imported olive oil uses

Imported olive oil uses … 9 Proven Benefits

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imported olive oil uses

Are you looking for imported olive oil uses ? Here we will mention the most important uses of olive oil, and we will show you the types of olive oil, and we in Importing House will explain to you the benefits of olive oil, so follow us..

Imported extra virgin olive oil uses

extra virgin olive oil is one of the best types of oils, and the most used around the world, as there are many uses, whether food or industrial. Because it contains a high percentage of nutrients, which are essential for a healthy body, such as vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, antioxidants and others.We’ll show you……

  1. Skin care

People are increasingly using olive oil for the skin due to its moisturizing effect, as olive oil is usually used in face washing products, and some cosmetic materials contain olive oil in their ingredients, and it is included in some types of soaps and body washes, and olive oil can also be used as a moisturizer from Without adding any other substance, by applying it directly to the skin.

  1. hair care

Olive oil can add softness and strength to hair, and you can massage the hair with olive oil for several minutes, or massage the scalp with it .

  1. Reducing stretch marks

To reduce the appearance of stretch marks, it is recommended that you apply ample amounts of olive oil to the area where these marks appear.

  1. Reducing earwax

Earwax accumulation can be reduced by putting some drops of olive oil in the ear for some consecutive nights

  1. Baby massage

Baby massaging has many benefits, including improving sleep and digestion, and olive oil massage contributes to making the baby’s skin soft and supple.

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Olive oil benefits

The benefits and qualities of olive oil make it one of the best oils available, and these are its various benefits

  1. Rich in healthy fats

Most oils contain fats of all types (monounsaturated, polyunsaturated, and saturated fats), but pure olive oil contains the largest amount of monounsaturated fats by 82% and contains only 10% unsaturated fats, and these fats. They are more stable than other types of unsaturated fats. It is the favorite in food. The same applies to canola oil extracted from flaxseed, which contains large amounts of monounsaturated fats.

Fight cholesterol and promote heart health. Monounsaturated fats reduce the level of “bad cholesterol” (LDL) that causes cholesterol to deposit in the arteries, reduce blood pressure and prevent heart disorder. In contrast, polyunsaturated oils  such as sunflower, corn and soy oil  are easily oxidized in the presence of oxygen, which may lead to an increase in “bad” cholesterol and its deposition in the arteries of the heart. Perhaps this explains the link between the Mediterranean diet, which is common in Mediterranean countries such as Cyprus and Spain where the proportion of olive oil consumption accounts for 80% , with a reduced risk of atherosclerosis and heart disease.

  1. Rich in Vitamin E

Pure olive oil contains vitamin E, which some believe has similar properties to linoleic acid, and linolenic acid is found in the omega3s in fish oil. But we must remember that olive oil does not contain some important fatty acids that the body cannot manufacture on its own, and therefore it cannot be the only oil we use.

  1. Anti aging

One of the benefits of olive oil is its natural use against aging (ANTI AGING) and the treatment of some skin diseases that come naturally with age (Read more about the benefits of olive oil for hair and skin). Other benefits Olive oil is also useful in the following cases

  1. Prevent constipation

Studies show that olive oil can eliminate the Staphylococcus aurous bacteria There is evidence that olive oil reduces the risk of cancer. Effective in treating seborrhea dermatitis, dandruff, and eczema. Excellent when mixed with other oils to massage dry skin as well as for body scrubs with salt.

Olive oil industry
Olive oil industry

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Olive oil industry

Precede Steps to olive oil manufacturing. The stage in which the olives are prepared and prepared in order to extract the oil from them, where the olives are prepared through some sequential stages, which are the feeding and leaf removal phase, the washing phase, the crunching phase, the mixing and stirring phase, and at the end the pure olive oil separation phase.

  1. The feeding stage and leaf separation

At this stage, the olives are placed in a machine prepared only to remove the olive leaves from the olive leaves, which separated them well, to the quality of the oil in the oil, and the removal of the leaves maintains the quality of the oil in the olives.

  1. The washing stage

Where water is used to get rid of any suspended materials that may be present on the olives.

  1. The crunch stage

After the olives are cleaned and washed, the clean kernels are placed inside the crunching machine, and there are two types of crusher machines, the stone machine, which consists of two or three cylinders, rotates in an axial way, and helps to crush the olives and not stick, but it is a very slow process. Currently, the second type of milling machine is used, which is metallic, but despite its speed, there is a possibility that some traces of minerals in the machine will be transferred to the oil.

  1. Flipping stage

At this stage, the oil droplets that resulted from the grinding process are collected and collected to facilitate their separation from the water, and in order to achieve this, the mixing unit is supplied with a thermostat, in order to raise the temperature of the resulting oil, but it is very necessary not to raise the oil temperature too much, to maintain Its flavor, does not increase the acidity of the oil The olive oil separation stage

In the final stage of olive oil manufacturing, the pure olive oil is separated from the rest of the components that resulted from the grinding process, as this is done through the pressing process or the centrifugation process, and sometimes the two processes are used together, in order to obtain better quality oil

  1. Stock up on olive oil

It is advised not to expose olive oil to sunlight, as it is rapidly oxidizing, and so that it does not lose its nutritional value, and it is not recommended to store it in plastic containers, to prevent interaction between it and plastic particles, so care must be taken to store it in glass containers, opaque, and in closed places.

Types of olive oil

  1. The first type is extra virgin olive oil

What olive oil is best Extra virgin olive oil is considered the best quality olive oil and the highest price, and it is produced from the first juice of olive oil, and the percentage of acidity in it is less than 1%, and the lower the acidity percentage, the higher the quality of the oil.  Essential fatty acids and vitamin E, which have a good taste, and therefore it can be used in preparing all types of food.

  1. Extra virgin olive oil

It is prepared in the same way as olive oil, excellent virgin, but it differs from it in its high acidity, which is therefore lower in price.

  1. Olive oil regular

It comes third in terms of quality after the previous two types and is thus the lowest price.. Some manufacturers may resort to adding quantities of virgin oil to thistype .

  1. Paste oil

This type of olive oil is considered one of the poorest types and therefore its price is low as it reaches half the price of the previous types, and it does not contain any health benefits, nutritional elements, taste, taste or smell as well, and is manufactured from the remaining olive (olive pomace) From the manufacture of the previous types of olive oil, as some harmful chemicals are added to it, which makes it lose any health benefit.

Imported olive oil prices
Imported olive oil prices

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Imported olive oil prices

The price of olive oil from old trees is significantly high, as there is a 180yearold tree in Turkey in Teos, Izmir, and the price of half a liter of olive oil produced from it is about 22 thousand Turkish liras, or about 6.46 US dollars, and there are about 180 million trees in Turkey.  The olive production amounts to one million and 200 thousand tons, and Turkey seeks to be the first in the world. How to import olive oil Import methods differ from Turkey, and we will show you all the methods with the disadvantages and advantages of each method.

  1. Online import

Importing from Turkey via the Internet is common and the most abundant, but you have to be careful with a company with high ratings from buyers, for example there are the best import sites from Turkey, which includes a number of Turkish companies specialized in selling different types of products.

  1. Traveling to Turkey

Traveling to Turkey allows you to visit many companies and markets, but the disadvantage of this method is the increase in expenses, as travel and accommodation are very expensive and accommodation there, but it is a guaranteed and recommended method.

  1. Importing via an intermediary

It is called the import method for the benefit of others, and this method relies on assigning one of the import and export companies that work exclusively in the field of import from Turkey “with long experience” to buy the products you need with the required specifications. For that company to carry out the import and customs clearance process. But in return you will pay money for those services,and this reduces your profit margin of course.

You must have your own experiences and save the most money to make your profit margin high. Steps to import from Turkey Search electronically the aforementioned sites at the point of import from Turkey via the Internet or by relying on Google. You must have full knowledge of the specifications of the products you wish to import. You must specify the port of shipment for the seller to send at that port. In conclusion, dear reader, we have shown you the imported olive oil uses, it’s prices, and How to import olive oil

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