olive oil importers in Denmark

Best olive oil importers in Denmark who you can find them

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olive oil importers in Denmark

Discover detailed information about the olive oil market in Denmark and find out about import and export data related to Denmark, including the identification of olive oil importers in Denmark Through importing house platform you will find that.

Importers of olive oil

Denmark is not a producer of olive oil, as most of the olive production is in the Mediterranean countries, so olive oil importers in Denmark import from the largest olive oil producing countries, especially Greece, which is the country that supplies Denmark the most olive oil according to statistics.

The volume of Denmark’s imports from 2009 to 2019, the statistics indicate that the volume of import of extra virgin olive oil reached about 4.6 thousand tons with a value of 1665 billion Danish kroner, and another olive oil of 1.5 thousand tons was imported with a value of 39 billion Danish kroner. The average household consumption expenditure on Denmark olive oil changed ark from 2009 to 2019, as household consumption expenditure on olive oil reached about 101 Danish kroner.

Sinodan consulting:  they are olive oil importers in Denmark; they import extra virgin organic olive oil, edible oil, extra virgin olive oil and olive oil Siris Denmark: they import spring water, sunflower oil, olive oil and organic coconut milk.

Olive oil price in Denmark

Most of the olive oil brand in Denmark is false, as the Danish Food and Drug Administration found that only 6 of the 35 brands presents contain real premium virgin olive oil Denmark. Also, it found that 12 of these brands are not suitable for human consumption. Most of these signs were special labels for bulk oils that were packaged on purpose for supermarkets and it was poor storage and as a result of exposure to heat and light, this negatively affected the product’s properties.

  • Organic extra olive oil 1000 kg at price $1.00 – $3.00
  • Extra virgin olive oil 2000 kg at price $100.00 – $ 600.00
  • Pure Essentai olive oil 2000 kg at price $100.00 – $ 600.00
  • Extra virgin olive oil pure 100 kg at price $5.00 – $ 10.00
  • Virgin olive oil 50 cases at price $15.00 – $25.00
  • Extra virgin organic olive Edible oil 100 kg at price $5.00 – $10.00

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Olive oil wholesale suppliers

Global pack:

They are suppliers from Denmark that offer high quality refined olive oil and excellent virgin olive oil. They have many other cooking oils such as sunflower oil, soybeans and corn oil. They have olive oil of various types and they have excellent Turkish olive oil types cold pressed with perfect taste and high nutritional value.


They are wholesale suppliers whose products include extra virgin olive oil, coffee and cosmetics, they supply directly from manufacturers without intermediaries to offer the best prices and ensure that customers are provided with high quality. They supervise the entire production process until packaging. All products are certified and ready with all export documents and they export to Greece, Italy, France, Germany and Britain as well as supply of olive oil bulk wholesale to the obedience and many stores.


Wholesale suppliers of award-winning Spanish products, their products include raw honey, extra virgin olive oil, wine and cosmetics. All products are CE certified.


Is a wholesale olive oil supplier, marketing their oils locally and internationally This company was established in 2010 and it works in the field of food and beverages, virgin olive oil and organic olive oil produced in Turkey?


The company welcomes all international olive oil merchants to acquire the famous Edremit olive groves and obtain their own olive oil through the cold press process. They are specialized in retail and wholesale where to buy bulk olive oil, they have olive oil packed in several different packages that have a delicate flavor and a wonderful flavor in addition to a color that varies from yellow to green and are able to prepare all types of bottles, plastic bottles and plastic boxes from 125 ml to 5L.


It is a Greek company working in international imports and exports and includes a wide range of Greek foods and beverages, especially extra virgin olive oil, organic olive oil, olives, dairy products, prepared foods, sweets and cosmetics.


It is a company that produces spices, honey and olive oil, and the products are produced with high quality and strict control and find unique flavors from Madagascar, Mauritius and Sardinia and supply to restaurants and retail stores and export to various countries.


It is a supplier of extra virgin olive oil. This company represents two of the largest companies working in the export of olive oil are Torremar and Beneoliva, they are proud of their products in Helsinki, they have many customers there, besides their products in France, Paris and the United States, and they supply many of their products to restaurants all over the world and they have received many awards

Manufacturer of olive oil
Manufacturer of olive oil

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Manufacturer of olive oil

The use of olive oil has become increasingly common in recent times, and most olive oil trees are cultivated in the Mediterranean basin. The Mediterranean countries are the largest producers of olive oil. The olive oil market is one of the most regulated markets as it is produced under the supervision of the International Olive Committee, and olive oil is classified commercially constructively. Based on its acidity and olive oil types, extra virgin olive oil, virgin olive oil, refined olive oil and olive-pomace oil, the following are the best international companies for the manufacture of olive oil that produce the best olive oil brands.


It is a Spanish multinational company that is a pioneer in selling olive oil. It sells its products in more than 60 countries and sells under the brands Carbonell, carapelli, Bertolli, sasso Also, besides manufacturing olive oil, it has a large market in vinegar, table olives and the Carbonell brand is their leading brand in Spain and has the highest sales in Spain compared to the brands.


It is a leading olive oil manufacturer and also manufactures soap and cooking oils. This company sells its products under different brand names, such as Oliviera Da Serra, Andorinha, Fula, olivari, Gem, Tri – Fri, Clarim, Vege and Fontoliva. In 2016 the Oliveira Da Serra brand it planned to establish a marketing and distribution strategy to expand its entry into the Chinese market and Russia.


It is a global food manufacturing company that is very distinct in industrial packaging and marketing of seeds, olive oil, fruits and vinegar. It has a strong group of distribution and transportation agents. It exports its products to more than 120 countries and they have other products such as pasta, sauces, balsamic vinegar and nuts.


One of the pioneers in the manufacture of olive oil and a Portuguese company and has a great experience in working with olive tree farmers and mill owners, it is more than 90 years of experience and follows strict quality standards, it works directly with farmers, experts and researchers and has won many international awards for its excellence in the manufacture of olive oils.


It is one of the largest foodstuff companies and manufacturers of olive oil. It is a Greek company specialized in producing olive oil and manufacturing cheese. It exports its products to about 42 countries. It produces extra virgin olive oil, extra virgin olive oil, organic virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar and fine cheese, and it holds a food safety and quality certificate for its factory.

In the end, we have provided you with olive oil suppliers and manufacturers that olive oil venders can contact to buy wholesale olive oil. The market for olive oil has become constantly increasing and a good and safe area for trade.


One of the most important producers of extra virgin and organic olive oil packed in Tunisia. Their production capacity is about 1000 bottles per hour or 900 tons per year of olive oil.

olive oil importers
olive oil importers

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It is a Spanish company that produces and controls all oil operations from private fields to customers directly. They have 240 hectares of olive trees in Barcelona and they mix extra virgin olive oil on the cold, which gives a very green flavor, which is a mixture of green almond flavor, fresh grass, tomatoes, lettuce and artichokes most distinguishing They have extra virgin olive oil, and the olive oil is kept in an atmosphere of nitrogen to fight oxygen and control the temperature, they have won numerous awards around the world from China, Japan, New York, California, Italy, Greece, France, Switzerland and the United Kingdom and they are looking for a distribution chain to sell their premium virgin olive oil in the UK and around Europe.


It is an agricultural food company with leading and high-quality brands in the olive oil sector such as Riccolivo and The Mill, their olive oil comes from the Edremit region, which is located at the foothills of the Aegean Sea, an area characterized by a wonderful Mediterranean climate for agriculture, with very low acidity levels. And extra virgin olive oil they have is ideal with a rich aroma and full of vitamins important to human health and gives a slight burning sensation in the tongue and this indicates that the polyphenol content is high due to its superior quality and does not contain any preservatives or additional.

There are also many olive oil brans to trust from various olive oil producing countries around the world in Spain, Italy, Greece and Turkey, which are all of high quality and have been tested by experts and award-winning olive oil, here is a list of the best of these brands.

  • California olive Ranch
  • Capezzana extra olive oil
  • Olio Verde oil
  • Georgia olive farms
  • Monini
  • Cobram estate
  • Zoe
  • Agrumato Lemon
  • Marchesi de Frescobaldi Laudemio
  • Bright land
  • Kiroland signature
  • OLEO
  • Bertollio
  • Pianogrillo
  • O-Med
  • Gaea fresh
  • Theros
  • Miraval
  • O-Live & Co

In the end, we have provided you with olive oil suppliers and manufacturers can you contact with them to buy wholesale olive oil. The market for olive oil has become constantly increasing and a good and safe area for trade.

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