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medical furniture manufacturers turkey

Turkey is distinguished as a leader in exporting in all fields, not only in the export of clothes and furniture, but also has a large number of medical furniture manufacturers turkey , in this article you can find the most important of these manufacturers.


turkish medical furniture manufacturers

These companies specialize in production and export services inside and outside Turkey:


turkish medical furniture manufacturers
turkish medical furniture manufacturers

 THEY ARE BUILDING THE FUTURE Turkey’s difficult work; they plied with understanding, innovation and advancement. Creative plans, ergonomic plans, client centered item advancement work and after-deals administration quality recognize from their rivals. Numerous National and International archives, Certificates and Standard (ISO, TSE, CE, GOST-R, DIN) their imprint , including Europe, through their agents 16 nations and legitimately their medical furniture turkey items finds with approval market.

Their organization, gotten accomplishment in the development business and the travel industry areas and the clinical assembling industry too in a brief timeframe. In Izmir Torbalı, their new processing plant furnished with the most recent innovative offices in 2013 with the death of exercises, they are glad for kicking off something new in Turkey. They are at the administration of their regarded clients with their 12.000 sqm zone, medical clinic installations, offices that have the entirety of the creation stages in its place. With their social obligation activities and naturalist approach, their image for trending furniture design develops step by step. Their objectives are enormous; their assurance as well.



Sale of materials such as patient examination rooms, examination table, turkey goods, cover and escapes. Intensive care beds, hospital beds, sales, Office furniture sales, Hospital stainless steel sales. Sale of morgue units, refrigerated coffins, funeral cars. Providing the high quality products needed by the market at an affordable price and exporting them abroad. Providing the furniture and equipment needed by hospitals and clinics from A to Z. To produce solutions in furniture and equipment including patient rooms, emergency rooms, operating rooms, morgue units, doctor and nurse rooms and waiting rooms.

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top medical furniture companies


 They are a leading medical furniture and medical equipment manufacturer from Turkey. Mespa was established in 1996 and in a very short time they managed to become one of the leading medical furniture accessories and producers in Turkey. In addition to furniture, they produce medical textile and stainless steel hospital equipment. They focus on elegant, effecient and innovative designs. Their products are manufactured with highest quality using the latest Technologies in the field and they are ce certified. They address the needs of hospitals, health centers and clinics.Apart from common furniture directly related to patients and health care providers like hospital beds, ward furniture, hospital cart and stands, bedside tables, hospital cabinet, and baby furniture.


top medical furniture companies
top medical furniture companies



Since 2015, they have been serving in dozens of sectors such as importing and exporting business, construction materials, machinery, furniture, industrial kitchen, hospital beds, medical products, textiles. In addition, they have many turnkey hospitals, hotels and public housing projects that they have completed. Thanks to their wide supply network, they are proud to be a customer-oriented company that prioritizes trust and customer satisfaction.

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medical furniture factory

  1. MEYSA

MEYSA TIBBİ CİHAZLAR SAN VE TİC. A.S. It serves the sector with the production, development and alternative solutions of patient beds, intensive care beds, stretchers and patient room equipment under the brand “MEISSA”. Their  company, which carries out its production activitiesand  import from turkey in Kayseri, has attached importance to R & D studies since the day it was founded and has made significant investments in this regard.

Their company, which has completed international certification and certification procedures, has made relevant machinery investments, and has succeeded in exporting its products to many countries of the world as a result. Our company, which has reached its goals in producing long-lasting products with the laboratory it has developed and the tests it has made, continues to work without slowing down to offer healthy solutions to its users.

  1. Deval Medikal:

Turkey’s sweat the experience, technology and innovation, they knead with. Innovative designs, ergonomic designs, user-oriented product development studies and after-sales service quality distinguish us from their competitors. With their brand, which has many national and international certificates, certificates and standards (ISO, TSE, CE, GOST-R, DIN), through their representative offices in 16 countries including Europe and directly; their shipping goods to turkey and products find the market with admiration.

Our company has achieved the bar of success in the construction and tourism sectors in a short time in the medical production sector. Izmir Torbalı, to be operational in 2013, with their new factory equipped with the latest technological facilities, they are proud of breaking new ground in Turkey. They are at the service of you, their valued customers, with their facility covering the entire production stages of the Hospital Fixtures, in an area of ​​12.000 m2. Their brand is growing day by day with its social responsibility projects and environmentalist approach.

You can now deal with medical furniture companies safely.

Import furniture from Turkey:

Turkish furniture is unmatched by any type of furniture, as it is the title of quality and luxury, and the elaborate work that satisfies all tastes and is suitable for everyone, regardless of their specific budget, so you will find many buyers flock to your store as soon as they know the presence of Turkish furniture for you, and of course it makes fairy gains. Turkey is one of the countries that enjoys a great reputation in the medical field, and there are many names of companies importing medical furniture from Turkey that import medical supplies from Turkey, especially medical masks, sterilization products and ventilators due to the shortage of these products in the local markets as a result of the Corona crisis, and it is known. In Turkey there is best furniture for hospital  And the import process is one of the processes that require many complex conditions and effort to obtain better quotations, so they will present to you the best companies in this field in the following article.


Established in the year 2005, NATA TEKNIK deals in Export of medical products of Face masks, 3 ply disposable melt blown mask, N95, KN95, FFP2, Disposable surgical gowns, protective suits, protective face shield, visors and medical furniture. This hospital furniture supplier supplies too many hospitals


Established in the year 2003, BELGINER DAI TICARET deals in Export of Mattress, furniture, containers, water filtration systems, natural spring water, natural sparkling water, disposable and washable medical masks, and pep (personal protective equipment) nitrile Are you looking for medical furniture in Turkey, here you will find hospital furniture… E gloves, medical jumpsuits, a disinfectant solution, generator systems and medical furniture.

  • STOA Design Company:

The most characteristic of this company is its very simple designs with innovation and creativity in design. Which forms a unique blend of beauty in furniture and furnishings, and the main focus in Stoat’s designs is on the quality of good woods, such as oak and walnut wood. There is medical furniture for sale All furniture is characterized by natural colors and soft finishes, the designer store, Tardocuman, who began his life designing jewelry in Paris, then designing artworks from wood and metal in Athens, before opening a Turkish furniture store in Istanbul.

Turkish furniture stores Istanbul
Turkish furniture stores Istanbul

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Turkish furniture stores Istanbul:

The state of Turkey in general, some regions in Turkey in particular, in particular, is one of the most important decoration capitals in the world, as modern products have become widespread in the world, and among the most important products are home furniture and medical furniture of all kinds, where home furniture with models and tastes is of high-quality Medical furniture in different shapes and fences, and a high level of safety and confidence. There are many types of hospital furniture And you can buy online through Turkish furniture buying sites.


It is an online store that connects foreign buyers wishing to buy wholesale or piece-by-piece with Turkish producers and suppliers. ESELAMI   acts as two different platforms within one store where there is (Eselami B2B) wholesaler and (Eselami B2C) for sale by piece. In this site hospital furniture price list is good ESELAMI provides a safe and comfortable shopping process from Turkey to its customers, thus

ESELAMI markets Turkish products abroad, which contributes to attracting attention for Turkish products and brands, and on the other hand, it also contributes to increasing Turkish producers and suppliers for their sales and to maximize their customer base abroad.

  • SALONI site:

A Turkish furniture store started its activities since 2000, and over the past 19 years it has made a name for itself in providing distinctive, high-quality and innovative medical Turkish furniture at reasonable prices for everyone. You can find medical furniture online in this site The site manufactures and sells sofas and chairs, bedrooms, dining rooms, TV units, wooden restaurant chairs, medical furniture and other essential pieces. The site maintains its leadership among other companies through permanent development and display of the highest products, with the availability of communication service with trained employees, there are importing from Turkey

  • FFT website:

It is considered one of the largest furniture companies that focus on exporting Turkish furniture online, all over the world, as the value of the furniture it has exported has reached 200 million dollars since 2007, and the site has been able to offer a new way to buy furniture without commission, middlemen or major stores, ensure that high quality furniture arrives at a reasonable price. You can find in this site cheapest medical store furniture

A Turkish site for selling furniture, inside which you can find all home supplies, including bedrooms, dining rooms, TV units, living rooms, sofas, chairs and kitchen furniture, in addition to equipping school halls, cafes, hospitals, restaurants, airports and conference rooms.

Turkish furniture factory:

Importing from Turkey via the Internet is common and it is the most affordable, but you must be careful to buy from a company with high ratings by buyers, for example there are major commercial sites that include a number of Turkish companies specialized in selling various types of goods such as Turkish exporter, trade key, in addition to Ali baba Which includes a huge number of exporters from different parts of the world, including Turkey.

  3. HAMMAM MEDICAL: in this factory you can find wholesale medical furniture

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