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Leather goods price in Istanbul

You want to know Leather goods price in Istanbul ? places where leather was made in Turkey? In Turkey, and the brands? You’ll read about this in this post, so pay attention. You’ll know what you’re searching for through the importing house

Cost of leather goods in Turkey

The apparel company is regarded to be one of Turkey’s most important industries, and that is why the Istanbul wholesale clothing market is one of the world’s most important markets and one of the world’s leading jacket prices. For women, the quilted jacket costs 295 liras, and women’s denim jeans are priced at 163 liras, and women’s coats are priced at 397 to 931 liras. And the prices of trench coats in Turkey are rising every day and the women’s leather jacket is 992 pounds, the price of leather Turkey jackets looks like Turkey’s wedding dresses and leather goods in Istanbul. And here you are some Leather goods price in Istanbul

## Istanbul New High Quality Black Sheepskin Coat for Mens US $309.00-329.003

## Top Quality Puffer Jacket Hooded Men Coat Best Price US $40.00-50.00 Best Price US $40.00-50.00

## Turkish Faux Fur Coat Faux Fur Lined Coat US $18.88-22.888 Blue Tears Leather and Fur Womens Coats Turkey Faux Fur Coat Faux Fur Lined Coat.

Where to buy leather in Istanbul
Where to buy leather in Istanbul

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Leather products manufacturers in Turkey

If you’re hunting for a leather maker in Turkey, here’s what you’re looking for… Turkey in general, and Istanbul in particular, is considered one of the world’s most prominent fashion capitals, as clothing in Turkey is distinguished by a very high taste, and importing from Turkey is very important as the fashion and modern clothing industry in Turkey is growing day by day as clothing has become like pants and luxury is of considerable interest.

If your knowledge is the first in the Turkish markets do not wait to purchase, there are suppliers of Turkish for veiled women in Turkey at the highest prices and high quality Turkey, and long coats suit the veiled women, and to buy a from Turkey for veiled women is mainly soft fabrics such soft fabrics including lenin, velvet and silk, so the lock feels happy, because it blends beauty and decency, and the jacket can be matched with trousers and a soft blouse underneat, you can find leather jacket factory in this report.

Turkish leather jackets wholesale
Turkish leather jackets wholesale

Mono Uomo factory

It is considered one of the most common and best Turkish garment and leather factory outlets in Istanbul, exhibiting Turkish clothing for sale, manufacturing the most luxury western clothing, such as the best Turkish leather brands for men and women, as well as producing the finest formal men’s and men’s clothing in different styles, it’s also a Turkey jeans factory and the factory is distinguished by high quality and high quality.

Manufacture of Waikiki:

Its products are shown in 567 stores in 27 different countries, this store is distinguished by its high-quality products and fair costs all the products are leather goods cheap in Turkey, and the price of a viscon patek blouse is 60 Lira, whereas the price of a shirt with a narrow tale 54 this manufacturer gets up to sales on the leather wholesale market.

  • The manufacturer of TL.Colyzioni:

Established in Turkey in 1986, one of the leading brands in the trade field in Turkey, and the firm is renowned for its beautiful and modern women’s costumes, this factory is one of the best leather factories in Turkey and offers you leather products list.

  • maker of LFoundedKoton:

This firm was founded in Istanbul in 1988.

  • The maker of Mavi Jeans:

Created in Istanbul in 1991, it has 427 branches in Turkey and broadly, you can find the best leather in this maker.

  • Producer of Hoteg:

It was founded in 1938 and the first branch was in Istanbul’s Kadikoy area, and it is one of the oldest shops in Turkey, which is one of the names of clothing stores in Turkey, this brand is renowned for modern men’s and women’s clothing and men’s leather in Turkey and offers you a wide variety of clothing choices and among the best leather goods company. Are you going to look for a Turkish leather jacket factory? You’ll find everything you’re looking for in this article…

Turkey in overall and Istanbul in particular is considered one of the world’s most famous fashion capitals, as clothing in Turkey is characterised by a very high taste, and importing from Turkey is very popular as the fashion and modern clothing industry in Turkey is growing day by day as clothing has become like pants.

If your experience about import from Turkey is the first to buy in the Turkish markets, there are Turkish suppliers for veiled women in Turkey at the best prices and high-quality Turkey and long coats suit the veiled women, and buying from Turkey for veiled women is mostly soft fabrics, including soft fabrics such as lenin, lace and silk, so the lock feels happy as it combines beauty and ST.

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Dominique factory

The Istanbul-based factory is one of Turkey’s largest and most significant leather and garment factories, making the most expensive leather jackets and the most fashionable women’s apparel and cotton in a range of styles and the best hijab factory in Turkey, as well as being renowned for its high-quality products and exclusive rates.


This factory caters to large businesses that we like to treat each customer as an individual, this present the best No minimum order You select the style/size/color Individual quotes Leather swatches to ensure that you are happy with the colour & quality Payment comparable businesses Guaranteed delivery times, this factory is the best way to find leather


Jappa Leather was founded in 2005 by the second generation of a family, it’s a factory for leather in bulk experienced for many years in the leatherwear business, with a new and different outlook for export-oriented production purposes, Jappa Deri undertakes to produce leatherwear collections of world-famous branch branches by using the highest universal quality standards, production technologies with unconditional customer satisfaction principles.

Complemented with the right price in Jappa Deri, quality, reliance, performance, comfort, endurance, simplicity and aesthetic, Jappa Deri never compromises its meticulous, inquisitive and decisive approach to its supply chain to emphasise unconditional customer satisfaction and value creating distinction, Jappa Deri has already created a corporate awareness of total quality.


May Leather provides in Izmir, Turkey. Our business closely follows the world fashion and produces leather, it is our philosophy of success to choose the best quality of leather products, although it has its own collection that is renewed every season, it also produces products that are suitable for customer demands, leather sales and Turkish hijab wholesale.

With export overruns and serial goods, the argument that we are distinct will still hit our beloved customers. These products, called inventories, take stores one step further than other high profit margin competitors. It also has facilities in the area of leather collection at the same time. If you need goods that are our own production, on your behalf, you can deliver products from known suppliers to you. Can leather; On the path of the win-win theory, both in Turkey and abroad, all nations import from this factory from Turkey.


This factory manufactures authentic, hand-made leather for ladies. Used in these unique crafted forms. This work on tulle places leather appliances such as leaves, flowers and geometric forms in place.


Industry and Exchange Ltd.Co of Efecan Leather Garments He is a leading producer of clothing in the leather industry and has worked in the textile field since 1990. This run the manufacturing operations in Izmir, making all sorts of leather garments for men and women, all countries importing from Turkey, because leather is really sweet.

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Where to buy leather in Istanbul

Where to buy and with which brand can I deal with? Are you hunting for Turkish leather products in Turkey? You’ll hear more about this here… Turkey is one of the most luxurious shopping destinations in the world, as it is famous for being an important tourist destination that attracts tourists from different parts of the world, in Turkey wholesale clothing prices and leather if you are asking where to buy leather.

Therefore, to fulfil the needs of this enormous number, it must have a number of the most popular and prestigious stores and shops, and be a country marked by the garment and leather sector, and one of the most prominent fashion trends, as for buying a long jacket for veiled women in Istanbul, which is one of the most prevalent latest fashion trends and is more like a long petticoat but more like a long crinoline. If you want to try new fashion trends and check the current Turkish gookt, whether for women or a Turkish guy, here are some of the most famous Turkey brands that you should take a look at.

  1. Desa’s

Desa has now become a multinational company with a store in Syria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia which Cyprus, and has ranges of women’s garments and leather brands including leather jackets, leather coats, fur coats, and leather jackets, which has created women’s handbags to one of the major names in the fashion industry in Turkey. Suede, leather skirts etc. and among other categories such as shoes, the division for men includes leather clothing, leather jackets, leather tops.

  1. Vakko

Vakko is the most dynamic fashion brand in Turkey, it has one of the best leather stores The clothing pieces seek to inspire consumers to lead a young energetic, inventive and free lifestyle, The slogan of its first store in Taksim, which was opened in 1982, was to become the most youthful brand in Turkey, For fashion , Vakko has clothing categories for women and men and a separate segment for weddings, and also features a variety of accessories such as home decoration products and cosmetics import from Turkey.

  1. Waikiki LC

Created in France in 1988, since 1997, LC Waikiki has been one of the best Turkish apparel brands, the clothing company is now available in 45 countries including Indonesia, Iraq, Algeria, Malaysia, Morocco and Saudi Arabia. It has clothing categories for ladies, adults, and children’s boutique clothing at wholesale prices, while coats, tops, blouses, jackets, dresses and skirts are listed for the women category.

In the above lines you can find everything about Leather goods price in Istanbul, if you want to import from Turkey you can start now.

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