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import goods from turkey

Turkey is one of the largest exporting countries of Turkish home-made goods, which has increased in demand due to its quality and good prices, and many Arab youth prefer to import goods from turkey and this is what made it a good competitor in the global export market, because they have achieved great success and many profits recently. And to facilitate this experience, we offer you an article on the most important Turkish goods that can be imported from Turkey.

 prices of goods in turkey

  We find in the Turkish market many products and each product is available at different prices, and for this, as an Arab importer of Turkish goods, you will need to know many steps and details before coming to Turkey and other steps that you will take in Turkey.

 prices of goods in turkey
prices of goods in turkey

how to import products from turkey  Steps to follow before coming to Turkey:

1.    It is a set of steps that will help you to identify the goods and products required in your country, their details, materials for their manufacture and the required level of quality. This is because the products in Turkey are many, and at the beginning, the required product and everything related to it must be determined very accurately

2.    Study of the local market and prices:So that you are fully aware of the prices in the local market in your country,In terms of (retail price, dealer price, wholesale price, importer price), this precisely represents the real price of the product, and this step is important so as not to leave room for the element of surprise. You may be surprised, in the Arab markets, by the presence of Turkish goods whose price to the consumer is lower than the import price.This is usually due to the presence of experienced importers in turkey manufacturing goods for their own account within Turkish factories to reach the best competitive price in the local market in the end, And this you can easily reach after several years of experience in the field of importing and exporting Turkish goods.

3.    Knowing the customs laws in your country:Before importing from Turkey or from any country, it is necessary to identify the customs standards in your country and cost of fake goods in turkey, So as not to be surprised when you try to introduce some Turkish goods with high customs tariffs, it becomes a burden on the cost of the product and increases its price that reaches the consumer.

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types of goods made in turkey

The highest exported goods in Turkey:Cars constitute 13.9% of Turkey’s total exports.Machinery, including computers, represents 8.7% of the total Turkish exports.Precious stones and metals.Clothes, accessories and handicrafts.Electrical appliances and equipment.Iron and steel.Unfinished clothing and accessories.Plastic and plastic materials.Iron and steel materials.

goods available in turkey

Fruits and nuts.Gemstones and precious metals are among the fastest growing commodities among these previous commodities. During previous years, the rate of increase in exports of precious stones and precious metals reached about 110%.Plastics come in second place, then cars in third place, and then machines, including electrical appliances.

goods manufactured in turkey  Turkish furnishings are among the Turkish goods that are in great demand in recent times for their distinguished taste and good materials.Shoes are now a lucrative business because of their quality.  As for the most selling products in turkey, which are preferred by importers because they achieve large and fast profits:Turkish clothes, especially women’s clothes.Turkish abayas are distinguished by their high quality and precision of manufacture.Home appliances, they find great demand from Arab families, for their wonderful designs, which are different from home-made tools, as well as household electrical appliances.  If you are an Arab person who wants to import from turkey,

 some advice must be followed that will help you study the profit factors and Loss and risk in the Turkish market and the local market in your country or in the country you wish to import Turkish goods to. Find out with us how to import from Turkey in a liquid manner.

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distributors in turkey Goods are distributed to stores, stores and exhibitions, or by making advertisements in newspapers and newspapers or advertisements on social media and pages dedicated to electronic marketing of products imported from Turkey. factories in turkey produces many products that are exported to all countries of the world. Export in Turkey is one of the most important factors that help the Turkish economy rise and grow. Turkey has one of the most competitive corporate tax rates in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) region. Turkey’s corporate tax law includes clear, objective, and better-consistent provisions that are in line with international standards. goods and services tax turkey VAT exemptions include, but are not limited to, the following · Goods and services export operations.·

 Roaming services provided in Turkey to customers outside Turkey (meaning non-resident customers) in accordance with international roaming agreements, where the condition of reciprocity is implemented.·         Contract manufacturers for clients operating in free zones.·         Services provided at ports and airports for ships and aircraft. Turkish goods are really distinguished and within the reach of many, and merchants can reach a reasonable price with suppliers, so do not hesitate a lot.

Childrenswear suppliers UK
Childrenswear suppliers UK

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How to ship goods from Turkey

There are many ways to ship goods between different countries of the world, and these methods must be known in detail when starting in the field of international trade (import and export) so that you can select the best shipping method for the form you want to send. of goods you wish to trade in. Know with us through this the article is on shipping methods Shipping companies in Turkey), the meaning of the insurance policy, and how to choose the appropriate shipping method between Turkey and Arab countries.

Methods of shipping goods from Turkey:

As an Arab importer who wants to import goods from Turkey, you need to know the methods of shipping goods from Turkey, and there are 3 shipping methods:

Air freight.

land shipping.

Sea freight.

  • Air Freight:Advantages of air freight:Disadvantages of air freight:Air freight is the most expensive type of shipping.
    • The inability to ship goods in large quantities; The maximum load in the largest cargo plane is only 600 tons, while the maximum load in sea freight is for example 400 thousand tons,
    • Shipping speed and arrival of the shipment on time
    • In this method, goods are shipped inside aircraft, and this method is preferred for transporting very small cargo loads.
  • Land freight from Turkey:Advantages of land freight:Disadvantages of land freight:It is noted that: This method was used between Turkey, Syria and Iraq, and from there to the Arab Gulf states and Saudi Arabia, but due to the political conditions in Syria and Iraq and the difficulty of using land freight,Or the rest of the Arab countries such as Egypt, the Arab Maghreb countries and Mauritania;
    • So, it is impossible to use land freight due to the presence of maritime barriers between Turkey and between these countries, and dependence on sea or air freight is done.
    • It has stopped being used and is now approved by other appropriate shipping methods.
    • The load of land trucks is much less than other types of freight, including air freight, as one truck does not exceed 30 tons.
    • Shipping cost is lower than other types of shipping regardless of shipping distance,
    • It is the shipment of goods from Turkey in trucks by land from one country to another.
  • Sea freight of goods from Turkey:Advantages of sea shipping:
  • The large tonnage of cargo ships, the one (container carrier) ship carries approximately 15 thousand containers and the maximum load of the vessel can reach 400 thousand tons of cargo,
  • It is a process in which goods are shipped from Turkey inside containers and these containers are loaded onto giant ships, and we will, God willing, explain the types and sizes of sea freight containers from Turkey for the goods through a subsequent article on the Turkey for Arabs website.

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Consumer goods companies in Turkey

With the increase in Turkey’s exports of products in recent years, this has led to an increase in the activity of import companies from Turkey, increasing their number and their competition for merchants, but there are a number of documents that must be available before Importing from turkey, and they are:

Submit a commercial invoice, and a declarative sheet.

A document proving the certificate of origin for the imported goods.

With regard to importing foodstuffs, it is required to present and paper health certificates prepared with the approval of the Municipal Department of Turkey.

Presenting the bill of lading document, in addition to an authorization by the exporter to the customs broker in Turkey.

Customs broker information should also be available in the country of import.

One of the important conditions for merchandise commercial shipments is that the company importing from Turkey must be registered in both the Tax Department and the Customs Department and hold the import code in the country of import.

As for the most prominent shipping companies in Turkey, they are as follows:

  1. The Oriental Pearl International Shipping Company in Istanbul
  2. Adroit Logistics Company for air and sea freight in Turkey
  3. PTT company for express shipping to and from Turkey
  4. TNT Shipping and Courier Company Istanbul – Turkey
  5. Armed Air Transport Company in Turkey
  6. UPS Global Shipping Company 7-International Istanbul – Turkey
  7. DHL International Shipping Company Istanbul – Turkey
  8. FedEx International Shipping Company in Istanbul – Turkey
  9. that local residents and tourists coming to visit the city Merchants and even merchants use Turkish wholesale websites to get the best consumer and household products, foodstuffs, fabrics and others:
  • Fatih Market

    • It is called the Wednesday Market because it is held every Wednesday every week and it is one of the distinguished Istanbul wholesale markets, which includes the most delicious types of fruits, vegetables, cheese and spices Cheap goods in Turkey, not to mention clothes and shoes, all of which are at the wholesale price. What distinguishes it is that its prices are very cheap, and the Fatih Market is not only one of Best things in Turkey to buy in Istanbul, but its location on Fatih Street made it a first-class historical tourist attraction, as it is located next to the most famous tourist attractions in Istanbul such as the Grand Bazaar, Fatih Mosque
  • Osmanbey Market in Istanbul

    • The wholesale market in Istanbul on Osmanbey Street is more specific to women, as it offers many What is famous in Turkey women’s products such as clothes, bags and shoes, cosmetics, evening dresses and others. The ancient and always crowded street with shoppers also includes a number of embassies and consulates of foreign countries and the finest hotels and restaurants. And well-known cafes, this market is located close to Taksim Square, which is full of tourists, so you find the pleasure of shopping Istanbul wholesale market and tourism in Istanbul at the same time in the heart of the market and its old alleys.
  • Lalali Market in Istanbul

    • One of the most famous Istanbul markets for the local and popular wholesale, Lalali Market is located in the Lalali district, the most vital and visited area of ​​Istanbul, and it is very popular and widely accepted among the local population and foreign tourists, as it provides Wholesale suppliers in Turkey high quality products through the largest stores and stores at reasonable prices that suit all Budgets.
  • Marter Market in Istanbul

  • One of the most famous wholesale markets in Istanbul with Arabs, as it offers many products for veiled clothes, children and men with high quality and very cheap prices in Istanbul wholesale online, within more than 2000 exhibitions for the sale of Turkish products, and What distinguishes the Istanbul wholesale market is that it includes customs clearance companies that enable merchants to promote their importance in the development. Minimal effort and cost of buying and shipping.


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