Baby clothes wholesale distributors in Turkey

Baby clothes wholesale distributors in Turkey … best 8 places to buy clothes wholesale

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 Baby clothes wholesale distributors in Turkey

Are you looking for Turkey baby clothes suppliers ? What are the places where can I buy baby clothes wholesale ? And what are Baby clothes wholesale distributors in Turkey ? Over importing house platform you know all the details that  you need.

Where can I buy  baby clothes wholesale

  • You can buy baby clothes through the best stores and markets in Turkey.
  • First, We offer you the most important stores that offer children’s clothes at reasonable prices and high quality, namely:


If you want to buy Turkish children’s clothes, this is the best factory for manufacturing baby clothes in Turkey Istanbul for all ages where to buy baby clothes in Istanbul, from newborns to 12 years old and they have branches almost all over Turkey, and you can refer to their official website to know their branches specifically and communicate with them through  Send a message directly to the site.


It is one of the most important clothing factories. This factory, owned by Mehmet Kayhan, is not only dedicated to children’s clothing, but also to women’s and men’s clothing. It can communicate with them in Arabic, which provides the advantage of changing the language to English in order to facilitate the arrival of those who do not know Turkish to their destination and from the most famous  Their products are Turkish girls’ clothes.

where to buy baby clothes in Istanbul,
where to buy baby clothes in Istanbul,

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Second, Wholesale baby clothes markets in Turkey

With the presence of shops and factories for children’s clothing in Turkey , and their prices and prices in all respects boutique clothing at wholesale prices.  Of course, girls ’clothes are at the forefront of sales, as it is known that girls are more interested in fashion and fashion than men, and this is not only for teenagers but for children.  Let’s get to know the most important children’s clothing stores in Istanbul, Turkey.

3. Baghdad Street

Baghdad Street dates back to the era of the Ottomans, and is considered one of the most famous streets of Istanbul, and this street is located on the Asian side of Istanbul, and is about 6 kilometers long and includes many local and international clothes stores, in addition to the presence of many small commercial buildings for shopping, the prices there are distinct  It is very appropriate.

4.Osman Bey Market

Osmanbey is one of the most prestigious areas of Istanbul, as it contains many foreign embassies and consulates, as well as the best and most prestigious international hotels, which in turn are reflected in the styles and tastes of clothes in the region.  The Osmanbey Market includes the most famous international brands, and private offices for the most famous wholesalers of Turkish baby clothes Turkey baby clothes wholesale and owners of local brands, in addition to shopping centers for cosmetics, all of this places it among the best markets of Istanbul for clothes.

boutique clothing at wholesale prices.
boutique clothing at wholesale prices.

5.Sinan Pasha Bazaar

The bazaar is known as Bhetkas, and visitors consider it the only way to get the best Turkish baby clothes for sale at very reasonable prices and in different and distinctive forms Baby clothes wholesale distributors in Turkey , which are impossible to find anywhere else, and for this it is considered one of the most popular cheap clothes markets in Istanbul, Turkey.  The quality of the clothes is beyond description, as is the ease of dealing with the sellers, and the bargaining that the visitors make make them get the best price and the strongest quality.

6.Grand Bazaar Market

It is considered one of the most famous and important Turkish wholesale clothing markets in Istanbul in Istanbul, and it is characterized by shops selling gold, silver and souvenirs, but when searching for wholesale clothing stores, it is preferable to go to Mahmoud Pasha Street from this market, as Mahmoud Pasha Street includes many clothing factories in Turkey,  Factories and stores that wholesale women’s and men’s clothing and scarves such as the Stylist Factory.

7.Istiklal Street, Istiklal Qadisi

It is considered one of the best wholesale markets in Istanbul for clothes, as it contains factories baby clothes factory in Turkey, stores, various goods and products from wholesale clothing from Turkey for women to men’s clothing, sportswear and children’s clothing wholesale trade, and there are sectors such as Chemex Trade Factory.

  • In addition to the factories and stores that sell shoes and bags
  • They have the best wholesaler clothing in Turkey, but Istiklal Street prices are a bit high, so be careful when looking carefully, and use the buying skills that one must have to get a good deal.

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baby clothes factory in Turkey
baby clothes factory in Turkey

8.Fatih Market / Istanbul Wholesale Clothes

It is one of the most important places that contains wholesale children’s clothing stores in Istanbul, and there are markets in which people from all over Turkey flock to buy clothes wholesale baby clothes market, as there are many factories that deal in wholesale, such as the Mono-amo factory, and there are also fabrics that made it very famous  , As it contains wholesale clothing stores in Istanbul, factories and wholesale clothing stores in Istanbul, as well as stores that sell women’s clothing in addition to wedding and evening dresses.  And other areas that contain many wholesale clothing factories in Turkey.

Wholesale children’s clothing online

Are you looking for the best sites you can buy children’s clothing online ? We will discuss it :


An exclusive Turkish clothing manufacturer expert in ready-to-wear designs and knit blouses has his own fashion boutiques in London import from Turkey, Barcelona and Istanbul with affiliations with famous brands such as Zara, Sandro, M&S, Next and Coast.


DDFS was founded in 2002 in a very short period of time that has gained international fame, its motto is to build a good relationship between customers and the company by producing high-quality goods at low prices, the site contains different categories such as women and men, children’s clothes in Turkey Istanbul and shoes as you can shop by  Trademarks.

Bebetto website

A manufacturing company located in Bursa and it is one of the leading companies in the children’s textile sector and wholesaling Turkish children’s clothing. It produces more than 800 types of different products and models every year. The company serves in many places in Turkey. Laleli stores in Istanbul and Vishni Street in Bursa  They are wholesale stores wholesale baby clothes as well as export to many countries of the world such as Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Belarus, the Czech Republic, Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Iran and Dubai.

baby clothes market
baby clothes market

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Fimka store

On this site, you can get all modern clothes, from dresses to casual clothes, at sensible costs, as it is one of the names of the acclaimed Turkish apparel sites children’s clothing online that can be relied upon to get the best goods. . You can see the appropriate pictures for different clothes before ordering otherwise,  The site is also known for offering various discounts to its clients.


One of the most famous Turkish children’s clothing sites and one of the best wholesale clothing sites, through which you can get a variety of women’s clothing The best thing that distinguishes this site is that it is known to have a range of clothes from all high-end brands, and the product prices are relatively lower than other sites, so you will get  Through them, the best clothing prices in Turkey are in Lira.

Brands Fei

If you are looking for a Turkish shopping site that provides you with many basic and indispensable benefits such as shopping from Turkey and payment on receipt as well as shipping to the GCC countries with full support for the Arabic language and the right price, then you are in the right place, which makes it the best place to import baby clothes from Turkey to Saudi Arabia , including Turkish brands.  You have access to a range of the most famous Turkish brands such as Gant, Nautica, Oksit, Avva, etc. which provide you with an impressive list of products.

Turkey baby clothes suppliers

Are you looking for the best and most famous suppliers of baby clothes from Turkey?

Turkey is one of the best countries that manufacture clothes, which has a clear imprint in the world of fashion and fashion, especially in children’s clothes, which made there a great demand for buying and shopping for its goods, and this is for sophisticated taste and different and distinctive shapes.

Dino Kids Factory

A factory specializing in the manufacture of all children’s clothing from the age of one to 14 years, from tops, jeans Turkey jeans factory , skirts and dresses to high quality and the prices of clothes for children in Turkey are very appropriate, and the headquarters of this factory is in Istanbul.

Elena Kids Factory

Factory specializing in manufacturing all children’s clothing including blouses, jeans and the most beautiful dresses with high quality and reasonable prices.

Mini Star Factory

Brands clothing factories in Turkey, it is a factory specialized in manufacturing children’s clothes at very reasonable prices, from jeans Turkey jeans wholesale and dresses to high quality, and many other Turkish factories that focus on the production of children’s clothes.


One of the most prominent and famous Turkish baby clothes factory is Panço Factory. If you want to get Turkish children’s clothes Turkish baby clothes, this is one of the best factories for clothes for all ages from children from newborns to 12 years old.


Consi is a children’s clothing supplier from Turkey located in Izmir, Turkey. They offer different types of knitted and woven clothes of all sizes for all genders, young and old, suitable for beginners who cannot afford an expensive cost.

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Sunman for export

It is the best import company from Turkey located in Istanbul, Turkey. Businessmen are allowed to customize their clothes according to their tastes. Sunman produces clothing items with a low order quantity of about 50 pieces per style.  They supply their clothing to Instaboutiques and beginners in importing baby clothes from Turkey importing from Turkey  have a large model archive.

  • Olli is among the low-priced clothing suppliers from Turkey the company is located in Istanbul, Turkey.
  • Their aim is to make different products Baby clothes wholesale distributors in Turkey, size combinations and timely delivery, every business transaction is done with official document thus security is guaranteed.
  • The initial was created for the amount of middle and low orders so that they could solve the problem of quality and delivery.
  • They produce samples keeping in mind the clothing samples they receive from their customers.  This company is recommended for beginners in importing veiled clothes from Turkey who do not have enough capital to purchase high quality products.
children's clothing online
children’s clothing online

FKN FKN Textile

  • FKN Textiles is one of the leading Turkish clothing manufacturers with low minimum order quantity.
  • It is a textile distributor serving the leading brands of clothing in Turkey and the world.


It is a distributor of wholesale clothing all over Turkey for your store, store or e-commerce project.  It distributes wholesale Istanbul clothing  with the highest quality and from original brands at prices below MRP.

  She has many categories to shop including women’s mixed wear, dresses, blouses, jackets, knitwear, coats and many more Turkey fashion wholesale.  It has a separate men’s category that includes menswear mix, jackets, shirts and pants.

It also offers children’s clothing like sportswear, kids jackets and T-shirts, it has cooperated with many brands like GUESS, STEFANEL, LIU JO, MISS SIXTY, TOM TAILOR, ALDO and ADIDAS to name a few, before purchasing any item from them, you can check their online catalog  On their official website.

Thus, We explained to you the best places to buy baby clothes wholesale and Turkey baby clothes suppliers.We have explained the wholesale children’s clothing online. I hope to find it useful for you.

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