olive oil importers in Saudi Arabia

Top 4 markets you can get olive oil importers in Saudi Arabia

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olive oil importers in Saudi Arabia

Olive oil importers in Saudi Arabia try to know the original olive oil, it contained fats. Olive oil was rich in oleic acid (73% of its basic content), which, according to studies, reduced inflammation, and had beneficial effects on the cancer-related genes. These fats were highly heat resistant, and were therefore the most important type of cooking material.

The demand for olive oil has increased dramatically, because of its many benefits. As it has been tried, and tested on many things, and used on a large scale, the reputation has grown steadily, and here some have decided to sell it to consumers in the marketplace. However, the original type was very difficult to find, and has become difficult to buy However, it is available in the most popular fragrances in Riyadh, among these places Deal, and search on the importing house site for further information.

Saudi Arabia olive oil importers

During the last five years, Saudi Arabia has imported 28149,245 kilos of Spanish olive oil worth 416,364,900 riyals, and has also imported 245,380 kilos of olives worth 802,407 riyals. Hamdan al-Samrin, the Chairman of the Council of Saudi Chambers, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Juwf Industrial Chamber of Commerce, and the Chairman of the Saudi-Jordanian Business Council, said in a statement yesterday, that the volume of imports is one of the most important indicators of the market’s need for olive fruits, and oil.

The olive oil market reached more than 40 thousand tons, as a result of the increasing demand for it, and domestic production of it covers between 8, and 10 thousand tonnes, while, according to the statistics of the Customs Authority, the Kingdom imports the rest of the business needs from 10 countries, by up to 31 thousand tons, from Countries: Syria, Tunisia, Spain, Sultanate, Italy, Jordan, Lebanon, UAE and Greece.

 Oil import, and the General Customs Authority revealed, that the Kingdom’s imports of olive oil last year 2018, amounted to 428,728,532 riyals, at a time when the CEO of the Olive Festival in Al-Jawf region Hussein Al-Khalifa confirmed, that olive cultivation is oncentrated in the north of the Kingdom in Al-Jawf, Tabuk, and Hail, considering that Al-Jawf is the most widespread, and productive, and covers part of the growing market year after year, noting, that the product from olive trees is divided into olive juice, “oil”, and pickled olives, and despite the fact that Al-Jawf Agricultural Company obtained a certificate of Guinis, as the largest organic olive farm in the world, and achieved The national company a few months ago certified international in product quality, as well as Nadak.

‏Despite the great interest of olive oil importers in Saudi  Arabia in the olive tree, especially in recent times, which is subsidized by the state, many farmers have stressed that there are challenges facing local production in filling the local market, in addition to the fact that the market needs to diversify, as agricultural engineer Ali al-Mutairi says the challenges facing farmers in increasing production  are mainly fruit processing, collection, lack of improved seedlings, and low frost waves. The productivity of the commune, and the production in the central, and southern regions, Al-Mutairi said: The atmosphere is in my humble view not considered favourable to economic production compared to the northern regions, such as Al-Jawf in terms of the productivity of the olive trees. Year after year the trees are considered to be commune trees. Production is not every year, but year after year, and in small quantities.

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Production in terms of quantity, and quality is not comparable to the northern regions. He said Nashi: Our recommendations in this regard are to plant it as windcuts, and at the same time benefit from its very modest fruits. Raising olive oil production in Saudi Arabia, and how to get self-sufficiency from local production, said agricultural engineer Ali Al-Mutairi, it takes more government support, and government factories to manufacture the product at high quality, and raising production to meet a large part of the growing market needs.

The olive expert, and specialist in olive oil bulk wholesale research, and technology, Dr. Bassam Al-Oish, revealed, that the weight of the Kingdom’s imports of olive oil amounted to about 23.6 thousand tons, valued at 300,000 riyals. Saudi ‘s consumption of olive oil evolved from 4.5 thousand tons to more than 25 thousand tons. This came in a lecture given by Al-Ouish within the activities of the Olive Festival in Al-Juf, which is currently held at the Prince Abdullah Al-Hadhari Center in Skakka, and will continue until the third of Jumada Al-Awwal under the title “Organizing the olive industry to accompany the vision of 2030.”

Al-Ouish said it is expected, that the olive oil in KSA production this year will reach more than 8,000 tons, a slight decrease from last year due to the hot, and continuous summer as it is a floating year. “The Kingdom will continue to build strategic stocks at adequate, and safe levels to deal with emergency situations, and will build strategic agricultural partnerships with countries blessed by God with natural resources of fertile soil, and abundant water to protect our water resources.

olive oil importers
olive oil importers

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Olive oil market in Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Al-Jawf region holds an annual festival to sell olive oil products, as it is considered the largest market for the important crops in the Gulf region. The festival also displays a number of olive oil types, about 100 thousand liters of pure olive oil, along with another 15 tons of table olives, which is the production of the Al-Jawf region of olives It is estimated at 18 million olive trees.

  1. A simple olive oil hollow is a shopping center, one of the best places to sell original olive oil in Saudi Arabia in Riyadh, with excellent prices. Address: King Abdullah, Riyadh 12451, Saudi Arabia.
  2. Many natural oils, and honey are a natural food store, one of the most important in the sale of olive oil, the oils are squeezed in front of the consumer to ensure quality, and credibility. Address: Al Muqabirah Street, Al Deira, Riyadh 12651, Saudi Arabia.
  1. Al-Jawf Agricultural Development Company, where to buy bulk olive oil. Al-Jawf Olive Oil Riyadh, all olive oil volumes are in cardboard, and they, also have olives the store is more than wonderful, it is, also a leader in agricultural investment regionally, and a Saudi joint stock company. Address: King Abdullah, Riyadh 12451, Saudi Arabia.
  1. Fashion Store – The Fashion Store is considered one of the best stores in Saudi Arabia, because it contains all types of best quality olive oil in Saudi Arabia at the lowest prices, along with free shipping, and delivery services. Top of Fashion: The store has the best hashish oil, and olive oil, good prices, and very high quality. The store offers a free delivery service to your home, and you find a cooking site, that sells all sorts of olive oil at a very high-quality price.
olive oil price in Saudi Arabia
olive oil price in Saudi Arabia

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olive oil price in Saudi Arabia

The price of olive oil in Saudi Arabia varies by type, because the price of a litre of olive oil in Saudi Arabia is estimated at 30 Saudi rials, equivalent to eight dollars. The Saudi Al-Jawf region holds an annual festival to sell olive products, which is the largest market for important crops in the Gulf region. The festival also offers a number of olive oils about 100 thousand liters of pure olive oil plus another 15 tons of olives for the table. This is a production of olive oil for sale estimated at 18 million olive trees. Retail oil can be described, as the first solution All hair problems, the original product can be obtained from a number of known stores containing all kinds of genuine oils, whether hashish, or olive oil, for example, Saudi olive oil prices.

The price of olive oil made in Saudi Arabia varies by type. The price of olive oil per litre in Saudi Arabia is estimated to be about 30 Saudi riyals, or about eight dollars.

Olive oil prices in Saudi Arabia We will show you the prices of the most famous Saudi brand for the sale of olive oil, and what is the price per liter of olive oil Oil: 250 ml unit capacity – dark glass bottle, number of units in the box: 24 units, box price: 288 Saudi rials, unit price 12 Saudi rials. Zayton: 500 ml unit capacity – dark glass bottle, number of units: 12 units, box price: 216 SAR, unit price: 18 SAR. Zaytouna: Unit capacity: 750 ml – Dark glass bottle, Number of units: 12 units, Box price: 324 SAR, Unit price: 27 SAR.

Olive oil brands in Saudi Arabia:

  • Nadek: won the 2018 Pule International Award for best organic virgin olive oil for the tenth time in a row, from 2008 to 2018. The competition includes sending samples of olive oil for scientific laboratory analysis, as well as tasting all specimens by olive oil, and straits experts, and more than 500 companies specializing in organic extra virgin olive oil in Saudi Arabia production from around the world. In this year. Nadek represented Saudi Arabia as one of the leading companies in the field of organic virgin olive oil, winning for 10 consecutive years, confirming the company’s desire, and participation in representing the Kingdom before the world and its direct effectiveness in seeing the Kingdom. Saudi Arabia 2030.

Wadi Food olive oil Another distinctive best type of olive oil is Wadi Food olive oil, which is considered one of the leading companies in the food products industry.

  • Toledo olive oil is one of the types of olive oil, that can be relied upon, and bought to create delicious, and healthy food dishes, and Toledo is a brand, that seeks to provide food products.

Freshly olive oil is a very special olive oil suitable for all cooking purposes from cold food to frying. It is very healthy, useful, and of high quality. Be careful when storing it.

  • El-Reem olive: It is best bulk olive oil offers you different sizes of extra virgin olive oil, which helps you to prepare delicious, and distinctive dishes with healthy olive oil, that is useful for you and your family.

Saudi Arabia imports about 30,000 tons of olive oil, and consumption increases dramatically after changing dietary habits, and increasing consumer awareness, while annual consumption growth is greater than domestic production, so that consumption growth exceeds 25%. There is, also a lot of support from the Agricultural Investment Fund, so it helped plant 3 million olive trees, making the move in this direction more independent, while domestic olive oil production in Saudi Arabia is less than 20% of that. Domestic consumption, with the olive oil importers in Saudi Arabia taking over consumption.

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