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Trendy bag manufacturers Turkey

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bag manufacturers Turkey

Are you interested bag manufacturers Turkey ? Enjoy the best bag manufacturers in Turkey … In our importing house we provide you with all the information you need to know about bag manufacturers. Turkish industries are one of the most pioneering industries, and they include the bags industry and bags made in Turkey known for its high quality and varied brands that satisfy everyone, and the project to import women’s bags from Turkey has won the attention of many, as the leather industry is one of the most important national industries in Turkey where there are many factories To produce the best Turkish women’s bags, and we get to know them through the following article:

bag manufacturers in Turkey

Importing from Turkey was and is still a gateway to achieving wealth, as many importers around the world were and are still buying various products from Turkey in terms of high quality and reasonable prices to sell them in the local markets and achieve a lot of financial gains, and the topic began in recent periods for many importers to import Turkish women bags, and you can also join this group and import what the local markets need, then sell and profit. It is a simple job, but you buy from the best place instead of the nearest place. Throughout this paragraph we present to you the bags brands in Turkey most famous brand, Bomink.

The company is active in bags types, producing bags operating in the sector with modern designs and continues all its services with its experienced staff. In addition, the bags are made of high-quality materials and will help you provide a long-term advantage with their durability, the visual elegance of bags manufactured using modern equipment is also at the highest This brand is one of the most famous brands in the bag market in Turkey, and this makes the use of the best quality. You can carry your personal belongings more easily. All the contents of this promotional bags service are presented to you with previous experience and experience. Therefore, you can safely benefit from the content of its service.

The company uses a modern machine to manufacture unique bags brands from Turkey with the help of technologically advanced machines, the processing speed is provided more effectively, thanks to high-quality production in a short time you can reach the models you want, in addition to that each bag model produced is presented. The company is considered one of the pioneers in this sector with its vision in the production of all models of bags and continues that within the legal framework you can choose the treatment of quality by choice and this will be sufficient to communicate thanks to a wide service network you can reach the desired result in a healthy way as an innovative approach is adopted in the designs of bags and they can be presented in Your designs.

  1. Lc,

the well-known and popular bag manufacturers Turkey

2. Elitcanta

is one of the most important companies and brands in the Turkish market

Derimod is characterized by its use of high-quality premium leather materials at competitive prices compared to the prices of the rest of the world.


This brand is famous for a number of different Turkish products, the most important of which are clothes and bags. This Turkish brand keeps pace with fashion, and every season, new models come out in attractive colors.

4. Pied de Paul brand,

a brand that bears one of the most famous store names in Turkey, specializes in selling old-style bags, and it can be bought bags online which may date back to the Ottoman era.


One of the economic brands that reflects the beauty of vibrant colors in its designs for women’s shoes and bags in Turkey, and it is considered one of the most famous brands in the youth category as it offers comfortable and fashionable sports shoes at competitive prices / Kinetex products are sold in (Flo) stores inside and outside Turkey .

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bags wholesale Turkey

bags wholesale Turkey
bags wholesale Turkey

The leather industry is one of the most important national industries in Turkey, where there are many factories to produce the best Turkish women’s bags, and Turkey has shined in producing the finest and best Turkish women’s bags and it is known that Turkish industries are one of the most pioneering industries at this time, and this also includes interest in the production of women’s bags Turkey Known for its high quality and varied brands that satisfy everyone, Leather Market in Istanbul

  1. Laleli:

One of the most famous turkish bag market Istanbul, located in the center of the old city, Laleli offers sewing factories and workshops for the production of textiles, shoes nd accessories. You can shop in the Lalali area wholesale or buy individual goods that are famous for the manufacture of imitation leather products, such as shoes and bags, whose quality varies from one store to another, and it is considered the best place to sell bags in Turkey.

  1. Mahmoud Pasha:

A diverse market located near the Egyptian Market and the Covered Market (Grand Bazaar) in the Eminonu area, it contains many shops and stores that sell different goods buy bags online,their prices vary according to the required quality, and it is an ideal place for those looking for cheap popular markets B The names of different Turkish bags brands.

8. Osman Bey:

It is located near the famous Taksim area and can be accessed from the same metro that connects there. When you reach the region, you will notice the presence of international and local brands that offer high-quality products import bags from Turkey due to the slightly higher prices in that region compared to the rest of Istanbul’s markets.

9. Wednesday Market in Istanbul

It is a popular shopping bags market that opens every Wednesday every week, and is located in the alleys and some side streets that are located in the Fatih area, directly behind the Sultan Mehmed Al-Fateh Mosque, and it includes thousands of street vendors, side streets and side streets.

  1. Arasta market:

Located in the famous tourist places, in addition to monuments, mosques, historical museums, markets and parks, the stocks of more than 70 stores, and in the Ottoman era dedicated to selling supplies to soldiers, handicrafts such as antiques, drawings and maps. The market is a narrow alley full of pretty shops selling things like traditional gift carpets, rugs, and tourist things to remember.

11. Colizione Shops.

12. Jawaher Mall.

13. Canyon Mall.

14. Asia Park Center.

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When talking about the bag market in Turkey, we must talk about the most famous of these markets, namely the Marter Market in Istanbul Marter Istanbul Market is characterized by high-quality clothes and products despite the simple and reasonable price, which is one of the reasons for attracting many visitors and merchants from all over the world with the presence of shipping companies and also customs clearance companies that facilitate the merchants to ship goods with the utmost speed and ease.

1.High quality luxury handbag for women genuine leather brand leather bag for ladies

$ 93.76 – $ 234.38.

2.Wholesale Brands Lady Shoulder Tote Bag Reflections Luminous Geometric Handbags Sets

Minimum Order: 3 Pieces


500-2999 pieces

246.88 USD

> = 3000 pieces

240.63 USD

3.HB008 new multi-function waterproof large capacity female rivet pink gel exquisite British handbags

Minimum order: 5 sets

83.91 USD

500-3999 combination

80.63 USD

> = 4000 sets

77.51 USD

4.Luxury 3pcs famous branded Women Shoulder Crossbody purses and handbags set

Minimum Order: 3 Pieces

151.88 USD

500-2999 pieces

144.85 USD

> = 3000 pieces

129.23 USD

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Bags factory in Turkey

Bags factory in Turkey
Bags factory in Turkey

that Turkish industries are among the leading industries at this time, including the manufacture and production of Turkish bags and bags known for their high quality and varied brands and production of the finest and best Turkish bags, and most importantly, there are first-class imitation bags in Istanbul, where it is considered an industry Leather is one of the most important industries in Turkey, especially bags factories in Istanbul import from Turkey and there are many factories to produce the best Turkish women’s bags. We offer the best destinations, companies and factories for shoes and bags in Turkey. In Turkey, there are many factories specialized in importing Turkish women’s bags and selling different bags for different categories, and this is a list of the most famous of those factories.

Avrupa were: After 9 years in the promotional products and gifts industry, it has focused all its energy on the production and sale of promotional bags, and continues its solutions partnership with promotional product wholesalers and advertising agencies from all sectors in the wholesale bags. Specializing in Turkish bags for sale, backpacks and handbags, and bulk bags maintains its presence in this sector by producing bean bags. By providing difference and convenience in the promotional bags sector, it enables its customers to buy bags printed with a logo in small quantities and women’s bags in Turkey and for this, it maintains the best sales.

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price of bags in Turkey

There is a one-lira market in Turkey and there is a street for brands in Istanbul, and it is one of the oldest Turkish streets that Arabs particularly love, and has international brands that suit all tastes, and there are also famous factories such as imitation factories in Turkey, Turkish products are distinguished by quality, durability and modern models that suit Young people and others that suit women in society, and at the same time the prices are suitable for all levels and available to everyone, even most of these brands have branches in Arab and foreign countries, these Turkish brands have enjoyed greatly over the past ten years to match the trade guide Turkey wholesale market .

  • The price for a large capacity carry-on bag is TRY 23.21 – 29.03.
  • The prices of travel bags in Turkey range between TRY 133.88 – 223.64 depending on the number of wheels or the durability of the bag made of leather.
  • The price of a high-quality women’s handbag ranges between TRY 17.39 – 127.44 depending on the material, quality and design.
  • The price of a men’s unisex travel bag ranges between TRY 87.08 – 192.93.
  • The prices of Dior bags in Turkey range between TRY 55.15 – 193.00, as the quality of the Dior brand is known for its wonderful products and its unparalleled elegance.

At the end we wish we present you a value info aboutbag manufacturers Turkey.

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