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Importing olive oil UK with 37 top companies

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importing olive oil UK 

Importing olive oil UK has some steps you should know it, we will help you discover the way to import from UK, and the top companies that you can import from. Through importing house platform you will find top olive oil companies in UK.

Olive oil company UK:

There are a lot of olive oil companies in UK, which work in oilseed sector, such as:


It’s an olive oil importers UK, it was established in the first half of the 1800s, taking the name after the founder of the groves.


It’s a company of importing olive oil UK and distributes of traditional Portuguese food, based in London that you can buy olive oil online UK, it has long experience in the marketing of traditional food producer.


It’s a leading importer and exporter of over 300 continental foods and ingredients, they supply their goods to importers wholesaler, restaurants, delis, food manufacturers all over Europe, they try to be away from olive oil brands to avoid.


It’s the best supermarket olive oil UK, it operates in the olive oil industry, it also operates in the oils and fats, edible industries.


It’s a olive oil shop UK, it offers import and export management, trend identification, complete door to door services, shipping documents, food and beverages.

  1. SP & CO (UK) LTD:

It offers a variety of products including milled rice, they also have the best olive oil, as well as infused olive oil in many flavors.

  1. SCO-FRO GROUP LTD: It’s an award winning leader in the processing, selling and marketing of food products, branded and own label, to major retailers and food service distributes worldwide.
  2. NUTLICIOUS LTD: They are suppliers of healthy food, their products range from teas, coffee, cocoa, chocolate to honey and olive oil for sale UK, nuts and dried fruits.
  1. ALEPPOSOAPUK: It’s supplying premium Aleppo soap, made with laurel oil and olive oil, authentic Aleppo soap is the finest soap in the world, containing no artificial scents, it supplies buy olive oil online.
  2. SUNSHINE PRODUCTS: They are specialized in the import and export tomato puree, olive oil, sardines, etc.
  3. MARVELLOUS SICILY: It’s specializes in the production and distribution of certified organic Sicilian fine foods, their products are made using 100% organic and natural ingredients.
  4. EL OLIVO OIL CO: It’s a manufacturer of food products and olive oil.
  6. It’s a wholesaler in its product ranges, they try to market their own brand where possible.
  7. THEA GAIA: It’s a distributor, which operates in the olives industry, it also operates in extra virgin olive oil online.
  1. FRIENDLY SOAP LTD: They use traditional cold process method of natural handmade soap making, it makes handmade soap that is earth friendly, animal friendly and skin friendly.

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Olive oil suppliers UK:

International markets recorded a significant increase in the prices of olive oil, so we present some suppliers which offer a good price such as:

  1. PANTHEON MANAGEMENT SERVICES LTD: It deals in export of extra virgin olive oil.
  2. PEARLS AND DROPS: It established in 2019, it deals in export of crude oil, refined fuels, olive oil, diesel fuels, plane fuel, they also supply fruit and vegetables direct from source.
  3. OLIVE OILS: They are exported all over the world.
  7. VIRGIN OLIVE OIL: They supply olive oil and created in a healthy way any processing 100% pure olive oil to the most suitable packaging.
  8. PREMIUM OLIVE OIL: It offers ultra organic premium olive oil, glass bottles 500ml, the products comply with European organic standards requirements and has 2 gold medals.

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Olive oil factory UK:

Olive oil UK is a leader producer in Europe, it’s history is reach in producing high quality olive oil, that’s because the warm weather, and the geographical location.

  1. ARTISAN OLIVE OIL: They are excited to have received their first batch of fresh Tuscan extra olive oil from FRANTOIO FRANCI.
  3. OLIVE BRANCH: They raking the olive trees gently to gather the olives each day, the olives are gathered into sacks and taken to the press each day to be cold pressed into delicious fresh, extra virgin olive oil.
  4. GREY BE OLIVE OIL: They can be found at the following farmers markets in Edinburgh every week end: Saturday at Edinburgh farmers market, Sunday at links farmers market.
  6. THE REAL OLIVE CO: They source olive only from real people: artisan land organic farmers who understand the unhurried rhythms of the olive tree.
  7. OLIVO CRACY: They work with organic and biodynamic small to medium scale Italian producers as they think they are closely connected to the agronomic heritage and their work protects and encourages biodiversity.
  8. THE GIFT OF OIL: It’s a good ranges which create the good, new sauce with the power to facility increase just about any kind of meal.
  9. BELAZU INGREDIENT COMPANY: Their range have grown over the tens of years, they now export good antipasti, pastes, olive oil and vinegars from all over the Mediterranean.
  11. It built in 1995, it’s able to provide a number of bottle types, sizes and packaging options, in 2013 they installed a new line in response to the growing trend away from glass bottles towards PET.
  12. THE KERFOOT FROUP: They are a leading manufacturer and supplier of natural and organic oils for the food, personal care, pharmaceutical, animal care and industrial sectors.
  13. BOROUGH OLIVES: Their aim is to keep producing and providing good food and great service to their customers, maintaining the foundation of their company.
  14. CATER OILS LTD DISTRIBUTION CENTRE: It’s a family run company, they are a wholesale supplier of rapeseed oil, vegetable oil, sunflower oil, and olive oil, delivering directly to your door.
imported olive oil from Italy
imported olive oil from Italy

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Import olive oil to UK:

British olive oil markets is around 25M£, and it has rising demand, the quality of extra virgin is getting important every day. In 2019 extra olive oil prices have dropped around 2% and it resulted in an extra 700.000 liters sales, in addition to that, the price difference between extra virgin, virgin and repeated oil has decreased to 1£ and it resulted in a decrease in the sales of less quality olive oils.

Global olive for oil production down by 5.5% to 3.1M tons in 2019, it was a larger crop than in 2017 and 2016, and in Europe production was up to 2% year on year. When you visit one of the retails in UK, you will find distinct brands categories on shelves, half of the products are private labels, British supermarkets are very awake so the product that comes into the UK is a superior quality.

In addition to big brands, there are tens of specialty product producers, startups, their price points are easily separated from the big brands, before 2019 retailer’s brands and excellent value. Shoppers aren’t just driven by price, they are ready to pay a premium for genuine health benefits, customers are looking for value, inspiration and reassurance on health and education.

UK consumers are likely to keep buying extra olive oil if the price is right, now with the current EU trade agreement, Turkish olive oil is subjected to import duty that is 1.2 Euro per kg.

Turkish olive oil imported to England in 2018 22tons in total, in 2019 10tons and since April this year, 28 tons in total according to the HMRC data. It reached 3.3 M pounds, and that was the target. Palestine has owned the 620K£ of olive oil trade which is very interesting if you haven’t noticed that before, there is a free trade agreement between Palestine and UK.

The agreement allows Palestinian business to continue access to the UK market which will continue to benefit Palestinian producers in priority sectors. The olive oil containers were shipped from Greece, on the other hand trade with turkey is very old and well known among the producers. Spanish olive oil import is slowing down in recent years from 130M£ in 2018, to 34M£ by April 2020.

Turkish producers have to act very proactively in order to fill the demand by achieving free trade agreement, Turkish olive exporters association attended the specialty and fine food fair 2019. Last September, Turkish association organized an olive oil tasting event in London, most of the Londoners who came across the event, enjoyed the free tasty olive oil. If UK and Turkey agree a free trade deal, this free trade agreement will enable high quality Turkish olive oil to enter the British market and such other products and brands as well.

If you want to know the good olive oil, colors is not necessarily a determinant of a good olive, so experts instead uses mouth fell and smell to judge. The extra virgin olive oil should smell fresh or remind you of any thing that smells fresh, like fresh cut grass, herbs, or fresh tomatoes, if it smells like old peanuts, then its refined and not extra virgin. If you choose between glass, plastic or tin bottles, ceramic bottles is easily reachable.

If you think about olive oil as a green liquid extract from olive, it’s famous in the Mediterranean countries, and it uses in a lot of Italian, Greek, Spanish and Levantine dishes, the fact is the olive oil world is biggest than you think, there is the good and there is the fake. There is the cheap, and there is an expensive, there is what is suitable for salad, and another type doesn’t suitable in cooking.

In the end, it’s hard to know best olive oil UK 2020, because you can’t taste it before buying it, but the best way to know the good type by smelling it, and you should buy one glass in every time importing olive oil UK.

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