handbags suppliers in Turkey

Handbags suppliers in Turkey from most famous

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in handbags suppliers in Turkey; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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handbags suppliers in Turkey

Turkey is one of the countries famous for manufacturing fashion, so you can make the designs you want in Turkish factories, and you can also buy the best bags from handbags suppliers in Turkey. In this article, we present to you, through the importing house platform, the most famous Turkish supplier.

Handbag manufacturers in Turkey

What distinguishes handbag merchants and manufacturers in Turkey is that they provide special bags manufacturing services for your brand, all you have to do is communicate with them and agree on the design you want.


As Ayaz Çanta, they produce promotional bags. You can find bags suitable for your company in Ayaz Çanta for Turkey handbags online, which is one of the leading companies in the bag industry. The promotional product you will gift to your customers should be both useful and long-lasting.

At this point, choosing bags as a promotion will enable your brand to reach a wider audience. Bag production has gained momentum in the last 5 years thanks to the innovations they have brought to the sector.

By following the technological developments closely, in grand bazaar Istanbul handbags they provided the opportunity to produce quality promotional bags at low cost. For this reason, Ayaz Çanta has a strong position among bag manufacturers.


In Turkey, leather shoes, leather belts, leather bags, leather slippers, they are the manufacture of leather wallets and cards. Their production area is extremely wide. They can make all kinds of custom made leather goods. Their belts are made of buffalo leather and are extremely durable products. Their shoes are made of buffalo leather. supplier to many famous brands in Turkey. They would like to work with you too. They have time to remove 500,000 belts in 40 days. They produce quality products quickly. You can always contact us. They are one of the leading institutions in the Turkey skin.


Promosyon bag manufacturing, your choice for making bulk leather handbags and promotional bags is promotional bag manufacturer and printed promotional bag manufacturer, activities for your needs, promotional bag company, advertising bag production, promotional bag workshop and the best promotional bag prices The best service concept you can find in Promotional Bag.

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Handbags wholesale in Turkey

Through bags factories and companies in Turkey, you can make the best deals that suit your budget to start your project with ease and trade in high-quality products and bags.

Handbags wholesale in Turkey
Handbags wholesale in Turkey

Established in 2010 as a workshop originally in the world’s largest leather handbags from Turkey and leather goods manufacturing center in Guang Zhou, South China, BagGo BinGo is an experienced custom bag manufacturer specializing in the production of bags of a wide variety of types and styles.

With over ten years of experience in handbag design and custom bag manufacturing, BagGo BinGo Bags is proud to offer a one-stop solution for custom bag production lines. Distinguished by the combination of simplicity, luxury and sophistication with extremely special charisma, BagGo BinGo’s leather bag and wallet creation is always designed perfectly and specifically, thus exceeding the expectations of its customers. Flexible minimum order quantity, acceptance of small quantities of handbags wholesale, short return times, superior quality, personalized service and reasonable prices make BagGo BinGo a reputable and famous production brand in the custom made bags industry.


Arda Çanta manufactures and exports promotional bags. They manufacture and export school bags, briefcases, travel bags, beach bags, waist bags, laptop bags, temo bags, transparent bags, make-up bags, backpacks. They produce their wholesale promotional bags with impertex waterproof fabrics. They use serigraphy, transfer, sublimation, embroidery, embossing printing types on bags. They export to many countries such as Germany, Italy, France, Netherlands, azerbaijan. With their high production capacity, they deliver the desired pieces at the desired times with quality and reasonable price guarantee. So they are best handbags suppliers in turkey.

Thanks to their workmanship quality in the production of cheap handbags and bags for sale, they continue to produce bags for many grocery groups, cosmetic companies, stationery and Bjk stores. They bear the honor and pride of being able to give reference to being a supplier of bags in many Turkish and international companies such as shell, mobile, İşbank, coca cola, sugar chick etc in Turkey and abroad with their 26 years of work experience.

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Handbag shops in Turkey

Handbag shops in Turkey
Handbag shops in Turkey

In addition to using their bags to carry things, women also see them as an accessory to complement their style. Therefore, it is extremely important to make the right choices among the best bag brands for women. So what do you think are the features that make a good brand? We can guess that you are considering functionality, ease of use, maintenance features and of course price when answering this question.

We also wanted to compile the best bag brands according to your criteria and give you an idea about where you can use bag models according to the styles of the brands. In line with their suggestions, you can examine the most popular and most preferred bag brands and choose the ones that suit your taste. If you wish, let’s evaluate together which are the best bag brands without further ado.

  1. Calvin Klein Bag

Fashion designer Calvin Klein and his partner Barry K. Schwartz, who gave the brand its name, are Calvin Klein Inc. offers its customers to import bags from Turkey jewelry, lifestyle, watches, perfumes and clothing in addition to bags. Founded in 1968, the company continues to produce designs that will reinforce its luxury women’s handbag perception. Calvin Klein bags, one of the bag choices of many famous names, have products in different categories from backpacks to crossbody bags, from shoulder bags to clutches. We would not be wrong if we claim that this is a move aimed at responding to the bag needs of women almost every moment.

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Price of handbags in Turkey

We think that the place of bags in women’s lives is again understood by the best women. Because a bag doesn’t just serve as a bag. It is possible to define the bag as an accessory that completes the combination, a stylish object that saves the day, a solution that makes it possible to keep all items together, and sometimes even more. If you are one of those who attach great importance to bag selection for such reasons, then their list of the best bag brands is for you! So do not decide to buy bags without checking the best bag brands we have listed for you in alphabetical order. Here are the most popular bag brands and their general features.

  1. David Jones Bag

Another member of their list of the best Turkey market handbags and bag brands is the David Jones brand. Considering the price / performance balance, we can say that David Jones, which gives quite satisfactory results, conquers the hearts of women, especially with its wide product range. Because it is possible to come across bag models for many different styles, from classic to sports, from functional to minimal, among the brand’s products.

Undoubtedly, the reason why David Jones is preferred so much is that it is a slightly more affordable brand. Therefore, we can say that David Jones bag models will be the ideal choice for those looking for comfortable bags at affordable prices without compromising their elegance. In addition, it would not be wrong to argue that the brand’s products target almost every age group.

  1. Guess Bag

Of course, a list of the best bag brands could not be the choice of those who like to combine elegance with a sporty look, without the Guess brand. Guess bags, which stand out with their designs that integrate with the iconic emblem and make sure that those who see the brand recognize the brand, contain many items that urban women need. It is also worth noting that these brand bag models, which can be considered as a good option for those looking for both a decorative appearance and comfort, do not go beyond the concept of luxury.

On the other hand, it will not be difficult to guess that the counterfeits of such a preferred and popular bag brand have been produced. In order to prevent product counterfeiting, which can be defined as both labor theft and fraud, it becomes important to distinguish between fake and real Guess bags.To learn how to distinguish Guess brand bags from fakes, How to Tell If the Guess Bag is Original? You can browse their content titled.

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esigner handbags from Turkey

esigner handbags from Turkey
esigner handbags from Turkey
  1. Kipling Bag

The Kipling brand, which was established in Belgium in 1987, is one of the best selling bag brands in Turkey. In this case, the role of the brand, of course, having highly functional bag models. In addition, its durability and hence longevity lead us to rank Kipling among the best bag brands. Kipling bags, which are one of the first choices of especially those who have a sporty style of clothing, are extremely suitable for daily use. With its crumpled fabric appearance and monkey mascot zippers, Kipling bags highlight the brand at first sight, and you can easily use it on walks, meeting friends and traveling.

  1. Michael Kors Bag

Michael Kors, one of the most popular women’s handbags brands to import from Turkey that produces the most favorite bags in many parts of the world as well as in Turkey. As a bag brand preferred by celebrities, we can definitely argue that Michael Kors is enough to attract those who care about the elegance of elegant-looking bag models. The logo consisting of the initials of the brand, on the other hand, is enough to change the mood of even the simplest designed Michael Kors bag. Therefore, we recommend that those who want to gather all eyes on the environment they enter, prefer the Michael Kors bag models.

  1. Pierre Cardin Bag

Pierre Cardin best handbags brands, bearing traces of the French fashion designer Pierre Cardin’s perspective on the world, are among the most preferred by women who see the bag as an elegant accessory. Impressing with its design and texture, Pierre Cardin bags are generally an ideal option for dinners, invitations and business life.

With wholesale markets in Turkey you can buy the best products, and in a easy way reach to best handbags suppliers in turkey.

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