How much are Turkish towels in Istanbul

how much are Turkish towels in Istanbul? Know the answer

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How much are Turkish towels in Istanbul

Are you searching for turkey towel builders and towel manufacturers? If you want to hear about how much are Turkish towels in Istanbul and Turkey’s most popular towel factories or the most expensive towel company to shop from? Are you interested in buying towels and are you searching for the leading Turkish towel manufacturers to buy from them or from Turkey’s major wholesale towel markets? Are you interested in importing towels from Turkey and are you curious about the fastest and most common way to import them through an importing business from Turkey?

We will pick the most appropriate towel factories or towels suppliers in Turkey via this article and via our importing house. and we will find the largest towel firms in Turkey to buy from them, and then we will show you the most relevant suppliers of Turkish towels to import from them, and we will also show the most popular markets for the single sale of towels and turkey to be purchased from them.

How much are Turkish towels in Turkey

How much are Turkish towels in Turkey
How much are Turkish towels in Turkey

Over the past few years, Turkish towel makers have been achieving considerable popularity worldwide. It’s because the finest set of cotton towels are known to be made with all high-quality characteristics. Turkish cotton is the most luxurious type of cotton available on the market and it is considered the best choice for linen, particularly if anyone is looking for bath towels. Turkish towels best prices are near $ 1.99 – $ 3.99/Piece, it depends on its material and fabric. So, are you in Turkey looking for towel-making companies? Would you like to hear about the most popular towel manufacturers in Turkey, or the best Turkish towel manufacturers to import from Turkey? If you want to purchase Turkish towels and look for Turkey’s finest and most significant towel buying companies? Don’t worry, we’ll now show you Turkey’s most popular and biggest towel manufacturers to import and buy from them in bulk here if you intend to import towels from Turkey, here you are the right turkey towel manufacturers if you are interested to know how much are Turkish towels in Istanbul.

  • Bahcekapili Tekstil Company:

 Bahcekapili Tekstil Manufacturer is widely used in the traditional and largest textile companies in Turkey and is one of the most famous Turkish manufacturers of turkey towels, bath towels, beautiful cotton towels, loose white beach towels, bed sheets, bathrobes and other higher-quality household goods.

  • Evteks Group:

 Evteks Company is regarded as one of the most prestigious and largest textile manufacturers and towels suppliers in Turkey and one of the most famous Turkish towel manufacturers in Turkey as it works in a number of industries, including the manufacture of cotton bath towels, bathrobes and various dining textiles, as well as cotton sportswear and other fiat cotton textiles and all forms of Turkish textiles.

  • Tanem Household Group of companies:

 It is also considered to be one of Turkey’s most luxurious and valued textile companies, as it specialises in the manufacture and sale of the finest bath towels, as well as bathrobes and other cotton textiles with greater advantages for Turkish towels, as well as in the manufacture of hotel towels and also in the import and export sectors.

  • Hotexhome Apparel Corporation

Known to be one of the most famous and best white Turkish towel wholesale firms and the best towel shop in Turkey, Hotexhome Apparel Company specialises in the manufacture and production of high-quality bed sheets, cheap white beach towels, bathrobes, etc., all of which are based in Bursa and are of the highest standard at premium rates.

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Turkish towels Istanbul price

Turkish towels Istanbul price
Turkish towels Istanbul price

1.Preference at all:

Turkish Pestemal Towel with Kakala Cotton

If this is your first foray into cheap Turkish towels or you want to stock up on them, Cacala Turkish Towel is our top choice. From light grey to bright orange, Cacala is available in 22 different striped colours with towels best prices. Each one is so big enough to store Turkish towels for a picnic or beach day in a guest bathroom, but small enough. Since the fabric is incredibly lightweight, it is easier to withstand water than most cotton towels, observers say. When hanging, they dry quickly, making it impossible for mould or bacteria to grow. Swap your worn-out bathroom towels with Cacala Turkish towels to create a chic bathroom sensation in every bathroom. Due to its good quality and low price, Cacala is our best pick, whether you are looking for a beach towel or a bath towel at the best price for Turkish towels in Istanbul.

  1. BEST SET:

 Bosphorus Knit Turkish Diamond Towels

Without much work, it is a simple way to refresh and give your bathroom an elegant look, one of the best Turkish towels Istanbul price-matching bundle of elegant Turkish towels for which a Turkish towel is used. We love the Diamond Weave Package of the Bosphorus, which is dense, absorbent and attractive. Four matching towels sewn with a distinctive diamond pattern are included in every pack. They arrive in seven different colours It ranges from light grey to a bright mixed pastel palette. We love them bundled up in a bathroom basket or lined on an open shelf, beautiful enough to show off. The Bosphorus Towel is loved by owners since it is thicker than a typical Turkish towel, making it a safer choice for home consumption.

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Where to buy Turkish towels in Istanbul

Trying hard to look for a towel shop in Turkish? Would you like to buy Turkey’s best towels at the lowest prices, and are you looking for the most popular wholesale towel market? If you like to sell towels at the lowest rates and are trying to buy and purchase towels from them in the highest markets? Are you involved in knowing where buying towels in Istanbul? Don’t worry, we intend to show you the biggest and most popular markets for towels at the lowest rates. If you are looking to buy Turkish towels in Istanbul, here are all the details.

Where to buy Turkish towels in Istanbul
Where to buy Turkish towels in Istanbul

La Li Li Trade in Istanbul:

 This sector is known to be one of the highest, most important and largest markets in Turkey, renowned for having the most luxury cotton towel shops, white bath towels, mats, kitchen towels and other high-quality household cotton items and the selling and wholesale price of Turkish towels, and this industry is distinguished by its position in the crucial field Therefore the market is very popular with visitors and locals, so you can purchase cotton towels or import turkey towels from online towels in Istanbul .

Istanbul’s Osmanbey Shop:

 This market is also one of Turkey’s biggest and most famous markets, with a wide variety of shops selling cotton towels, white towels, kitchen towels, bed sheets and other products at great prices, and is also renowned for its close proximity to Taksim Square, considered one of Istanbul’s most popular tourist spots, so there is a large market for all this and also towels bulk.

Marter Market in Istanbul:

It is one of the largest, most popular and most important markets in Istanbul and one of the best bulk towel markets, as this market is characterized by shops for all supplies from furniture stores and cotton supplies stores, such as white cotton towels, bath towels, sheets, bathrobes, etc.

The Fatih Market in Istanbul:

 the Fatih Market, also known as the Wednesday Company, where you can buy the best Turkish towels in Istanbul, is one of Turkey’s best and most popular markets, with a wide range of cotton supply stores, such as bath towels, white towels, kitchen towels and sheets of various kinds and colours. This market is also known for its Fatih Road location. Due to its proximity to the Fatih Mosque and the Grand Bazaar, it is considered one of the most popular locations in Istanbul, so it is considered one of the tourists and ancient landmarks and considers a very great market and consider one of the most important wholesale markets in Turkey.

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Towel factory in Turkey

Towel factory in Turkey
Towel factory in Turkey


Ayaz factory is consider one of the most successful towels suppliers in Turkey and also in Arab world


This supplier is recognized as one of the most famous, important and prominent home furnishing suppliers in Turkey, as it specializes in the export, manufacture and distribution of cotton towels, white bath towels, bed sheets, bathrobe and other cotton products, and displays on sale bulk towels containing the finest quality classic Turkish towels, the highest raw mate towels. It has it headquarters in Bursa and is one of the biggest turkey towel manufactures.


TUVA HOME EV TEKSTILI SAN is known to be one of the most important, renowned and successful textile suppliers in Turkey, producing, refining and selling the finest Turkish turkey towels in the manufacture, processing and sale of cotton bath towels, white towels, bathrobes and sheets and all kinds of Turkish towels, and also in the hotel manufacturing sector.


GURPAK AMBALAJ VE GIDA is also considered to be one of the most common and well-known suppliers of towels for the import of towels from Turkey and one of the best Turkish manufacturers of towels in Turkey, as it operates in an industry that produces, produces and provides, at the lowest cost, sanitary napkins, white silk towels and bath towels for all of these products in order to be able to mimic all of them.


It is one of the most renowned and respected suppliers of napkins in Turkey and one of the best wholesale suppliers of bath towels, working in the low-cost, distinctive quality and excellent quality white towels, cotton towels, bath towels and shower soap towels sectors of packaging, processing and sales.

We have supplied you with the largest and most popular Turkish towel manufacturers or how much are Turkish towels in Istanbul. and we have also given the largest Turkish towel manufacturers to buy from them, and we have also offered the largest Turkish towel wholesale market and turkey towel manufacturers so that you can import from Turkey easily.

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