Importing olive oil into the UK

6 suppliers for importing olive oil into the UK.

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Importing olive oil into the UK

 Importing olive oil into the UK is essential business thus British olive oil market is estimated around £ 250M and it has rising demand since a healthy diet is on the rise.

Because the extra virgin olive oil is modern hype, the quality of extra virgin is getting important every day. Factories of extra virgin olive oil, best olive oil brands and trusted suppliers with lowest price, all this information you will know it in Importing house platform just contact with one of this companies….

Import olive oil to UK

Turkish oil is subjected to import duty that is 1.2 Euro per kg around all Turkey has one hundred tones of import quota on olive oil tariff.

Now with the current EU trade agreement, Turkish olive oil is subjected to import duty that is 1.2 Euro per one kg and import quota is one hundred tones  per year.

Turkish Olive oil imported to England in 2018 22 tones in of olive oil business for sale total, in 2019 10 tones  and since April this year, it is 28 tones  in total, according to the HMRC data.

  • Kristal :

passion for olive oil started in 1938 when Anthony Micaleff, one of the members of the Micaleff Family, started the production of olive oil in İzmir, and obtained its corporate identity in 1945 with the approval of the Council of Ministers. In those years, this company considered from olive oil importers UK, the top priority of economic development and growth policies initiated immediately after the foundation of the Republic of Turkey was to bring the domestic private capital into the economy.

For this reason, their company was established by the approval of the Council of Ministers in 1945 and entitled by the title of (T.A.Ş.) meaning Turkish Joint Stock organization.

Since then, they have been carrying this title with great honor and pride.

Kristal, being Turkey’s first branded olive oil and having pioneered and served to flourish and develop olive oil culture especially in Anatolia for generations, is a good valuable brand, it has been even more than a brand.

In 1950s, while olive oil was mainly consumed in Aegean and Marmara Regions, which are the olive oil production areas, Kristal had been a pioneer company introducing and adopting the habit of consuming olive oil among Turkish people in Anatolia and has best olive oil in the world.

Kristal is a company of first things done it is the first brand that produced Riviera-type olive oil and launched its olive oil product range in tin packaging; also it is the first company that exported packed and branded olive oil in Turkey.

Kristal owes its strong place in the food industry to its corporate management approach, qualified and dedicated workforce, innovation and continuous improvement.

 The company’s short and long term plans contain strengthening its place in the world markets and improving production quality and efficiency.

Olive oil Company
Olive oil Company

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  • Tavananna :

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is delicately produced in İzmir, Turkey. The team, takes part in all the production process from harvesting to bottling, with joy and care.

 It’s extracted by continuous system with cold press method; on the everyday they have been picked. This factory has luxury olive oil. So these hand-picked olives lose nothing of their organic, healthiness and cleanness.

Cold pressed means that olive paste should not be exposed high temperatures during extracting.

 Cold pressed olive oils are much richer in polyphones, antioxidants, and vitamins in comparison to others.

Continuous system is the most update method in olive oil production. With no chemical operation and untouched method, the method allows completely hygienic extraction. Also, olive oil will have a longer life since there is no contact with the air during the process.

Olives are harvested only in İzmir region, Tavananna doing the correct use Geographical Indication, based on both chemical and sensory tests done by “Laboratory of Olive Oil Analysis” accredited by the International Olive Oil Council.

Olive oil Company

There is another important trade that needs to point out which is Turkey – Greece – UK olive oil trade triangle, which is used by nearly all Turkish producers by increasing numbers year by year.

Recently they come across an olive oil container. As the bill of lading according, it was shipped from Greece. On the other hand, as they goggled the name of the producer, it was in Turkey. This trade is very old and famous among the producers.

  • Anatolia:

Their History; they are a small independent producer of premium extra virgin olive oil.

Their olive grove is located on the south west coast of Turkey, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and at the beginning of world well known Lycian Way, the 500km walking trail that starts in Fisheye.

Their land has been worked for many thousands of years, but had been neglected for some decades when they acquired it.

 They have lovingly brought the land back to life and pruned and cared for the existing olive trees and planted new ones.

How they make their olive oil

They pick their olives early in the season which contributes to their olive oil’s unique flavor and aroma. This company has good organic olive oil wholesale with affordable price;

 Unlike many producers in the region they have their own olive press on site.

  This means they can press their olives almost immediately after picking and they can be sure that only their olives are used and that there is just a single extraction of their extra virgin olive oil.


They harvest their olives in mid October to early November. This way they make sure they harvest the olives when they are still green. Once collected the olives are taken to their press, they do not collect or press olives that have fallen on the ground

Extraction and Milling

The olives are gotten through a blower which takes out the leaves and twigs. They are then washed and squashed.

They utilize a steel hammer gadget which causes less oxidation. The subsequent glue is blended in a tank to permit oil micro droplets of oil to combine after which the oil is isolated from the glue utilizing a rotator.


When the oil is extricated it is put away in 500 liter treated steel tanks in a temperature controlled climate.

They additionally use nitrogen gas to finish off the tanks and seal in the newness. This likewise assists with lessening oxidation and to ensure the oil’s quality is saved.


Their olive oil is accessible in 250ml and 500lm jugs. The containers are dull green which encourages the oil to retail its flavor and smell. The names on their containers are splendid, new and useful

A long term history Anatolia, the junction of civilizations, has been home to the olive tree for over 8000 years. The olive has brought harmony, wellbeing and magnificence to the locale. It is important for the interesting mystery of the life span of the Mediterranean public.

Archaeological remains discovered at Urla, they export to UK with best olive oil UK price, the site of the ancient city of Klazomenai in the Aegean region, testify to olive oil extraction as far back as the 6th century BC and modern discoveries have provided more evidence of early olive trading and exports in this city.

Import olive oil to UK
Import olive oil to UK

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Shipping olive oil from Greece to UK

  • RORO:

service various range of vessels RORO Boats, Boat Ferries, General Cargo Ships, Dry Bulk Cargo and Container Ships, Tankers, Cruise Ships, and even Yachts and Boats of all kinds and sizes.

Their long experience in the Shipping Field in addition to the efficient collaboration with all port authorities and other regions plays an important role in presenting a professional service that their clients least expect.

They collaborate with all local port authorities (Harbor Master, Customs, Immigration Office, and Navy) and other concerned service providers (Pilot, Loading Master, Cargo Surveyors, TUG/Mooring Boat men, etc…) to avoid any conflict of interest or delay that may occur at any phase from ship’s pre-arrival till ship’s departure to its next destination.


Donna Giovanna Olive Oil was established in the first half of the 1800s taking the name after the founder of the groves. In 1902 born Emiddio Fusco, the first son of Donna Giovanna and helped growing the company since childhood.

It has olive oil wholesale with best price. After a while it was Emiddo’s turn to take over the family business, and thanks to his passions for Olive Oil, he start spreading the groves adding several Pisciottano olive trees with cheap olive oil, the oldest olive variety in Italy.

In 1975 the company was inherited by the oldest son Francesco Fusco, a doctor in Trento, whom been so attached to his parts Campania, decided to keep on growing the Olive Oil company of his father. During is ownership, Francesco and his wife Giovanna Ferolla spread the grove to a total of 21 hectares, this helped further strengthen Donna Giovanna Olive Oil production. In 2003, the organization was acquired by Francesco’s daughter Enrica, who works at the company till this day. Donna Giovanna already counts a total of 27 hectares and around 500 Olive Trees.

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Olive oil markets

  • Alanya Realty :

Is a leading global real estate company in Alanya, founded in 2005, working throughout Turkey with a professional team of highly qualified specialists?

The managing director of the organization is Mustafa Celik. Alanya Realty is a good established company in marketing and investment issues both in Turkey and abroad.

The organization specializes in all aspects of buying and selling real estate with subsequent support. This consider from trusted extra virgin olive oil market.

Having a reputation of an experienced, reliable and proven agency with many years of experience, companies have been trusted by more than 1,500 clients from all over the world for over 14 years.

Between the company’s specialists there are speakers of Turkish, English, Dutch, Swedish, Russian, German, French, Arabic and Persian. They are ready to provide support not only in the purchasing process, but also in opening bank accounts or obtaining tax numbers in Turkey.

If you need help in obtaining a residence permit, obtaining Turkish citizenship, or the advice of a specializes regarding investment in real estate in Turkey, they are ready to provide professional assistance. At the end of articles I hope I present all useful information about importing olive oil into the UK.

organic olive oil wholesale
organic olive oil wholesale

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