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4 aerosol filling machine manufacturers in turkey meet your needs

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 aerosol filling machine

aerosol filling machine is very common and requirement nowadays as the world is moving forward to more modern, ahead of times and trend-setting aesthetics, aerosol cans craft from aluminum are reporting mounting growth rates all over the world An aerosol can is produced by the impact extrusion process using 99.5% pure aluminum sheet. These cans are consumer-friendly and provide high standards of safety and hygiene.  you can check how many products are sealed each day with that machine so, through importing – house platform you will find what you need.

aerosol filling machine for sale

A major quantity of aerosols can go to the cosmetic market followed by pharmaceutical, industrial and other miscellaneous sectors. The cosmetic applications include packaging of Perfumes & Health Hygiene products like body deodorants, perfume sprays, room fresheners, shaving foams, hair coolers, car air fresheners and many more. According to a report published by the International Organization of Aluminum Aerosol Container Manufacturers (AEROBAL), aerosol can market witnessed three per cent year-on-year growth and production of about 5.5 billion aluminum cans globally in 2016. Here is a list of top five aerosol can manufacturers in the world. The following mentioned list could be changeable depending on data available through open source. Let’s explore:

aerosol filling machine for sale
aerosol filling machine for sale
  1. Aryum Aerosol Cans Ltd

Aryum Aerosol Cans Ltd was established in 2003 at Istanbul Free Zone Establishment, as the core manufacturer of aerosol monobloc can in Turkey. The company is reaping the benefit to be a subsidiary of Kurt Group. Kurt Group has 70 local aluminum cap & packaging market in Turkey. Aryum won 2016 aluminum aerosol can awards held by AEROBAL. The company’s new aerosol filling center in Turkey has already designated its aim to be the leading aerosol aluminum can manufacturer in Eastern Europe & Middle East.

  1. Bharat Containers

Bharat Containers is the leading producer of aluminum aerosol containers, collapsible tubes, seamless bottles, marker barrels, cigar containers, rigid cans and containers in India since 1956. The company is the provider of complete solutions in aluminum impact extruded packaging materials. The company offers variety of aluminum aerosol sizes (diameters, heights, Shoulders and Print Finishes)

Bharat Containers has advanced aluminum aerosol manufacturing facility in India with all equipment imported from Germany, Italy, United Kingdom and capacities in excess of over 100 million aerosols per annum. The company has Advanced Technology, high precision equipment, efficient quality control & past 6 decades of know-how is being favored with more and more customers in India and abroad.


  1. TUBEX GmbH

Germany based TUBEX GmbH is involved in the manufacturing of aluminum-aerosol cans, aluminum tubes and rigid cans, and developing and producing aluminum parts for automotive, packaging industry, construction industry, electronics industry, pyrotechnics, and machine building applications. The company services clients in Middle and Western Europe, as well as Far East, North Africa, the Russian Federation, the United States etc.

  1. Aerosol Ketabkhun:

AEROSOL is a professional Machine manufacturer who is specialized in aerosol machine, aerosol detection machine and fill one aerosol filling machine support machine to complete aerosol production lines in China. Their Main products are: Automatic/Semi-Automatic Aerosol Machine, Automatic Bag-On-Valve Filling Machine, and Automatic Weight Checker etc.

They are a Professional Manufacturer of Semi-Automatic Aerosol Filling Equipament in Turkey, Factory Direct Sales High Quality Semi-Automatic Aerosol Filling Equipament in Turkey.

  • Semi-Automatic Aerosol Filling Equipament in Turkey
  • Aerosol Can Filling Machine in Turkey
  • Aerosol Making Machine in Turkey
  • Semiautomatic Machine in Turkey
  • Automatic Aerosol Can Weighting Machine in Turkey
  • Custom Aerosol Paint Cans in Turkey
  • Automatic Insecticide Aerosol Can Filling Machine in Turkey
  • Aerosol Shaving Gel Filling Machine in Turkey.

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aerosol filling machine cost

Do you know offers 3 aerosol machine products from Turkey. turkish products online About 25% of these are filling machines. A wide variety of aerosol machine options are available to you, such as food, chemical, and beverage, you can also choose what filling machine you want as there is a Custom choice and used aerosol filling machine for sale. As well as from cans. There are 3 aerosol machine suppliers, mainly located in Europe. The top supplying country or region is Turkey, which supply 100% of filling machine respectively. Such as:

  • semi-automatic aerosol filling machine:

$13.00 – $15.00 / Set | 1 Set/Sets

Metal Type: Stainless Steel

Use: Aerosol

Place of Origin: Istanbul, Turkey


Material: metal

Semi-Automatic Aerosol Machine (Triple Unit)

It consists 3 units. It is operated by pneumatic. At first unit, it is filling adjusted with weight in grams. Second unit, cramping valve. Third unit, filling gas adjusted with weight in grams. with 2 Years Warranty.

  • fully automatic aerosol filling machine:

$36.00 – $37.00 / Piece | 1 Piece/Pieces

Metal Type: Stainless Steel

Use: Aerosol

Place of Origin: Istanbul, Turkey


Material: metal

It consists 3 units. The first unit puts the cans in conveyor. The second unit fills the liquid and crimps valve with the double cylinder by the help of the rotary table and puts conveyor. In the third unite, after the gas has been filled with the 4-gas cylinder, it turns back with the conveyor and the operation is completed. The machine wouldn’t work without the conveyor working. The liquid won’t be filled if there are no cans and gas won’t be filled if there are no valves. All these operations are made with the same control system. The machine is 8 mt, length with 2 years warranty.


$1,000,000.00 By 1 Pieces

Type: Filling Machine

Condition: New

Application: Beverage, Chemical, Food, MEDICAL, COSMETICS

Packaging Type: CANS, Other

Packaging Material: metal, ALUMINUM

Automatic Grade: Automatic

Driven Type: Pneumatic

Voltage: 380V 50 HZ

Power: 18 KW

Place of Origin: Turkey


Model Number: MCHGS

Dimension(L*W*H): 1500*1500*2800

Weight: 2000 KG turkey price per kg

Certification: CE ISO ATEX SGS

After-sales Service Provided: Engineers available to service machinery overseas

turkey price per kg
turkey price per kg

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fully automatic aerosol filling machine

You can find Aerosol machine in Tek-iz machine manufacturing: They manufacture of cosmetic and aerosol chemicals for the packaging industry worldwide. Their products are: Airly Bottle Valve Sealing Machine Semi-Automatic Liquid Filling Machine Automatic Glass Perfume Filling Machine Apical Shelling Machine

 used aerosol filling machine product description in there:

Working Pressure: 8 kg / cm 3
Maximum Production Capacity: 70 Ad. / dak.
Maximum Filling Capacity: 1600 cm 3 Gaz
Maximum Filling Capacity: 600 cm Likit
Conveyor Motor Power: 0.5Hp – 2 380 V
Air Consumption: 2800 L / dak.
Depth 90 cm.
Width 700 cm.
Height 165 cm.
Weight 650 kg.

Other Details:
Place of Origin: Turkey (More Products from Turkey)
Stock Location: Turkey

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aerosol filling machine manufacturers

The filling machine manufacturers from Turkey makes different type of machines according to your needs. The manufacturers listed here are also important exporters of filling machines. We listed top manufacturers of aerosol spray filling machines for you:

aerosol filling machine manufacturers
aerosol filling machine manufacturers
  1. Sora Machine:

Sora Machine is a leading  the filling machines of aerosol, packaging machines manufacturer and exporter in Turkey. Located in Istanbul. They have a factory for the manufacturing of special designed packaging, filling machines. Their main producing is in filling machines of aerosol and complete lines. They offer best solutions for aerosol filling packaging needs of their customers.

  • SORA MACHINE 2019 Aerosol Filling Line for about $650,000 USD

Their Main Products and Solutions are: Aerosol Filling, bag on valve aerosol filling machine, Rotary Perfume Filling machines, Pocket Perfume Filling Machines, Liquid Filling Machines, and Shampoo Filling Machines, Cream Filling Machine, And Wax Filling Machine.


  1. Smart Makina:

Smart Makina is a manufacturer of filling machines.  The Aerosol machines filling are one of their expertise’s. Smart is located in Istanbul.

They are exporting 70% of their production to many countries.

Their Main Products and Solutions:

The Aerosol Machines  for Filling, Liquid Filling Machines, And Silicon Filling Machine

  1. Semin Makina:

Semin Makina was the first company in Turkey who manufactured aerosol machines and liquid filling machines for cosmetic industry in 1987.

650 machines so far have been made and sold to many countries.

Semin Machine is located in Istanbul.

Their Products:

Aerosol Machines, Liquid Filling Machines, And Nail Polish Filling, And also, Adhesive Filling Machine

  1. Enes Makina Aerosol Machines:

Enes Makina started manufacturing aerosol machines in Istanbul in 1994.Located in Turkey.

Their Products are:

Automatic And Rotary Aerosol Machines for just Filling

  1. Hitit Packaging Machines Turkey:

Hitit Machine has been established in 1987, and since then it has been one of the reputable and quality packaging machines manufacturers in Turkey. Their top main focus is quality and reliability of our systems and after sales service.

Hitit Machine is manufacturing Full / Semi-Automatic or manual aerosol filling machine – Capping – Labeling systems for Sectors of:

Homecare Cleaning: Liquid Soap, Surface, Window Cleaning Products.

Cosmetics: Perfumery, Deodorant, Mascara, Nail Polishing, Hair Cream, Wax, Cologne, Shampoo, shoe polishing etc.

Pharmaceutical: Any kinds of liquid pharmaceutical products

Agricultural, Organic Fertilizers, Insecticides, Herbicides and Mineral Oils

Their Products:

Aerosol Machines, Liquid Filling Machines, Cap Crimping Machines, Labelling Machines and Induction machines.

  1. Yilmaz Packaging Machinery:

A cheap aerosol filling machine was developed to pack products such as deodorant, aerosol, polyurethane and Styrofoam and. It has a filling capacity up to 40 item per-minute. They also offer a wide range of pack size with multi-functional settings. The gas – filling station designed with pneumatical automation provide extremely safe working environment with its reproof property. and Due to the automatic cap-fixing, swashing and parceling options, it provides founding an installation with one single machine.

Founded in 1979, the company has become the leader of a new perspective in the sector by following the current developments since its establishment and with its customer-oriented solutions. With their slogan “CUSTOMER SATISFACTION” which is the central point of management mentality, is the measurement of the investments made by Yılmaz Machine. They Creating solutions with wrapping, packaging machines as well as specific designs in a total area of 16.000 m2,

The company provides services to privileged customers in food, medicine, chemistry and cosmetic sectors. With over 67 different models of machines manufactured and its solutions peculiar to you, also, the foundation is a World Brand in respect of being “Your Solution Partner about packaging and wrapping”. By certifying its different management with ISO 9001:2008. Their Main Products are: Cube Sugar Production and Packaging Machines, Liquid Filling Machines, Paper Bag Filling Machines, Stick Package Filling Machines, Doypack Filling Packaging, and Sachet Packaging Machines.

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aerosol filling companies


The company PROTANK MAKINE LTD. STI engaged in the production and export activities in Turkey, is exporting the product groups listed below. they are among the major supplier companies in Turkey and leading a Turkish company that can offer you the best price and optimum quality turkey goods prices. the company PROTANK MAKINE LTD., a member of Turkish Exporter.


AVANTEK PAKETLEME MAKİNE SANAYİ LTD. ŞTİ., provide machinery and equipment production for domestic and foreign firms which are operating in the Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics and Food Sector. With marketing and selling of foreign brands, of which they are the only distributor in Turkish market import from turkey; they provide on-site solutions (machine maintenance, spare parts and mold production, feeding systems) for machines and equipment that we have been producing, marketing and selling.

It also has been established to provide sufficient, healthy and continuous information to the domestic and foreign customers to whom it has been producing, selling and marketing the machines and equipment. With more than 20 years of experience and well know-how in the sector AVANTEK PAKETLEME MAKİNE SANAYİ LTD. ŞTİ is very fond of sharing its experience in the sector with its esteemed customers. For the Pharmaceutical, Food Sector and Cosmetic They have been producing, selling and marketing;

  • Mixer, Granulator (Sieve), Tablet Printing; Filling, Blister and Boxing Machine and Equipements,
  • Bottle, Syringe, Bulb, Vial, Pomat and Cream Filling Machine and Equipements.
  • Rotary Tray, Closing, Labeling, Conveyor and Robotic Systems Machinery and Equipements, in addition to producing, and selling foreign brands, of which we are the only distributor in Turkish market; they also provide all after sales services of these brands to their customers.

With Producing and selling of foreign brands, of which AVANTEK PAKETLEME MAKİNE is the only distributor in Turkish market; they provide on-site solutions as; maintaining Machine and Equipements, producing spare parts, producing mold production, and Producing feeding systems.


Petroyol is a leading company which manufactures automatic filling machine and systems. Exporting more than %70 of its productions, Petroyol manufactures the filling machine for aerosol, silicone and mastic also, a filling machine, liquid filling machine, packaging machinery, labelling machinery, special conveyors and plastic packaging systems.


A respected company Oznam they are manufacture and supply filling machines, aerosol machines, aerosol filling lines, seal machines, fully automatic filling machines, fully automatic aerosol machines, rotational aerosol machines, rotational filling machines, top press machines, activator machines Also, bag on valve aerosol filling machine, bag-on filling machines, vertical gas pumps, airy bottle valve press machines, inkjet printer units, liquid filling machines, Manuel bag valve machines, Manuel bag machines.

Also, single bottle liquid filling machines, bottle liquid filling machines, fluid filling machines, carbon dioxide filling machines, co2 filling machines, aerosol valve seal machines, bottle valve press machines, filling machine. And an filling machine of aerosol, aerosol filling line, seal machine, full- automatic filling machine, fully automatic filling machine of aerosol, rotational aerosol machine, rotational filling machine, top press machine, and activator machine, bag-on valve filling machine, bag-on filling machine, vertical gas pump, airy bottle valve press machine, inkjet printer unit, liquid filling machine.

They started to be active in machinery industry for cosmetic products by manufacturing filling and packaging machinery for aerosol and cosmetic products. They are pleased to cooperate with you under the light of quality, reliable and economic price concepts. They as Oznam Makine work for the purpose of meeting all kinds of customer requirements and focus on manufacturing the most suitable machine in the direction of customers’ demands. thier aim as a new founded company is to continue our business career for long years with same ambition and excitement.

  • Smart Makina:

It is one of the leading companies in the sector that manufactures Automatic Filling Machines and systems. Smart Makina, Silicone and Sealant Filling Machines, Liquid Filling Machines, Packaging Machines, Labeling Machines, Special Conveyors and Plastic Packaging systems, is a development and production center. In addition to Exporting more than 70% of its production.

In the End, we hope that we have introduced to you the most important information for aerosol filling machine and where to buy it from and the great turkish manufacturers and companies you can deal with for these kinds and the plenty of variety of filling machines that today’s market’s need.



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