plastic bottle making machine in turkey

plastic bottle making machine in turkey .. best 7 Factories to buy from

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 plastic bottle making machine in turkey

plastic bottle making machine in turkey is the best in the world, you won’t find plastic machine like the Turkish one, it produces a large number in a short time.

plastic bottle manufacturers in turkey

The manufacture of plastic bottles takes place in stages. Usually, the plastic bottles used to keep drinking water and other beverages are made from Polyethylene terephthalate (PET), because the material is strong and light. To understand the manufacturing process, it is helpful to first examine the composition of PET and how this affects plastic bottles.

plastic bottle manufacturers in turkey
plastic bottle manufacturers in turkey

Polyethylene terephthalate (PET):

PET is a thermoplastic polymer that can be opaque or transparent, depending on the fine material composition. As with most plastics, PET is produced from petroleum hydrocarbons, through a reaction between ethylene glycol and terephthalic acid. To produce plastic bottles, polyethylene teroline is the first polymerase to produce long molecular chains.

The polymerization process itself can be a complex process, and it presents many inconsistencies between one set of PET manufactured and the other. Usually, two types of impurities are produced during polymerization: Diethylene Glycol and Acetaldehyde. Although ethylene glycol is not usually produced in quantities high enough to affect PET, acetaldehyde can not only be produced during polymerization, but also during the bottle manufacturing process by machine for making bottle water a large amount of acetaldehyde in pets used to manufacture a bottle can give the drinks inside a strange taste.

Numerous tests were performed after manufacturing by pharma plastic bottle making machine to ensure that the bottles were not permeable to carbon dioxide (which is important for bottles that hold soda). Other factors, such as transparency, luster, resistance to breakage, resistance to thickness and pressure, are also carefully monitored. If you want to import from turkey look at these factories:


It is a manufacturer / producer, it was established in 1977, and it operates in the plastic extrusion machinery sector. It also operates in the sectors of granules for plastics and extrusion machines. It is based in Istanbul, Turkey.


It’s one of suppliers in turkey, was established in 1992, and operates in the granules sector for plastics. It is based in Istanbul.


It’s a Manufacturer / producer of small scale plastic bottle making machine, operating in the granules sector for plastics. It also operates in recycled plastic sectors and pallets. It is based in Kestel / Bursa, Turkey.

  1. Ayoub Company for the manufacture of plastic blowing machines.
  2. ÖNCEL CNC MAKİNE, a manufacturer of CNC machines.
  3. Mbs makina manufacturer of carton baling presses and waste recycling machines.

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plastic bottle supplier turkey

One of the best suppliers is JETPAK PLASTIK LTD. STI. For Plastic Products, Plastic Packaging, Aluminum Packaging, Aluminum Foil, Plastic Boxes, Plastic Containers, Round Containers, Rectangular Containers, Oval Containers, Round Containers, Oval Containers, Plastic Baskets, Plastic Container, Plastic Bowls, Plastic Boxes, Buckets, Plastic Buckets Food packages, packages, plastic pail, plastic boxes, plastic box, plastic packaging products, packaging products, yogurt pail, plastic cheese boxes, pickle boxes, milk container, plastic bucket, plastic, packaging, plastic packaging, food boxes.

plastic bottle supplier turkey
plastic bottle supplier turkey

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plastic bottle factory

If you want to import bottles directly you can deal with:








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plastic bottle dealer

You can deal with EXXON AZERA for Providing PP Ayran plastic cups of all sizes with the best quality and special prices. 75×200 PP AYRAN CONTAINERS, because it has fridge bottle making machine and a very high quality plastic bottle making machine in turkey. What is fully automatic plastic bottle making machine price ? The price varies from company to company depending on the manufacturers and parts that make up the plastic bottle making machine in turkey:

1- Feed hopper.

2- The rotary screw is located inside a pipe surrounded by the heating cylinder, and the length of the screw can be divided into 3 parts:

– The feeding section is connected to the hopper in the 20 liter water bottle making machine

–  The compression section is the middle section in which the ductile plastic is pushed forward.

–  The measuring section is the last part of the screw and ends with a strainer to prevent impurities from passing through the coil.

 – The compression section is the middle section in which the ductile plastic is pushed forward.

3- Lokma, which is a standard size metal mold according to the type of product. As the extruded plastic comes out of the new or used plastic bottle making machine in turkey, it is pulled to another attached unit, where it cools into its final shape. The extrusion method is summarized in feeding the thermoplastic material and moving it through the hot rotary screw under high pressure through a standard size hole to the (die bit) where it is drawn and cooled out of the machine.

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Plastic bottle making machine for sale

Regardless of the plastic industry itself, we must know the benefits of plastic that we gain from that industry, and it is in fact unseen from anyone who lives and sees that most wholesale plastic bottles and preservatives consist of plastic, and that the seats and some basic pieces are made of plastic, as well as toys children detergents, shampoo and many other things that are really hard to fully mention, as we know before, plastic revolutionized the world of industry and the first alternative became the high price of iron and the lack of quality of wood, and this matter did not start now, but almost since the discovery of plastic, that is, thousands of years ago. The companies where to buy plastic bottle machine proposal offers for machines and they can be bought online after knowing the prices of plastic machines through some well-known websites, including:

wholesale plastic items online
wholesale plastic items online
  1. Alibaba

It is a global site that gives you the opportunity to obtain manufacturing materials, place and raw materials for various industries from all over the world. Also collects suppliers of the place and products from all over the world and sells them in bulk. Only where you can sell automatic plastic bottle making machine by shipping to the door of your factory with the provision of more than one shipping method and more than one method payment it is a site that supports both Arabic and English.

  1. Adoit marketplace site

It is a very special site in the Arabic language that collects primary products for making plastic bottle machine and allows manufacturing and various machines for all industries. It also provides you with comprehensive information about each merchant, the product that he provides, how to contact him, the office address, phone number, date of announcement and the prices offered. You can also get plastic bottle making machine you need in a project of plastic if you want to do a plastic industry project in factories for sale. So buying a ready factory saves you a lot of time and effort in designing, building and purchasing equipment and space, finding administrative staff, plastic bottle machine maker and specialists according to their relationship, but you have to update and add new to the factory and this saves you a lot of expenses and costs, and you should test the machine and present it to a specialist to ensure it is suitable for a long working life as well as adapting to the size and requirements of your factory.

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Plastic bottle making machine price

The prices of plastic bottles change according to the factory and the different types of plastic used for the purpose, such as the different types of plastic that go into the supplier of water bottles from the plastic that is used in the manufacture of cheap plastic bottle cap sealing machine or other products. Also, the prices of plastic industry machines for the manufacture of bags and bottles differ according to the quality of the raw materials manufactured from them, as well as the country of manufacture, in addition to the capabilities of producing the machine within one day, which are calculated in tons at most and these machines that the factory needs at their prices and use. The prices of plastic machines for the production and manufacture of three heads for bags and plastic bags of different sizes, a brand with a capacity of 25 hp and the price of plastic bottle making machine in turkey ranges from 160 to 180 thousand liras.

Plastic trade is one of the projects that attracts a lot to it because it is an easy and inexpensive project, especially since these tools are considered indispensable products in any home and are always found in large quantities, especially plastic bottles and other plastic shapes, and they are among the best-selling products in the market, So the idea is a successful plastic project, especially when you are concerned with the quality of the products, you must choose a suitable site for the plastic machinery import project, preferably near one of the different markets and shops, to be near the stores that customers go to when searching for kitchen appliances and household appliances, this project is one of the projects where the plastic warehouse project cost is not high.

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Plastic bottle manufacturing machine company

There are many companies with a reputation and long history in the trade of plastics and plastic bottles wholesale, including the Turk Tourism and Trade Company in Turkey, which is one of the trusted plastic bottle machine companies to trade wholesale plastic bottles in Turkey and commercial materials, and as for the most vital Turkish companies in the production of plastic as:

  1. Barlow Plast Company:

Its activity began in 1992, its founding goal, which does not change, is to offer the expertise and products of companies that produce the requirements of plastic bottle making machine in turkey and equipment in this sector at the cheapest prices of plastic machines, as well as provide technical solutions and serious financing to meet the needs of small companies and in this case the level of competition is raised to the highest degree in employment matters in saving energy, capacity, quality, speed and the use of the latest technologies by all companies in this field. Its products include plastic injection machines, water-cooled sets, air and plastic cooling sets, plastic bottle cutting machine and pipelines extrusion lines.

  1. Ozkan company in Istanbul:

Founded in 1977, the company is active in the production of plastic making machines and best plastic bottle recycling machine through careful monitoring of the technology today with its team specializing in this field, the company has gained a prominent position in this field and the company always aims to be one of the leading companies to import from turkey as a whole to sell plastic bags wholesale to plastic stores with the highest quality, with affordable price of plastic machines and working to provide honest and high service.

used plastic bottle making machine price Ranges from half a million dollars to a million dollars, this depends on the condition of the machine, its production date, and the country of manufacture. At the end, choose the factory of plastic bottle making machine in turkey that suits your products and your capital.




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