buying wholesale clothing prices

9 cheapest places for buying wholesale clothing prices

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in buying wholesale clothing prices; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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As for those looking for information and details to benefit him in this field, we list below the information that we hope will benefit you and satisfy your aspirations:

buying wholesale clothing prices

You want to know buying wholesale clothing prices and where to find the cheapest distributors and brands especially in turkey, in this report you will everything.

turkey wholesale clothing prices

The clothing industry in Turkey is witnessing great growth day by day, as elegant national modern clothes such as wide pants, luxurious short jackets and hijabs are receiving wide attention, and every merchant wants to import from turkey , thus the clothing industry has become a mixture of Western and Eastern styles, and the prices of clothes can be mentioned in Turkey in Lira in 2020.

turkey wholesale clothing prices
turkey wholesale clothing prices

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how much does it cost to buy wholesale clothing?

  1. LC Waikiki

Waikiki Company displays its products in 567 stores in 27 different countries, and the company’s logo, everyone deserves a good dress, and this store is distinguished by its high-quality products and reasonable prices, and the price of a viscon batik blouse reaches 60 liras, while the price of a shirt with a narrow fit is 54 Turkish liras.

  1. Collezione:

Colizione is one of the leading brands in the trade sector in Turkey, and the company continues to invest by opening stores that offer high-quality men’s and women’s clothing and accessories all over the world, wholesale clothing vendors at clllezione sell silk georgette jacket by $ 194.

  1. İpekyol:

Ipekyol Company was established in 1986 in Turkey, and the company is famous for its wonderful and modern women’s clothing, and the company is a successful global brand, and the company offers its products in 130 stores in Turkey, and buying wholesale clothing prices of the women’s blouse reaches 199.50 lira. And in the coming brands you would find cheap wholesale clothing :

  1. Kotton

This company was established in 1988 in Istanbul, and the company opened its first stores outside Turkey in Germany in 1996, and in 2002 the company reached the Middle East, Russia and the Balkans, and Koton offers its products in 293 stores in Turkey, and 100 stores outside Turkey, where you can Buying women’s blazers at prices ranging from 119 to 129 liras, and the price of a black-printed men’s T-shirt is 29.99 liras, and Michael Jean gray trousers cost 89.99 liras.

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buy wholesale fashion clothing

In this report, we will mention the prices at shops and stores and that the bulk wholesale clothing suppliers are selling their products.

buy wholesale fashion clothing
buy wholesale fashion clothing
  • A pair of jeans (Levis 501 or similar) can be bought for 221 TL.
  • One summer dress can be purchased at the High Street Store (Zara, H&M or similar retailers) for 169 Lira.
  • A pair of sports shoes (Nike, Adidas, or similar brands) 352 pounds.
  • buying wholesale clothing prices of One pair of leather business shoes, 325 liras.
  • Women’s T-Shirt price is 28 Turkish Liras.
  • Printed shirt dress price 229 TL.
  • A quilted jacket for women, priced at 295 liras.
  • Jeans jacket for women from denim 163 liras.
  • Cotton pajamas for women priced at 135 liras.
  •  The price of jeans for women is 112 liras.

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buy wholesale branded clothing

If your clients like brands you can choose from the following famous stores:

5- wow wholesale turkey

If you are looking to buy wholesale dresses for your online store, shop, or even for yourself, Wow is here for you. They distribute wholesale clothes all over Turkey, and that is if you are wondering about the steps, you can order and ship from their site to get buying wholesale clothing prices and shipping fast. The dresses are supplied in bulk in collections, according to seasons, categories, and brands, Not only will you get a variety of clothing products, but you will also get accessories, and shoes.

6- bloom wholesale

This brand is a massive wholesale textiles distributor, delivering the latest in USA women’s clothing trends straight from the Los Angeles Fashion state.

7- Veromoda:

 There are sports clothes, casual or classic clothes, as well as evening clothes at very special prices, it’s one of the best wholesale clothing websites it contains a variety of high quality and offers discounts at different rates on most of the pieces in the shop, and these markets are one of the imitation brands markets in Istanbul and for buying wholesale clothing prices we advise you to choose them.

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wholesale clothing distributors

If you don’t have time to travel by yourself, and don’t want to import thought wholesale clothing online look at these distributors:

8 – DB Schenker

This company is considered one of the reliable companies that got the title of the best companies importing baby clothes from Turkey, so if you will start soon your baby clothes project deal with this company.

9 – Rakitex Corporation

This company has been working in this field for a long time and has the ability to import from turkey and  deal remotely with all customers because it helps them get Turkish accessories, clothing and many other requirements, so that their buying wholesale clothing prices are affordable for everyone.

In conclusion, try contacting with more than one to know the price that suit you, good luck.


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