plastic cup manufacturers in turkey

7  famous plastic cup manufacturers in turkey

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in plastic cup manufacturers in turkey; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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As for those looking for information and details to benefit him in this field, we list below the information that we hope will benefit you and satisfy your aspirations:

plastic cup manufacturers in turkey

Many household utensils dealers prefer to import them from Turkey due to the high quality and reasonable prices of Turkish products, and plastic cup manufacturers in turkey the most important things that enable traders to import them from Turkey, and the shipping service is available to all Arab countries with the best service.

disposable plastic cup in turkey

There are the best plastic cup manufacturers in turkey producing household purposes that are used in the home, restaurants, cafes and others, and they can be obtained in bulk at the cheapest prices and the best quality as:

clear plastic containers for food wholesale
clear plastic containers for food wholesale
  1. Goreme plastic: They Manufactures of plastic stuffs, Plastic Kitchenware, Plastic Glassware, Glassware, wholesale plastic cup with lid, Serving Plates, Trays, cake Toppers, Divided Trays, Breakfast Trays, Non-Slip Trays, Coffee Trays, Tea Trays, spoons, Sauce Bowls, plastic serving spoons, Trays Breakfast, paper cups bulk and oval plates. Goreme has been among the leading plastic factory in the plastics industry since its foundation in 1972.
  1. Der Plastic Company is considered the most imperative plastic manufacturer in turkey in the plastic materials industry. And is considered one of the first companies in this field and offers: commercial plastic products, plastic cup with lid and straw bulk, plastic bags and nylon bags manufacturing nylon bags of all shapes and types. Manufacturing packing and packaging products such as (medicine bags, plastic bottles, paper bags, cardboard bags, packaging, carton, wallet).
  2. KENT PLASTIK LTD. STI: Kent Company for Plastic trade is considered one of the most plastic companies in terms of manufacturing plastic materials and produces a big number of kinds and shapes, including: Kent Company for Plastic Trade produces wholesale plastic items as plastic cup with lid and straw for sale. It manufactures garbage bags, shopping bags, and zipper and stretch bags. Kent plastic trades various plastic parts such as (wholesale plastic cup, bags, zipper bag, and shopping bags).

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plastic cup supplier

The most important step in the buying method is to buy raw materials from reliable and honest plastic manufacturers in turkey or supplier. Also obtaining the correct quality that suits the purpose as:

plastic company turkey
plastic company turkey

It is Supplier of: Plastics household products, plastic cup manufacturers in turkey, reusable plastic cup with lid and straw, Pajamas production.

  1. Gondol:

is one of the largest manufacturers and exporter of plastic kitchen utensils and the products in this company are divided into three main groups: kitchen tools plastic materials, plastic cup manufacturers in turkey, tableware and disposable utensils plastic containers with lids.


It is Supplier of: wholesale plastic cup distributor, Plastic household items, Plastic articles for home use, Plastic bathroom accessories.


It is Supplier of: Plastics industrial products, Plastics household products, plastic cup manufacturers in turkey, Plastic garden furniture.

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plastic cup price

The best way to find out the prices is by searching on the Internet. Since plastic cup are a product for daily use, selling plastic cup in the market will not be a problem with the forces of supply and demand, it is easy to check disposable plastic cup price in the market and sell them in bulk to dealers or customers.

  • The disposable clear plastic coffee mug ranges from $ 0.03-$ 0.04$ / piece.
  •  360ml Disposable Plastic – Cold Drink Coffee Cup ranges from US $ 13.5-15.05 / pcs.
  • Also, there are some prices for plastic cup with lid and straw walmart for coffee if you buy from Turkey.
  • Reusable Cup Plastic Coffee Cup with Lids US $ 15.0-16.0 / Carton.
  • 400ml Reusable Plastic Coffee cup – Handle Lid Ranging from US 0.02 – 0.03$/ piece

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plastic cup warehouse

Import from turkey via the Internet is common and lowermost cost. But caution must be taken to buy from a company with high ratings by shoppers. For example, there are main commercial sites that include a number of Turkish companies specialized in selling different sorts of goods as online warehouse sales, such as the Turkish Exportal site, Trade key, and Alibaba, which includes a large number of exporters from different parts of the world, including Turkey.

Online purchases are similar in terms of the method, you enter the site and register as a new subscriber, and start looking the goods and add whatever you want to import from turkey, and after confirming the seller’s assessments and credibility through the written reviews from previous buyers.

You pay money via credit card to complete the purchase. And then the seller ships the goods to the specified port that you choose during the purchase process, so that the shipment will arrive during the period specified by the shipping company and then you clear it customs by giving the documents of the company and the shipment, to be received and then sell.

So the market must be studied well first and the prices are studied, and if you do not have good experience in investigative the goods and knowing whether they are of high quality or not, in this case you can use one Companies specializing in checking the goods so that they do not fall prey to commercial fraud.

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