agriculture factories in turkey

agriculture factories in turkey … best 5 destinations provide you with high quality 

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agriculture factories in turkey

   Agriculture has remained an important economic activity; As it provides job opportunities for 58% of the total workforce in the country, the volume of agriculture factories in turkey represents only about 20% of the volume of value of all goods and services produced in Turkey, the value of the revenues from industrial production exceeds the value of the revenues from agricultural production, so here are what you want o know to start your business in this field.


 agriculture companies in turkey

 1.Ontar Tarim Alet Agricultural spray machines, fertilizer spraying equipment, field suspended sprayers, field sprayers, agricultural sprayers, agricultural equipment, sprayers, field sprayers, pesticide nebulizers, agricultural sprays, fan sprayers, sprayers Turbo fan, agricultural machinery, agricultural machinery, butchers, cultivators, cultivators, ground drilling machine, turbo sprayers, turbo sprayer, polyfreezer, planting machines, pumps, pump, mower, garden sprayer, spray, agricultural tools, agricultural equipment turkey agriculture export devices Remote Control, Manure Spreader, Manure Spreader, Suspension Device, Fertilizer Spreader, Fertilizer Spreader, Field Sprayer, Golf, Field, Sprayer, Weapon Spraying, Spray Type, Mounted Sprinkler Type, Turbo, Atomizers, Turbo Fan Atomizers.

 2.    Mikdat Bagci Otomotiv  Tractor spare parts, tractor parts, tractor parts, combine harvester, combine harvesters, harvester spare parts, agricultural filters, chopper stem, agricultural machinery, agricultural equipment, drum mower, harrow, grass harrow, disc plow, pesticide sprayer, harvesting machinery and equipment. turkish goods online: Harvesting machines, threshers, studies, mechanical seeders, plows, tillers, wedge plows, agricultural irrigation systems, irrigation systems, drip irrigation systems, agricultural irrigation equipment, irrigation and watering system spare parts, irrigation and watering pipes, sprinklers, chisels, irrigation system, tiles, alabaster, Natural stones, cosmetics, makeup, perfumes, table sets, cabinets, shelves, cabinets, desks, meeting tables, office chairs, agricultural machinery, agricultural equipment.

  3.    Onallar turkish import store for the production of agricultural tools and equipment:Pesticide equipment and tools for spraying gardens and fields, spraying machines, turbo sprayers, potato harvesters, pneumatic or fuel equipment, seed spreaders, drilling machines, drilling blades for heavy machinery, pesticide equipment and tools for spraying gardens and fields, spraying machines, turbo sprinklers, potato harvesters, pneumatic or fuel equipment, and seed spreaders. Drilling machines and drilling blades for heavy machinery, model plow 10BK.

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turkey agriculture export
turkey agriculture export

 agriculture investment in turkey

Turkey has wide export potential in this sector, which makes this sector the most exporting sector, as exports of agricultural machinery increased, and they increased by 20% during the first eight months of 2019, compared to the same period last year, and Turkey aims to export tractors. And spare parts worth more than a billion dollars by the end of this year. There are also many turkey agriculture land for sale, but it takes a lot of effort to become productive.

Before buying any tractor, make sure of its quality, especially if it is Used, get to know a Romanian tractor.import from turkey… the best brands from these places.

Owners of farms and agricultural lands need to buy agricultural tractors for use in plowing the agricultural land, and some of them are looking for a Romanian tractor imported from Turkey, and the price of the tractor varies according to whether you are new or used and according to the country of origin and the brand type.

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 agriculture industry in turkey

Agricultural machinery exhibition in TurkeyThere is a Turkey exhibition in March 2020, which is the Tarım 2020 Agriculture, Livestock and Technology Exhibition, which is a distinguished exhibition from Turkey. This exhibition is held in Kayseri in cooperation with the Tuyap Exhibition Foundation, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and the Federation of Agricultural Chambers in Turkey, and this exhibition displays the following :

Latest agriculture project technology.

Different farming technologies.

 ▪ Livestock and poultry development techniques used in Turkey.

▪ The latest technology in the dairy industry.Seeds used.The most important breeds of ornamental plants.

▪ Various garden equipment, including tractors.

5.    New Holland agriculture investment companies in Turkey

Newholland company works for the manufacture of agricultural machinery and tractors in Turkey, the company started to provide its services in the field of manufacturing, trading and selling agricultural tractors of various types and sizes, manufacturing agricultural machinery, harvesting machines, their accessories and accessories, pesticide spraying machines, corn and sunflower harvesting machines, bale machines, straw collecting machines, lawn mowers, soil preparation machines and machines Collecting and harvesting grapes and olives, as well as securing used machinery and equipment.

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terms of import

The client must have a commercial or industrial registry.·

A commercial invoice certified by the authority responsible for trade in the exporting country.·

 Import license or import card.·

A general authorization certified by the Chamber of Commerce or Industry for our company Granty Logistics as the customs broker. turkish import tax Value-added tax in Turkey:This tax is imposed at the rate of 8% on animals, foodstuffs, cotton fibers, bags, strings, shoes, and some agricultural machinery and medical tools. This 18% tax is imposed on communication services and many other services.

The Turkish state provides great facilities in the agricultural field, as it looks forward to halting imports in order to reach self-sufficiency.

Agricultural machinery manufacturers in Turkey

Turkey exports agricultural machinery to more than 130 countries around the world, and this great demand for the Turkish product of this category is due to its high quality and advanced potential, which makes it a strong competitor to others of the same quality of products, and the Turkish product proved that with its great popularity in the market, as Turkey achieved exports of agricultural machinery for the past year. Only about 830 million dollars, and this if it indicates, it indicates the great success that these products achieve. If you want to import machines from Turkey and the quality of those machines has not yet been determined, then you must put agricultural machines in your list of choices, and we will now do our part to present some details of this matter for importing from Turkey.

  • SNT otomative

Is the producer and manufacturer of a variety of agricultural machinery and supplies, harvesting sectors, equipment, agricultural machinery and equipment, and the headquarters of this company is Konya Turkey.

  • Orcagro agricultural machinery

 Is a company operating in agricultural sectors, supplies, agricultural sectors, equipment and organic fertilizer spreaders, based in Konya           23                                                     هههههغعTurkey?

  • Agrolead agricultural machinery company

This company works in the agricultural machinery and supplies sector as well as agricultural machinery and equipment sectors and is based in Konya Turkey.

  • Harmak agricultural machinery

Is a company operating in the agricultural machinery or agriculture sector in Turkey and equipment baler sector, based in Konya Turkey?

  • Rotmann industrial & agricultural machinery company

which operates in the agricultural production sector, agricultural machinery and materials, and precision pneumatic seed dispersing equipment, based in Konya Turkey.

All of these large factories and successful companies in this field were established many years ago, but the matter is not without the presence of small factories for sale in Turkey that manufacture similar machines with no agriculture problems in Turkey high quality as well and being small factories does not mean at all that they offer a product of bad quality, but all there is to it. It is still in its infancy that it did not achieve a large production that invades the market like other old companies and factories, and the good thing is that you can find used machines for sale in Turkey in those small factories, some of them are dedicated to this.

Agricultural land price in Turkey
Agricultural land price in Turkey

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Agricultural land price in Turkey

Of course, the price of the product varies according to its quality, and since everyone agrees on the quality of the Turkish product, it is natural that its price differs from similar products made in other countries. The best prices of best   Turkey agriculture sector tractors came as follows …

  • 80hp 4wd farm tractor price is about 61858 TL.
  •   The price of a diamond farm tractor is around 151,000 TL.
  • The price of a 40hp farm tractor is around 37,800 TL.
  • The price of a 60hp 4wd farm tractor is around 44,600 TL.
  • The price of an agricultural tractor model LT850 is about 61,000 TL.

Turkey has achieved a great development in the field of agricultural machinery, so if you have a huge Turkey agriculture production project, or decide to invest in that field, getting machines from it guarantees that you will get the highest quality products and at the same time prices are much lower than Europe, you can contact one of the shipping companies We have recommended it for you and start immediately to know the details and then import.

Shipping companies in Turkey

Do you want to know the best shipping companies in Turkey agricultural machinery industry? In order to choose the best company from them, here are the best companies.

  • Al-Manara Shipping Company:

 This company is considered one of the most famous and best shipping companies in Turkey, as it ships goods to any place, and this company is characterized by Turkey agricultural machinery excellent services and sophisticated dealing with customers as well as their wonderful interest in goods in terms of packaging, cleanliness and accuracy, and what distinguishes it most is that it is punctual This company is located in Istanbul, so you can import machines from Turkey.

  • Adoet Logistic International Shipping Company in Turkey:

 One of the most luxurious and famous companies that ship in Turkey, as this company is famous for international shipping Turkey agricultural products, meaning it ships to all parts of the world, this company is distinguished by credibility and interest in the goods sent as it pays attention to the aspect of good packaging and cleanliness, and the workers are distinguished In an upscale style with customers, this company is also known for fast delivery of goods, and is based in Istanbul, through this company you can ship small agriculture in Turkey.

  • Halablioglu Shipping Company in Turkey:

 This company is one of the most wonderful companies that help you in shipping the goods as you want, as this company ships anywhere you want and cares about the goods with all credibility in terms of packaging, accuracy and cleanliness, and the company is characterized by fast delivery of goods, and more What distinguishes it is its great prices, which are commensurate with everyone, the headquarters of this company in Istanbul, where you can import used agricultural tractors.

  • Turk Sindbad Shipping and Foreign Trade Company in Turkey:

This company is considered one of the most important shipping companies in Turkey, it also conducts foreign trade, and is characterized by interest in shipments in terms of hygiene and packaging, and is based in Istanbul.

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