imports from Turkey to Sierra Leone main

Regulations of imports from Turkey  to Sierra Leone main

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imports from Turkey  to Sierra Leone main

In the recent period, some merchants have moved to have imports from Turkey  to Sierra Leone main as this trade has become a great profit for its owners, and because through our website platform we strive to make more effort to provide all ideas, conditions and advice in various profitable projects, we will present to you today through this The article is about import from Turkey .

You will also find in this article that we announce to you through the importing house platform a lot of valuable information about the process of buying goods from Turkey  and the best companies that can be dealt with so far in this field and how to work on taking the first serious steps in order to start a profitable import project from Turkey .

Imports from Turkey  to Sierra Leone major

Over the years of its spread, Turkish  goods and goods have been able to prove their presence in global markets, whether in the Middle East or European Union countries, that they are of high quality and less expensive than their counterparts and are in constant demand by the consumer, which prompted many investors to work in them, especially since the export areas are wide And it is diversified in various industries. If you intend to work or invest in the made in Turkey  products, get to know the most important Turkish  exports that give you the opportunity to make a successful investment.

import project from Turkey
import project from Turkey

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One of the most important Turkish  industries that the Turks are famous for and the most important exports that affect the Turkish  economy, and Turkey  is ranked sixth in the world and third among the European Union countries as the largest provider of textile industries such as fabrics, carpets, wool, cotton and ready-made clothes, and Turkey  is one of the first four countries exporting home textiles in the world. The apparel and textiles sector exports from 2019 to early 2020 amounted to about $ 19 billion through exports to 200 different countries around the world, and it is expected to reach $ 40 billion by 2023.

The top manufacturing companies in Turkey  textile are concentrated in the cities of Bursa, Adana, Kayseri, Denizli and Istanbul, and among the most important importing countries of Turkish  textiles are Germany, Britain, Spain, France and the Netherlands.

  • Wholesale furniture Turkey.
  • Agricultural products.

Turkey  is one of the leading countries in agriculture, thanks to its strategic location and climate diversity, it is the first in Europe and the seventh in the world in terms of agricultural production such as apple import from Turkey  About 18,000 types of agricultural products were exported to more than 190 different countries around the world in 2018, which is estimated at 17.7 billion dollars, and in 2019 the volume of exports amounted to about 18.7 billion, and 6 billion by the end of the first quarter of the current year. The most important Turkish  exports.

top manufacturing companies in Turkey
top manufacturing companies in Turkey

Cars and parts

To import from Turkey  choose The auto and spare parts industry in Turkey , it’s dates back to 1960 and plays a major role in the growth of the Turkish  economy, and Turkey  is ranked second in the production of commercial vehicles and fifth in the production of cars in general in Europe, and it ranks 15th in the world in the production of cars. In 2018, 85% of car production was allocated to foreign markets like Sierra Leone main imports and Turkey  was the first exporter to European markets with 1.1 cars, and in 2019 the volume of Turkish  exports of cars and spare parts amounted to more than 28 billion dollars, and 7.6 billion dollars from the beginning This year to the end of April.

What products to import from Turkey

With e-commerce today, the world has become a small village, but now it saves a lot of effort, time and money in completing the purchase process, and thus opens wide prospects for importing from Turkey , especially in luxurious Turkish  embroidered wedding dresses.

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Buy wedding dresses from Turkey

In Istanbul,  you can imports from Turkey  to Sierra Leone main

the charming coastal city that overlooks the global maritime trade and thus facilitates the arrival of the products and embroideries of elegant Turkish  wedding dresses to European markets, due to the great demand and spread in the international European market because the wonderful Turkish  wedding dresses are elegant and luxurious at the same time, they have a large and wide presence In the global markets that are interested in everything new and modern and keep pace with the public taste, and this is the secret of expanding the Turkish  product regionally.

Wholesale childrens clothing in Turkey

Among the most famous markets that are famous for children’s clothing are:

1- Fatih Market in Istanbul:

The best places for children’s clothing in Turkey  is famous for its many shops that sell children’s clothes in Istanbul, as the market is located near the Fatih Mosque, which is a tourist area crowded with many visitors.

2- Omrania Market is the best children’s clothing store in Turkey Istanbul:

Omrania is located on the Asian side of Istanbul, unlike the Fatih Market, which is located on the European side, and the market in the Umraniye area is also large, and there are many shops that sell luxurious Turkish  wedding dresses, especially for veiled women. At prices that many believe are cheaper than Al-Fatih Market.

wedding dresses from Turkey
wedding dresses from Turkey

Wholesale rugs in Turkey

Yassin Kaplancarpe Factory, one of the famous companies known for its huge production, as it competes to increase it all the time, so the daily production efficiency of the company reaches about 30 thousand square meters, at a rate of 750 thousand square meters per month, and 9 million square meters every year, what This means that the production capacity of the spinning factory is about 1,350 tons per month, and there is also a carpet factory in Istanbul.

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Turkey  online shopping international shipping

You can open a project dependent on importing clothes from Turkey  and selling them in the local market of your country, as importing from Turkey  online has become one of the easiest things, and you can save time, effort and travel in order to be able to buy your Turkish  products online and you must consider the following when buying online:

  • Choosing good sites, there are many Turkish  sites for Istanbul wholesale online a good site provides you with a good commodity.
  • Only buy from reputable and trusted sites.
  • Choose the method of payment and it is through the payment card.
Wholesale rugs in Turkey
Wholesale rugs in Turkey

Adhwit Logistic is considered one of the best names for importing from Turkeyas it provides you with the ability to ship what you want, whether land freight or air freight, through which you can order and your order arrives on time, and Adhwit enjoys credibility, transparency and respect for appointments, as you receive the order in The specified day from the company without delay.

Alibaba is also considered one of the best wholesale sites in Turkey , and it is a Chinese trading company operating in all parts of the world, and you can order from it and receive the product to the door of the house, and you can find everything that you need on the site.

Turkey import regulations

 Important advice before contracting with companies or factories in Turkey :-

– You can send a picture of your product or accurate specifications for it in addition to the required quality level in order to facilitate the agreement process via the companies’ email, and you can also request to send some samples from these companies or retailers in Turkey  before the final agreement is reached.

– Before the final signing of the contracts with the plastic bags factory in Turkey  or any other factory, you must focus on the availability of a clause in which the company is obligated to export goods that conform to the required specifications and samples that have already been sent, otherwise you have the right to terminate this agreement.

– You must put a specific date in the contract in order to deliver and ship the goods such as wholesale Islamic clothing from Turkey  on a specific date, and you can also add a clause as a penalty clause on the company in case of delay.

– You must specify the method of shipping the goods to you in order to ensure the safety of their arrival without scratches, fractures or other types of damage, whether this is sea and air freight.

– The contract must include the method of payment, whether by bank transfer or by using Western union, and delivery can be by hand in the event that you are able to travel and sign contracts there, and this is the best.

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How do Ifind suppliers in Turkey ?

There are a number of conditions that must be taken into account for choosing the companies or factories that will be dealt with in the future in the event of no travel, and they are as follows:

In the beginning, determine the type of goods such as you want to import hijab from Turkey  and the quantity that you can work on at the beginning, so that you can sell them, knowing that the greater the quantity required, the lower the cost.

Turkey import regulations
Turkey import regulations

Search on the Internet and ask about you and those with experience in importing from abroad, and ask them where to buy wholesale clothes in Turkey  and you can also submit your request on social media pages, specifically pages specialized in this matter, and see the offers that will be presented to you in order to attract you.

Try to negotiate with more than one company and compare all the offered offers so that you can choose the best one in the end that suits you, and you can formally contract with it.

 How to get reliable goods when importing from Turkey :-

There may be an obstacle that prevents the project owner from traveling to the importing country and making sure of the safety and quality of production, and therefore some companies have provided a quick and final solution to this problem, as some companies have been established that work on examining imported goods and work to ensure that they meet all specifications, Necessary according to the agreement.

One of the advantages of the existence of such companies is that they can reveal any tampering with the producing company or any falsification in the quality standards, including SGS as it specializes in this field, so now the owner of the import project from Turkey  can communicate with these companies and deal with them officially.

import project from Turkey
import project from Turkey

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Finally, for imports from Turkey  to Sierra Leone main, some experts in this field also suggested that the project owner, upon starting his initial steps, could import fairly small quantities of goods from the new market so that he could know good and reliable sources, and then he could increase these quantities in turn.

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