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Sawdust packing machine .. Get high quality from 3 Companies

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sawdust packing machine

Sawdust is mainly used in poultry farms, which means that the demand for it is great. If you want to buy a sawdust packing machine to start your own business, in this article the importing house platform provides you with the best information about the companies that sell different packing machines, including packing sawdust.

Sawdust bale packing machine

The services of the companies selling sawdust packing machine are not limited to selling only, but also related to selling after sales services such as maintenance and teaching workers to use the machine.


FEMIA designs and manufactures wood sawdust machine, machinery and equipment for the continuous preparation and heat treatment of vegetables, sweet corn and fruits.

FEMIA has served the canning, deep freeze and fresh produce industries on every continent for nearly 60 years. From factory product to sawdust machine and packing or freezing line, we fulfill all your needs with large capacity of 20 tons per hour, they also produce machine to make sawdust.

Line receiving and feeding, cleaning, washing, sorting, stacking, trimming, cutting, conveying, continuous heat treatment: whitening, cooling, dehydration, drying.

It is constantly innovating and improving sawdust maker and its devices to meet your needs: increase the efficiency of your lines, maintain the quality of your products, reduce water and energy consumption, simplify and reduce maintenance costs, and extend the life of your device.

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wood sawdust machine
wood sawdust machine

Sawdust manufacturers

2- The Turkish company Atlas:

Atlas International has worked over the past two decades to develop its products and update its production to keep pace with the latest model, the latest scientific and technological developments in the field of packaging lines, automatic packaging and production lines.

The company at the top of list of manufacturing companies in turkey. It seeks to integrate with all its departments within its engineering and technical staff, all the company’s products have been built on precise engineering standards, starting from the study and engineering design using modern scientific and technical methods, through the implementation phase according to strict standards and controls based on the latest industrial, electronic and pneumatic technologies and automatic systems.

The quality of the sawdust machine rental and products that we offer is the essence of our work, so we are keen to choose the best types of parts and metals within the international specifications, which leads to maintenance of parts of the machine equipment, which reduces the friction force and maintenance The work that gives the sawdust packing machine the ability to work continuously for up to 24 hours, which is ultimately reflected in The shelf life of its products compared to other similar products and giving the company the ability to give its customers an open warranty in some countries and a mechanical guarantee for five years in others.

list of manufacturing companies in turkey
list of manufacturing companies in turkey

Its efforts in development and innovation have ownership in the patent for one of its products registered with No. 5355 in the Directorate of Property Protection, and this product can save labor and increase production capacity.

The previous factors enabled the company to find permanent markets for its products, including all Arab countries and many African and European countries, including Russia, Canada and America.

Always looking to serve its customers, its main goal is to provide small sawdust machine that help its customers to provide their products with unique and high quality in the end, and what distinguishes the company also is the ability of its own technical team to implement projects, maintenance and installation in any country in the world.

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Sawdust machine for sale

Sawdust packing machine are your good first step to increase your profit, and although they are expensive, buying them will generate a lot of profit for you, and also save a lot of money and labor-related costs, because by buying a filling machine you will reduce labor to the maximum extent.

3- Sagbel sawdust packing machine Company:

Its activities began in Konya in the year 1962 as a small lathe workshop by Muhammad Ali Soghibili, since its establishment it has operated as a “manufacturing by-product” in a wide range from agriculture to industry.

In addition to the quality of its turkish products online and spare parts and food packaging machines, it has also made a great contribution to the preservation of the Turkish economy and during its period of existence it tried to keep up with technological development day by day and became one of the biggest supporters of the industry in the country, especially Konya, with its investments in the machinery complex.

Sawdust machine for sale
Sawdust machine for sale

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As a result of the research and development activities of the qualified personnel and engineers working in its structure, the foreign dependency in the brother sawdust machine for sale and equipment needed in the packaging sector was determined, and it became a company in the year 1993 in order to produce the respective machines within the state and reorganize its production program by expanding it.

By implementing the projection process of the machines serving the packaging sector, they were arranged according to the state’s conditions in all respects and offered to serve the sector, by exporting a large part of its production, Sağbili Makine recorded its quality by obtaining the ISO 9001 certificate in 2001 and redesigned its machines and obtained Have CE certificates.

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In this article we produce you the sawdust packing machine company which you can from them import from turkey.

Sawdust maker machine

  • Yavuz Makina

They are the first company to produce sawdust machines in Turkey. As a result of their R&D studies, they produce sawdust machines in line with the needs of their customers and the demands of the market They have been planned and produced by keeping the efficiency, quality, low maintenance requirement, long-term working principle of the machine ahead.

The production principle and operating system of their sawdust making machine for sale are based on the movement principle of the chain reducer driven billet loading unit, unlike the machines on the market, and create a continuous and fault-free working system in their machines operating in this system In the world, sawdust and especially pine shavings are used for the purpose of bedding in the livestock sector, there are areas of use especially for poultry, chicken breeding, horse breeding and domestic animals.

The main material used stands out as the pine tree and the resin of pine wood is a repellent against insects and pests. Thanks to wood sawdust machine manufacturer`s bacteria-repellent structure, it is especially preferred in these areas of use Since the produced pine sawdust is used as animal bedding, it can be mixed with fertilizer and compost fertilizer can be made as an end use, since it has an organic structure Their small sawdust machine, which is their production, has an adjustable feature that works on the bearings mounted vertically on the rollers and has a structure that has 7 blades for each roller, and is produced in 2-4-6-8 roller options.

Sawdust machine buy online

When you deal with Yavuz Company you can see the features of their machines.


The machines have a completely steel body structure, the log loading unit is made of high-strength thick steel in terms of resistance to impacts during loading, it is moved by a reducer driven chain with a 140 cm length and 60 cm width, each roller rotates with a 7.5KW (10HP) motor with V-belt.

 3800 revolutions are provided with the system, the chips produced in the sawdust using machine are discharged from the machine with the conveyor belt system, the amount and quality of the chips to be produced affect the productivity depending on the fullness of the log loading unit, the humidity of the loaded logs and the part structure, the cutter rollers are designed to produce the highest quality product.

And manufactured, the machine is operated by a control panel designed separately from the main unit and has emergency stop buttons In parallel with these features, their sawdust machine makes it possible to produce sawdust in the desired quality at the desired amount and time.

  • Chain driven by reducer
  • Billet hopper with Speed ​​Control System
  • Chip exit conveyor belt system of wood sawdust machine
  • Chassis structure Steel Construction
  • Independent electrical panel
  • Roller system with adjustable blade heights
  • Pneumatic pressure system for thin and leftover wood pieces is optionally added.
  • Billet loading chamber dimensions: 1300mm x 600mm
  • Billet loading chamber with adjustable speed control
  • Direct engine starting with independent control panel
  • 66 cm wide exit conveyor belt
  • Operation with 380V
  • Chip thickness can be adjusted as desired
  • Independent control panel
  • Billet loading unit with 1 ”thick chain
  • Thanks to the adjustable blades; Thick Shavings (Horse Shavings), Medium Shavings (Chicken Shavings), Thin Shavings (Chick Shavings)
  • Ordering one or several sets of spare blades with each machine ordered will reduce blade sharpening time.
  • High quality parts are used in the machine in terms of long life and durability.
Sawdust machine making
Sawdust machine making

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Sawdust machine making

  • Bulut Makina

To be a leading company in the sector that provides the highest level of customer satisfaction by following the innovations and technology that the company employees and customers adopt, with the awareness of continuous development, quality and efficient production Where to buy sawdust making machine? To take a high place in the woodworking machinery market with its qualified and expert personnel, without sacrificing quality, using all the facilities provided by technology, and never letting go of safety.

Their mission:

In the woodworking machinery manufacturing sector; To produce innovative products with high added value by transforming all its resources into the national economy and the mentality of fertility in the industry To direct change with extremely safe and efficient technologies with the principle of honesty by presenting its organization that respects corporate and commercial values ​​to the global platform.


The types of wood sawdust machine and foremost value in all their relationships inside and outside the company is honesty. They must ensure the trust of their employees and customers so that they can take firm steps forward in the sector They have achieved this and continue to work meticulously to protect it. They believe that being honest and transparent always pays off.


As Bulut Makina, they are aware that they have a great responsibility in the after sales support of the products of sawdust press machine for sale and services they sell Responsibility, seriousness, and that brings along trust In this context, fulfilling the commitments is the first and most important item of responsibility.

Continuous development:

They follow the developments in their sector and offer the appropriate ones to their customers. The idea of ​​continuous improvement is the basis of their understanding of flexibility. They are constantly improving their infrastructure and knowledge As Bulut Makina, they are aware that they have a great responsibility in the after sales support of the products and services they sell Responsibility, seriousness, and that brings along trust. In this context, fulfilling the commitments is the first and most important item of responsibility.

As Bulut Makina, they guarantee every product they produce and sell. And they prevent your maduriyet by producing solutions to your problems in a short time with their after sales technical support.

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