Turkey jeans factory

Turkey jeans factory … most famous 16 brands

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Turkey jeans factory

Turkey is one of the country’s most exporting textiles in general, and clothes in particular, and of course manufacturing jeans from Turkey jeans factory is one of the most important categories of clothes manufactured for export, so there are many Turkish jeans factories that traders can deal with to buy the finest types of jeans, you can find in This article is the best of factories.


Turkish jeans factory

The industrial sector in Turkey is one of the largest sectors on which the Turkish economy depends, as there are many industrial companies in Turkey specialized in the production of various clothes, and the most important of these factories are jeans in turkey wholesale factories, which produce special models for men and women specifically and import these products to the Arab market It is a magical project that we will learn about through the following article.

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Here are the most famous brands importing jeans from Turkey:

  1. Zara: Zara is one of the most famous brands and Turkey jeans factory, as it is one whose products are in the middle class in terms of prices as well as in terms of materials and workmanship you can from them buy jeans turkey online.
  2. Cotton: Cotton is also one of the middle-class clothes, and most of its products are intended for young men and women. The products of this brand are distinguished by the fact that most of its fabrics are made of cotton or little of it is included in its fabrics in a large proportion.
  3. Hotiç: Hotig is also a shoe brand, the brands feature imported jeans online and products for women, although there are products for men, most of these brands are considered women.
  4. Ipekyol: It is distinguished by its luxurious oriental and western women’s clothes.
  5. Altınıldız: It is the address of luxury in Turkey, as it features luxurious men’s clothing that suits the high class and people who want to spend money.
Turkish jeans factory
Turkish jeans factory

Jeans made in turkey

Turkish products are distinguished by quality, durability and modern models, and at the same time the prices are very appropriate and available to all, as well as the ease of availability and export to Arab countries, and most of these brands have branches in Arab countries and foreign countries, where the popularity of these brands has increased to suit major foreign brands.

LTB: LTB is also one of the jeans in istanbul turkey brands that deserved to be on the list of the top 10 Turkish clothing brands, as it is distinguished by Turkish men’s jeans wholesale, its modern models, its reasonable prices and its distinctive materials.

Collins: The brand that excels at producing high-quality clothing, especially jeans for sale in turkey.

LC Waikiki: The cheapest brand in the list of the most famous Turkish cheap brands, it is almost the most popular in Turkey because its price is very low.

Kegli: Kegeli ranks last in the list of the most famous Turkish clothing brands, as it is not known in the Arab community much, and on the contrary, it is very famous in Turkey.

Each of these brands has a distinctive feature that distinguishes it from other brands, so you will find best jeans in turkey and  Turkey jeans factory  that specializes in the manufacture of jeans in Turkey, the brands that specialize in cheap clothes, the brand that is distinguished by luxury, and some are distinguished by youth clothing and others.

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Jeans manufacturers in turkey

If you intend to create your own clothing brand or want to find a clothing factory in Turkey, especially jeans, you are in the right place, so your business may increase if you can outsource clothing tools to support your business from Turkish clothing manufacturers, here are Turkish jeans for sale brands:

  1. Dominic Factory.
  2. Jean Camelot Factory.
  3. Factory designer fashion.
  4. Chemex Trading Factory to make Turkish jeans abayas.
  5. Mono Amo Factory.
  6. Artanch Workwear Foundation.
  7. Mohamed Kojosh Factory for Ready Made Clothes.
Prices for Turkey jeans factory
Prices for Turkey jeans factory

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Prices for Turkey jeans factory

Men’s jeans for boys and girls for wholesale and retail sale is characterized by the unparalleled elegance of the latest men’s and girls’ jeans, and in a variety of designs of cut and traditional and in different colors with the availability of wholesale, retail and shipping to all countries.

Turkish jeans are backed by the latest models, and the price of Turkish men’s jeans per piece is $ 10 for the wholesale price in Turkish factories, and there are factories that cost $ 18 per piece.

But Turkey jeans factory prices range from $ 10 to $ 18.

You should also consider the prices of jeans for women in Turkey, five ounce 100 denim cotton fabric ready to ship US $ 1.35 / meter 1.50 / meter.

Turkey clothing design 2018, denim skirts for women, jeans, skirts, for women $ 2.20 – $ 2.40 / 5000 meters, it is one of the best jeans fabrics in Turkey.

100 black denim jacket coats for men Ready to ship USD 1.60 / meter

98 Jeans Cotton 2 Lycra.

Turkey jeans factory is one of the most important places where you will find the finest products.

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