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Best center to import kangal from turkey

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import kangal from turkey

Dogs are the most loyal animal, and it has been mentioned in the holy quraan, to import kangal from turkey you must know some rules to complete the buying process.

how to import kangal dog from turkey

Turkish dogs of the “Kangal”, which are unique in the city of “Sivas” in central Turkey, have started to gain local and international attention greatly. Turkish media said that a large number of wealthy Arabs applied to kangal import of the famous and unique “Kangal” family in the city of Sivas, central Turkey, known for their great physical strength and brutality. Media reported that the official of the  kangal puppy and dog training and production center in the Sivas city administration, Hussein Yildiz, confirmed that there are intensive requests from some Arab countries to buy this type of dog.

Yildiz said: “The city of Sivas is the main source for this type of kangal dog. This type has become a world famous brand, which has made it gain great international attention and demand. There is a large and intense demand from Arab countries. Yildiz explained that this type of dog exceeds the intelligence of wolves, saying: “This type is characterized by high skill in hunting, in addition to the high ability of intelligence and strength to confront wolves.”

how to import kangal dog from turkey
how to import kangal dog from turkey

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Where to buy kangal dog?

The Central Anatolian Development Agency:

 (ORAN) intends to establish a center in Sivas state in the center of the country to train and care for Kangal dogs, using modern technological means such as placing electronic tracking chips on “kangal” dogs to facilitate finding them in the event of their loss. The center is scheduled to open in 2021, and initially will accommodate 400 Kangali dogs each year.

owning a kangal is a great gift, The kangal dog is a friendly friend to the people of Anatolia, Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Warank has shared a video related to the center through his account on social media. “With strong intelligence and intuition, the world will get to know Kangal dogs better, thanks to the efforts of the Sivas Center, with its modern technologies that will be established with the support of our development agency.”

Kangal dogs have been famous among livestock herders in Anatolia for many centuries, and are known to be the best in protecting cattle, and are distinguished by their strong intelligence and loyalty, in addition to their friendly behavior towards children and women. Kangal dogs were bred during the era of the Ottoman Empire according to a specific systematic system.

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kangal breeders in turkey

A type of guard dog, its original homeland is Kurdistan, but there is some breeders in Turkey like Altın Kennel farm, and SMYRNA GIANTS. It is an ancient mastiff breed also called the Kurdish shepherd dog (kurdish shepherd). The growth of males reaches a height of 80 to 90 cm at the shoulder and may reach a weight of 80 kilograms. Central Asian Shepherd or Alpay The female may reach a height of a cm at the shoulder, and the human being is a versatile dog, usually gentle and kind, and very attached to its lady.

kangal breeders in turkey
kangal breeders in turkey

kangal price in turkey

World famous dogs from Anatolia region such as Kangal can fetch up to $26,000 in the market. The best herd-protecting dogs of the world — Kangal, Aksaray Malaklisi, Anadolu bandog and Anadolu whitehead — are all found in Turkey, according to a Turkish dog breeder.

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international shipping from turkey

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turkey import tax

A new additional customs tax has been imposed on more than 400 products in Turkey. The 20 percent implementation will be implemented by September 30th. Among the products on which an additional customs duty is imposed are ovens, blankets, and precious jewelry. The Turkish President’s decision on the import regime has been published in the Official Gazette.

Buy kangal dog from Turkey

Kangal is an ancient dog that was used for grazing, and its origin goes back to the mastiff, and it was named by that name according to the province of Sivas located in central Turkey, where this breed of dogs was bred by Turkish farmers. Kangal is a large dog – huge – with long legs largest kangal dog and a prominent chest forward and a tail that is covered with curled hair, and its external shape is generally considered elegant and beautiful that gives it strength.

Buy kangal dog from Turkey
Buy kangal dog from Turkey

Kangal is considered the best and smartest type of guard dog, as Kengal takes the high place as a position to enable him to see the largest possible area when guarding the herd and defending it against predators (such as wolves, bears and owi), and when Kangal feels any danger, he barks to warn the flock to turn Around him, he stands between the herd and the predator and barks to warn the opponent and force him to withdraw, and if he does not retreat, he pounces on him without hesitation, and uses his front legs to overthrow the opponent and then cuts off his opponent’s neck,Turkish kangal and a dog like Nagal has gained great fame for its high ability to fight wolves. Where kangal dogs can be trained easily by professional trainers to do several things:

1- Such as guarding (government and private establishments, residential buildings, factories and laboratories).

2- As a body guard.

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Places to buy dogs in Turkey

If you love animals and you love to raise them, then this place is exactly what you are looking for It is like a dream city for all lovers of raising animals of all kinds, and for all the reasons for owning these sometimes pleasant, useful and often beneficial creatures.We are talking about the animal market in Eminonu Square.

In the heart of the Aminonu tourist area and next to the Egyptian market, the spice market, or the Attarin market directly .. You will find this market which contains everything that pet enthusiasts are looking for from “cats and dogs” and different types of birds, especially wild birds that are brought by merchants from all over Turkey … and shops for different fish and marine creatures.

You will also find in this market all what you are looking for from pet care supplies and pet food, especially dog ​​and cat food, names, and toys for dogs and cats as well.

Turkey’s domestic pet industry generated sales of $ 335 million (€ 312 million) in 2016 export kangal dog Turkey . Experts say this market is still small compared to Turkey’s population of 80 million. “The Turkish market is a promising market,” says Gonzalo Garcia, Country Business Director of the Tolza Group in Turkey, adding that there is still room for companies that want to invest in Turkey; Import kangal from Turkey because the pet industry has not yet reached saturation, as is the case in many Western European countries importing from Turkey. Turkey has witnessed a growth in luxury pet hotels and salons to care and clean cats and dogs, and there is also a rise in demand for specialized pet stores and animal health clinics in general. ”

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Dogs for sale in Turkey Istanbul

Are you looking for the best places that you can buy dogs in Turkey ? What are the best dogs for sale in Istanbul ? They are ………


The enterprise DONMEZOGLU GROUP, is the manufacturer / producer, founded in 2003, and works in the dog and cat products sector. It also works in sectors and domestic animals, varieties.


Enterprise PETCRAFT, is a manufacturer / producer, was established in 2015, and it operates in the dogs and cats products sector where to buy kangal dogs. It also operates in the dog cabin, accessories for pets and bags for transporting pets.


Enterprise DFC PET IC VE DIS TIC.LTD.STI., Is a wholesaler kangal dogs price, founded in 2009, working in the dog and cat products sector. It also works in the sectors of cats, dog food, food and pet food.


CIFTSAN PLASTIK, manufacturer / producer, was founded in 1995, and operates in the dog and cat products sector. It also operates in the sectors of gear bags, fishing baskets and containers for utensils.


Enterprise LULU’S PET COUTURE / ERPEK IC VE DIS TIC. LTD. STI., Is a manufacturer / producer, established in 2012, and it operates in the pets and items sector. It also works in the pet accessories sectors, dog cabins and dog clothes.


The company, MOBILMAMA.COM, is the distributor, operating in the pet food sector. It also works in the sectors of dogs best kangal dog, cat food, food and sand for litter.


The enterprise, EVCIL PET MARKET, is the distributor and operates in the pet food sector. It also works in the sectors of cats, food and dogs, food.


The company BAHCESEHIR LOCA VETERINER KLINIGI, is manufacturer / producer, founded in 2012, and it works in the dog and cat products sector. It also operates in the veterinary services and German shepherd sectors import kangal from Turkey.


CINO PET SHOP, is a retailer, was founded in 2012, and operates in the dogs and cats products sector

Finally, when you buy a kangal dog, try to provide him with a partner to have more dogs, as this species is threatened with extinction.


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