import products from turkey

import products from turkey …The best 6 goods to import

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import products from turkey

Importing from Turkey in the correct manner and at the best price will save yourself a lot of expenses, and then you can sell in the local markets at lower prices than other merchants by import products from turkey , which guarantees you the ease of selling and distributing products and acquiring permanent customers.

products manufactured in turkey

Turkey is the 28th largest exporting country to the rest of the world. Its exports amount to about 153.6$ billion, turkey export products as cars, auto parts, iron ore bars, delivery trucks, jewelry, clothing, foodstuffs, and textiles, and among its most important partners in the turkish exportal business: Germany, whose exports account for 9.3%, and the United Kingdom By7.3%, Iraq by 5.9%, Italy by 4.8%, the United States of America by4.5%, and France by 4.1%.

Turkey is classified as one of the modern industrial countries in the world, as the country supports a wide range of industries, so factories are distributed in large areas in Istanbul. Also Turkey is a pioneer in real estate and new city building so you can invest in turkey property. Turkey represents the third largest importing country in the world, with its imports in 2015 amounting to about $ 204.3 billion, and it’s most important imports are: machinery, chemicals, refined petroleum, transport equipment, and ferrous waste.

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most exported products from turkey

I can offer the best profitable Turkish goods that you can import from there:

most exported products from turkey
most exported products from turkey
  1. There is a great demand for Turkish clothes in the procurement process, as the prices of importing clothes from Turkey are reasonable and of high quality, especially women’s clothes and women’s underwear, in addition to Turkish abayas, as it is the only successful import project due to its embroidery, precision and art, there are many import sites The clothes from Turkey are distinguished such as Modanisa and Adil.
  2. Some tools and devices for the home, for example:you will find Turkish tin dishes that are required in the commercial market and bought by families and brides due to their wonderful colors, designs and quality compared to homemade ones. People travel to turkey to buy them.
  3. Imported Turkish furnishings, they are one of the most imported Turkish goods required in the commercial market, such as bed sets, embroidered furnishings, and most importantly Turkish tablecloths, which have become one of the most famous wholesale products from turkey due to their wonderful embroidery, gilded crafts and embroidered in a skilled manner and the quality of used fabrics and colors, so A must-say Turkish table cloth and you know the reaction of others, that is compared to Indian tablecloths.
  4. Importing foodstuffs from Turkey, such as: Turkish nuts and spices, natural honey. Turkish honey has recently become popular as dried fruits, vegetables and fruits.
  5. Turkish soap is one of the most beloved and preferred commodities when importing from Turkey, because it contains certain types of soap for the skin that are only available in Turkey because of their amazing benefits for the skin.
  6. Turkish scarves with good taste, which are preferred by many, as well as some quality socks imported from Turkey.

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turkish import companies

By searching on the Internet and newspapers, you will find hundreds of companies that provide import service from Turkey, so you have to submit an application for the product you want for more than one company and see how each company will show how it will be and see list of manufacturing companies in turkey. Comparing companies in terms of price and quality, start with the serious import step, which is the agreement and contract with the company with the help of a turkish translator.

turkish import companies
turkish import companies

You can search through the trade guide in Turkey, if you want to travel to Turkey on your own and inspect your goods, you must present all the required papers and documents and know this from the specialized authorities as well as deal with a company that provides you with accommodation and the use of a person with experience in import trade, commercial transactions and markets from In order to buy goods from Turkey, and who is the trade expert to help you know the market and visit different turkish import store or factories  and what is the best factory you can deal with is reliable and what are the best places to stay in Turkey during the import and work period.

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turkish wholesale manufacturer

I will not mention to you the names of companies to import from Turkey or factories, but I will lay down the foundations and conditions for you that must be available in the company or factory when contracting with them. First, determine whether you will import from turkey without traveling, then know the following:

turkish wholesale manufacturer
turkish wholesale manufacturer
  • After you know the type of goods you want, also determine the required quantity, because the greater the number of pieces required of the goods, the lower the cost and the difference in price, and some companies offered low price offers to attract you to them.
  • Determine your goal, what do you want to import. If you have a picture of the product you want, this is good. Send the picture to the company via its email, giving the company a special email for you to communicate with you. If you do not have a picture of your goods, go to the Internet and search for the same goods that you want and you can Downloading pictures from the websites on your device and then sending them to the company by email or sending the company a link to the site in which you found goods that you would like to import like them and ask the company to send you samples to examine the goods before you agree on anything.

Finally, we remind you that many importers in different parts of the world are still buying different products from Turkey to sell them in the local markets, achieving many financial gains.

Best products to import from Turkey

There is no doubt that importing from Turkey is definitely a profitable business, but so far many people do not know how to choose products that fit the local market and do not know how to obtain it from the Turkish market at the best prices and correct specifications, this method helps them sell products with the highest profit margin.  So, dear reader, if you want to import from Turkey and make a decent profit.

The most important Turkish products

Among the most important products that need to be imported from Turkey are the following: –

1_  Raw materials, grains, legumes and their derivatives can be imported

Flour, yeast, semolina, Pasta, rice, Bulgur, sugar, wheat, Corn, beans, Lentils, chickpeas, Beans, peas, Sumac spices, black pepper, Sumac, black pepper, Cloves, cinnamon, Forget, cumin, Red pepper and saffron.

2_ Importing household utensils from Turkey

Household appliances can be imported, which are popular with Arab families for their wonderful designs, but you must make sure of the type of household items that the local market needs, and search the directory for names of factories that can be imported from and ensure the quality of the materials  Turkey import regulations and their conformity with the standards in your country.

3_ Shoes

Shoes are one of the most important Turkish products import products from Turkey that are in great demand in the export market, which speaks to a beneficial business today because of its high caliber and variety of sources.

4_ Clothes

Clothes in general, and women’s clothes in particular.  sleepwear and robes represents the largest part of these exports, as it is considered one of the cheapest Turkish products made in Turkey products.

5_Importing auto parts

It is one of the largest names of Turkish products, as the demand for spare parts increases in various cities and regions, but there are large importers who get a large share from Turkey, but this does not mean that the project cannot be implemented, rather it is possible to search for a quiet market for the distribution of spare parts and you can import  Auto spare parts, whether Chinese, Korean, Japanese, or others legally, and you need to obtain a license for an import and export company in the target market where to buy wholesale clothes in Turkey, and you also need to follow a distribution strategy that allows you to sell what you import to achieve big profits every time.

6_ Importing usable clothes

Worn clothes are clothes that are worn once or twice and some of them are not used at all, and the demand for them is increasing in many institutions in the Arab countries due to their cheap prices and their suitability for many people, and therefore the idea of ​​importing these clothes from Turkey  is one of the most successful projects.

7_ Basmati rice

Basmati rice or Turkish rice is the most popular and consumed type of rice in the world, and the situation is not much different in the Arab world, such as the Arab countries, especially Saudi Arabia, the Emirates and the Arab Gulf countries, and they import large quantities annually, brands made in Turkey so you can create an import and export company to import it from Turkey.

8_ Turkish furniture

It is one of the import companies in Turkey working on importing clothes from Turkey and delivering them to anywhere in different countries of the world in addition to providing clothes, furnishings, shoes and leather, as their prices are affordable for everyone and they are good companies known internationally.

How to import from Turkey

Importing from Turkey is a goal that is now sought by all traders, companies and importers, because importing from that country brings more profit and opens great opportunities to obtain the largest percentage of sales, which increases their profit and their project grows day after day, due to the ease of implementation and obtaining better  High-quality products, whether from (fruits, clothes, or electrical appliances) etc., Turkey has now become one of the best economy in the world, as it has the best quality goods and products that attract more importers and not only, but also save them a lot of money.  Which they paid during import from other European and Asian countries such as Japan, South Korea, Italy, as well as America.

1_ Import through the internet

If you are looking for how to import from Turkey, one of the most important ways to achieve this and the most common one is importing online Istanbul wholesale online and remotely without the need to travel because it is the most economical and time-saving, but you must deal carefully with this matter and depend on companies that have value and prestige in this regard, or companies specialized in selling high-quality products on relying on exporters who supply major companies to buy .

2_ Import from Turkey to travel there

If you want to travel to Turkey by yourself to inspect and inspect your goods, you must provide all the required papers and documents and know this from the specialized bodies and also deal with a company that provides you with residence and use a person with experience in commercial transactions and markets  Turkey exporters. and is a commercial expert to help you  Knowing the market and visiting different factories and what is the best factory that you can deal with reliable and what are the darkest places to reside in Turkey during the period of import and work.

3_ Importing via an intermediary

This method depends on assigning a company to import from Turkey to buy what it needs from the products with the required specifications importing from Turkey import products from Turkey, for that company to import and clear it customs .

How to import from Turkey
How to import from Turkey

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How to ship goods from Turkey

Do you need to know the best shipping companies in Turkey ? Do you need to know alot of information about each companies ? Just follow.

The best shipping companies in Turkey :.

1_  The Pearl of the East Shipping Company in Turkey

2_ Adwhit Logistics Company for Shipping in Turkey

3_  Aramex Shipping Company in Turkey

4_  PTT Shipping Company in Turkey

5_  UPS Shipping Company in Turkey

We are going to give you information about each shipping companies.

1_ The Pearl International Shipping and Customs Clearance Company

The Pearl International Shipping and Customs Clearance Company Turkey company directory, which was established in 2012 .  It imports and exports all and various commodities to and from Turkey. It also imports and exports to other countries as well. It also transfers all shipments of whatever type and quantity in most Arab countries.

2_ Adwhit Logistics Company for Shipping in Turkey

Adwhit Logistics Company for Shipping in Turkey is an air and sea freight company in Turkeywhere  works to transport goods from Turkey to all Arab countries .

3_ Aramex Shipping Company in Turkey

It is the first and most flexible shipping company, and it is from Aramex Shipping Company in Turkey, the leading companies providing integrated transport solutions in the Middle East and the Asian subcontinent shipping to Turkey customs, as it is the first company established in the Arab world.

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