infrastructure in Turkey

(Limak) company, which specializes in cement, is one of the largest companies specialized in this field in Turkey, through its cement factories in each of the following states: “Siirt, Diyarbakir, Gaziantep, anlıurfa, Betels and Mardin, Ankara, Belek Esir, Cerclareli and Istanbul.

Likewise, (Chemsa), which was founded in 1972, today the company owns five integrated factories in Mersin, Eskisehir, Kayseri and Nigda. These companies are the leaders in the field of manufacturing cement and building materials. Most of them were established more than 20 years ago, so they have a good reputation among other cement companies in Turkey, so you can deal with these companies safely.

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cement suppliers in turkey

Alimoglu company’s exhibition in Istanbul is a gallery and office, it considers turkish cement market for sale that has been opened in the Sisli area. This exhibition allows you to view all types of cement and the latest marble collections and examine them if you wish. This exhibition is located in the Sisli area of Ortaklar Street in an area of 250 square meters.

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cement price in turkey

As for the price of Turkish cement, it is almost stable, ranging between $ 42 to $ 45 per ton. In your hands now, everything related to importing cement from Turkey, starting from how it is imported to its types and prices, the producing partners and also its exhibitions, do not hesitate now in the decision to import from Turkey and at the beginning of your project and take the first step safely.

Import cement from Turkey

Turkey comes in fifth place, in fifth place, the production of sixty production, four production, and Turkish cement production produced exceeded.  Its European counterparts in terms of production, sales and profits, for the Union of Countries of the Cement Union in Turkey (TCMA).  It has also become a parameter in production also to increase the volume of exports to exports to world exports.

There are many factories for the cement industry in Turkey of all kinds and also building materials of all kinds Turkish cement industry, so you must know the whereabouts of cement factories in Turkey cement factories in Turkey, especially if you want to do a successful project such as importing cement from Turkey.

In order to start your personal project, you need to know the most important cement factories in Turkey for the cement industry in Turkey, we will mention for you the addresses of the most important factories:

1_CABI factory Turkey:

It is a special factory for the production of building materials of all kinds, such as cement of all kinds, such as earth cement, white cement, low-temperature cement, sulfate-resistant cement, and high-alumina cement, that is, it specializes in producing all types of Turkish cement along with many other building materials types of cement, and the exhibition is organized in the period from 14 To January 17 of every year in Istanbul, Turkey.

 2_Emaar Group:

Emaar Turkey Group for Investment, Contracting, Medical Tourism, Import and Export enjoys a prominent position among the contracting companies in Turkey, as it has extensive knowledge in the field of construction and engineering of all kinds, including civil engineering, and it is a distinguished factory in all its fields, and its place is in Izmir.

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Cement import companies

There are many cement imports companies that will help you in the import process with ease importing from Turkey, the most famous of which are:

  • EMAAR GRUP, a cement export company in Turkey.
  • Onpo white gypsum manufacturer in turkey.
  • Bakircilarmadencilik Company for the manufacture of construction sand and gravel beside Turkish white cement and exported to Turkey.
  • Kumlama Company for the manufacture of building supplies of all kinds in Turkey.
  • Bilimselteknik manufacturer of aluminum alloys for construction and cement in Turkey.
  • Bartincimento, a manufacturer of all kinds of cement products in Turkey.
  • Akcansa Company for the manufacture of earth products such as cement and gypsum in Turkey.
  • Cimsa is one of the most famous cement companies in Turkey for the manufacture of cement types with the finest raw materials in Turkey.
  • Kemerli Company for the manufacture of iron and cement machinery and products in Turkey.
  • Meka Company for the manufacture of cement machines in Turkey.
Cement import companies
Cement import companies

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Cement producers in Turkey

Cement is one of the most important building materials, and it is part of the concrete mixture, and it is a fine-grained white cement.

Turkish black cement, at different prices and sizes, and it has several areas for use in the field of construction and major constructions Turkish cement prices, it plays an important role in construction and is considered essential for a contractor or company specialized in the field of construction,

And it has some good cohesion properties with some ingredients when mixed with water, it is also distinguished by its resistance to various natural environmental influences.

How cement is made and what are the most important components of cement:

Cement consists of two basic materials (clay and lime). The two materials are mixed in certain proportions, And crushed them in crushing machines, and then passed them in furnaces where temperatures reach 1430 degrees Celsius, So that the factory finally obtains clinker, and by adding some materials and re-grinding it in crushing machines, We get cement, then it is packed, and sold in the market for use in construction fields cement wholesale prices, Turkey is made thousands of tons of cement and exported cement to many countries such as: Syria, Iraq , Palestine

, Kuwait, the Emirates, and some European countries. The cement production sector in Turkey is one of the basics

In the development and progress of its economy it has achieved remarkable growth, according to the investments Which is done in the field of housing and infrastructure in Turkey cement factories in Turkey.

White cement manufacturing companies Turkey:


The factory, AGREBET ENGINEERING, is wholesaler Turkish cement manufacturers, founded in 2017, and operates in the specialty sector.

It also operates in the cinder and cement sectors, and it is based in Istanbul, Turkey.


The factory RENTASGROUP, is the distributor, was established in 2009, and operates in the cement and additives sector.

It operates in the sectors of: cement, steel and iron, based in Eregli / zonguldak, Turkey.


The factory CRC ROTA IMPORT & EXPORT COMMERCE CO., LTD., Is a Multi-Category, founded in 2014.

It operates in the cement and mortar additives sector.  It also works in the cement sectors of marble bathroom roofs, It is based in Izmir, Turkey.


Factory FEROKS DIS TICARET LTD., Is a wholesaler buy cement in bulk, established in 2006, and operates in the cement sector and additives.  It also operates in cement sectors, agents and representatives for chemical products, based in Istanbul, Turkey.


Oyak Cement Joint Stock Company is one of the leading companies in the production capacity and in the cement industry sector in Turkey best cement.  Oyak Cement operates six factories and is active in marketing activities in seven geographic regions.

Oyak Cement Joint Stock Company: continues its activities with steady steps towards its goal of gaining leadership in the local market, and contributing to the development of the cement sector in line with the company’s productive and innovative principles, which guarantee the derivation of profits.

Oyak Cement Company acquires 15% of the cement capacity manufactured in Turkey, by manufacturing it for an annual total amount of 11.3 million tons of clinker, distributed among its six factories.  Oyak owns 16% of the total cement market in Turkey, with its production of 21.6 million tons of cement.

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