Turkish pistachios bulk

Turkish pistachios bulk.. 9 important Information

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Turkish pistachios bulk

Turkey is famous for the cultivation of pistachios in large quantities, and the Antep region in Turkey is one of the most famous places to visit pistachios, Turkish pistachios bulk is what we will talk about through the importing house platform.

Turkish Antep pistachios bulk

  1. Pistachio Types

Pistachio varieties, which have a very important place in the export of our country and that we sell within our company, have richer protein values ​​than red meat. Pistachio is a type of nut belonging to the tree family. Pistachio varieties sold and used in dessert and snack food. This nut, which is also used in cough syrup in the pharmacy sector, is very rich in protein.

  1. Benefits of Pistachio

Pistachio varieties richer in iron, potassium, calories, chromium, fat and phosphorus than beef can be found on our website in the freshest form. Antep pistachio, which turns out to be 11 times richer in terms of vitamin B1 compared to beef, also has many health benefits. When pistachio varieties are investigated in terms of nutritional values, it is seen that many enzymes that are necessary for the protection of human health have emerged. It is recommended to consume a handful of pistachios during the day to protect the health of the skin, hair, eyes, mouth, nervous system and liver.

  1. Nutritional Value of Pistachio

Why are Turkish pistachios so expensive? Content abundant protein in the host, as well as B1, B2, C and E vitamins.


Including Turkish pistachios bulk varieties the company delivered four corners of Turkey was established through the website by. Their products, which they obtained from GaziAntep, one of the starting cities of pistachio, preserve their freshness. Pistachio varieties they offer you have different nutritional values ​​and help your natural nutrition in terms of protecting your health. Among the varieties of Pistachio they offer to you through the website; there are alternatives such as red pistachio kernels, under tree pistachios, classic pistachios and gourmet pistachios.

In order to be able to purchase these varieties of cheapest pistachios bulk that contain different nutritional values, you need to become a subscription to our website. Their products, which maintain the same freshness in terms of variety, are delivered to you as soon as possible and packaged ready for consumption. The taste of their pistachios is delivered to you with the freshness of the first day and our company continues to work diligently in this regard.

Why are Turkish pistachios so expensive
Why are Turkish pistachios so expensive
  1. Order Pistachio

In order to order pistachios with the pistachio online sales site established by ŞEKEROĞLU Company, it is sufficient to open a membership and then order the product you want by choosing according to its weight. Although reliable payment methods are used on the website, they ship within 3 business days for every order received. In terms of their products to provide fresh pistachio delivery to all parts of Turkey are carefully packaged and the shipping company are delivered. You can visit their website for pistachio varieties and get information about the products.

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Turkish pistachios for sale

  1. Antep Local Product Types

Gaziantep is a city famous for its local products and they sell products produced in this region online on the site. There are varieties of pistachios on the site and they supply them to their customers in all seasons of the year. Since they include many different products on the site, in Antep regional products category, you can find and buy Antep breakfast varieties that you cannot find elsewhere. As Sekerogullari spices, they offer their sales services on online site in order to better serve their customers.

  1. Antep Sweet Products

Antep region is famous for its confectionery and sweet products as well as hot spice products. You can find quality products among Antep local confectionery products and you can buy them by examining the products on the site. Confectionery product types are as follows:

  • Turkish Delight
  • Pistachio Butter
  • Walnut sausage
  • Grape pest
  • Pistachio Amulet
  • Cezerye with pistachio

These products are catering products and you can buy them from the site as a gift to your loved ones and consume them safely at home with your family. Molasses and halva products are products that can be used for breakfast.

Turkish pistachios wholesale
Turkish pistachios wholesale
  1. Organic Antep Products

ŞEKEROĞLU Company attaches importance to human health, and Antep paste varieties created from local products and natural sour sauces are among the products you can buy on the site. Natural products specific to Gaziantep region attract attention all over Turkey and people want to buy and use these products. Since they provide safe service online, you can buy the best quality organic products packaged in accordance with health condition Fresh and New Crop Antep Products

  • Sekerogluonline site

Is a shopping site that can be accessed uninterruptedly and continuously updates and increases its product range. It provides the most reliable shopping for all users. They deliver healthy local products by special packaging according to health conditions. All of their services are offered in accordance with quality standards and the company provides safe service in the sector with the necessary security certificates. You can buy and consume the products we sell with peace of mind. Our Antep local products are products grown in Antep region and prepared by producers.

  1. Secure shopping

It is important to provide secure service in online transactions. ŞEKEROĞLU Company enables their users to create memberships and purchase the products they want through their membership accounts as much as they want. By selecting the product on the product page on their online shopping site, the product-related features can be learned. With their secure payment options, they enable you to pay for the products you want to buy without any problems. When your orders are approved, they ensure that they are delivered to your address by cargo.

Turkish pistachios online
Turkish pistachios online

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Pistachio price in Turkey

As of December 16, 2020, the cheapest Pistachio price among 1.623 models was 3.20 TL, while the highest Pistachio price was 4.816 TL. Average Peanut price is 151 TL.

  1. Pistachio price: You can buy according to your budget:
  • 452 Peanuts up to 50 TL,
  • 763 Peanuts between 50 TL and 150 TL,
  • There are 438 peanuts for 150 TL and above.

Among the 10 pistachio cheap and cheapest Peanuts, there are 6 Tadım, 3 Peyman and 1 Çerezya. Among the 10 most expensive pistachios are 4 Ingro, 2 Maraş Gourmet, 1 Şekeroğlu, 1 Tadım, 1 Silk and 1 Dilek.

The 5 different Peanuts most purchased by shoppers:

  • Pistachio 1 Kg
  • Dilek Dried Nuts with Roasted Shell 1000 gr – 1 kg
  • Siirt Pistachio
  • Siirt Pistachio 1 Kg
  • İpek Mill Luxury Nuts Snack Pistachio Shelled 1 KG

Shoppers mostly filter Peanuts by:

  • Antep and Siirt
  • Roasted and Antep
  • Roasted and Siirt
  • Shellfish and Antep
  • Antep and Siirt and Roasted

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Pistachio suppliers in Turkey


Kilig Gıda is a family company founded on the agricultural experiences of the past generations and the corporate experiences of the current generation. Kilig Gıda’s importing from Turkey head office is in Istanbul, the family continues its activities in Aydın / Nazilli, which is known for its fertile agricultural land, and famous for its production of figs, olives and dried fruit. They are a professional and reliable exporter and supplier company that still deals with farming, cares about healthy nutrition.

With the experience gained from a life in the land with agricultural activities, the family with an agricultural background searches for the best quality products of Turkey and confirms their quality by establishing strong relationships with producers. However, they still strive for quality & control, repeatedly checking the products to make sure that every product is delivered as it should.m Many products with their reliable partners in producing the best dried fruits & nuts grown in Turkey they offer a single hand.

This ensures that you only need to contact them to supply many products. They do their best for a smooth and solid supply by working in coordination with professionals and customers before and after sales, from the production of the products to their delivery to your address. They are the best place to import nuts from Turkey, they are pleased to see you in the professional, cheerful and healthy world of Kilig Gıda. Products: Dried Fruits – Dried Figs – Dried Apricots – Dried Grapes – Dried Mulberry Dried Nuts – Hazelnut – Antep Pistachio.

Turkish pistachios wholesale


We are a company that has been operating in the dried nuts sector since 2000 with its storage and processing facility, and our product range offers all ground peanut products to you with its unique fragrance so you can import from Turkey. All of our product range is for grooming-double-numbered-rice-ground peanut flour-roasted peanut peanuts belong to all classes. White and black sunflower seeds are roasted and fresh and raw as the kernel. Other glass pistachio-almond-roasted chickpea-dried grape-nut grape-apricot-malatya apricot-walnut shelled with walnut-hazelnut-plain hazelnut-roasted hazelnut-pumpkin seeds are available in raw and roasted salted roasted.

  • OZERSAN FOOD pistachio exporters

Muharrem OZER has been active in automotive and dry food sectors since 1976. In 2015, OZERSAN AUTOMOTIVE and in 2018, OZERSAN FOOD established a dynamic and entrepreneurial team. Reflecting his experience to his young team, their founder has directed a product that is easily accessible and controllable in the region and established a system that can carefully monitor every stage of production for quality and customer satisfaction.

  • Tadım pistachio company

Tadım has a production principle, infrastructure and service quality that delivers all its products from the branch to the end consumer with all their freshness and naturalness. For this reason, even the farmers from whom the product purchases are made are selected after a detailed screening and evaluation process among those who offer the best product standards and quality.

Nuts grown by farmers all year round with care, care and effort are subjected to extensive tests and analyzes according to Tadım’s quality standards. Products that are decided to meet with the consumer as the final product are sent to Tadım production facilities for packaging. In this article we produce you a lot of information about Turkish pistachios bulk.


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