olive oil wholesale market in Chennai

olive oil wholesale market in Chennai …. Best 6 olive distributors in Chennai

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 olive oil wholesale market in Chennai

The consumption of olive oil wholesale market in Chennai has witnessed a growth in recent times when the Indian people realized the importance and benefits of olive oil and its impact on health. The market for Indian olive oil is expected to grow in the coming years at a rate of 1.050 in terms of volume. If you want to know all the information related to the olive oil in Chennai Through the importing house platform, you will Follow us…

Olive oil wholesale distributors Chennai

The olive oil market has witnessed great growth in India, so as we know that olive oil has many benefits for the general health of the body, hair and skin because it contains a group of elements rich in vitamins and antioxidants, so there has been an increase in demand from olive oil wholesale buyers for it and the retail sector also increased, and to increase awareness among consumers in India, companies provided samples of olive oil packages so that consumers could test the product and be included in their daily use in packages ranging in size from 10 grams to 250 grams. There are three main types of extra virgin and refined olive oil. India is not one of the big countries in the production of olive oil, but its production is small, as olive oil production in India is only in the state of Rajasthan because it is the only region that fits the production standards. Rather, it depends on imports from the major olive oil producing countries, namely Spain and Italy; the following will review olive oil wholesalers Chennai in India.

1-Dhanya Associates:

It is one of the largest importers and main distributors of olive oil wholesale market in Chennai with eight decades of experience. It imports olive oil from the largest olive oil producing countries such as Italy, Spain and Turkey. They are market leaders in southern India where to buy olive oil in bulk Chennai and introduced many European brands to the Indian market, they represent M/s Marbil Yag Sanayi Ve Ticaret, A.S. Izmir which is working in the production and packing of olive oils since 1936. They offer bottles of 125 ml in Unique packaging of cartons RED COLOR, thanks to an extensive client network, their products have reached every nook and cranny of southern India.

2-Ekin olive oil:

It is a brand that imports high quality olive oil, they leaders in the olive oil wholesale market in Chennai, they always strive to provide their customers with the best possible quality, and they are currently dealing in pure olive oil and extra virgin olive oil in different sizes.

3-Kantila N Shah:

Founded since 1955, they are famous importers and agents of a wide range of pure extra virgin olive oils. They have a group that caters to the food, medical and pharmaceutical needs in different parts of the world, they are more than five decades of experience in understanding customer requirements and have represented different brands from Italy, France, Spain and Turkey with the help of their advanced storage facility that enables them to store olive oils from their sources in large quantities to meet the growing customer requirements.

4-Zetun Company:

Founded since 2014, they play a major role in manufacturing and importing natural olive oil, organic olive oil and extra virgin olive oil in Chennai, which are imported from Australia. A company that is 100% natural fruit juice that preserves all the flavors, aroma, vitamins and many other microelements of olives such as antioxidants. It is a very healthy product, as it contains all the extra virgin olive oil benefits such as reducing heart disease and improving liver and pancreatic functions with its aromatic aroma and sweet balanced flavor and provides many vitamins and nutrients.

5-Kathiresan oil store:

It is a wholesaler of olive oil, VVD coconut oil and Gold winner oil in Chennai, India.

6-Gold coin Edible oils:

This company has been tasted since 1980 and it is a leading company in the manufacture of a wide range of oils to meet the daily health and cooking requirements such as olive oil, coconut oil and refined sunflower oil, where you can buy wholesale olive oil in Chennai. This company is characterized by the best quality and price ever and the best service work.

Where to get olive oil in Chennai

You can get olive oil in Chennai from stores that specialize in selling products and organic oils such as olive oil and others. There are also online sites such as Amazon and the Indiamart Website; it is one of the best online olive oil websites for displaying all olive oil market products in India. Below are some olive oil stores in Chennai.

-Dhanyam organic superstore:

It is a store that contains a wide range of organic groceries, organic spices and organics olive oil cold pressed. This store also specializes in apple cider vinegar, organic ghee and organic raw honey and has a delivery to the door.


Is India’s No.1 and top-rated wood pressed oil online store, all of their products are natural, free from any chemicals, preservatives or additives.


 It is an online store for cold pressed wood oils whose products include ginger oil, peanut oil, olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil, honey and spices.

Olive oil shop
Olive oil shop

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Olive oil shop in Chennai

Olive oil is one of the healthiest oils and has many benefits in the general health of a person, such as preventing heart disease, blood vessels, diabetes, and others. Therefore, it is most requested when you stand in the olive oil section of the supermarket you may look confused in front of the shop shelves to choose the right olive oil. There are many brands that you will encounter, and each one claims to be the best, but which one to choose, we will show you a range of brands that you find in Indian stores that include a variety of olive oils such as extra virgin olive oil, olive oil, extra light olive oil and olive pomace oil.

  • Del Monte olive pomace oil, 5L
  •  Is very subtle in smell and taste
  •  High quality without preservatives
  •  Perfect for everyday Indian dish.
  • Leonardo olive oil:

 It is a brand of southern Italy since 1890, providing different types of olive oil, extra light olive oil and extra virgin olive oil, all suitable for all forms of Indian cooking   Their olive pomace oil is suitable for all Indian food and fried foods, it has a very high smoke point higher than sunflower and makes the food light and has a neutral taste and   aroma.

  • Colavita Authentic, 1 L:

The Italian brand colavita olive oil companies have introduced 100% pure olive oil, extra virgin olive oil, pomace olive oil and extra Mediterranean olive oil. Colavita 100% organic extra virgin olive oil cold production, fresh oil with delicious balanced flavor produced without the use of pesticides and approved by the US Department of Agriculture.

  • Rafael salgado, 500 ml:

It is a brand in India that offers a range of premium quality olive oils such as 100% pure olive oil, extra virgin olive oil, extra light olive oil and all oils.

  • Figaro olive oil, 1000ml:

This brand comes from Figaro olive oil importers in Chennai, represented by two types, such as extra virgin olive oil, pure olive oil and Figaro oil; it is mild oil rich in antioxidants and is suitable for all skin types.

  • Farrel olive pomace oil, 1L:

The brand offers four types of olive oil, including olive oil, light flavored olive oil, rich olive oil and extra virgin olive oil, all these oils are rich in antioxidants and nutrients and are ideal for frying. They are the best use for Indian cooking without altering the taste and are even reusable up to 3 to 4 times.

  • Disano extra virgin olive oil, 1L:

This brand offers four different types of olive oils, which are extra virgin olive oil, extra light olive oil, pure olive oil and olive oil. These high-quality oils are carefully extracted to provide fresh flavors to the food, these oils contain antioxidants and are free of cholesterol and help reduce obesity. Regular use of olive oil can help in monitoring the blood sugar level.

  • Borges olive oil extra light, 5L:

This Indian company launched three different types of oils, namely, extra virgin olive oil as an alternative to butter and ghee, Burgess olive oil for Mediterranean dishes, and Burgess olive oil, which is very light for aromatic flavor. Borges oil is ideal for frying, roasting and baking, and is used in sauce and pasta.

  • Mesmara extra virgin olive oil, 500 ml:

This company manufactures extra virgin olive oil that is free from chemicals and from any other additives. It can be used for skin and hair and is a delicious addition to salads, raw vegetables and pasta as well.

Olive oil
Olive oil

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Olive oil wholesale price in Chennai

With the change of people’s lifestyle in recent times, it became necessary to switch to a healthy diet, which is what the people of India have realized recently. Oil has witnessed a great rise in the country and has been intensively embraced by the people of India, which led to the growth of the wholesale olive oil market in India. Therefore, it is important to know the wholesale olive oil price in Chennai, India.

  • Oleiva Gold 250 ml olive oil is 170/bottle
  • Edible olive oil, for cooking, packaging size 150 ml is 75/packet
  • Olive oil, packaging size 500 ml is 500/liter
  • Mono saturated pietro olive oil, packaging size 5 liter is 300/liter
  • Olive oil 1 liter (pietro coricelli) is 425/unit
  • Borges pomace olive oil is 1,800/litre
  • Tunzia pure olive oil, packaging type: can bottle is 60/piece
  • Astrra chemicals olive oil, packaging size: 1-5 litre is 700/litre
  • Pure extra virgin olive oil is 500/litre
  • Ondoliva organic extra virgin olive oil, 500 ml is 999/litre
  • Olive oil is 1,500/kg
  • Extra virgin olive oil 350/litre

In the end, through what we have explained, you have to know a good choice between the types of olive oil that are suitable for every need, and through the brands that we mentioned in India, we provided you with assistance in choosing.

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