bag shops in Istanbul

Bag shops in Istanbul the best of the best

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bag shops in Istanbul

Turkey  has the best one  and largest bag shops in Istanbul  who provide merchant bags in Istanbul  at the best price bags in Istanbul  and others.

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Best bag shops in Istanbul

Istanbul  is one of the most beautiful tourist cities in Turkey , which became famous so much that it became the most important destination preferred by many tourists all over the world. It is famous for bag store Istanbul  the best around the world.

This market provides a great range of different goods at the cheapest prices, as well as the presence of many From the shops and malls, and we get to know this market through the following article:

Grand Bazaar:

 which is famous for its covered market, the Covered Market is located in Istanbul , in particular, between the Lale Lale and Beyazıt regions, and they are one of the vital areas due to their proximity to a large number of attractions in Istanbul

Everything you can think of is sold in the Grand Bazaar, including clothing, markets, jewelry, and leather goods from counterfeit brands, and you will find unique bags from Turkey .

About 300 thousand visitors flock to the covered market every day. This market includes many distinctive stores , Next to the stalls that are located in about 60 side streets import in Turkey .

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Osman Bey Market, importing bags from Turkey :

One of the most famous markets in Istanbul , located near the famous Taksim Square, it is sold in Osmanbey Market The most famous Turkish  brands and brands best fake bags in Turkey  in the world, and famous Turkish  brands for bags Which made it a destination for visitors coming to Istanbul . Visitors intended it specifically for e Get imitation clothes, shoes and leather goods from international brands at reasonable prices.The best selling places for bags in Turkey .

Cevahir Mall Istanbul :

 To display the products of the imitation factories in Turkey  One of the most important malls in the Istanbul  Outlet for brands, the first destination of the market, of course, is for women to buy high-quality imitation leather clothes and bags at an affordable price. The times to enter the bazaar every day of the week are from eight in the morning until seven in the evening.

On Sundays only, the market opens its doors from nine thirty in the evening until seven in the evening, and is closed on all religious occasions.

The Grand Bazaar (Covered Market):

The Covered Market is located in Istanbul  for the tradition of the best first-class bags brands in Turkey , specifically between the Lali and Beyazit regions, and this area is one of the vital areas because of its proximity to a large number of tourist attractions in Istanbul . The Grand Bazaar, as it is known to many of its visitors, is one of the best imitation markets in Istanbul , Turkey , so when you buy a fake product from there, you will think that it is the original brand.


Bag factory in Istanbul

Avrupa Canta:

After 9 years in the promotional products and gifts industry, it has focused all its energy on producing and selling promotional bags. Its solution partnership continues with wholesalers of promotional products and advertising agencies from all sectors on wholesale bags in Turkey .

A specialist in backpacks and carry-on bags maintains a presence in this sector by producing bean bags.By providing difference and convenience in the promotional bags sector, it enables its customers to purchase logo printed bags in low quantities and for this, it maintains the best sales.

Jenschler Bag Company:

 Gunschler Bag Turkey  is one of the most important companies that lead the industry in the manufacture of bags and cloth bags since 1985. It has produced Turkey  bags in bulk for many local and international companies and wholesale from Turkey  and it can be buy bags online.

It aims to further improve its products and service quality to meet customer requirements and expectations at the highest level to create an emotional bond with its customers through strong communication and to ensure customer loyalty, increase the number of its customers at home and abroad and to make their business partners work peacefully from beginning to end to become a unique company with its competitiveness and service .

 In order to increase the company’s effectiveness and efficiency in the national and international market in order to make this vision permanent from generation to generation without breaking the identity of the company that produces the most beautiful Turkish  women’s bags is constantly working to improve its own methods in its field of expertise.


 ARDA manufactures and manufactures waterproof promotional bag for women, faux leather, canvas, gardin, non-woven.

It exports its products buy bags wholesale to the countries of the Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy, Greece, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, and Turkmenistan. Here is the link for them here.

Modern Machine Park:

The company uses a modern machine bags manufacturers brand from Turkey  with the help of technically advanced machines The processing speed is offered to you more actively, thanks to high-quality production in a short time you can reach the models you want, in addition to that each bag model produced for you is presented in the range Security.

The company is one of the pioneers in this sector with its vision in producing all models of bags.

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Bags brands in Istanbul


 Under the slogan (Good shoes for all), the best Polaris offers its products of various shoes for adults and children with different tastes, requirements and financial condition.

These import bags from Turkey  and products are spread in more than 43 countries outside Turkey  within the branches of the (Flo) chain, the most famous Turkish  brand that sells shoes.


one of the most prominent Turkish  brands in Turkey , which is specialized in shoes and bags for women and men. She has a wide selection between sports and dress shoes in various designs and colors import from Turkey .

It is one of the best suitable for various occasions, work and various social activities.


 the most important and popular brand shopping bags wholesale in the world of leather products. Dairy Mode is a company that only sells leather shoes, bags, coats, belts

and other leather accessories. It is distinguished by its use of high quality genuine leather materials and bags supplier at competitive prices compared to the rest of the world.


 The Trendyol brand is considered one of the modern Turkish  brands as it produces many products, the most important of which are women’s clothes of all kinds. Besides, it recently produced a group of the most beautiful Turkish  bags, as well as producing leather shoes that are distinguished by the splendor and uniqueness of their designs, as many fashion and modern lovers buy them.

best fake bags in Turkey
best fake bags in Turkey


Nine West is famous bag shops in istanbul for its many fashion products, as it produces women’s bags, which are distinguished in this season in Turkey  and focus on producing small elegant handbags that are suitable for attending parties and events.


The Czech brand is one of the new Turkish  brands that focus on a distinctive style of producing bags, as it mixes cloth, stones and embroidery as factors that make its products distinctive and unique, as its products are accepted by the segment of young women


This brand is famous for a number of different Turkish  products, the most important of which are clothes and bags, as this Turkish  brand keeps pace with fashion, and every season new models come out in attractive colors and you have some pictures from the spring and summer season of this year.


 This brand produces the best Turkish  bags, as it is distinguished by its durability and attractive models that keep pace with modern women with their warm earthy colors. In the spring and summer season, this brand launched a collection of bags decorated with flowers and roses in attractive and beautiful colors.


It is one of the modern Turkish  brands that produce distinctive assortments of the most beautiful Turkish  bags. Here are some models of this brand and Turkey  wholesale sites .


The Wye London brand produces different products such as clothes and bags are considered part of its distinctive products as its collections are functional and youthful. Besides, it is distinguished by its relatively cheap prices compared to the above-mentioned brands.

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Price of bags in Turkey

It is known that Turkish  industries are one of the leading industries at this time, including the production of Turkish  bags and bags known for their high quality and the diversity of their brands that satisfy everyone, Turkey  shone in producing the best and finest Turkish  bags, as the leather industry is one of the most important national industries in Turkey , Where there are many factories to produce the best Turkish  women bags, it can be bought wholesale bags online.

The prices of the regular bags range from 41.62 to 50.23 Turkish

The prices of leather bags are 68.16 -75.34 Turkish The container price is determined from Turkey  Depending on the type and weight of the shipments required, but in general shipping rates are the following:

The shipping price for packages and goods over 31 kg is US $ 5 per kilo.

The price of shipping the container from Turkey to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is 1200 USD.

The prices of these containers are always average, and they are the same as shipping clothes from Turkey .

Where the AfterShip Package Tracker application is one of the best shipment tracking applications that enables you to track all your shipments easily, it supports more than 370 shipping companies around the world including DHL and FedEX and many more besides the ability to track a shipment from Turkey  to Saudi Arabia with Provide the feature of copying and pasting your shipment tracking numbers easily.

At the end of the topic, we presented to you through the above the best bag shops in Istanbul, in addition to the best bags and bags in Istanbul , in addition to displaying the prices of bags in Turkey  and thus we have finished our article and we hope that we have helped you.


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