almond price in Turkey

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almond price in Turkey

Turkey is one of the most important food processing countries. In addition to the fact that Istanbul is one of the capitals of gourmets in the world, the demand for Turkish food products has increased in the recent period. Among the most important of them are almonds, due to the high quality of these products So in Importing House platform we will show you  all  information about almond in Turkey and the best almond companies.

Almond prices

The astronomical increase in the prices of nuts in the last year, led Turks to shy away from consuming them, so buying almonds and pistachios became just a dream. People only bought chickpeas and sunflower seeds, while the merchant was in a very difficult situation

  • The Turkish people are running away from buying nuts due to their fictional high prices.
  • As the prices of nuts increased in the last year by 50-90%, as a result of low production and fluctuations in foreign currency.
  •  As a result of these price increases, Turkish people have moved away from consuming nuts
  • According to the Turkish newspaper, Bergon, the price of a kilo of pistachios produced in Turkey reached 170 Turkish liras. Almonds come in second place after pistachios in terms of price increases.
  •  And almond price in Turkey the price of a kilo of almonds reached 100 Turkish liras.
  • While the per capita consumption of nuts in Turkey was about 8.5-9 kilowatts, this consumption decreased due to the high prices.
  • People became more likely to buy chickpeas and sunflower seeds over the expensive products
  • According to data from the Turkish Association of All Nuts Makers and Businessmen, the price hike of last year’s event was in peanuts, as the price of peanuts increased by 90%, bringing the price per kilo to 19 pounds. As for imported nuts.
  • After their prices rose by 40% last year, they increased again in October by 10%. The price of walnuts increased to 80-90 liras, the price of peeled almonds to 90-110 liras, and the price of cashews to 100-110 liras.

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Almond prices
Almond prices

almond production in turkey

  • Almonds are one of the nuts very famous for their many imaginative benefits for the brain, heart and general health.
  • It is also known to have benefits in cosmetic and permanent youth, and it is one of the nuts that is loved by everyone
  • The difference in the climate in Turkey provides diversity in the production of many types of fruits, fruits and nuts, as winter can be seen in the east of the country and spring in the west at the same time. And the best place to buy raw almonds is Turkey

In this context, the state of Mugla, located in western Turkey, is famous for planting almond trees due to its warm nature, and the tree is called “dacha almonds” after the district in which it is grown in abundance.

  • Bulent Karakosh, head of the Mugla Chamber of Industry and Commerce, says that dacha almonds are one of the most popular types of almonds in the world.
  • Karagosh explained that the Dacha district produces about 150 tons of dry almonds annually.
  • Dacha mayor, Gursel Ugar, said that they have started harvesting the first fruits of the new season for dacha almonds.

Ujar pointed out that Dacha farmers are the ones who harvest almonds at the beginning of the season, due to the relatively high temperatures compared to the rest of Turkey.  He added that last February, farmers picked the first punishment fruits (green almonds).

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best place to buy raw almonds is Turkey
best place to buy raw almonds is Turkey
  • The almond fruit is characterized by its great benefits and the large nutritional amount it contains.
  • The oil extracted from it is used in cosmetic industries, as it contributes to lowering the level of cholesterol in the blood, and is a treatment for various diseases.
  • The height of the almond tree is approximately 3-4 meters, and it is considered one of the beautiful trees that catches the eye when it blooms.

 And its flowers bloom at the end of January to the beginning of April in countries north of the equator, and its flowers produce fragrant and five petals, and some of its leaves are light pink and others Its leaves are white.

 The flowers of the almond tree can pollinate themselves, so they need the help of insects to facilitate cross-pollination from other plants, and the almond fruit during its growth resembles the peach fruit until it becomes nearly ripe, and upon maturity the outer cover that consists of a thin membrane or peel breaks off and the seed separates from it.

Almonds are not a type of nuts, which are a type of dry fruit as is common, but they are seeds surrounded by a solid fruit peel, which can be broken and extracted from the inside of the almond fruit, which is the used part of the almond tree.

The best types of almonds in the world

There are many different types of almond fruits, and almond nuts are sold in stores, and they are usually white in color and peeled or brown, as they are in their nature without removing the peel on them,

  It is also sold in slices, and it can be roasted or flavored and is widely used in making desserts. Almonds are available in large quantities throughout the year

 As there are hard-shell almonds in autumn and early winter, while green almonds are available from mid to late summer, in addition to this well-known type, there are also distinct types of almonds, including the following:

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1- Bitter almonds

  • Raw bitter almonds contain a trace amount of hydrogen cyanide, which is why they cannot be sold in the United States.
  • In their processed form, they are used to make almond extract and other products flavored with almonds. Like almond liqueur.
Bitter almonds
Bitter almonds

2- Chinese almonds

This type is not true almonds, but there are different types of apricot kernels that are specially grown to take their seeds, which taste similar to bitter almonds, and are slightly toxic if eaten raw. As they must always be bleached or roasted before eating them

3- Green almonds

This type of almond consists of a green furry cover, and its shape is very similar to a curly peach, and the furry cover is the original fruit, and the almond is the seed inside. The fruit can be eaten whole without getting rid of the green scalp. At this stage. The almonds are soft and almost gelatinous in consistency, and the almond flavor is weak.

4- Indian almonds

Indian almonds are one of the most popular varieties of almonds and are considered to be less healthy than Chinese almonds.

5- Yellow almonds

  1. Yellow almonds are a popular variety of almonds and one of the best varieties with a bright yellow color.
  2. The benefits of almonds range from its use to maintaining a healthy brain, heart and skin. Here are the health benefits of almonds:
  3. Raw almonds and almond oil are the most effective for the brain.
  4.  Eating a few almonds every day helps improve memory and focus, especially in children. It is also believed that almonds make children’s memory sharp and active
  5.  Almonds help maintain adequate cholesterol levels by increasing HDL and decreasing LDL level. This helps prevent most heart diseases.
  6.  The skin benefits of almonds are especially popular. On the other hand, applying almond oil directly to the skin also helps in obtaining smooth and healthy skin.
  7. Sweet almond oil benefits also include the treatment and prevention of dry and cracked skin. Almond oil is also used on children’s skin.
  8.  The monounsaturated fats found in almonds are good for heart health.
    Monounsaturated fats along with antioxidants also help prevent heart disease.
  9. One of the other health benefits of almonds is that it helps maintain healthy blood pressure and indirectly helps in preventing diseases caused due to high blood pressure.
  10.  Almonds contain folic acid, which is one of the most important nutrients for preventing birth defects during pregnancy.
    The benefits of almonds during pregnancy also include its use in the treatment of constipation, which is considered important for its use during pregnancy.
  11. There are also several benefits of almond oil for hair. It is used to treat dry hair and prevent frizz, as well as stop hair loss.

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Best almond company

Are you looking for the best almond company? We will show you the best almond companies in Turkey and import nuts from Turkey.


She is the producer and operates in the dry fruits sector. It also works in the Hummus sectors, the hazelnut fruit, pistachios and almonds, It is based in Corum, Turkey.


It works in the nuts sector. It also works in the sectors of almond, walnut, hazelnut and pistachios. andsell almond wholesale.


It operates in the dried fruit sector. It also operates in the sectors of beans, pumpkin, raw coffee and almonds. It is based in Istanbul, Turkey.



It is the manufacturer, operating in the nursery sector. It also works in the nursery plant sectors, almond trees and chestnut plantations. It is based in Balikesir, Turkey.

5- Seven nuts

It is the leading Turkish company in the field of exporting high-quality nuts products, which faces the importer to find the best products, payment and shipping procedures due to the distances involved and offers you very secure payment methods such as a bank letter of credit.

6- aydinkuruyemis

itwas established in 1979, the company started providing its services in the field of nuts products, where the company offers its customers: hazelnuts – walnuts – almonds – pistachios – cashews.

The company owns its factories in the cities of / Istanbul – Siirt – Mersin – Gaziantep – Sakarya / with a total closed area of 80,000 square meters.

The company includes 400 dedicated staff. And know through it almond price in Turkey.

And Almotakamel to ensure excellent service to its customers, it holds many certificates of guarantee. The company offers its products to more than 40 countries around the worldThe main headquarters of the company is located in the Sultan Gazi district in Istanbul.

In conclusion, dear reader, we have explained to you the almond production in Turkey, the best types of almonds in the world, and the most important almond companies in Turkey. and import from Turkey We hope that we will inform you.

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