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Top food packaging machines cost from 6 firms

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 food packaging machines

There are different options available in the manufacturing industry like filling and packaging machines are featured by simplicity in design, small packing machine for food products which gives ease in general and periodic maintenance operations, in addition to the absence of the need for a specialized expert to invest the machine. Food packing machine second hand or firsthand undergoes real quality tests on buyer’s materials before they are supplied to his factor Importing-house will help you to give all the details, so be tuned because we’ll tell you about it in this article.

Food packaging machine manufacturers:

Machine is supplied with the materials to be packed through a conveyor feeder belt (optional request) that transfers the materials to the machine’s tank, where the machine, through the volumetric packing system, fills a volume of materials into telescopic cups with the gates system, equivalent to the required weight and sends it to the packaging section of the food packaging sealer machine forming the bag and closing it automatically with printing the date of production and validity (optional request) and the product comes out an envelope ready for use here are some manufacturers of  food packing machine sell in Turkey :

  1. 1.Vertex Makine for manufacture packaging machines
  2. 2.Kılıç Makina for manufacture Liquid filling machines
  3. 3.Damas Makina for manufacture food packaging machines
  4. Tiaba Ambalaj Packaging Company for the manufacture and development of packaging machinery
  5. Zirve Company for the manufacture of packaging machines
  6. Ozdepak Packaging Machinery Manufacturer

These are some of the big and trusted manufacturers which you can import from turkey throw them.

import from turkey
import from turkey


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Food packaging machine cost:

Main Features of this automatic Food Packing Machine

– Three servo engines and PLC controlled.

– Photo cell sensor, auto following for cutting position.

– Adjustable pack previous.

– Simple driving framework, dependable working, simple support.

– Safety cover with Tilted No: ZL201620122680.9.

– Human machine interface, contact screen.

– Security defensive estimates arrive at EU CE Certificate.

Technical Parameters:

Model BOSS450/120-S BOSS450/132-S
Packing film size(mm) Max450 Max450
Packing speed (packs/min) 20-180 20-160
Package length (mm) 90-370 95-450
Package width (mm) 20-140 20-140
Package height (mm) 5-60 35-70
Power (Kw) 3.6 3.6
Dimension L*W*H (mm) 4500*1050*1700 4500*1050*1700
Weight (Kg) 1000 1000
Power supply 220V 50Hz 220V 50Hz

This machine costs start from 4000 $ -30000 $

Food packing machine amazon sell the ones that can be used at the house as an individual usage and you can find them starting from 36 $ to 79 $ and so easy to use. On the other hand some people are interested in and asks for the cost, quality and how strong is the productivity of used food packing machine it all depend on the place you buy it from and be sure about the type is it typical of the type you need or not you can find it costs around 2100$.

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Types of food packaging machines:

There are varies of different choices are valid in the manufacturing industry that will make sure that the food is safely and automatically filled and delivered to the customer without being tampered with. This food packaging machine for restaurant , houses , and factories These machines differ based on what they are needed for, so here we have broken down multiple kinds of food packaging machines and their different uses to help businesses differentiate with what they exactly need.

Types of food packaging machines
Types of food packaging machines
  1. Dry food packing machine like cereals, legumes, sugar and salt
  2. Liquid filling machines: It is a high-quality display that uses high-precision IC controls to fill bags, plastic and glass bottles with the correct content It is widely used for filling various kinds of liquid. Such as pure water, milk, soy milk, fruit juice, beverages, soy sauce, vinegar and wine. It uses one layer PE for packing materials and the automatic liquid packing machine can complete the whole process of UV film sterilization, expiry date printing, and cutting automatically as a continuous work. The finished package is safe.
  1. Bagging machines these kinds of machines are popular in food processing factories such as snacks, chips and powder.
  2. Vertical packaging machines
  3. food packaging machine small for the individual usage

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food packaging machine supplier :

The food packaging machine can be used for makeup or cosmetic packaging, pills, liquids, pastries, etc. It is the best way to safe the product sterilized and clean whatever it was food, pharmaceutical or cosmetic industry ..which is your best choice here are some of the top food packaging suppliers in the world :


It is part of the Italian company IMA SpA, which is one of the world’s leading suppliers of packaging machinery for the dairy and food industry. they offer a variety of innovative flexible manufacturing system solutions for cups – single – to twin cups, multi-mixed packaging, or small partial cups, which also meet specific requirements for aseptic packaging.


Another leading supplier of packing machinery and systems for over 40 years, with a strong reputation around the world for designing quality solutions and integrated packaging solutions. A + F develops and sells solutions for the dairy, food and beverage, as well as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and other sectors.

Thus, we have clarified where to buy food packing machines from Turkey.



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