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bag manufacturers Istanbul

Do you want to start your business in selling Turkish bags and want to communicate with bag manufacturers Istanbul in Turkey to import from them and sell in your store? In this article, the importing – house platform can help you in the import process, and provide you with a list of the best Turkish factories.


Bag factory Istanbul

We will start with school bags, and in this paragraph, you can learn about the most famous factories that sell school bags at the wholesale price:

Akgul plant:

Its goal is always to provide a high quality product at the best price. Its bags, which it designed for kindergarten, elementary, middle and high school groups, are made of carcinogen-free fabric in the bags workshops in Adana, and the bags’ prices are reasonable in Turkey, and the registered trademark for its products is “Woys” . And Woys label products are offered for sale to their customers after quality control.

What should I consider when buying a school bag?

– The school bag should be suitable for the age and height of the child such as leather bag Istanbul

– The thicker shoulder straps provide ease of portability.

– The back pad should be thick.

– The material in the bag should not be more than 10% -15% for the student.

– It must be made of non-carcinogenic.

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Bag store Istanbul

It is known that Turkish industries are the most pioneering industries at this time, including Turkish bags that are famous for their high quality and diversity that satisfies everyone, from factories to produce the best Turkish women’s bags and school bags, but the question that arises, where to buy bag Istanbul ? But we will show you the best sites for famous Turkish brands, namely:

TRENDYOLMILLLA is the most famous brand of bags in Turkey.







– Importing leather bags in Istanbul     

Importing from Turkey is undoubtedly a profitable business, but for those who know well how to choose the products that are compatible with the local market and know how to obtain them from the Turkey wholesale market with appropriate specifications and at the best prices, and in this way, the sale is guaranteed with a higher profit margin and the bag trade is considered one of the best business ideas in the world, but before Starting to enter this field, you must learn a set of important and necessary steps, which are as follows: –

Study local markets

If you want to import bags from Turkey in the right way that makes it profitable, then you first need to study the local markets to find out exactly what you need from Turkish branded bags products.

Establish an import and export company

Importing from Turkey or from anywhere in the world requires a license for an import and export company in order for all import operations to take place legally and facilitate their clearance from the ports by paying customs duties, and from here you can find the necessary documents to license an import and export company for bulk bags from Turkey.

– Where to buy wholesale bags in Turkey?

The handbags industry in Turkey is spread on a large scale, and the factories specializing in their production work with great craftsmanship in these areas, so expert hands produce the most beautiful assortments of women’s bags in various colors and designs to satisfy different tastes and all segments of society, and in this paragraph we get to know some factories specialized in designing and selling Women’s bags: – HAKSEVER factory: to trade bags from Turkey with modern models and designs at the most suitable wholesale prices and to various countries of the world. It also offers the most wonderful natural and metallic leather bags or the best types of synthetic leather resistant to different climatic factors. The headquarters of this factory is in Istanbul.

wholesale bags in Turkey
wholesale bags in Turkey


It is a factory producing cheap and moderate handbags, wholesale women handbags, branded and sport bags, leather school bags and travel bags for more details about handbags in Turkey. UNVERS LEATHER ISTNBUL DIS TICARET is a manufacturer of leather bags with international specifications, which exports its manufacture to European countries and the United States of America, fully prepared to meet various requests.

To find the best factories that produce leather bags with the highest specifications and the best international designs, you can visit the handbags exhibition and learn about their production if you want to work in importing bags, from these factories:

SÖNMEZ ÇANTA & EV TEKSTIL for the production of bags with different uses, sturdy, fashionable and durable. Wholesale Turkish bags export to various countries of the world.

AYAZ PROMOSYON ÇANTA operates in the field of business bags, promotional travel bags, wallets and computer kiosks, and is based in Istanbul / Turkey.

ANTA PROMOSYON company for those who wishing to import from Turkey, this company has a different production of women bags for different occasions and it is based in Istanbul / Turkey.

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Leather bag manufacturer Istanbul

The manufacture of handbags is one of the popular industries in Turkey, as it is considered one of the sources of the economy and its growth. Many raw materials of polyester and artificial or natural leather are used in their manufacture. Industrial handbags are among the popular projects for the beauty of Turkish bags brands that produced by the factories, as it offers the best Turkish handbags brands and collections. Stylish lady can wear on your daily outings or evening out, as you will have multi-functional bags.

Turkish bags are soft to the touch and waterproof, which are carried in the hand or on the shoulder and side pockets and can be used for short trips at competitive prices. Multiple colors can be requested at the sectoral price or buy wholesale Turkish bags from the bag market in Istanbul or from the same manufacturing sources, lightweight fabric Comfortable and practical, made of waterproof women’s sports canvas produced by bags vendors in Turkey, and you can buy the most amazing women’s bags from Turkey with modern specifications in various stores as souvenirs or for personal use by visiting one of the factories that produce them or visiting stores specialized in selling women’s bags that have the best and most wonderful groups.

Istanbul bag market

Istanbul is characterized by the presence of a group of the most famous and most important markets that offer its customers women bags in Turkey, and their requests, and the contents of the markets are not limited to local products but also include international brands, as there are factories and markets that are interested in imitating international brands and offering them at low prices and with high quality, where you can visit the most famous Markets in Turkey and buying the most beautiful Turkish women’s bags.

Where is the bags wholesale market in Turkey?

.Istanbul market

The market contains many shops, about 140 stores, a variety of clothes, shoes, and the largest brands of Turkish bags, in addition to dairy, cutting machines, spices, herbs and many more, in addition to gift and accessories stores that design a mixture of Turkish culture, ancient and modern Ottoman culture.

Arasta market

It is one of the largest bag manufacturers istanbul and markets for importing women’s handbags from Turkey by hand, which contains many famous tourist places, as inside these markets are the best stores that sell handbags with the best quality, as they are one of the most beautiful bags in Istanbul in addition to the presence of monuments and some mosques Museums and historical markets as well as restaurants, parks and the market It is a narrow alley full of lovely shops selling things like traditional gift carpets, rugs and tourist things to remember.

 In short, it can be said that Istanbul has more than 200 amazing markets for importing branded bags in Istanbul and Istanbul markets provide you with a wide range of good products at cheap prices, and you can simply import bags from Turkey, and there are also many sites through which you can deal with The best suppliers of leather bags and as for the prices of women’s bags in Turkey, they are estimated according to the brand and manufacturer and according to the quality and origin. You can go to it either to travel and reserve the quantity for purchase or online.


– How to import from turkey?

Here are the best buying experiences in Turkey, which show you the best import methods in Turkey, and what suits importers.

– Traveling to Turkey

Traveling to this country is the ideal option, as you can visit the largest number of companies, factories and markets, thus you have the ability to closely examine the products, and thus you can make comparisons between different products in terms of prices, designs and quality levels, and in the end you can choose the most suitable products for the market The target of the source of the supply that offers you the best goods to import bags from Turkey and the most famous women’s bags in Turkey.

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– Import from Turkey via the Internet

Since bags bulk shopping in Turkey is done via the Internet, you must be careful to buy from a company with high ratings from buyers and you can also benefit from the services of the customs agent. This method depends heavily on assigning the company imported from Turkey, which provides the products you need while adhering to all specifications. Required, so that you can do the import as well as customs clearance, thus achieving convenience, but in return you will pay a lot of money for these services and the amounts paid are a percentage of the total price.

– Here are the bags prices

There is no specific price for handbags in Turkey, whether in the handbags market or in other stores and markets, the cheapest prices can be found in the market for “one lira”, travel bags and women’s sports bags in a variety of uses and at the most appropriate price. A large number of bags can be carried and bought in bulk for sale or distributed as a gift. There are also Turkish bags for sale that can be found for sale in factories specialized in the production of leather handbags, which distinguish them with quality, durability and modern designs at wholesale prices, and suit modern women in various occasions and all trips that they take for all levels and the sale price starts from 2.5 dollars.

In this article, we presented to you the most famous bag manufacturers Istanbul that sell excellent bags from Turkey, and we introduced you to the most important Turkish brands of bags.


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