Turkey handbags wholesale

Turkey Handbags Wholesale.. Best Available Choices

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in Turkey handbags wholesale; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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Turkey handbags wholesale

Wholesale buying is one of the first steps to starting a business in selling bags, you buy from a wholesaler and then sell products at a higher price to make a profit, if you want to buy Turkey handbags wholesale in the importing house platform, you can find everything you want.

Wholesale bags Turkey

Ucuz Toptan Çanta is a website that sell Turkish bag in a wholesale price. Their website has been serving their valued customers since 2014. Since the day they first set up the only goal for you is cheap and delivering high quality wholesale handbags valuable way to help individuals who will contribute to Turkey’s economy and provide development together.

where to buy Turkey bags? They are proud to offer their wholesale bag models, which they undertake both production and export, to the domestic market at affordable prices. You can create an order by coming to their store in Beyazıt, Istanbul, and buy products by selecting and touching them. You can also access the color options of the products on their website, cheaptoptancanta.net, and add them to the basket and confirm the order.

They can help you with your orders of at least 500 TL and above to buy handbags in Turkey. Your cargo basket is automatically added to your price, which means you will not pay a new and extra fee. In addition, payments are made via eft and money order through İşbank or Ziraat Bank. After you make the payment, they send the bag to you on the same day.

Starting the Bag Sector-

Cheap Wholesale Handbags: bag manufacturer from Turkey

It is one of the most important companies that pioneered the sector.

Since 2011 Turkey, Europe, Asia, Middle East and so on.

It exports bags to many countries worked with many companies abroad and they take bag orders for production.


The unification of the bag industry and the internet environment 5 years ago in order to take the first step in the internet field cheaptoptancanta.net that buy Turkish bags online. They started by setting up their address. Their customers from home for the convenience of ordering with other customers later in their site get in touch and as a separate company for the internet domain they pursued the purpose of service. Product and service quality more and more every day with the idea of ​​increasing their company, which aims to reach the customer, is satisfied with you is his most important request.


The ffectiveness of their company in the national / international market own expertise to increase productivity and constantly improving their own methods in their field, leading the industry, reliable around and from generation to generation without spoiling the respected corporate identity to make this vision permanent to the next generation.

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Handbags made in Turkey

Handbags made in Turkey
Handbags made in Turkey


More than 300 in 3 categories including Cheap Upper Middle keep the product updated for you every day They add in the products.

Handbags for sale in turkey: their bags for 22₺ are available in many types, For those looking for quality and affordable bags their ideal category.

Medium Group: These are their brand bags with 32₺ and above quality and elegance with its affordable price are their preferred bags.

Top Group: their brand bags with 60₺ and above are degree quality and each one is for life made for use.

Wallet: 15₺ and above, unbranded

Their wallets are medium quality, ideal for daily use.

Turkish bags brands, FACTORY TO YOUR HOME-

They produce their bags in their factory and without any intermediaries they send you directly. Service on this and they aim to keep quality at the top and price at the bottom.

First, let’s start with the remittance option. Let’s say you add the product you want to buy to your cart as a color model and even a shoe size if it is a combination.

 Then, after making sure that the amount of the basket is 300 TL and above, you will see the payment options. Currently, they only have money order and cash on delivery options. You will be able to pay even using your credit card in the near future.

 Cheap turkey handbags wholesale customers who want to make a money transfer will confirm their cart and receive an order number. They should write this number in the note section when making a payment to one of the 2 bank accounts in the Bank Accounts Section. Your products will be shipped within 1 day immediately after your order and payment is received. Let me state one more time here. SHIPPING FEE BELONGS TO THE BUYER.

So what do I want to pay at the door? You can buy fake handbags in Turkey and products from their site by using the payment at the door option. After confirming your products in your basket, they will check and reach you. After mutual approval, the product will arrive at your door within 2 business days. In this option, the cargo will belong to the buyer.

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Handbags suppliers in Turkey

  • Avrupa Çanta

After 9 years in the promotion and gift products sector, they focused all their energy on the production and sales of promotional bags. They continue their solution partnership with corporate companies from every sector, promotional product wholesalers and advertising agencies and wholesale bags. The company which specializes mainly in backpacks and laptop bags, continues its presence in the sector of handbags for women with the production of cloth bags.

By providing a difference and convenience in the promotional bag industry, they enabled their customers to buy bags with logo printed in low quantities. For this, they keep their best selling backpack and laptop & briefcase model in their warehouse for instant bag orders.

  • Teens Bag

Best place to buy handbags. Young Bag’s Turkey will presumably be the principle creator of gets set together in 1985 in Istanbul. Young Bag’s Turkey will most likely be the fundamental producer of gets set together in 1985 in Istanbul. What They Do?As should be evident from the substance of their site, they give a wide scope of help to their associates, especially more than 20 arrangements. Backpacks, sports sacks, portfolios, beautifying agents packs, beach sacks, etc They produce magnificent things. Adolescents Bag; is the business’ driving association among restricted time packs, markdown sack makers and sack producers .

As Gençler Çanta, they have to add new customers to their portfolio.

WHO DO THEY SERVE? Turkey wholesale website so far in Europe; Germany, Spain, Italy, France United Kingdom, etc They convey packs to countries, for instance, the Middle East. You can see their customers they work with from the reference part of their site. For instance, Novo Nordisk, Sanovel, Pfizer, Bayer, Science, Roche Unilever, Henkel, Mavi Jeans, Michelin, Adidas, TAI, Mercedes-Benz, BP Gas, Borusan Holding, Tui Thomson United Kingdom, United Kingdom, various affiliations and associations in the medication professional Red Bull in like manner has references in every domain of Turkey.

Young people Bag; Turkey is a discount producer of special packs industry’s driving organizations among the makers in Istanbul. Since 1985, it has delivered packs for some homegrown and unfamiliar organizations and fares to many nations from Europe to the Middle East. They would be satisfied to see you among their references with almost 20 classes, for example, discount, limited time school, reports, back, sports, travel, women’s sacks and their exceptional plans.

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How much are handbags in Turkey

How much are handbags in Turkey
How much are handbags in Turkey

Packs are one of the basic extras an individual requirements to have on regular schedule. There are different kinds of sacks accessible on the lookout. Some are utilized as useful sacks for conveying huge volume items, some are for design proclamations. An individual can have more than one sort of sacks for an alternate event.

Various Types of amazing handbags They Use On Daily Basis Prior to buying sacks online in Turkey, you should realize that whether you need according to event or the kind of pack matter you most. For instance, you can’t convey a little tote in your rec center however you will resistant take your duffel bag in the rec center. Same goes for a knapsack also. You can’t convey your school books in little totes however they will effectively conceal in knapsacks. Rundown of Bags You Can Shop Online At Ubuy Turkey in Low Prices

Import bags from Turkey: Rucksacks – These are one of the profoundly famous packs among youth particularly ladies and young lady. These knapsacks are generally utilized in office, school, and school. In the event that you are a successive explorer, at that point, the knapsack is an extraordinary friend. All your stuff weight will be conveyed on both of your shoulders. You can convey a good stuff in your rucksack because of its various parts and zip conclusion lock framework. These parcels are able enough to convey your every day basics like a watch, portable charger, water bottle and so on

Courier Bags –

Widely utilized by ladies, courier sacks are greater in size and convey significantly more stuff when contrasted with sling packs. You can without much of a stretch shop courier sacks online in various variety from Ubuy Turkey.

PC Bags –

For IT experts, great quality PC sacks are basic to convey with. These PC packs made generally from waterproof materials and look savvy they are like courier sacks. To protect the PC, these packs have a padded cushioning inside. Web based shopping locales like Ubuy Turkey offer you various types of packs from different presumed brands, for example, Dicota, Benro, Lowepro, sprayground, Case Logic, Go genius, US Polo and pinnacle plan. You can shop your #1 Women’s sack online in Turkey at the most ideal costs.

By taking advantage of the advantages of import from Turkey, you can make multiple deals with the best managed turkey handbags wholesale, and thus buy bags at good prices and high quality, and this means making a profit for your project. In this article, we tried to help you find the best options.

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