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For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in import from Turkey to South Africa; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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import from Turkey to South Africa

Are you looking for the great of Turkish products to import from Turkey to South Africa ? Do you want to know the prices and the best places that you can find what you need from various of Turkish products to import from Turkey ? Don’t worry, through Importing house platform we will introducing all the information that you will need it in future.

Best products to import from Turkey

Turkey products list are many such as knit or crochet clothing, electronic equipment, machinery, clothing, iron or steel products, plastics, fruits and nuts, paper and other many things As in Turkey specially Istanbul region if you went there or you will go there are plenty of various wholesale clothing in Istanbul If your business has a use for any of the listed products, then Turkey is a tried and tested exporter.

Turkey products list
Turkey products list
  1. Armonna Furniture:

One of the largest furniture manufacturers in Turkey was founded in 2004, and best place to import from Turkey to South Africa. It offers one of the largest products in wholesale, it considers as a great school furniture manufacturers Turkey . Armonna Furniture constantly strives to provide you with the best values, selection and service in Furniture Industry.


The company ÜLKÜ GRUP based in Izmir, Turkey , is a Manufacturer and Producer which is a good example to importing from Turkey , which the company operates in the Textile, Blankets, bedspreads, duvets and eiderdowns industry.

  1. AWLAQI:

The company AWLAQI, is a Distributor based in Istanbul, Turkey , which operates in the Import-export – agents industry. It also operates in the Agriculture, and import export of plastics industries.

  1. Bos Plastik Ambalaj:

A plastic bag factory in Turkey was established in Denizli in plastic bag sectors. It produces Roll Garbage Bag, Trash Shopping Bag, Bulk Garbage Bag, Medical Waste Bag in accordance with ISO 9001/2015 Quality Management System.


The company ALFA TURKEY SANAYI VE TICARET LTD, is an Agent and Representative based in Osman Gazi, Turkey , which operates in the Import-export – agents industry. It also a great clothes company in Turkey operates in the Import-export – textile and clothing, Electronics – import-export depot for goods import export of goods and intermediation for import-export industries.


The company UNIVERSAL TRADING SOLUTIONS, is a Retailer based in Kayseri, Turkey , which operates in the Import-export – agents industry. It also operates in the Oil – distribution of petroleum fuels and wooden furniture industries.


The company consider as a wholesale hijab in Turkey is designed a unique perspective on the product, does not compromise the quality and compatibility, and the philosophy of making a difference in every detail.

wholesale hijab suppliers
wholesale hijab suppliers

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  1. Hccce:

A wholesaler in Turkey , they have reseller shops in South Africa to get the clothes in wholesale prices of wedding dresses in Turkey


The company SARAY GROUP, is a Wholesaler based in Istanbul, Turkey , which operates in the Import-export – agents industry. It also working in the Clothing, Bale and Cheap Clothing industries.


One of the respected Turkish towel manufacturers in Turkey which its manufacturer and exporter company of %100 cotton and %100 polyester towels, bathrobes, they provide a wholesale product of all kinds of towels and bathrobes to all over world, offering you good competitive prices, good quality and good service.


A Turkish rug wholesale company, manufacturer and exporter of machine-made rugs and carpets, they export to more than 50 countries all over the world.

Vintage Turkish rugs wholesale
Vintage Turkish rugs wholesale
  1. Disera:

Disera Investment in production started in 2004 in Izmir, TURKEY and product portfolio consists of urine beakers, sharp boxes, and vaginal speculum. In 2014 their production investment reached in a different stage by the evacuated vacuum tube production. Vacusera evacuated blood collection tube price is good, the experience combined in diagnostic field and the production technology there.

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Istanbul Africa trade company

As Turkey is located between Asia and Europe, serving as a bridge geographically, culturally and economically, so Its location on two continents gives Turkey a great advantage in serving the wholesale market in Turkey to Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa. Turkish companies are specialized in Agriculture, machinery, textiles, furniture, chemical industry and metal production, Turkey is the largest 7th largest producer of plastics globally. Here are the best of Turkish trade Companies:

  1. Istanbul Africa Trade Company:

They are a leading international trade company with a special focus on African markets and Turkey . Istanbul Africa Trade Company Through their international trade services, businesses reach better products and deliver services to a greater number of populations, alongside with international trade services, they provide high-quality services in product investigation, trade strategy development and contract manufacturing.

They are improving commercial relations between Turkey and the African countries through professional trade services. The company is the distributor of 16 major Turkish corporations in the Sub-Saharan African markets, they are strongly active in the Machinery, Plastics, Chemicals, Construction, Textile and FMCG sectors.

  1. Yollando:

If you are still paying too much in South Africa for products which are imported from Turkey , you won’t pay too much anymore, because Yollando save your money.ةShop through Yollando from Turkish online stores by Sign up and you will get Delivery Address which you can use while you are shopping from Turkish websites. Combine your products as you wish and they will send in one shipment through their delivery options which are Skynet Express, DHL Express, UPS Express to South Africa.

If they glance at what people buy who live in South Africa from Turkey , they can see many options, like: Clothing, textile, accessories, luxury items, jewelry, Turkish design products, and so many more products preferable for people who live in South Africa.

Trendyol, Koton, Defacto, Lc Waikiki, Adidas Turkey , Mavi,Vakko, Flo, Boyner, DESA, Beymen, Reebok, Oysho, Saat and Saat, Penti, SneaksCloud,Evidea, Sefamerve, Modanisa, Modasena, The Body Shop Turkey ,Ayakkabidünyasi, adl, Yalispor, Mudo, ebebek, Network, Civil, Addax, Linens, Dogostore, Karaca, Altinyildiz, Amazon Turkey , Hepsiburada, N11, D&R, Oxxo, Lescon, Colins, Pierre Cardin, U.S. Polo Assn, SPX, Altinbas, Hotic, Kemal Tanca, Teknosa and more. Yollando is Turkey shipping tracking working with different shipping carriers to forward your packages, from Turkey to South Africa.

Choose the right one for you. Save massive on shipping rates with their free consolidation and repackaging service. Up to 80% cheaper shipping costs to South Africa and you can calculate the estimate shipping rate for your package with their Turkey import tax calculator shipping calculator.


A Foreign Trade Company is an exporter and importer of various industries based in Turkey . They are connected to many factories, suppliers and wholesalers. After their long-term service in foreign trade departments, they decided to start their own business in 2014, with 100% made in Turkey products their main export and business areas are all East Europe, Russian, Poland, Baltic countries, Romania and Moldova. You can contact them for all household-kitchenware-cookware-giftware products, metal and machinery industry, leather bags and shoes, and other export import activities.


They are an import-export trading companies are an official seller for TRONIKO hydraulic jack, hydraulic presses, Auto Straightening Set, Garage Winches. Gearbox Car Lifters, Pipe Bending Set, air springs and ARYAT ultra comfortable bed systems for sweety sleeping, home-kitchen furniture.

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How much does it cost to import goods from Turkey

There are many names of shipping companies between Turkey , and there are many ways to provide the shipping service, and import duty in Turkey which leads to the difference in shipping costs from one company to another.

As each company seeks to achieve best services it provides in the field of shipping at the best prices to distinguish it from the rest of the companies, so we will offer you the names of the most important companies Shipping in Turkey , and among the names of famous shipping companies in Turkey are the following:

  1. TNT
  2. Alamia for shipping
  3. ADWHIT LOGISTIC: It is the only company in Turkey that provides door-to-door cargo delivery service with customs clearance and competitive prices.
  4. HK Africa
  6. AlFares Lojistik
  7. African Waivers
  8. Al-Manara Shipping Company
  9. Aramex

We must note that When shipping something internationally, your shipment may be subject to import duties and taxes. Every country tax items differently – see how duties are applied in Turkey . So, there are also steps that you need to follow in order to be able to buy goods from Turkey of all kinds, and they are:

  • Select the product you want to buy from Turkey .
  • Carry out a sufficient feasibility study for the product, and research the past experiences of importers in the country.
  • Communicate with the company or the source, whether traveling or online, and request quotations and product specifications available.
  • If you agree to the prices, before buying, agree on the method of sending and all possible details.
  • Agree for the product being sent is the same product whose specifications were sent, and this was stated in the contract clause.
  • Request a small sample or buy a small amount of the product to make sure that the specifications match the data sent.
  • Mention a clause in the contract explaining how to pay, in whatever way through a party of your own present in Turkey or by bank transfer, Western Union, or with other methods

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Importing from Turkey to South Africa

Turkey ’s major export best products such as clothes, electronics, plastic, automobiles and agricultural products. And other products exported from Turkey include iron and steel, mineral fuels and oil, precious stones and tobacco. On the other hand, the major import commodities for Turkey include electrical equipment, mechanical appliances, machines of all use like semi automatic liquid filling machines, optical instruments, iron and steel, and pharmaceutical products.

Turkey has started to Exports to countries in Africa and Asia have increased tremendously. Trade with the Organization of Islamic Countries has jumped by more than %60 in 2008. FDI from the Middle East countries increased to almost $2 billion in 2008, and trade relations with Africa are expected to strengthen in 2010.

automatic tablet counting and filling machine
automatic tablet counting and filling machine

Import from Turkey in 2017, 50 % of total imports originated from the OECD countries. The imports from the EU countries have the largest share (36 %) in this group. South Africa is the most developed country in the African continent, it is bordered by Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, and Mozambique. South Africa population is 57 million and has $350 billion GDP, second after Nigeria.

In South Africa, there have been big-scale investments of Turkish companies and Turkey manufacturing products such as: Arcelik bought Defy, a South African home appliances company, for 324 million dollars in 2011. There are also a plenty of Turkish textile and mining companies in South Africa, the value of the Turkish investments in South Africa is more than $500 Million.

In the End, we have mentioned a list of famous places that provide products that Turkey well known for to import from Turkey to South Africa, also, we introduced a list of different shipping companies that would help you in Customs Clearance and with shipping cost to import goods in Turkey .

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