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Important tips to import from turkey

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import from turkey

Trade and import from Turkey is an excellent idea and it has a good future, as people are accepting to buy Turkish products a lot due to their quality and prices, and in this article in importing-house plateorm we present to you, dear reader, my experience in importing from Turkey and the most important advice that we advise you to do before starting your project.

how to import from turkey

There are three ways through which household utensils can be imported from Turkey, and these methods are as follows:

how to import from turkey
how to import from turkey

– The first method: travel to Turkey

This method is considered the best and best option for importing turkish products , as it gives the merchant the ability to visit the largest possible number of companies, factories and markets, allowing him to choose the best products in terms of prices, quality and designs by examining many of them. The only disadvantage of this method is its high cost as it is necessary to obtain a visa to travel to Turkey, as well as return tickets and hotel accommodation costs for at least 7 to 10 days.

– Method two: import via the internet

It’s the most popular method to save time, because it is the least expensive method. However, when choosing this method of importing Turkish house wares from turkey exporters you should be careful when buying from a company that is highly rated by buyers.

– The third method: importing via an intermediary

This method depends on resorting to an import company and assigning it to purchase products from Turkey with specifying all the required specifications, and then the company completes the import and customs clearance process including shipping from turkey and delivers it to the merchant in exchange for giving them an amount of money agreed upon at the beginning of the matter between the two parties, and usually the amount paid is A percentage of the total price, not to mention 20% of the total costs.

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importing from turkey

The advice we will give you while importing from Turkey:

– You should identify all the papers and documents required to complete the import process from Turkey, which is one of the important steps, and all required government papers must be known.

– The clothes or any products you import must be known by wholesale shops in istanbul turkey or any trusted place before they are shipped or received.

– You must know the payment method that you will make to get the clothes, and it must be electronic after the shipping process, and know the customs rates in Turkey.

– All this will be agreed upon by the responsible company.

– The contract between you and the company you bought from or the turkey online shopping you will receive from must be in Arabic and mention the products to be imported and their specifications.

– The address of the place where the receipt will be made must be written in order to make it easier for you and the company to receive the goods, and this must be mentioned in the import and export contract in Turkey.

– The dates in which the goods will be delivered must be agreed upon, and in the event of a delay there will be a fine on the company from which the import is made.

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wholesale products from turkey

The demand for Turkish clothes is increasing, especially women’s clothes and women’s underwear, in addition to Turkish abayas, as it is only a successful import project due to its embroidery, precision and art.

import goods from turkey

  • You will find made in turkey product such as foil dishes that are in demand in the commercial market and that families and brides buy for their exquisite colors, designs and quality compared to the homemade ones.
  • best products to import from turkey is the furniture, as it is considered one of the most wanted imported Turkish products in the commercial market, such as embroidered furnishings, bedspreads and quilts, and the most important Turkish tablecloths, which have become one of the most famous Turkish products in the importers market with their wonderful embroidery and golden antiques, brilliantly embroidered with the quality of used fabrics and colors, so it goes without To say the Turkish tablecloth and the reaction of others is not known, and this compares to the Indian tablecloth.

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wholesale manufacturers turkey

If you want buying clothes, have a look at the following:

Dominic Clothes Factory:

– Jane Camellot Clothing Factory

– Stilist Fashion Clothes Factory “Stilist Örme Tic.A.Ş”:

– Clothing Factory “Giyimx Ticaret”

– Mono Uomo Clothes Factory

– Ertanış kurumsal iş elbiseleri work clothes factory

– “Pijama Deposu

If you want bags exporting from turkey

– Avrupa Canta

– Jenschler shanta Company

In this article, we have presented the best wholesale products to import from turkey for you.


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