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Best olive oil in London

The English capital does not have the most Mediterranean weather, but London sure knows what it’s doing when it comes to supplying its people with premium best olive oil in London. Here, we discover the best places in the capital to buy exclusive oils Just keep following us in our platform Importing house to get all details….

best olive oil shop London

  • The Olive Oil Co., Borough Market

South London’s Borough Market is a perennial Mecca for the city’s foodies. Under the weight of handmade cheeses, cakes, organic veggies and hand-reared beef, the stalls here groan. The Olive Oil Co. is also home to the Borough Market, olive oil shop London.

Danilo Manco’s founder comes from Puglia, where many of the company’s oils are sourced. The single estate Cinque Foglie extra virgin is especially recommended, made using olives selected just before they become fully ripe. The Olive Oil Co. also boasts a splendid vinegar range; buy a hunk of fresh bread from the Borough market and dip on the spot.

  • Isle of Olive, East London


Its oils are picked from Greece by the Isle of Olive: Kalamata, Sparta, Corinth, Crete, Mitilini, Fthiotida and Chalkidiki. The shop sells an outstanding variety of oils and a number of Kalamata PDOs, including All Organic Greek Garden Extra Virgin.

The store sells juicy olives, tapenade and olive oil soap from Kalamata, Amfissa, Chalkidiki and Thassos. There is an opportunity to catch the squad every Sunday at the Chapel Market in Angel, as well as the Isle of Olive shop, situated just off East London’s Broadway Market.

  • Clerkenwell, Embassy Electrical Supplies

World-7-great-places-to-buy-olive-oil-in-London-olive-oil-times-embassy reviews In the oddest location around London, olive oil emerges. In the heart of the city, none more so than Embassy Electric Supplies. Cables, switches and lightbulbs are the main items of this independent store, as the name implies. But a roaring trade in Cypriot and Turkish olive oil is now taking place.

The owner of the shop, Mehmet Murat, has been in the UK since the 1950s and owns olive groves in his native Cyprus, in the village of Louroujina, and a 45-acre farm in Turkey. The crude, delivered in small lots, is of superlative quality.

  • Diverse premium stores

Reviews-world-7-great-places-to-buy-olive-oil-in-London-olive-oil-times-fortnum-times-to-buy-oil-in-London-oil-oil-times-fortnum-London boasts some of the most decadent department stores worldwide. An admirable supply of superlative olive oils is found in their food halls. In Piccadilly, Fortnum & Mason has over 15 distinct varieties, including Castillo Early Royal 2012 Harvest and Castillo Picual First Press 2012 Harvest, known for its flavours of almond, green apple and banana skin.

The One Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil, produced by Crete’s Terra Aegea, is now being marketed by Osprey London. Selfridges offers an inspiring collection of oils on Oxford Lane, such as Nudo’s extra virgin with thyme and Azada’s extra virgin with thyme.

  • Melbury & Appleton and Olive Oil

Customer Reviews-world-7-great-places-to-buy-olive-oil-in-London-olive-oil-times-appleton-times-appleton, it’s olive oil specialist London

Although Olive to Oil is an online store, it’s the brainchild of Londoners, and it’s registered in London. Olive Oil is vying to be one of the leading distributors of high-end olive oil; bottles for sale include Manni’s white truffle olive oil and Blanc Luxury Gastronomy’s gold-infused number.

Customers of Melbury & Appleton, meanwhile, are invited to buy their oil online before purchasing it from the shop, located inside an old Islington Victorian pie factory.

olive oil company London

Here in the UK, for frying, salad dressings, and bread dips, we eat about 30 million litres of olive oil a year; this liquid gold is both tasty and healthy for you. But a significant proportion of this is believed to have been adulterated or may be labelled as ‘false’. This can mean that it’s blended with other oils, colouring additives have been applied, or the old olive oil has been used, meaning it’s well below average by the time it’s in the shop.

The requirements set by the EU and the United Kingdom are not especially concerned with the authenticity of olive oil, and the fact that there are multiple tampering possibilities during the manufacturing process does not help. It is important to always use extra virgin olive oil to counteract this, so we have established this purchase guide that focuses solely on that superior form of oil. We’ve also included some awesome reviews from countries like Italy, Greece, and Spain from Tesco and olive oil amazon UK.

It’s time to find out our top ten favourites now that you know the key stuff to look for in a decent olive oil. For any budget, from Spain to Tuscany to Crete, we have the top picks from the best regions for best olive oil in London.

  • Finest Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil

A Good Value Tuscan Oil with Protected Geographical Indication Status

This oil has a mild fruitiness with a peppery finish, a genuinely outstanding choice from Tesco, which makes it suitable for simple all-round use every day and also olive oil for skin.

It has PGI status as well as specifics of the area and has a harvest date that is perfect for its price. However, the flavour is not very distinctive or solid, so for salads or dipping, you may want to have another one.

olive oil distributors
olive oil distributors

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  • Il Casolare Extra Virgin Olive Oil

A Family Company Standard Unfiltered Blended Oil in Umbria

Another nice all-rounder is Il Casolare, generally regarded to be the best inside a low-price range. It has a lovely murky look as it is unfiltered and includes pieces of sand that contribute to the texture and taste While a proven and valued commodity, as it does not seem to have any of the known classification markers, it is difficult to determine if the mixture of oils is indeed Italian.

  • Extra type Spanish ressed Olive Oil PDO Sierra

PDO Sierra Segura Oil Made from Unripened Olives, Unusually Priced This InterOleo offering ticks all types of boxes, though staying at a very cheap price somehow. To shield it from heat, from its PDO status to its in-depth knowledge about its area and farm, to the dark glass bottle In antioxidants, an early harvest oil using not yet matured green olives is better than using ripe ones and this also leads greatly to a delightful taste!

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil PDO North Mylopotamos

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Superior PDO from North Mylopotamos in Crete In the Northern Mylopotamos prefecture of Rethymnon in Crete, Greece, which is a PDO area, Latzimas is a family business that uses the most sophisticated equipment to make this superior is one of the best olive oil place London You’ll enjoy the thick and fruity scent with a faint spiciness, and a pleasing bitter taste that fits day to day or for something unique.

  • PDO Extra Virgin Greek Olive Oil

An Award-Winning High Traceability Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil Terra Creta, it’s the olive oil company London another great Cretan extra virgin olive oil, prides itself on its modern techniques and traceability. You will find extensive details about how each individual oil is produced on their website At Terra Creta, procedures, approaches and analysis are taken very seriously, generating a continuity that can be counted on. What you should expect is a rich fruity fragrance with an excellent peppery flavour, and you will not be disappointed.

  • PDO Kalamata Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tin

Formed in the Kalamata Region from the Koroneiki Olives For several years, Iliada has been producing outstanding oils and has managed to amass a following of loyal customers across Europe since acquiring PDO status in 1997, and it is no wonder A strongly grassy green, with a lovely herbaceous scent, the consistency of Iliada makes it a real staple of the kitchen. While being affordable, it is well balanced and you will want to stock up again and again.

  • Venta Del Baron Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Andalusian Olive Oil Voted Best in the World In the last three years, this Venta Del Baron number has won more than 60 awards in eight different countries, ranked as the world’s best extra virgin olive oil Made from the season’s first Hojiblanca and Picuda olives, with distinctive grassy notes, mint and almond shells, it is deeply fruity. It is sweet, with a spicy aftertaste, slightly bitter, with hints of tomatoes and artichoke.

Imported olive oil
Imported olive oil

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  • Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Farm Can

A Stand-Alone Option Made from 100% Sicilian Organic Olives

A true iconic in every aspect, this organic olive oil London by Arkè is definitive of Sicilian culture. It’s harvested mid-season to retain both antioxidants and aromatic textures after winning a gold medal as an organic extra virgin olive oil made entirely of Moresca olives.

Soft ripe tomatoes, artichokes and spices are the flavours invoked, while the aftertaste offers almond, sage and fruit and pistachio tips. A delicate and gentle alternative to please visitors with something outstanding or for a luxurious daily addition.

  • Organic Olive Oil Extra Virgin Early Harvest

A Chania Oil Cold Pressed PGI Made of Koroneiki Olives For those who want to buy in an ethically sound and eco-conscious manner, the November prize offering is great. This extra virgin olive oil, 100% organic, is EU certified, non-GMO, and has no preservatives or additives Produced in Crete from not yet matured Koroneiki olives, it not only has a superior, well-balanced taste, but also has a high nutritional value and is rich in flavonoids.

  • Verdemanda Extra Virgin Olive Oil

A ‘Green on Sale’ Extra Virgin Using Arbequina Olives Early-Harvest of Italian olive oil London The Verdemanda, a true luxury oil, is ideal for salads and dipping with some decent quality bread. Arbequina olives are stone-crushed and the oil is flash-frozen and thawed on demand until crushed, offering an undeniable taste To complement the punchy fragrance, it has an alluring bright grassy colour and is without any of the bitterness that is typical of some olive oils. With its velvety yet peppery finish and sublime freshness, we are in love.

If you’re looking for a good all-round cooking olive oil London UK or something a little more expensive, we hope our shopping guide can help you make the right purchase, whether it’s Italian, Spanish or Greek olive oil for you Through the above lines you can easily know best olive oil in London.

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