shoes sole manufacturer in Turkey

Shoes sole manufacturer in Turkey … best 4 shoes factory in Turkey

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hoes sole manufacturer in Turkey

Turkey is famous for its interest in all kinds of fashion, whether clothes or shoes, so it has shoes sole manufacturer in Turkey. You can follow us in our importing house platform to know more about the best shoe’s factories, companies, suppliers, shops, manufacturers and shoes sole types made in Turkey. Let’s start with the best shoes sole manufacturer in Turkey and how to buy from them.

Shoes manufacturers in Turkey

The Turkish shoe industry has a strong position among the exporters of high-quality fashion products, and this is evidenced by the growth of foreign investment in the leather industry, as it occupies a prominent position in the Turkish economy, produces according to international standards shoe making materials wholesale and is more sensitive to health and climate. It is one of the leading export sectors in Turkey,

from manufacturing to hygiene, environmental and skin standards. According to the statistics of the Ministry of Research, Industry and Technology for the year 2016, production in this sector is done manually through semi-mechanical production processes and about 15 percent of the production is handcrafted, and the industry includes approximately 6334 places producing leather and its products and 60,271 insured, and production consists in the industry wholesale foot wesr In Turkey, there are approximately 6,334 leather and leather products production places and 60,271 believers.

Shoes manufacturers in Turkey
Shoes manufacturers in Turkey

Shoes manufacturing companies in Turkey

The most famous and largest factories and companies that design and manufacture shoes with luxurious and high-end designs, shoe factories in Turkey, and from here we will present to you some shoe companies in Turkey, offering shoes sole price wholesale in Turkey.

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Manufacturer of men’s sports shoes in Turkey and men’s casual shoes.

2- Axin Corporation

It depends on it in shoe sole wholesale wholesale, and specializes in manufacturing men’s shoes and men’s sports shoes in Turkey.

3- Yavuzlar Corporation

One of the companies that help you import shoes from Turkey, as it provides genuine Turkish leather shoes for men, women, children and sports that meet all kinds of needs and is the most important shoe fair in Turkey that meets the needs of all type’s sole shoes store in Turkey.

shoe soles for sale
shoe soles for sale

4- Shahenturk Marketing Company

The most famous Turkish footwear brand, the company has been operating in Eastern Anatolia and the Aegean region since 1986, and it is a company with a voice in the East Anatolia region in the retail footwear business from Turkey.

Shoes factory in Turkey

If you are thinking and looking for a project in which to invest your money in a successful and profitable mashrouh, you should choose the most sought-after commodities in your local market and it is importing from Turkey easy and not difficult, and shoes are an indispensable commodity for anyone, as it is famous for the quality of the materials and the various beautiful shapes and through the “Best Site “We will get to know the best shoe soles manufacturers in Turkey. Footwear factories in Turkey vary between sports shoes, women’s and children’s shoes, men’s shoes, and original Turkish leather shoes. One of the most important points of the import guide from Turkey shoes sole online Know the most important of these factories:


shoes sole online
shoes sole online

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It is a wholesaler established in 2002 and works in sector shoe soles for sale for children and herbal natural treatment systems as well as children’s clothing website to buy clothes from Turkey and is based in Istanbul, Turkey.


It is a retailer, established in 1992 and is one of the best footwear factories in Istanbul operating in the Turkish men’s buy soles for shoe making sector. It also works in the wholesale trade of men’s shoes and shoes in the suede sectors and is based in Kerman, Turkey.


It is a footwear import office from Turkey and a wholesaler in 1935 and works in the women’s shoes sector and import bags from Turkey, it also operates in the wholesale and footwear sectors.


A wholesaler working in the hosiery and hosiery sector. It also operates in the wholesale footwear sectors. It is located in shoe market based in Istanbul, Turkey.


Manufacturer of men’s slippers and men’s shoes

Manufacturer of men’s shoes and accessories in Turkey Where formal men’s shoes, men’s casual shoes, and footwear factories are manufactured in Istanbul, Basaksehir.

website to buy clothes from Turkey
website to buy clothes from Turkey

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Manufacturer of men’s shoes in Turkey

Boyuzatanayakkabi Company

It manufactures shoes in Turkey (formal shoes for men).

Footwear factories in Turkey vary between sports shoes, women’s shoes, children, men’s shoes and Turkish genuine leather shoes, and they can be purchased turkey shoes online shop as follows:


manufacturer of men’s and men’s shoes in Turkey.


  • shoes and bags manufacturer in Turkey, men’s casual shoes, men’s formal shoes and • • • •Sayinerayakkabi:
  • manufacturing of men’s kandir in Turkey.

Shoes suppliers in Turkey

Every person and in every country, so it is the most successful way to import from Turkey and invest it in the whole world.

And Turkish footwear raw material suppliers are famous for the quality of Turkey’s shoes wholesale, which is considered one of the international brands of shoes that the men and women of society and artists compete for their quality and beauty.

  • NANECILER shoes Supplier of: Footwear | wholesale shoes in Turkey Find out about this company
  • NEWSOCKS: wholesale suppliers of shoes Shoes and shoe soles | Socks industry | Short socks
  • LAVIN TOPTAN: turkey ladies’ shoes | Wholesale shoes
  • FUAT KUNDURA Supplier of: Shoes, ladies’ | | Manufacture of footwear wholesale footwear in Turkey | Evening Shoes | Stylish women’s shoes
  • SINYA AYAKKABI Supplier of: men’s shoes | Wholesale shoes | Shoe manufacturing | Age | Men’s and women’s shoes
  • TOPTAN is AYAKKABISI SAN. TIC. Supplier of: Footwear | Wholesale shoes | Safety shoes
  • KRC AYAKKABI SANAYI VE TICARET Supplier of: wholesale of footwear | Footwear Wholesaler | Shoemakers | Leather and shoes – supplies and accessories | Leather industry, supplies and accessories
  • MARPA MILANO AYAKKABI Supplier of: Footwear | Wholesale shoes | Men shoes
  • Supplier of: Footwear, children’s | Wholesale shoes | Children’s shoes
  • JUMP Supplier of: Shoes, men’s | Wholesale shoes | Men shoes
  • BANDARTY TASARIM SANATLARI VE REKLAM AS Supplier of: Footwear | Wholesale shoes
  • TOFINO ORTOPEDIM Supplier of: Footwear, children’s | Footwear Wholesaler | medical shoes
  • EMIN AYAKKABI TRUST SHOES Supplier of: Shoes, men’s | Footwear Wholesaler | Shoe leather


Shoes suppliers in Turkey
Shoes suppliers in Turkey

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Shoes company in Turkey

The leather industry is one of the most important industries in Turkey, where there are many factories to produce the best Turkish bags and shoes, and we offer you Turkey shoes wholesale companies factories for shoes and bags in Turkey that specialize in manufacturing leather bags and shoes in Turkey, and they have gained international fame, and we offer the best group of companies Manufacturing and shoe factories in Turkey:

1.Ozil AYACPM company:

Industry shoe soles for sale in Turkey has recently become a very preferred place, a faster and more active lifestyle that makes people stand for longer hours and tire more and it is one of the most important reasons for exporting shoes in Turkey, and of course they bear the burden of standing while the different and active days completely follow each other, It is very wonderful. It is useful that they start their business by manufacturing comfortable Turkish shoes for consumers. They offer many offers, and the company also offers special shoes at reasonable prices.

2- Yavuzlar Shoes Company:

Part of Yavuzlar Group of Companies with 34 years of business experience, the owner of Yavuzlar Group of Companies, Irfan Yavuz started his business in women’s shoes factories in Turkey as a grandfather at the age of seven.

3- Yavuzlar Company:

It is one of the footwear factories in Turkey for the manufacture of genuine leather shoes for men, women, children and sports, as it meets all kinds of needs and is one of the most important shoe exhibitions in Turkey, and it meets the needs of all types of stores in Turkey

within the workplace and also for the past two years the market opened to Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Russia and Greece.

shoe soles for sale
shoe soles for sale

4- Shahenturk Company:

The most famous Turkish footwear company, operating in Eastern Anatolia and the Aegean region since 1986, is a company with a reputation in East Anatolia region in the retail footwear business.

5- European used clothes

This company is one of the Turkish companies that provides you with all used and new clothes, shoes, and bags that help you get the best quality and are in shoe material market, in addition to that it brings goods from anywhere and delivers them to you, and it sorts the fashion and shoes that classify them from first class to third class.

6- Rakitex:

This company is the original Belgian company that has been working in this field for 20 years and has the ability to remotely deal with all of its customers, as it helps them get shoes, accessories, antiques, clothes and many other supplies, and their prices are affordable.

7- PEBS Package:

It enables you to get used shoes and clothes with ease and this is because it is one of the largest shipping companies specialized in the field and it is one of the most important original Belgian companies and it is one of the largest suppliers of clothes in the world because it transports goods through trains, ships and trucks, which has many branches in different countries of the world and it is easy to deal with it At what time.

8- Bellamondini:

For the footwear industry in Turkey.

9- The dodoleather company:

For the manufacture of bags and shoes in Turkey.

10.Ucel Company:

Supplier of shoes and leather bags in Turkey.

At the end of the topic, we presented to you through the above the best shoes sole manufacturer in Turkey and footwear suppliers in Turkey, and so we have finished our article and we hope that we have helped you.

Through the above we showed you the largest shoe factory in Turkey, in addition to the most famous Turkish shoe companies, in addition to showing the easiest ways to import from Turkey, so we have finished our article and we hope that we have helped you.

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