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sugar packing machine … Top 2 firms to buy best machines

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sugar packing machine

Machinery is Turkey’s second largest export sector. Turkey exports to more than 2 hundred countries. Importing Turkish sugar packing machine was raised due to its quality and cheapness.

Through this article in our platform House Importing, we will explain to you the most important conditions for importing s sugar machine from Turkey.

sugar packing machine for sale

The Arab world has turned to import packing machine from Turkey for several things, the most important of which is the ease of dealing and trade between Arab countries and Turkey.

automatic sugar packing machine Factories in Turkey:


The company worked in the past in the production and processing of spare parts for machines. With the follow-up of the development in Turkey and its keeping pace, in 1993 the restructuring and transformation into a company for manufacturing packaging machines inside Turkey.
And now the largest part of Sagbil products is exported outside Turkey.
Machines manufactured by Sagepel Industrial Company:

sugar packing machine 1kg, clip-closing machine, automatic packing machines, semolina packaging machines and materials such as powder, and dry materials such as legumes. And not least the automatic flour packing machine with paper bags weights 1-2-5 kg.
In 2001, the company obtained the ISO 9001 production quality certificate. Also, after its products were modernized Get the CE certification.

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KULP was established in Istanbul in 1984 to fulfill the need for filling machines.

The first production processes started in the form of designing and manufacturing filling machines, pneumatic mixers, cosmetic machines and powder packing machines. After that, the company turned into an institution in a timely manner and continued its work through new projects such as manufacturing 1 kg packing machine, which include capping systems, capping machines, transmission pumps, and labeling materials in line with the changing and developing conditions in various parts of the country.

sugar packing machine price

You should know that sugar machine can be bought at affordable prices from Turkey than anywhere else.

You can buy used sugar packing machine or new ones with cheap prices:

Sugar bag packing machine is an automatic particle packing machine, it can realize different shapes for sugar packing bags, such as back sealing, three side sealing, four side sealing, etc.

Packaging machine costs play a big factor. Is the machine semi-automatic? Or on the other hand, is it a fully automatic packaging machine?

sugar packing machine 1kg
sugar packing machine 1kg

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sugar stick packing machine price:

The prices of the machines start from 3900 USD to 5000 USD.

sugar packaging advantages and disadvantages

the machine is one of the most important groups of machines in the packaging machinery sector.

We will know here advantages and disadvantages of sugar packaging
1. Higher cost
The first and foremost drawback of sugar packaging is that packing sugar adds a cost. There is the cost of sugar packaging material, labor and transportation. As consumers we pay for the packaging along with the sugar price.
2. More waste
Sugar packed in poly bags and paper bag sugar packing machine is highly perishable. When a sugar box is punctured by sharp objects during transportation or sale, the retailer bears the loss. Consumers may encounter this disadvantage of packing sugar while transporting sugar from the department store to home.

There are many disadvantages of packing sugar but there is also the fact that sugar cannot be stopped packing as this is the best way to transport. However, once the sugar gets home safely, you will need to know how to store the granulated sugar to avoid spoiling the sugar.


types of sugar packaging

There are many machines in Turkey, some of which are used to fill small and large bags.

There are two types of sugar packaging machines:
1- Single-use stickpack shape:
With this machine, you can automatically fill all kinds of free-flowing special granules including white sugar, brown sugar, sweeteners, cinnamon, salt, pepper, all condiments, aromatic fruit drinks, granular coffee, free powder and silica gel bags under aseptic conditions. 2- Large bags vertical packing machine:
For 1kg machine, vertical machine is used if you are looking for sugar packing equipment for powder packing machine and granule packing machine with automatic feeding systems, then vertical machines is the best choice. Sugar 1kg packing machine is equipped with volumetric fillings. Speed up to 60pcs / min, you can fill 3,600kg per hour. Within 10 hours, you can fill and fill 36 tons sugar with Turpack 1kg sugar machine easily.

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How to import from turkey?

  • One of the best ways is to travel to the country and go to wholesale markets in Istanbul.
  • buy online, search for the best products sites, buy from them, ship them to your country.

In the end, we knew types and prices of sugar filling machines in Turkey.


sugar packing machine turkey

We’ll show you some of it’s types and features:

  • Fully automatic cube bag packing machine.

Packaging nuts, rice, sugar, grains, salt, seeds and legumes, washing powders, starch, instant coffee, powdered juice, milk powder, according to the packing system installed on the machine.

And its features*

  • PLC programmed logic control to set the entire machine functions.
  • Servo motor for cube bag forming station.
  • Quick and easy to switch movie molding.
  • All parts of the machine touching the products are made of food stainless steel.
  • Intelligent control system with problem detection and data recording.
  • Multifunctional control screen with the ability to store 50 programs for easy and quick product exchange.
  • Electrical, electronic control, and automation equipment from French Schneider Electric.
  • Compressed air equipment from the German company FESTO.


And technical specifications for it:

  • Filling weight range: 400g – 1000g.
  • Yield: 40-50 bags per minute, for weight: 1000g.
  • Power supply: 7.5 kW, 380 volts, 50/60 Hz.
  • Compressed air: 8 bar, 1000 l / min.
  • Optional packing systems available.
  • )Multi-head weighing system (weighing tower
  • (Volumetric cup filling system (telescopic
  • Spiral volumetric packing system.
sugar packing machine turkey
sugar packing machine turkey

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Types of sugar packaging process:

  1. Manual packing:

It means that the mobilization operations are done manually, and this method is suitable for the owners of simple capital, but in return the project requires a large number of workers, and often dependence on the family or the employment of ordinary workers on a limited daily basis.


  1. Semi-automatic filling-

There are equipment that packs foodstuffs, but it requires the intervention of the human factor, and of course, these equipment guarantee productivity greater than that which can be achieved by manual packaging, but it is more expensive and is suitable for small packing projects.

  1. Automated packing-

The equipment performs all packaging operations, resulting in products free of errors and in larger quantities than those obtained by the two previous methods, but the automatic production lines are more expensive and suitable for medium and large projects.


Sugar packing machine manufacturers

Are you looking for more of sugar packing machine manufacturers?

We will show you the most famous of them……



She is the producer, working in the sector of bottling and filling machines and equipment. It also operates in the sectors of rotary filling machines and automatic bottle yard management.


It is sugar packaging company.It is the manufacturer and works in the packing and packaging – machinery and equipment sector. It also operates in the agricultural sectors – machinery and materials, baling machines, packing machines for packing, and sugar beet bagasse.


Founded in 2003, it operates in the bag packing machinery and equipment sector. It also operates in the sectors of filling machines and canning machines. It is based in Istanbul, Turkeyز



Sugar cube packing machine

The machine is intended for producing sugar cubes. It is semi-automatic. Filling is done by a pneumatic suction located at the end of the machine (vacuum cleaner system), and for filling, a worker is assigned to this area.

Forming sugar cubes by this machine is very easy, once you put sugar in the bottom silo of the machine, the production process is done as follows. The sugar is transferred from the lower silo to the upper silo automatically. After that, the sugar is transferred to the mixer that mixes the sugar with water (a few showers of water).

After the mixture is transferred to the molds designated for the cubes, in this way the cube is formed in the required shape after that, and with the help of the pneumatic compressor, the cubes are pushed into the ovens to complete the drying process of the cube from the previously wasted water.

After drying in the ovens, the sugar is in a wet state, and to prevent this moisture, the drying process comes with the help of the refrigerants on the machine’s line, which is the last stage for the cube to be completely ready. To this stage, with just a key press, the machine automatically completes all these stages.


After that comes the filling process, which is the only manual section of the machine, and this is done by a vacuum machine (air suction).  The electric hood in each stage draws 120 sugar grains, and in order to fill a whole box (1 kg), the process is repeated three times, and within 9 to 11 seconds. The box is ready. The machine produces 167 kg per hour, which is about 4 tons of sugar in 24 hours.


Technical data*

The machine is composed of one mold with a diameter of 350 mm.

The mold has 25 holes. The maximum production limit is 4 tons per day. Depending on the dimensions of sugar, the production capacity varies. The machine works on 380 volts, and the capacity is 6.5 Kw. The machine is equipped with a digital electronic board and no need for other panels.

The screen for conveying sugar (mat) in the machine is made of chrome. The lower store of the machine holds 2 bags of sugar and the upper store holds 5 bags of sugar. The length of the helical channel is 4 meters and the engine capacity is 1.5 HP. The area that should be allocated to the machine is 25 square meters, and the ceiling height should be 2.8 meters.


The maximum possible production of sugar cubes with these molds: length 27 mm, width 18 mm, height 9 mm – 16 mm. Since the machine does not make noise, it can be installed and operated on the ground floors of buildings.

The point of contact of sugar with the machine is of chromium except for the spiral section through which the sugar is transported from the lower store to the upper store.

The machine needs three workers for production.

You can also give the sugar its color and flavor by adding flavorings to the water pump if the additive is liquid. If the additive is in the form of powder, it is added to the sugar. In this case, you must inform us of any material you want to mix with the sugar (whether it is liquid or powder) before starting to manufacture the machine.

General specifications:*

When forming sugar cubes, only water is added to sugar To package the sugar cubes produced by the machine, a vacuum machine is used. With which the sugar produced is withdrawn.

The vacuum machine withdraws 120 number of sugar cubes in each batch, and by means of the worker who works on this machine during three times, each time he withdraws 120 number of sugar cubes, and so he may have finished filling the box, and all this is done within 11 seconds only. The machine only requires two or three workers to operate. A worker for packing sugar cubes and a worker for packing on boxes and cartons and the third for fast work as needed.

The number of sugar cubes in the produced cans varies by 360, 363, 396 number of cubes, provided that the weight of the box does not decrease from 250 grams and does not exceed 1050 grams.

Types of sugar packaging process
Types of sugar packaging process

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