pistachio price in turkey

Lowest pistachio price in Turkey with 11 companies

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pistachio price in turkey

Nuts are one of the best types of foods that provide the body with strength, energy and focus, especially pistachios, especially after you know the pistachio price in Turkey as they stimulate memory and improve liver function, and Turkey is famous for its cultivation of many different types of nuts. But the biggest trend is the share of importing pistachios from Turkey, especially as it is used in the ingredients of many Turkish dishes. The delicious, but many delicious Turkish sweets are decorated with nuts, so follow the importing house platform and we will show you in the next lines about the most important shops for sale in Turkey and the prices offered..

Pistachio price in Istanbul

The price of cashews, walnuts and pistachios in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia increased in 2020 during the current year compared to previous years, which caused a stagnation in the sale and purchase movement, as the prices of all consumer goods and all foodstuffs increased, which caused the resentment of a number of citizens. And it is mentioned that there are monopolistic practices it causes high prices as store owners buy nuts from farmers at the price of cheap pistachio in Istanbul and then prevent them from the market and raise their prices. Turkish pistachios are considered one of the precious minerals in Turkey and are no different from gold in the revenues they return to Turkey.

Where the wholesale price of pistachios in Turkey reaches 10 Turkish liras, and the price of a kilo of pistachios produced in Turkey, but in the markets, reached 170 Turkish liras, and the average price of a kilo of pistachios wholesale in Saudi Arabia in 2020 ranges between 100 to 150 Saudi riyals, and thus the price of a ton of pistachios per ton Of it.

It will be ten thousand Turkish liras, and it is known that store owners make 10 times the profits of banks, and that the increase in the prices of nuts is also linked to the high price of the dollar against the lira, but the large increase in some products stems from the greed and monopoly of store owners. Thus, we have provided you with everything related to import nuts from Turkey and the most important shipping companies that you can count on without a doubt.

Why are Turkish pistachios so expensive
Why are Turkish pistachios so expensive

How to import from Turkey

It is known that shipping companies in Turkey help expand trade between Turkey and other countries, and the most important of these companies are:

– Al Faris Logistics Company

The company provides distinguished services in the field of international shipping from Turkey to all cities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by collecting your shipments and purchases, whether commercial or personal, in its warehouses in Turkey and delivering them to your destination.

Al-Manara Company:

Al-Manara offers the best shipping rates offers of importing from Turkey to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia according to the type and weight of the required shipments, but in general its shipping rates are within the following: The shipping price for parcels and goods weighing more than 31 kg is $ 5.5 per kilogram and the cost of shipping the container is $ 1,200 and headed to ports Saudi.

– Halablioglu Company:

Shipping services from Turkey in Istanbul to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, so that you can ship your goods easily and with a high degree of safety and time commitment and you can ship your various goods of luggage, food, furniture, and more.

Adwait Logistics Company:

It is the cheapest in Turkey. Specialized in shipping to Saudi Arabia and depends on the method of accuracy, speed and proficiency in dealing with all types of sea and air cargo.

– Cargo Turkey

If you want to import pistachio Cargo Turkey is the best shipping company in Turkey and provides logistical services to its valued customers, shipping services from Turkey to Saudi Arabia continuously throughout the day and seven days a week and includes shipping all types of goods, cargo bags, personal luggage, papers and documents, furniture and furniture shipping and courier service from Turkey to Saudi Arabia The transport services of Cargo Turkey Shipping are distinguished from the rest of the Turkish shipping companies through:

  • Shipping all kinds of goods, furnishings and clothes

Thoroughly inspect all shipments for safety and carry out an operation.

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Where to buy pistachio in Istanbul

Turkey is famous for the presence of many shops and picturesque markets that are famous for selling all products, and it is known that Turkey is famous for its sweets that are not without nuts, especially rusk, and therefore it is considered one of the largest countries in the world exporting pistachios

  1. Spice Market

It is the second largest market in Istanbul. This market is considered one of the cheapest shopping places in Istanbul and includes a number of stores such as spices, natural herbs, nuts and the most famous and finest types of Turkish sweets.

  1. Halqum Malatya Bazari

It contains the most delicious types of nuts, dried fruits like raw pistachios bulk milk and all kinds of lokum, such as lokum with pomegranate, nuts, and throat covered with sugar, coconut and other types of purity and you can find it in the Egyptian market at cheap prices

Turkish pistachios bulk
Turkish pistachios bulk
  1. Tuba Sweets Tuba Sweets

One of the most famous and finest sweet shops in Istanbul and the sale of pistachios in Turkey, which contains the finest and most delicious types of sweets such as baklava, nuts, dried fruits and all kinds of halloumi such as lokum covered with nuts, coconut and throat with pomegranate flavor, and other delicious and different types. You will find high quality of all kinds of pistachio nuts from Turkey with very reasonable prices and suitable for everyone.

  1. Hayat store

It specializes in selling all kinds of nuts, spices, milk and pistachio nuts, as it is located to the right of the entrance to the covered market and is visited by many famous people to buy lokum, where it sells various types of delight that you may not find in other stores such as lokum stuffed with nuts and throat flavored with apple flavor and another type with pomegranate flavor and honey.
With them you will get best pistachio price in Turkey.

  1. Haji Ali Mohiuddin Bakir

One of the most famous pistachio merchants in Turkey in the Eminonu area, and it has many different types of sweets, nuts, sweets, delicious and soft dried fruits with different and distinct flavors, as well as its competitive prices and quality of its goods and is located on Fatih Street in Istanbul. It is possible to get Turkish pistachios for sale through some sites like Grandbazaarist. It keeps your private payment information and credit card details invisible to anyone during the checkout process and you can pay by credit card or Paypal.

Delicious and fresh pistachios are chosen for the Turkish ground pistachios, especially fresh for those who want to use the most delicious types of pistachios. Package Style: 4D packages contain 100g, 250g, 500g and 1000g of ground Turkish pistachios. Storage conditions: Do not store in a humid environment and store in a cool dry place. Turkish nuts should always be stored in sealed bags or small glass containers.

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Pistachio producers in Turkey

Pistachios are not used only to add flavor and depth to the preferred flavor of Turkey The municipality of Gaziantep entered into a partnership with a French environmental engineering company to use peanut shells as a source of renewable energy in maintaining the calorific value or the amount of heat produced by food in the burning process of pistachios, is very high, given the amount Of the large pistachio husks remaining in the Gaziantep region.

More than 55 hectares of buildings can be obtained with heating and cooling systems from this type of renewable energy. The municipality’s goal to build the first eco-city in Turkey is taking slow steps towards becoming a reality. Until now, a pilot project is being implemented in the form of an environmentally friendly house with a length of 320 meters.

  1. The Aydin Kurwimche family company was established in 1979 and the company started providing its services in the field of nuts products. The pistachio company provides its customers with hazelnuts – walnuts – almonds – pistachios – cashews. The company owns its factories in the cities of Istanbul – Siirt – Mersin – Gaziantep – Sakarya with a total closed area of ​​80,000 square meters. Aydin company holds many biometric certificates, including: ISO and Halal certificates. The company offers its products to more than 40 countries around the world. The headquarters of the company is located in the Sultan Gazi district of Istanbul. Svan Notes is the leading Turkish company in the field of exporting products from high-quality nuts, fully aware of the difficulties facing the importer in finding the best products, payment and shipping procedures due to distances.

Eden Kurwimche Family was established in 1979 and the company started providing its services in the field of nuts products, where the company provides its customers with: hazelnuts – walnuts – almonds – pistachios – cashews and the company owns its factories in the cities of / Istanbul – Siirt – Mersin – Gaziantep – Sakarya / with a total closed area of ​​80 , 000 square meters, where the company includes 400 specialized and integrated work team to ensure distinguished service to its customers. And it’s a big pistachio exporter Turkey Aydin Company holds many biometric certificates, including: ISO – Halal certificates. The company offers its products to more than 40 countries around the world, the headquarters of the company is located in the Sultan Gazi district of Istanbul.

  1. Arnica started providing its services in the field of foods and canned food, where the company provides its customers with legumes – spices – olives – olive oil – nuts – dried foods / apricots and the company includes an integrated work team to ensure a distinguished service to its customers and the company’s headquarters is located in the Basaksehir area of ​​Istanbul.
  2. AydınKuruyemiş is one of the largest companies in Turkey in the world and specializes in the production of four types of nuts almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios and walnuts. It has an association with more than 40 countries around the world.

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Turkish pistachios bulk

  1. Koremesh has been in business since 1979 and is a pioneer in the field of manufacturing and trading. We supply nuts to some international brands such as Ferrero and Unilever and are packing and producing for some major brands such as Carrefour & Metro and.
  2. BioFood is committed to providing local products grown on Turkish lands only in order to provide regional and high-quality products and for each desirable product it offers you a variety of brands MESUT NUTS is a manufacturer and producer, working in the dried fruits sector, as well as working in the sectors of pistachios, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds The roasting machines for peanuts, almonds, cocoa, pumpkin seeds, chickpeas and pistachios are based in Istanbul, Turkey.
  3. Rosa Park International Company for Trade and Food Industries The pistachios store has products such as nuts, as Rosa Park International is distinguished by its long history in the field of trade and industry and depends on scientific and practical knowledge and experiences across generations and users.

The latest global technologies in the foodstuff industry, and it is one of the leading companies that combine scientific and practical experience with advanced technologies with the highest levels of quality, professionalism and innovation to provide the best food products. Finally, we have answered your questions about the pistachio price in Turkey.


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