wholesale toddler shorts in Turkey

wholesale toddler shorts in Turkey … 10 most famous markets

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in wholesale toddler shorts in Turkey; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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wholesale toddler shorts in Turkey

You can buy wholesale toddler shorts in Turkey by high quality and easily best priced and produced from high quality cotton fabrics, through importing house platform we are offer the best market places in Turkey.

Wholesale baby shorts:

 The wholesale clothing business in Turkey is distinguished by its quality, competitive prices and fast delivery, therefore a lot of investors in clothing trade around the world are turning to the Turkish markets, in this baby clothes market you will find all kinds of baby clothes at reasonable prices.  

   1- Ulcer textile:

It is one of the biggest wholesale baby suppliers in Istanbul, it located in La Lei since 1993, It has the biggest wholesale e-commerce web portal in Turkey. Their products are healthy and high quality because it is made of fabrics cotton and comfortable materials for children, you can find the best toddler shorts, not only that it also offers girls’ dresses, skirts, school clothes.


The next best wholesale clothing supplier from Turkey, this store is distinguished by its designs and trendy clothes. They have a very well – organized site which makes receiving your requests easier.

   3- Alisa:

It is one of the most famous stores for baby clothing wholesale Turkey, it sells the best baby clothes with reasonable prices and high quality, it’s established since 1996, and it located in Faith, Istanbul.

  4-civil kids:

It was founded in 1997 in Kartal, Istanbul. It has 65 stores in turkey, it brings together the best factories and stores for wholesale clothing, and Civil is the leading brand of Turkish kids wear, all piece’s wholesale price only 470 USD. It includes many types of baby clothes that you can find toddler shorts in bulk.

Wholesale baby shorts
Wholesale baby shorts

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  5- Malkoc Baby:

Their activities began in Bursa in 1991, it is one of the leading wholesale companies for baby clothes in Turkey, and it offers more than 15000 models from 300 brands with highly competitive prices and good quality.

   6- Bubbly kids:

Top fashionable wholesale baby clothes textile in Turkey, It is located in Bursa, Turkey. It has been in the market of baby textile for 15 year. It offers products meet the world quality standards, they have a large selection of kids’ clothes where you can find girls’ dresses, skirts and toddler shorts for sale.

   7- Ribbon kids:

It located in Istanbul, Turkey. One of the finest baby clothing stores in Turkey .it offers the latest beautiful Turkish clothing fashions at a reasonable price and high quality.

   8- Bacodeseta Baby & kids:

It is located in Osmangazi, Turkey. It combines the best brands that offer the best products according to quality standards; they have always produced the best quality by working devotedly for baby health. Today, they are confidently going to be the number one brand in the world, which offers the best quality performance in baby’s and child’s wear accessory categories, they use the finest quality fabrics to ensure the longevity of their products after several washes and even several wearers. it becomes pioneers in the E-commerce sector by following the new trends and adopting Continuous innovations.

   9- Ciciki kids:

It is one of the wholesale children’s clothing suppliers in Istanbul. In addition to its quality and reasonable price; it is in the leadership position in the sector with its rich product range, and its long experience as it has 35 years of experience in this field.it produces from cotton. It offers girls’ dresses, jeans, school dresses, and wholesale toddler shorts in Turkey between the ages of 2-12 with high quality.

   10- Maibella Kids:

It is one of the largest suppliers for children’s clothing wholesale Turkey. It offers wide range of 100% cotton garments & accessories; they are made with best fabric. You will find various styles, high quality, low price, fast delivery and it offers service of adding customers.

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  Manufacturer baby clothes turkey:

Baby clothes manufacturers in Turkey use the best and finest materials so that they are healthy and safe for children, you can buy wholesale toddler shorts in turkey from them at comfortable materials and sizes for children, and are characterized by reasonable prices that suit international markets.

  • CGT TEKSTIL INSAAT: is a manufacturer / producer which operates in baby clothes and it also Operates in the wholesale children clothes, fabrics and materials and babies high fashion industries. It is based in Cekmekoy, Turkey.
  • NECLX’S: is a manufacturer of baby clothes, they have a wide range of products that have high quality and competitive prices. 400,000 pieces are produced per month.
  • NINI SIZES BABY CLOTHES: 0 – 18 Months baby clothes production and selling (wholesale & Retail) worldwide free express ship – ping on all order.
  • MONNA ROSA: it is children’s clothing and accessories manufacturer who specializes in stylish boutique clothing, established in 1989, Monna Rose has extensive experience in kid’s fashion, and they manufacture their products in Turkey at their own of facilities.
  • ERENKA Textile: is a manufacturer and exporter company of 100% cotton and 100% polyester (well soft) Towels, bathrobes, promotional towels to all over world, it has established 1996 in Denizli, Turkey and they offer good competitive prices, where you can find cheap toddler shorts at the same time in good design and material.
  • ATAMAN TEKSTIL: it is established in 2014, located in Denizli, Turkey, as global suppliers. Atman is committed to achieve the highest standard of services in order to meet the needs of clients through competitive prices, quality and reliable delivery.

They are a Turkish manufacturing company, socks, tights, legging, pantyhose, hosier products and underwear for kids from 0 to 14 years. The Company is present on the market since 2001 and is leading manufacturer in its field.

  • B –B Textile Company: center office in Istanbul, Turkey. after 12 years’ experience, as a manufacturer and exporter (USA, Demark, France, Swiss, Germany) In knitted products.
  • INCIR KIDS: their company located in Bursa, Turkey. They are producing baby wear products, wear products from new born to 18 months.

Products: 100% cotton compact interlock romper, salobets, sleepers, sleeves, blankets and new born sets including cap, gloves.

  • HAKNUR BEBE: they are producer of baby and kids wear and necessities in Turkey – Bursa. They provide service to some of European countries and looking for long term business with their partners. They are offering exceptional price with best quality at the same time.
Manufacturer baby clothes turkey
Manufacturer baby clothes turkey

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Import baby clothes from Turkey:

Turkey clothing market is one of the biggest markets in the world, as it is a safe area for investment because they produce some of the best clothes in the world, which are then wholesaled and drop shipped at affordable prices, you can import from Turkey by dealing directly with wholesale baby clothing manufacturers or through suppliers by Turkish online shopping websites.

Turkey baby clothes suppliers:

Baby clothes suppliers in Turkey are keen to provide products at the best prices that meet the requirements and needs of customers, in order to invest in clothes by importing from Turkey; you must contact the clothing suppliers by Turkish on line shopping websites. Through the following, we will show you the largest and most famous suppliers of babies clothing in Turkey.

  • NILE GENERAL TEXTIL: it’s a producer of 0 – 12 ages clothes, their mainly products are knitted models, girl gowns, girl dresses and baby new born sets. The same time they do baby shawls, blankets, and sets of girls / boy’s clothes. They offer different color and models.
  • SAHARI TEKSTIL LTD. STI.: Their company is engaged in production and export activities in Turkey, they are among the major supplier companies in Turkey that can offer you the best price and optimum quality.
  • SERALP DOGAL URUNLER LTD. STI: they are among the major supplier companies in Turkey. Their products from organic cotton, organic woven. Their company is a member of Turkish Exporter.
  • PUAN BEBE TEKSTIL LTD. STI: It produces and exports activities in Turkey, they are among the major supplier companies in Turkey and leading a Turkish company that can offer you the best price and optimum quality, their company is a member of Turkish Exporter.
  • TOMUYCUK BEBE TEKSTILLERI LTD. STI: they are manufacturing their own brand, Domestic and international sales of their present,

They have over 20 years’ experience in this field, they are seeking new markets for themselves.

  • NASR BABY CLOTH: Their company is engaged in the production and export activities in Iran, they are among the major supplier companies in Iran, that can offer you the best price and optimum quality, their company is a member of Turkish Exporter, is engaged in production and trade in Tehran made in Iran products.
  • PEDIBEBE: Their Company is engaged in the production and export activities in Turkey. their company is a member of Turkish Exporter

, is engaged in producing and trade in Bursa, it presents the best prices and high quality.


You can also contact clothing suppliers online, as importing clothes over the Internet has become a lot of facilities for investors, where you can communicate online with suppliers and manufacturers of clothes with easily, speed in response and speed in delivery; we will show you some of Turkish websites for Istanbul wholesale online.

  • Fimka store: it has a total of five separate companies that operate in the field of textile, the company manufacture, export, and wholesale women’s clothing in Turkey, as well as offering quality products and nice options for boutique owners outside Turkey.
  • Whocit: Turkish clothes wholesale site offers you the opportunity to purchase their clothes products at a comparatively lower price than any other site; you can also order large quantities of clothes.
  • Brashka: it is found in Istanbul, Turkey. The website focuses on youth as a target group to increase sales and also focusing on the internet and needs of this public, it includes a wide range of sport wear, casual, and women’s wear. It offers the latest in trendy clothes.
  • Wow- wholesale: This site is one of the best sites that distribute clothes where to buy wholesale clothing in Turkey; they have products for big brands at cheap wholesale prices. It doesn’t offer clothes, just also accessories and shoes.

Finally, the clothing industry is considered one of the most profitable industries in the world, as Turkey depends on it as a main source of national income; Turkey is well-deservedly proven to be a leading country in the garment industry.

Import baby clothes from Turkey
Import baby clothes from Turkey

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