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For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in  best drug packaging machines; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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 drug packaging machines

If you looking for drug packaging machines and price of pharmacist machines, here you will know everything you are looking for in importing-house platform  that present all what you need to know.

Pharmaceutical machinery manufacturers :

If you are looking for companies that produce pharmaceutical packaging machines.. we will provided you with all you want  about drug packaging machines. There are many companies that produce pharmaceutical packaging machines with good materials and high specification, and drug packaging companies is:

drug packaging companies
drug packaging companies
  1. IVEN: This company is a good pharmaceutical product line and produces a lot of machines,such as Blister packing machine,Glassbottle machine,Automatic machine…
  2. Mindiamart: This combany produces a lot of machines,such as manual capsule filling machine, semi-automatic machine
  3. ParmaTech:This company in Moscow,Russia
  4. Pack Expo Connect
  5. Congers international: This company in Biarritz,France
  6. Cphlindia: This company in Delhi, India
  7. Expo Pack Mexico: This company in Mexico
  8. Pharma Pack: This company in Paris, Franca
  9. InertPack: This company in Germany
  10. Farma Forum: This company in Madrid, Spain
  11. Interphex: This company in New york,USA
  12. Pharmaland
  13. Nesr elshark
  14. TURPACK:This company in turkey.and all countries import from turkey because this company is manufactured only with high specifications.

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drug packaging machine :

If you want to know the most important drug packaging machines, you should give this article a read. No production of its drug is complete without packaging it with good pharmaceutical machines to stay safe until you consume it..

  1. Manual packaging machines : this is medicine packaging machine works manually at all stages of the packaging drugs.
  2. Automatic packaging machine : this machine works automatic at all stages of the packaging drugs, except for stage of the product introduction.
  3. Full automatic packaging machine : this is one of the best machines, this machine works

   full automatic at all stages of the packaging drugs.

  1. Pharmaceutical bubble packaging machine : this is pharma packaging machinery is used to make discs,  syringes,  bottles and ampoules.
medicine packaging machine
medicine packaging machine

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   They have many types:

  • Pvc machine : make it easier to examination products.
  • Al Blister machine : this is drug blister packaging machine,  this not suitable for light sensitive products,  it is not recommended.
  • Alu Blister machine : it works to extend the expiration date of the medicine, its more expensive.

tablet packaging machine:This machine is tablet strip packing machine is one of only the most common Sparkling discs machine : this machine is mainly used for its manufacture of Drugs, Is used in packaging vitamins and minerals.

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Pharmaceutical machinery price list :

You are looking for the prices of pharmaceutical machies, Here you will know everything  you are looking for:

  1. China pharmaceutical tablet coating machine: This is preparation machinery and give tablet, this price ranged from 1000 to 20000 $.
  2. Pharmaceutical vibrating machine: High quality and lower price, There are in Shanghai, China, this price ranged from 1,500 to 5,000 $
  3. Pharmaceutical capsule machine: There are in Ningbo, china.

This price ranged from 17,460 $ .

  1. Pharmaceutical extraction vessel: This is pharmaceutical milling machinery, There are in Huangpu, China and this price ranged from 5,578 to 39,878 $
  2. Pharmaceutical glass vail machine : This is piston filling machine. this price ranged from 8,000 to 20,000 $
  3. Automatic rotary filling machine : There are in Shanghai, china and this price ranged from 25,000 to 38,000 $

7.Pharmaceutical Capsule Blister Machine: This machine is one of the best tybes of blister packaging machine

  1. 8. Capsule filling machine : There are in Shanghai, China and this price 20,000 $.
  2. 9. Hand capsule filling machin: there are in Shanghai, CHINA and this price ranged from 5,900 to 7,500 $.
  3. 10. Semi auto capsule filling machine: There are in Shangh, China and this price 6,700 $.
  4. 1 Soft capsule filling machine: This price ranged from 14,000 to 25,000 $.

12.Touch screen inkjet printing machine: There are in Guangzhou, This price 50,000 $.

  1. Small pharmaceutical liquid filling machine: There are in Shanghai.

This price ranged from 6,000to 20,000 $.

14.Pharmaceutical Encapsulated Machine: Ther are in Ningbo.this price is 800$.

15.Tablet Press Machine: This machine uses good pharma packaging machinery manufacturers.

This price is ranged from 12,000 to 13,000 $.

  1. Semi Automatic Gelatin Capsule Filling Machine: This price ranged from 5,900 to 7,500 $.
  2. Manufacture Pharmaceutical plastic Film Machine: this price is 18,300 $.
  3. Automatic Pharmaceutical Blister Sheet Machine: This is drug blister packaging machine .

And this price is 15,000

Drug packaging types :

If you are looking to learn more about the primary packaging of pharmaceutical, You are here in the right place There is a lot of  medicine packaging types,  like

Vails, bottle, blister packs, sachets, syringes and ampoules that need a drug packaging machines so in this article we present you best suppliers for this machine.

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Pharmaceutical packaging suppliers

Packaging is generally done by the factory owners as a final process where packed goods are further packaged into bigger boxes, Packaging is all of the materials used to brace, contain, and protect a shipment. Here we will mention some of drug packaging machines suppliers and other medicine packaging machine manufacturers:

  1. Vompharma:

It is a pharmaceutical company which is registered and regulated by the Ministry of Health, in Turkey. A leading supplier of a wide range of European and International branded and original medicine making machine and medical equipment from leading manufacturers at competitive prices and exceptional service.

  1. SAB F.P.M:

A Packaging Machinery Company was established in Turkey, which exclusively acquired the brand through its adherence to quality, precision, and development, the enterprise has become a leader in the manufacture of pharmaceutical machinery, packaging machines and production lines.

They manufacture its machines with modern manufacturing equipment programmed with a CNC system and using the latest PLC, PC and programmable logic control technologies. Includes all electrical components from Schneider Electric and all pneumatic components from FESTO, the company exports to Europe, most Arab countries and Africa, in addition to its local market in Turkey.

  1. Kulp Tr:

It was founded in Istanbul in 80s by Cüneyt DOĞRUSÖZ, a foundation for Packaging and Filling machines sector. They have specialized in designing and manufacturing primary packaging (filling, capping and labeling) machines for liquid and viscose products.

They are serving the sector by producing various machines such as various filling machines, vacuum mixers filling machines for different sectors, the tablet packing machine price of packaging machines is damaged according to their efficiency and according to their quality and rawness, so the more the machines have limited efficiency, the lower the price of the machine.

As for the machines for high-quality and large-sized packaging, the prices are high and this type of machine is well suited in large companies and factories, filling, lining, it operates in the production of packaging machines consisting of capping and labeling machines and transfer pumps.

Pharmaceutical packaging requirements
Pharmaceutical packaging requirements


  1. İspakAmbalaj:

A Turkish packaging company, working on packaging production of customized packaging and produce applications for chocolate products, sugar and confectionery, dairy products, beverages, dried food, medicine packing machine and medical, pharmaceutical packaging, toiletries, hygiene and pet food.

  1. Turpack:

A packaging machines manufacturer and exporter company that exports its quality packaging machines to 80 countries worldwide. Located in Istanbul, Turkey, they provide top class stick pack machines, vertical filling machines, sachet machines, medicine box packaging machine, horizontal packaging machines and other kind of filling equipment.

  1. Guvenflex:

A packaging supplier started activities with alu foil converting for food industry expanded its product range in providing superior paper coating materials to pharma industries.

Pharmaceutical packaging industry

Packaging can be defined as an economical means of providing presentation, protection, containment, convenience and compliance for a product during storage, carriage, display and until the product is consumed, and for importing from turkey Packing is the material used to pack and protect goods in a container especially in the shipping world.

Drug Packaging machines are tools that guarantees the safety and protection of drugs from damage, and from various environmental pollution in the process of implementation, transportation or storage. There are different types of dependence on direct contact with medication.

Primary packaging of drugs is one that has direct contact with the drug. The cost is included in the medicine packing machine price of the drug and is fully paid by the consumer. Each drug is given a specific look for ease of administration. To improve the taste of the drug, increase the time of its action, use the gradual release technique of the active ingredient and another.

The packaging should provide protection from climatic conditions, biological, physical and chemical hazards and should be economical. The packaging must ensure adequate stability of the product throughout its shelf life

The primary packaging consists of those packaging components which have a direct contact with the product (bottle, cap liner, label etc.).

The packaging external to the primary package is known as the secondary packaging which provides the additional physical protection necessary to endure the safe warehousing and for refill packaging.

Primary packaging for liquid orals:

Single dose containers, multi-dose containers, well–closed containers, airtight containers, and light – resistant container.

Solid dosage forms:

 Strip packing machine which is strip package form of unit dose packaging that is used for the packaging of tablets and capsules, blister packages, and child Resistant Containers.

Pharmaceutical packaging requirements

There are various products that are used for kind of protective and pharmaceutical packaging machine like bubble wrap, corrugated card, shredded paper, and drug packaging.

Requirements for the initial packaging of solid forms of drugs:

  • Protection from weather and microbiological effects.
  • Sensitive to moisture – packed in tight containers that protect from penetration.
  • Moisture absorbent materials are allowed in the package. In the event of volatile substances, the packaging should provide air resistance.
  • The presence of essential oils indicates packaging in tubes wrapped with parchment paper or paraffin.
  • The capsules require protection from excessive moisture, drying and light

Thus, the choice of packaging depends on the properties of the drug. It defines the type of material based on the manufacturer’s interests, as well as the maximum satisfaction of the user’s preferences.

  • The protective function of the packaging mainly includes protecting the contents from the environment and vice versa. In addition, packaging must essentially be able to withstand many different static and dynamic forces to which it is exposed during transportation, handling and storage operations.
  • Storage function:

 The materials used in the packaging must be stored properly in order to maintain the quality of the materials before packaging and once the contents of the package are used.

  • Loading and transportation functions:

 Packaging has a critical influence on the efficiency of transporting, handling and storing goods. Therefore, packages should be designed to be easy to handle and to allow for space-saving storage and stowage.

  • Identification:

The packaging should give clear identification of the product at all stages and serve to identify the manufacturer of the product. The manufacturer must consider packaging requirements to use the product in various locations.

To provide the necessary protection in drug packaging materials, the materials from which the container will be made must exhibit certain basic properties that can be divided into four groups.

  • Mechanical Properties
  • Physical properties
  • Chemical properties
  • Biological properties.
Pharmaceutical packaging suppliers
Pharmaceutical packaging suppliers

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