bulk olive oil suppliers UK

Bulk olive oil suppliers UK …. Best 10 olive oil suppliers you can deal with.

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bulk olive oil suppliers UK

It is not hidden from anyone the importance of olive oil and the extent of its consumption in many countries, so if you are interested in trading it and knowing the bulk olive oil suppliers UK, through importing house platform you will find everything about the olive oil market in UK.

Wholesale olive oil suppliers UK

The United Kingdom is not a country that produces or manufacturer olive oil due to the nature of its climate and the environmental conditions in it, Olive trees are growing larger and faster in the Mediterranean region More than 40% of global production comes next to Italy and then Tunisia and Greece, and because the UK olive oil production is very low, it depends on imports from these countries. Especially Greece, as it is it is the largest country that supplies the United States with olive oil. The UK imports about 59,000 tons of olive oil, 40% of it uses in manufactured products and about 20000 tons is imported packed in bottles, then sold in bulk to retail stores, hotels, hospitals and others. The following will show best bulk olive oil suppliers UK.

1-Jotas food:

They are importers, distributors and wholesales of Portuguese food products, located in London, with great experience in marketing and working professionally, allowing them to establish good and continuous relationship with their suppliers and customers.

2-Delicious oils & vinegars:

It is one of the largest bulk olive oil suppliers UK trade of flavor infused extra virgin olive oils, supplied to farm shops, delicatessens and food halls across Great Britain for more than a decade, their products have built a strong reputation providing range of flavored oil& vinegars, they have close relationships with many manufacturers offering Competitive prices at a reasonable price.

3-Kirill mischeff:

they can supply Spanish and Italian extra virgin olive oils, virgin olive oils, regular olive oils, pomace oils and oil blends- all available in bulk sizes for commercial kitchen, they can deliver oils direct from source in bulk 30 tons flexi tanks, they are famous for the quality of their extra virgin olive oil and can save olive oil wholesale UK for retail stores and restaurant service.

4-Real olive:

 they are a Bristol based wholesale olive oil suppliers UK and producer of fresh olives, antipasti and Mediterranean foods. They are suppliers to delis, farm shops, restaurants and bars to all over the UK and offer their customers excellent choice, quality and after sales service.


you can buy organic olive oil wholesale UK online; they have 100% organic olive oil is a delectable natural vegetable oil that can be utilized as an ingredient in foods, cosmetics and personal care products. This organic olive oil was imported from certified organic suppliers; they always offer suitable prices on the market whether you buy large or small quantities.

6-Olive oil extra virgin Ltd:

you can buy olive oil online UK from this company; their extra virgin olive oil is imported from Greece. You will find in their e-shop the purest and most flavorful extra virgin olive oil from many different regions in Greece and they close relationships with all producers who have been selected according to the quality and professionalism of their olive oil, they also offer canned food to stores, chefs, restaurants, hotels, independent retail stores, food suppliers and supermarkets with fixed Greek products at wholesale prices.

Olive oil UK wholesale
Olive oil UK wholesale

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 they provide virgin olive oil in large quantities directly from olive oil factory UK to the retailers and their products can be delivered to anywhere in the United Kingdom and all over Europe and they are able to supply with load starting from 20 kg to full container loads.

8-Artisan olive oil Company:

 they offer Mediterranean products and some of the world best olive oils from artisan producers in France, Italy, Spain, and Tunisia. They have source natural and organic products which are difficult to find it. They are a wholesaler and an online store.


it offers quality products to food professionals and everyone who enjoys the best from Brazil and Spain. Their wholesale catalogue reflects competitive prices of their products which they are sure will bring more satisfaction to your business and your customers.

10-Pathos continental foods: it is a leading importer & exporter of over 300 types of foods & ingredients. They provide their goods to importers, wholesalers, food manufacturers all over European.

Olive oil UK wholesale

the olive oil production in UK is very low, so it is usually packaged in other countries outside the United Kingdom, and then it is imported, whether bottled or liquefied, by companies importing olive oil, this is because there are no olive groves in the UK but they import organic olive oil from Syria or Crete in Greece where it grows on the Olea Europea tree were extracted naturally without using any chemicals or any additives it is a mixture of excellent virgin organic oils. It is being packaged in many countries around the world and one company alone controls 95% of the olive oil packing in the UK. Then it is sold wholesale in the olive oil market in the UK, the olive oil wholesale prices UK of a 5-liter bottle may range from 22.9 pounds to over 30 pounds, but you should know that there are grades of olive oil

  • Extra virgin olive oil: its acidity percentage is less than 8%
  • Virgin olive oil: its acidity percentage is (2- 3.3%(
  • Ordinary olive oil : its acidity percentage is less than 3.3%
  • Olive oil: that has more than 3.3% free acidity, also called “lampante”
  • Pomace oil: It is obtained using some solvents, then it is refined and is thus usable or mixed with virgin olive oil to improve quality.

But the olive oil trade in the UK based on extra virgin olive oil because it is healthy and is a best seller in the market; therefore, care must be taken in selecting good olive oil because it is one of the most fraudulent foodstuffs, it was found that about 80% of Italian olive oil was fake, but there is a basic guide to choosing an excellent virgin olive oil by looking for its label, Therefore, as a wholesaler, you must be careful in making your choice for a successful trade.

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Olive oil Company UK

Extra virgin olive oil is the best type of olive oil because it does not contain any chemicals or any additives and its low acidity is the best oil to decorate the salads so we brought you the best extra virgin olive oil brands UK that you will find when you enter any large supermarkets in UK. Choosing excellent virgin olive oil is due to personal preferences because if you try these brands you will find a variety of flavors, where there is tart, pepper, and herbal and fiery, this is estimated according to your choice. But there are basic rules in your choice, as it is better to look for dark, opaque bottles because olive oil does not like light. We will review the brands and olive oil prices in UK in them, as a result of the taste test conducted by one of the British product testing sites, indications that consumers do not care about getting the most expensive bottle of olive oil, but the most important thing is to search for quality when searching for olive oil.

Filippo Berio 100%

It is Italian oil made from a mixture of olive oil from all over Europe, it is one of the most famous olive oil brands UK, It is a soft and rich oil, and the testers praised that it lacks bitterness, has a dark golden color and a fruity smell, and is used for dipping bread, pickles and seasonings.

A 500m bottle is priced at 6.9 pounds,

750m at 8.25

ASDA Extra special Toscano

It is oil made from the famous olive groves in Tuscany. Asda says that this oil has a fruity and peppery flavor.

500 m bottle is priced at 6.97

100m at 1.39

Lidl Terra Di Bari castel Del monte PDO

It is the cheapest olive oil and it is cold pressed exclusively from hand-picked olives grown in the Terra region of southern Italy, known for its rich aroma and strong flavor.

500m bottle is priced at 3.79

M&S Toscano

It was one of the best oils in 2016, but the flavor and quality of the oils change annually depending on the crop.

500m bottle is priced at 10

100m at 2

Sainsbury’s Taste the difference Toscano

This is one of the cheapest bottles in the group; it is fruity and perfect with bruschetta and all kinds of meat. It is premium quality oil at an affordable price.

500m bottle is priced at 6, 50

100m at 1.30

Tesco finest Sicilian

It is herbal oil from local olives made by a family mill in southern Sicily.

500m bottle is priced at 6.50

100m at 1.30

Waitrose chianti classic

It is the most expensive extra virgin olive oil price in UK, It is believed that this oil is of the first class and is distinguished from the rest in the tin bottle instead of the transparent bottle, and it is pungent and fruity oil.

500m at 11.99

100m at 2.40

Olive oil Company UK
Olive oil Company UK

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Olive oil market UK

The British olive oil market generally depends on imports from Spain, Italy, and Greece and other countries producing olive oil, where the share of regular olive oil imported by the UK is about 33%, share of olive oil 28%, and then virgin olive oil 19% and the share of pomace olive oil is 18%. Of course, the British olive oil market is estimated at 250 million pounds, and the demand for it is increasing due to the fact that the healthy diet has become more concerned with people because extra virgin olive oil is the olive oil UK best, which constitutes a large percentage of the olive oil market because it is one of the natural and healthy oils extracted in a natural way free of any additives. There are famous olive oil stores in the UK that have the most famous olive oil brands. Let’s get to know them.

Tesco: It is the largest supermarket olive oil in UK, and with over 3000 outlets it can utilize its store network as effective click.

Sainsbury’s: it has managed to protect market share more so than its main competitors but remains under intense pressure from a rapidly changing market.

ASDA: appears more focused on the long-term strategy than its competitors who may need more immediate remedies.

Morrisons: despite strategic advantages in strong supply chains, it continues to endure reduced market share and the turnaround looks elusive.

Lidl: When some experts in olive oil sampled the oils of the private brands of the leading British grocery stores in 2020, the extra virgin olive oil from Lidl came first and proved to be the best quality of the other famous brands, which means that it is the best supermarket olive oil 2020 UK.

M&S: it continues to lose market share despite its tireless efforts to reinvent.

In the end, the United Kingdom is full of well-tested famous brands that combine the best types of extra virgin olive oil from different destinations in the world and through what we have explained this may help you in your choice.

Wholesale olive oil suppliers UK
Wholesale olive oil suppliers UK

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