Turkey shoe suppliers

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Turkey shoe suppliers

Shoes are the indispensable thing in every home and every person and in every country, so it is the most successful investment in the whole world and Turkey shoe suppliers are famous for having the best machines, and are considered one of the international brands of shoes that men and women of society and artists compete for due to their quality and beauty of their designs and differences. And in this article, the importing house platform will talk about shoe factories in Turkey.

Turkish shoe suppliers

Turkey is famous for its interest in fashion of all kinds, whether clothes or shoes, and therefore it has the most famous shoe factories that produce the best and finest shoes and the latest designs, which everyone competes to acquire because they are distinguished by sophistication, elegance and beauty and the most famous shoe factories in Turkey are the following: –

  1. Naneciler

 A shoe store is one of the most famous shoe factories in Izmir, which offers the best and finest types of Turkish shoes such as shoes for women men and children.

  1. Çetin Ayakkabı Taban Üretim Sanayi

  A shoe store that belongs to the best Istanbul shoes factory and is distinguished by the quality of its materials, elegance and delicacy, and many people are eager to follow.

  1. Istanbul Shoes

  It’s a Shoe store and it is the best shoes factory in Turkey

  • Baby shoes factories in Turkey:-

We all know that children in the first years of their life begin to learn to walk, so he needs to wear suitable shoes that help him walk easily, and therefore some advice must be followed when choosing a child’s shoes in the first years of his life and Turkey has taken care to provide all safety conditions for your child’s shoes.

– You should always look for the good shoe suppliers that sell suitable shoes that make the child feel comfortable when walking, and achieve balance and protection from cold or rough surfaces, so the shoes must be soft and lightweight in order to allow the child to walk freely and flexibly.

– Before buying shoes for a child, you must notice signs indicating that he is ready to move forward, as the first steps for most children occur between 7 and 18 months, and it may take some time for some children.

– When you notice your child’s ability to walk without the need for parental assistance, it is recommended to buy shoes for sale for him to stimulate him to walk, which must have some features, which are:

– Make sure to measure the child’s feet before shopping, to buy what will fit him.

– And avoid buying ankle-high boots, as young children’s ankles should be kept free to avoid injuries and help them build strong muscles.

– The best walking shoes are those that are lightweight as possible and give your child’s feet support and flexibility.

– And avoid synthetic and cheap materials, when buying a child’s first shoe, while looking for breathable covers and uppers made of the softest high-quality leather.

– And children’s feet grow rapidly, so it is recommended to re-measure the child’s feet every 6 to 8 weeks, to buy the right shoes.

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Turkey shoes wholesale companies

Turkey shoes wholesale companies
Turkey shoes wholesale companies
  1. Ozil Ayacbem Company:

Best turkey shoe suppliers making special shoes has become a very preferred position in recent times faster and more active lifestyle makes people stand longer hours and get tired more, of course all the time bear the burden of standing while totally different and active days follow each other, it is very beneficial to start their business by introducing shoes Turkish girls and comfortable shoes for consumers, offers more than offers, and the company provides an example of special shoes at reasonable prices. All models of shoes are designed by their designers in their workshops. He has shoe factories in Izmir.

  1. Yavuzlar Shoes:

Yavuzlar Shoes is part of the Yavuzlar Group of Companies with 34 years experience, the owner of the Yavuzlar Group of Companies Irfan Yavuz started his footwear business as a grandfather at the age of seven in the Yemeni market in Malatya. Yavuzlar company offers shoe bulk wholesale and Turkish genuine leather shoes for men, women, children and sports that meet all kinds of needs and it is one factory that responds to the needs of all types of stores in Turkey in the workplace and in the past two years it opened the market to Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Russia and Greece, especially the Arab countries, and undertook the mission of making Turkish shoes A global export brand that successfully continues this mission.

  1. Shahenturk Marketing Company:

It’s one of the Most Famous shoe vendors for boutiques and Turkish Footwear Brands, the company has been operating in Eastern Anatolia and the Aegean region since 1986. It is a company with a voice in East Anatolia region in shoe retail sales.

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Shoes wholesale market in Istanbul

Shoes wholesale market in Istanbul
Shoes wholesale market in Istanbul

Istanbul wholesale markets are one of the most popular markets in Istanbul and the best shopping destinations in Turkey that locals, tourists coming to visit the city, and even merchants resort to get the best consumer and household goods, foodstuffs, fabrics and others.

Osmanbey Market in Istanbul

The Turkey wholesale market in Istanbul on Osman Bey Street is more exclusive for women, as it offers many women’s products such as clothes, bags, shoes, cosmetics, evening dresses, etc., and this market is located near Taksim Square, which is full of tourists to find shopping and tourism fun in Istanbul at the same time in the heart of the market And its old alleys.

Fatih Market

It is called the Wednesday Market because it is held every Wednesday every week and it is one of the distinguished wholesale markets in Istanbul, which includes bulk shoes for sale andthe most delicious types of fruits and vegetables, not to mention clothes and buying shoes from Turkey. The Fatih Market is not only one of the wholesale markets in Istanbul, but it is located on Fatih Street, which made it a landmark. It’s a first-class historical tourist destination, as the most famous tourist attractions in Istanbul are located next to it, such as the Grand Bazaar and Fatih Mosque.

– Lalali Market in Istanbul

Importing from Turkey means Lalali Market, because it’s one of the most famous local and popular markets in Istanbul, Lalali Market is located in the Lalali district, the most lively and visited area in Istanbul, and is very popular among locals and foreign tourists, as it provides high quality products through the largest stores and stores at reasonable prices that suit all budgets.

Shopping shoes online for you:-

Companies and factories in Turkey are distinguished by having websites that you can buy from and deal with simply, and from these sites:

  1. Cetins shoes and leather products:

Founded in 1976, it produces leather products such as shoes and bags. It also exports these products as well as offers it in the shoe market in Istanbul with its wide range of products. They produce to different countries of the world in line with the demands and it never compromises on different designs, perfect comfort and shows importance. It takes care of foot health and its frequency using traditional methods in all stages of its production with the belief that the product is in the hands of experienced masters and will be of high quality and durable.

  1. VHS shoes

It is a company wholesale shoes in turkey that operates with constant curiosity and a desire to create something new. This company has been preserved in the same family for 3 generations since it has been here for 3 generations. In this industry in Turkey, it is the cheapest place for shopping in Turkey.

  1. Babutsi Shoes:

Through developing experiences, the company proudly progresses to become one of the most famous shoe manufacturers, offering you comfortable and retail products in a stylish and high-quality look.

  1. UGG

UGG Australia is the most famous shoe store in Turkey and it is a brand of shoes, clothes and accessories owned by Deckers Outdoor Corporation in the USA, UGG’s most famous products are classic style sheepskin shoes, but the range has expanded to include shoes, sandals, sneakers, slippers, gloves, hats, jackets and other products.

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Used shoes wholesale in Turkey

Used shoes wholesale in Turkey
Used shoes wholesale in Turkey
  1. European used clothes

This company is one of the Turkish companies that provide you with all used and new clothes, shoes and bags that help you get the best quality, in addition to that it brings goods from anywhere and delivers it to you, and it sorts clothes and shoes that classify them from first class to third class.

Shoes in turkey price

The prices of shoes in Turkey vary according to the brand, place and suppliers, and the prices differ in terms of the sizes of shoes in Turkey, children’s shoes or men’s shoes, so if you intend to buy wholesale shoes from Turkey, you must specify the type and quantity to know the cost before taking this step. And if you want to import from Turkey especially from the brands, you should know that the prices of Adidas shoes in Turkey are different from others, and the prices of Adidas shoes in Turkey range from 38 to 40 pounds, and Turkey is one of the preferred countries for visiting and residency. We find large numbers of Arabs come to Turkey every year for tourism, work, study, residence and live in Turkey because the cost of living in Turkey is low.

Summarizing the above, it can be said that Turkey shoe suppliers are one of the wonderful merchants, and that there is availability in the markets that can be bought from, and that there are many shoe distributors and brands that exist within the markets of Turkey specializing in shoes, and you can also trade in shoes from Turkey. Very profitable, and it is possible to buy whatever you want without any effort or fatigue.

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