import of olive oil in india

6 sources in import of olive oil in India

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import of olive oil in india

Due to the geographical location of India, which made trade from India, especially the marine industry, always increasing and flourishing, so India occupied a prominent position in import of olive oil in India and industries, which made it the focus of attention of many international companies. And one of the most prominent industries for which the clothing and electronics industry is famous, and through the next lines we will get to know Together on the most famous Indian trade cities, and the different import methods, so follow the importing house platform.

Importers of olive oil in India

Indian cities were famous for many different commercial activities, and the most prominent of these cities was Mysore, which became famous at the local and international levels and was famous for its wood industries using natural sandalwood. Mohamed Amin, export manager at Quality Standard for Food Industries, said that the recent increase in the productivity of Egyptian olives has supported competitive opportunities in global markets such as Olive oil business in India as it contributed to reducing prices and the ability to enter new markets.

He explained that the increase in domestic production will contribute to attracting new investments for the manufacture of olives during the coming period, with the support of increased foreign demand, especially from the markets of the United States of America, Canada and the Arab Gulf states.

He added that the company in recent years has raised the markets in which it is present to 23 countries, led by India, which used to import mainly from Spain, but the low price of the Egyptian product and its high quality supported its presence in “New Delhi”.

On the other hand, manufacturing products from Egyptian olives (“oil”) entered East Asian countries last year, as Indian olive oil is a newcomer to consumer culture there, and it also began importing from Egypt, and he pointed to good competitive opportunities for the Egyptian product in multiple markets, led by Brazil, There is an increasing demand.

Imported olive oil for sale
Imported olive oil for sale

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Olive oil manufacturers in India

Dear reader, you can import many distinctive Indian goods and products, the most famous of which are: oils and Spices: Indian spices are one of the most famous spices and oils that are used in international kitchens, so this kind of trade is a very profitable trade. And to import of olive oil in India here these list:

Import olive oil from Tunisia
Import olive oil from Tunisia

It’s a manufacturer / producer, was established in 2009 and operates in the agriculture, import and export sector. It also works in the spices, juices, and olive oil brands in India sectors for oils and animal feed. It is based in Ahmedabad, India.


INDO-US BIO-TECH P. LTD., Is a manufacturer / producer, founded in 2004, and it operates in the oils sector. It is based in Ahmedabad, India.


It’s the manufacturer / producer, and works in the oil sector. It is based in Ghaziabad-Uttar Pradesh, India.


It is a wholesaler, established in 2010, and it operates in the olive oil production in India sector. And it also works in the sectors of sesame seeds. It is based in Gwalior, India.


It is the distributor, working in the edible oils and fats sector. It also operates in the sunflower and palm oil sectors. It is based in Mumbai, India.

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Buying olive oil in bulk

Before discussing the methods of importing from India, please know first that each product has different import methods that suit the nature of the product itself, and among the most popular methods on which trade from India depends in import is the following:

  • Traveling to India, and this method is considered the best way as it provides an opportunity for the importer to get acquainted with many different markets and products, and thus be able to conclude the best commercial deals.
  • Reliance on an import company for the benefit of others There is a huge class of international companies that work in this field in exchange products like olive oil for sale for some money as a kind of commission and the company is agreed upon between the two parties, all you have to be careful in choosing and going to a company that has an honorable past work.
  • Relying on a friend residing in India when you have an acquaintance in India, you can communicate with him, and determine the quantity and quality of the import.
  • Importing via the Internet In accordance with global technological developments and current events in all countries of the world, many companies have offered export and import services and complete all procedures electronically, without the need to travel many distances.

What are the olive oil types in India?

Olive oil is classified based on several characteristics, which are listed below:

1- Color: and be in degrees, from green to yellow (yellowish green, golden yellow, dark green or light, as well as yellow).

2- Appearance: where the color is bright or opaque.

3- Transparency: where it is transparent or brown.

4- Texture: Dense in degrees to liquidity.

5- Smell: distinctive aromatic, or no or strange odors.

6- Taste: the taste of olive fruits, or the absence of that, or a creamy taste without a distinct flavor.

7- Storage period: where it is distinguished: New oil: the current season; Old oil: previous season; A very old oil: the oldest seasons.

As for the classification in circulation in international trade, it is the classification adopted and issued by the International Olive Oil Council.

The oil is classified into two main classes:

1- Olive oil: It is the oil produced from the juice of fresh olive fruits.

2- Olive pomace oil (Arjun olive oil): It is the oil produced from olive pomace (Arjun olive). It is extracted from the remnants of squeezing olive fruits. The following is the classification adopted for each class as follows: First class: olive oil: It is the oil extracted directly and completely from the fruits of the olive tree. It is classified into the following types:

  • The Indian virgin olive oil
  • Refined olive oil.
  • 3- Pure olive oil.

The second type: olive pomace oil or arjun olive oil: it is the oil extracted from olive pomace, i.e. from the remnants of olive presses. It is classified into the following types:

  1. 1- Raw olive pomace oil or raw arjun oil.
  2. Refined olive pomace oil or arjun refined olive oil.

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Olive oil market in India

Shopping is one of the most important pillars of a successful trip and importing, so buying products and gifts from any country you visit is like taking a piece from that country to collect your memories, in addition to lovers of different cultures and lovers of trying different outfits and importing oils, especially women, and shopping away from famous malls and shops has a special pleasure.

So going to the markets Popularity and walking in the middle of the country is not only a profitable deal due to its low prices compared to the shops, especially that indian olive oil industry is a new thing, but it is also a wider market to learn about the country’s local and popular products and a sense of the pleasure of choosing between the good and the best.

India despite its wide fame as one of the best shopping countries and although its prices are considered simple compared to European countries Whether in international stores or even its famous malls, the popular markets in India are an irreplaceable experience. You can buy everything you wish or dream in addition to tasting popular Indian foods and getting a different culture from India, which you visit as a tourist and merchant.

imported olive oil prices
imported olive oil prices

6- Alpha Market “Mumbai”

This market, which is located in the Oshiwara region, is described the least is the common expression we have that you will find everything in it “from the needle to the missile.” It is a large street in which you will find sections on both sides of the road, a section for clothes and another for household appliances, technological devices and phones, cosmetics, furniture, and even food such as the top Indian olive oil and vegetables. The Alpha market is the cheapest market in India entirely, and some Indians from other states may come to it to shop.

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Olive oil price in India

The price of this oil in India is varying from company to another, but in the most famous country the prices are: Engineer Faris Al-Jabi, an olive expert and media advisor to the Palestinian Oil Council, announced today that the volume of olive oil production in Palestine is estimated at about 1% of the global production, as this season will reach about 35 thousand tons of oil.

In a press release, Eng. Al-Jabi said that the reports received from the International Olive Oil Council on the international network’s page indicate that olive oil prices have been declining since June-June, although prices usually increase significantly during such a period in years Previous.

He added that this decrease comes against the background of expectations of a good harvest in the various olive oil producing countries, indicating that it is expected that production in this season will exceed three million tons, Spain will have approximately 50% of this amount, followed by Italy 700 thousand tons, then Greece 400 thousand Tons, and the volume of production of Indian made olive oil is not yet known.

Engineer al-Jabi noted that Syria ranks fourth in the world in olive oil production, followed by Tunisia and Turkey, and any Indian olive oil company have the right to produce the oil, explaining that Portugal and Algeria are equal to Palestine in the amount of oil produced, while Morocco produces double the amount produced by us.

Engineer Al-Jabi stated that the reports revealed that Jordan’s production of olive oil this year will exceed 40 thousand tons, and thus Jordan has surpassed Palestine in production due to the large expansion in the area and the high rate of dunum production because most of the trees are in the youth stage.

Engineer al-Jabi pointed out that oil prices in this season started at a rate of 15 shekels per kilogram (the dollar equals approximately 4.26 shekels) and it is expected that the supply will increase with the start of the picking season in all regions. He noted that most villages had previously agreed to postpone the start of picking until after the end of the month of Ramadan, in addition to the fact that the olive fruits this season have been delayed in ripening due to the high production and late flowering in this year.

Engineer Al-Jabi added that this year, a great demand was noticed for olive oil of the luxury quality, whose acidity is less than eight-tenths percent (.8.%), As it is expected that this type of oil will be exported abroad, and it has also been noted that there is increasing interest. In the global market, Palestinian oil is of premium quality, as this oil has a great ability to protect the body from heart disease and cancer.

Engineer Al-Jabi expected that the prices of olive oil of the lowest quality would decrease to below the current prices, while the prices of the luxury oil would remain the same, adding that the poor economic situation of the Palestinian farmer would push him to increase supply, and thus this would affect the price drop.

To This, you knew the ways of import of olive oil in India, good luck.

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