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Turkey bag manufacturer … 6 destination offer you the best

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in Turkey bag manufacturer ; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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As for those looking for information and details to benefit him in this field, we list below the information that we hope will benefit you and satisfy your aspirations:

Turkey bag manufacturer

Importing from Turkey is still a door to achieving financial wealth, as there are many importers around the world who buy different products for their various projects from Turkey, through importing house platform, we will mention the best of Turkey bag manufacturer and other Turkish factories that offer great bags to buy.

As you can import from Turkey specially Turkish bags because of the high quality and reasonable prices for sale in the markets, and achieve many financial gains, be ready for your project and start knowing the best of bags and its manufacturers in turkey and buy all kind of bags from Turkey.


Bag manufacturers turkey

We offer the best bag manufacturer and other many destinations, companies and factories that have taken care of bags in Turkey:


Güneş Promotion working in Bag Industry, which gathered its 12 years of knowledge and experience in the promotion sector under a corporate identity in 2014, carries out many stages of production from cutting to sewing.

Although the main production group is promotional Turkey bags such as: Shopping Bags, Fair Bags, Cosmetic Bags, Travel Bags, Backpacks, Beach Bags, Document and Postman Bags, Mommy and Baby Bags, Laptop Bags, Drawstring Bags, Waist Bags, Sports Bags, Cooler and Thermo Bags.

They export promotional bags and textiles to 14 European countries, serves as the main supplier and manufacturer for the promotional product needs of national and international companies in the country.

ISO 9001 Quality Management System according to the principle of promotion on their premises bag making and textile manufacturing Bags Industry is also announcing the name of the activities carried out in cooperation with Turkey’s leading organizations in other promotional items.

The company aims high customer satisfaction with its economic price policy in the bag sector, carries out a professional work with its expert and experienced staff in this field,

Their Promotion Bag Industry is aiming to become one of the leading companies in its field by combining high technology with bags and accelerating the sector with its new designs.

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HANDMADE BAG STORE, it is an Organization in Istanbul, Turkey. Which Manufacturing, Producing, and operates in the Bags sector.


Desa was established in 2020 in Istanbul for manufacturing, exporting and providing leather products such as handmade bags, wholesale bags in turkey, cardholders, wallets, belts, accessories, and more. By continuing their activities, they expand their sales network and take care to keep customer satisfaction in the foreground.

Also, they supply high-quality materials and work skillfully and manufacture dozens of products for their international and domestic customers. Mavi Deri continues to export to dozens of countries at competitive prices with its strong supply chain and quality craftsmanship.

And they try to solve all problems before and after-sales as soon as possible by cooperating with you from the production of the production to the sales.


Turkey bag factory


Monarch Cork is best Turkey bag manufacturer provide unique and high-quality products to customers all over the world with its natural leather products obtained from the bark of cork oak tree, based in Izmir, Turkey.


A manufacturer, producer, and operates in the Bags sector based in Ankara, Turkey, their products are: Accessory, Bag, Bookmark, Cover, Rosette, Ornamental

DSN shoes and bags:

One of the most respected organizations in the Turkish leather goods and bag industry. They have been demonstrating their difference for years with the DESAN brand and value they have created in the minds of their customers since the first day, they entered the market.
The company offers a wide range of products in women’s shoes and bags with its solid and reliable position in the sector.

Turkey bag wholesale

Import bags from turkey is undoubtedly a profitable business, but for those who know well how to choose the products that are compatible with the local market and know how to obtain them from the Turkish markets with appropriate specifications and at the best prices, and in this way, the sale is guaranteed with a higher profit margin.

Starting to enter this field, you must learn a set of important and necessary steps, which are as follows: –

Study local markets

If you want to import bags all types from Turkey in the right way that makes it profitable, then you first need to study the local markets to find out exactly what you need from Turkish branded bags products.

Establish an import and export company

Importing from Turkey or from anywhere in the world requires a license for an import and export company in order for all import operations to take place legally and facilitate their clearance from the ports by paying customs duties, and from here you can find the necessary documents to license an import and export company for bulk bags from Turkey.

It is known that the bags factories in Turkey are among the leading industries at this time, including bags wholesale market such as:

Grand Bazaar Market:

And famous for the covered market, the Covered Market is located in Istanbul specifically between the Lale and Beyazıt regions, and they are one of the vital areas due to their proximity to a large number of tourist attractions in Istanbul. The Grand Bazaar, or the Grand Bazaar, as it is known to many of its visitors, is one of the best Trademark markets in Istanbul.

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Osman bey Market:

It is one of the most famous markets in Istanbul, located near the famous Taksim Square. It is sold in the Osman bey Market. You find the most famous Turkish brands, counterfeit international brands and famous Turkish brands for bags that made it a destination for visitors coming to Istanbul as visitors go to it specially to get clothes, bags, shoes and leather goods at reasonable prices.

And the manufacture and production of Turkish bags and bags known for their high quality and varied brands and production of the finest and best Turkish bags.

And most importantly, there are first-class imitation bags in Istanbul, where they are considered Leather industry is one of the most important industries in Turkey, especially bags factories in Istanbul, and there are many factories specialized in manufacturing women bags that are among the best Turkish bags as we mentioned them above.

Many raw materials of polyester and artificial or natural leather are used in their manufacture. Industrial handbags are among the popular projects for the beauty of the pieces produced by the factories, as it offers the best Turkish handbags brands and collections. Stylish lady can wear on your daily outings or evening out, as you will have multi-functional bags.

Turkish bags are soft to the touch and waterproof, which are carried in the hand or on the shoulder and side pockets and can be used for short trips at competitive prices.

Multiple colors can be requested at the sectoral price or buy wholesale Turkish bags from the bag market in Istanbul or from the same manufacturing sources, lightweight fabric Comfortable and practical, made of waterproof women’s sports canvas produced by Turkish factories.

So, you can buy the most amazing women’s bags from Turkey with modern specifications in various stores as souvenirs or for personal use by visiting one of the factories that produce them or visiting stores specialized in selling bags for ladies that have the best and most wonderful groups.

There are many bags shopping sites available on the websites, it may be a lot easier for you, in terms of buying bags from Turkey without fatigue or effort, these sites are among the best, which sells the best brands and the finest products at reasonable and great prices, and you always make many discounts, through these sites you can buy wholesale bags from Turkey and find best of wholesale suppliers in turkey:

Trendyol website:

The site was established in 2010 to provide customers with the best shopping experience, the largest and fastest growing e-commerce platform in Turkey, offering more than 200 million products annually to its customers in many and variety categories such as fashion, makeup, electronics, home, furniture, food, mother and baby, etc. And it has a lot of most famous bags store in Turkey.

bags all types
bags all types


A large commercial site that includes many diverse Turkish companies specialized in selling different types of goods as there are a lot of bag vendors

Hepsiburada online store:

The platform started its life in 2001 as part of Doğan Online with the Hepsiburada brand, despite its position as the largest e-commerce company in Turkey and the region and considered a leader among companies in the Internet and technology and the site contributes to the wholesale or retail sale of bags and fashion.

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Turkey bag price

Are you looking for Turkish bags for sale and Turkey bag price? Well, the prices of bags in Turkey differ according to the location to buy from, as well as the company with the best quality and price, which are sold in bulk and shipped at reasonable prices.

And there are a variety of turkey bag size as the big size of a bag it may cost more effort so it will cost a little more than the small one.

The total price of plastic bags is 1000 pounds per ton.

The price for the large capacity handbag ranges between 23.21 and 29.03 TL.

The prices of travel bags in Turkey range between 133.88 and 223.64 TL depending on the number of wheels or the durability of the leather bag.

Men and ladies bags with price ranges between 87.08 and 192.93 TL.

In the End, we have mentioned the best of Turkey bag manufacturer hope you will get along with you and try to deal to some of other bags manufacturers in Turkey that we suggested to you so you can reach your agreement so that you can import from turkey whatever of bags quantities or sample.



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