wholesale clothing manufacturers in turkey

The  8 most famous wholesale clothing manufacturers in turkey

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wholesale clothing manufacturers in turkey

Turkey is one of the countries that enjoy a great reputation in the field of clothing, and there are many names of wholesale clothing manufacturers in turkey that export clothes from Turkey to Arab countries in particular. If you want to increase your wholesale clothing business in Turkey, then you should read this article…

popular clothing stores in turkey

Industry in Turkey is one of the most economic and financial sectors that the Turkish country depends on for its overall economy. The Turkish industry has recently become one of the largest and greatest global industries characterized by its high quality, which led to a remarkable turnout of many merchants to import from turkey. Here are some famous Turkey Brands and stores that you should have a look at if you love trying new fashion trends, as well as the best turkish clothes online that will skyrocket your sales:

LC Waikiki: Founded in France in 1988, LC Waikiki has turned into one of the best Turkish clothes brands since1997. The clothing brand is now available in 45 countries, including Malaysia, Morocco and Saudi Arabia to name some of the leading 922 stores. It has clothing categories for women, men, and newborn baby clothes in Istanbul. For the women category, items included include sweaters, jackets, shirts, blouses, jackets, dresses and skirts, while for men there are jackets, vests, shirts, jeans, chinos, and trousers in their store. For kids, they have all turkish baby clothes sizes.


popular clothing stores in turkey
popular clothing stores in turkey


Fimka store

If you want a variety of clothing collections, this is the site to explore. Here you can get all the trendy Turkish clothing wholesale that you want. Reaching from dresses to party wear, you can get it all on this site at an affordable price too or turkey office wears. The website is also designed in a very attractive way where you can see photos suitable for different clothes before you order them, you can see it .Other than that, the site is also known for offering discounts for its clients. They also have the option to chat to their turkish traders to clear all your inquiries and questions that you may have.


 It is the next best wholesale clothing supplier from Turkey. The main gorgeous thing about this site is their design. They have well-organized site. Also turkopt clothing is all considered under different heads which makes it easier for you to browse through the dissimilar styles. Women’s plus size clothing online and fancy skirts which suits wholesale turkey wears to stylish denim you can get everything from this site. This is one of the best wholesale places to look for if you want to enlarge your business with fashionable clothing. In short, it can be established that this is one of the best wholesale clothing suppliers that you can go to.

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clothing brand names in turkey

The most famous clothing brands in Turkey, especially children, such as: Collezione: one of the most important and popular Turkish clothing brands. Its stores are spread in most of the Baby clothes Shops in Istanbul. It produces its own models for men and women. It is one of the brands that offer discounts and offers periodically during the seasons of the year, official occasions and holidays.

clothing brand names in turkey
clothing brand names in turkey


This company was established in Istanbul, and it is one of the most important places for selling children’s clothes in where to buy baby clothes in istanbul, and it opened its first branch outside Turkey in Germany, and provides more than 293 branches in Turkey and 100 branches outside the country, as well as providing distinguished women’s and men’s clothing.


Founded in Istanbul, it now has 427 branches in Turkey and abroad, and it is available for men and women clothes, but only for young people from 16 to 40 years old.

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price of clothing in turkey

Wholesale prices of clothes in Turkey are incredible, due to their cheapness compared to the quality of the fabrics that are used, and the final finishing of the pieces, whether from women’s or men’s clothes or even children, in addition to being the most distinguished in terms of designs, and its great diversity, so it satisfies all tastes, as for prices It varies between wholesale offices and factories, but it does not increase much, so the small merchants who begin to deal in the clothing trade resort to the Turkish markets that sell at wholesale prices to ensure large profit margins.

clothing production companies in turkey

In Turkey there are many international companies to import clothes wholesale and deliver them to other countries, but each company has a set of advantages that make it shine among other companies, and among these companies that work in the field of importing clothes to various countries of the world:

Comindusa Corporation

It is one of the largest names of fashion design companies in Turkey that had goods to import from turkey and deliver them to anywhere in various countries of the world in addition to that it supplies clothes, shoes and leather, as its prices are affordable for everyone and it is one of the internationally known companies.

European used clothes

This company is considered one of the best imported clothes companies from Turkey that provides you with all used and new clothes, which help you to get the best brands, besides it brings goods from anywhere and delivers them to you, and it sorts and classifies the clothes from first class to third degree.

Finally, the clothing industry is one of the most profitable industries in the world, if you run a clothing store, the first thing you need is a good wholesale supplier who can supply you with all kinds of clothes.


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